Baby lock Sewing & Embroidery Machines

When you purchase a new Baby Lock sewing machine, you are buying into 40+ years of superior quality sewing machines. First conceived in 1964 by a group of like-minded souls working at the same industrial company, the Baby Lock is based on the concept that smaller is better in serger technology. Rejected by their superiors, these entrepreneurs left the company to build on the concept and thus Baby Lock was born.

The Baby Lock sewing line is as expansive as the minds of its creators. You’ll find commercial sewing machines, industrial sewing machines, portable sewing machines, and an impressive line of digitally enhanced computerized sewing machines that are perfect for even the most discerning consumer`s eye. Included are machines built for quilters, embroidering, every day and mass quantity sewing, even accessories for your overworked home machine.

                                 Baby lock Sewing & Embroidery Machines

Individual members of the Baby Lock line include the Babylock Espire sewing machine for quilters with an LCD Touch Screen and 343 built-in stitches that bring computer sewing machine technology to the forefront with a USB connection that will save your stitches for import and export to your machine.

The Baby Lock Ellegante 2 sewing machine also includes USB technology and built-in designs by the brilliant Nancy Zieman. A more budget-conscious consumer may be interested in affordable used Baby Lock sewing machines or the high quality but low-cost Babylock Pro line that includes the Denim Pro, Creative Pro, and Design Pro sewing machines.

Baby Lock serger sewing machines are built on the concept which founded the company, a professional finish in a smaller form. If you are a trendsetter sort with an uncompromising eye, reach for the Evolve serger, the one of kind eight thread Baby Lock serger with instant Jet-Air Threading and the long-sought Wave Stitch.

If 8 is more than enough and you’d prefer something smaller, try out the Imagine or the Imagine Wave which includes the premium Wave Stitch function. No matter which Baby Lock sewing machine you choose, with Baby Lock, you can be sure that every machine is built For the Love of Sewing.

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