Baby Wearing 101 – Tips and Safety Precautions

The benefits of using the baby wearing could not finish just saying how it is. If you compare it with your baby stroller or the baby car seat, it is more user-friendly than for mom and baby.

So, most often, newbie mamas get very confused about the baby wearing. Sometimes it becomes a matter of overwhelming to choose the baby wearing for their babies.

The most repetitive questions they might face does a baby wearing is mandatory for my baby? Is it gonna spoil my baby? And so on!

 So let's aside from all such repetitive questions and let's see the baby wearing 101 in today's session-
what is baby wearing

Baby Wearing 101:

Many often, I face some questions regarding baby wearing. Let's include all such questions with a detailed description in the bellowed way. Hopefully, all these questions going to help you solely to know about the baby wearing in details-

Question –One: Why should mamas need baby wearing?

Answer: Many mamas, especially newbie mamas, could be biased about the first baby wearing. And that is, they are spoiling their baby using the baby wearing. So my question is it possible to carry a baby continuously without a baby wearing? Is it caregiver or mamas friendly? Some research already conducted about baby wearing established that baby wearing helps the mamas keep their hands free and promotes the eternal bonding between mom and baby.

Whereas a newbie mom cannot hold her baby correctly nor cannot breastfeed easily, baby wearing could be a blessing for such moms. When your baby is RIGHT UNDER NOSE, it becomes pretty easy to nurse your baby. We already see it many times.

A baby wearing can reduce your baby's crying and fussing. Could you imagine you hold your baby almost the full day using both your hands? Is it possible? Yes, you may feel to carry your baby close to your chest using no external wearing. But be logical, be practical. Still, you have to accomplish some other job for which your hands should stay free.

A baby wearing not only offers you to hold your baby close to your heart for a long time, but it also allows you to do other tasks at a time. So never misunderstand a baby wearing. Infect utilize the chance for you, for your baby.

Question –Two: Does a Babywearing can cause Hip Dysplasia in your baby?

Answer: There are some guidelines by following which you can avoid Hip Dysplasia. If the baby wearing can ensure your baby got a natural M like seating inside it, there is a rare chance to cause Hip Dysplasia to your baby.

However, frankly, we don't have any scientific data to prove this fact. But we can say you, your motherly sentiment or emotion not always can protect you to keep your both hands free.

Question-Three: How a mom can find the best baby carrier for her baby?

Answer: You have to know what kinds of the baby carrier are available for you. Like, several baby carriers are available now, soft structured baby carrier, baby wraps, baby ring sling, woven wraps, and so on. So all baby carriers are not suitable for all age’s baby. Even the purpose of your use also may impact the baby carrier's choosing. If you have a newborn baby, a baby wrap is perfect.

Baby wrap and baby ring sling are ideal for breastfeeding as well. Suppose you are going outer with your baby, so you have to use a baby carrier which can promote breastfeeding your baby in a public place.

Again toddlers are different than newborn babies. Therefore structural baby carrier is perfect for them. Once you have chosen the baby carrier, now it's your turn to select the brand and quality. The baby carrier needs to be weather friendly, hip friendly, skin-friendly, and user friendly for mom and baby.

Question-four: Any particular Do's\Don’t about baby wearing?


Do's: Don't:

  • Proper positioning. 1.Don't use a baby carrier if it is
  • Support your back.Not safety tested.
  • Firmly Hold.
  • Check the safety test.
  • Close Enough To Kiss.
  • Support your newborn Head & Neck.
  • Take care of their nose; it should get some free space.

Question-Five: Are there any particular baby carrier brands you are suggesting for the mamas?

Answer: There are lots of baby carriers featuring good quality, exemplary constructions, and user-friendly features. However, you can pick these three baby carriers for your baby (depending on your baby's age and weight).

Baby Wrap: Baby K'Tan

Baby Ring Sling: Moby Ring Sling

Soft Structural Baby Carrier: Infantino Sash Carrier

How to Wrap a Newborn in a Moby Wrap

Final Verdict:

Still, there are plenty of benefits of baby wearing. The parents, caregiver, and the baby can be benefitted using a baby carrier. You will be happy to know that babies carrying with the baby carrier stay calmer than babies who do not carry using such clothing. Only a baby carrier allows a Skin to Skin contact between you and your baby.

Besides this, it also allows your babies to stay close to your chest for a long time as well.

Finally, do you want to explore your dream world? Use a baby carrier, hold your baby, and enjoy your both hands-free!

So that's all on baby wearing 101.

 Thank you.

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