Berg Toys – Buddy B-Orange Pedal Go Kart – Go Kart – Go Cart for Kids – Pedal Car Outdoor Toys for Children Ages 3-8 – Ride On-Toy – BFR System – Adjustable Seat – Pedal Kart for Kids
  • EASY TO OPERATE: BERG Buddy includes a BFR system, which stands for brake, freewheel, and reverse. With a BFR system, Berg Buddy B-Orange allows you to brake with the pedals and reverse after coming to a stop, so you can go tearing around easily in this go kart for kids.
  • PERFECT KIDS TOY: You will have the best adventures with your BERG Buddy because it’s made to grow with you! BERG Buddy features an adjustable seat so it’s suitable for most children ages 3-8. This pedal go kart was made to last and even has up to a 5 year warranty available. Since the BERG Buddy B-Orange grows with you, you’ll have fun for years to come!
  • A FUN SUMMER ACTIVITY: Get the kids off their devices and back outside! This Go-Kart is the perfect outdoor toy to get your kids out and active! The BERG Buddy encourages outdoor play and can be stored easily after play by placing it upright.
  • SAFETY FIRST: Thanks to its 4 wheels the BERG Buddy B-Orange has excellent stability, allowing you to take corners quickly, sharply, and safely. The BERG Buddy also has a swing axle which creates articulation of the front wheels, ensuring that all four wheels stay on the ground – a safe solution! You won’t need to worry about a thing during your adventures because the BERG Buddy meets all safety requirements, making it the perfect pedal kart for kids.
  • 5 YEAR WARRANTY: The BERG Buddy  ride on toy offers a 2 year limited warranty out of box and an additional 3 years of limited warranty can be added when you register your Buddy on the BERG website, so you know it’s made to last through all of your adventures. With a powder coated steel frame, pneumatic tires, adjustable seat, and swing axle, the BERG Buddy will grow with you and can be used for years of outdoor fun without the worry of it breaking.