The 5 Best Acoustic Guitars Of 2021

When choosing your first guitar, finding the right balance between the different parameters is never easy. Between the type of string, the material used, or simply the shape of the instrument, we quickly get confused to decide on the best model. Luckily, we've put together the best guitars in this document as well as an exceptionally buying guide for you. Among them is for example the Taylor BT2 Baby Taylor Acoustic Guitar , renowned for the harmonious resonance of its body. If you are looking for something to be more comfortable with as a beginner, the Fender Guitar is for you: it is very light, while producing perfect sounds.

1. Taylor BT2 Baby Taylor Acoustic Guitar

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  • The materials : The guitar is made of solid wood, with mahogany essence on the top and sapele on the back. It is resistant to humidity and temperature changes.
  • Its harmonious : This is a must-buy dreadnought, especially suitable for rhythm and accompaniment, with clear and striking bass. Nevertheless, its 19 keys allow you to play velvety and precise high tones.
  • Gigbag cover : The guitar comes with a signed Taylor gig bag for extra protection and so you can take it anywhere.
  • The weight : This guitar weighs a little over 4.5 kg, a weight that can quickly become heavy for the uninitiated.
  • Handle width : The handle is 2.5 cm, a dimension not suitable if you plan to do solos on this model.

What is the best acoustic guitar on the market? The Taylor BT2, also called Baby Taylor, is a model with a mahogany body. This wood essence transforms this pretty dreadnought into an instrument whose harmony will not leave you indifferent.

Indeed it is a material very appreciated by luthiers in the manufacture of their instruments. The bass is full while the treble is velvety.

For added strength and durability over the long term, its back is made from a tough sapele. In this way, humidity will have no effect on the "development" of the wood. Indeed, this change takes place from the first 12 months after purchase. The guitar slowly deforms, changing the resonance of the body.

Thanks to its mahogany top and sapele back, both made using solid wood, the sound you will hear will improve in the long run. Combine all of this with high quality steel strings and you've got the best performing acoustic guitar on our list.

2. Fender guitar

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  • Construction material : We still have a solid wood dreadnought, but this time taken from an American lime tree. Its low density makes the guitar light, with a thin neck, and a melodious resonance at will.
  • The price : This model ranks among the best guitars for a relatively low price, making it a good investment in music.
  • Design : The wood species used has a natural clarity that the manufacturer was keen to keep until the finish of the guitar.
  • Big model : The dreadnought style lends a voluminous body to the guitar, making higher notes difficult to hit.
  • Volume : American basswood has a low density, it does not allow to have a sound as loud as high density species such as mahogany.

Fender is recognized as one of the best manufacturers of musical equipment in the world. It is considered to be the best brand of acoustic guitars by several professionals, it is a guarantee of quality.

The SA 150 Dreadnought Acoustic is one of the babies of this brand. It stands out among its peers thanks to its slim and long handle, on which are arranged 20 keys marked with the usual landmarks. Thus, this Fender acoustic guitar is aimed at beginners to allow them to explore both rhythm, but also picking.

Nevertheless, the professionals were not forgotten during its conception. More specifically, music nomads will be delighted: it weighs only 2.72 kg, a relatively low weight for a dreadnought.

However, the resonance of its melody remains among the most appreciated. Whether pickings or rhythms, its body made from American basswood keeps a perfect harmony between the treble and bass.

3. Epiphone DR 100 Dreadnought Ebony Acoustic Guitar

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  • Different types of wood : Each part of the Ebony Dreadnought is constructed using a different type of wood to achieve a unique sound from the instrument.
  • A rosewood handle : This material facilitates the movement of the fingers of the musician, allowing him to change his playing style at will.
  • Colors : You have the choice between a light color and a matte black, or why not a mixture of the two in order to bring out the vintage soul in you.
  • Construction material : Due to the several layers of wood used in the manufacture, the guitar will prove to be fragile in the face of humidity.
  • No cover : We deplore the absence of a cover adapted to the instrument during the purchase.

Which acoustic guitar to choose? Our third model is signed by Epiphone, one of the oldest manufacturers of musical instruments. This time it is an article made from laminated wood.

This is probably the cheapest of the dreadnoughts with good sound quality for a laminated wood guitar. Indeed, this material is not known for the harmony of the notes it produces. The Ebony dreadnought will prove you wrong.

If the top of the body is constructed from Spruce, the sides and back are mostly mahogany. In this way, the body obtains both the harmony of the first essence, combined with the power conferred by the mahogany.

The mixture of these two materials brings out a melody with a punchy bass and precise highs. In order to offer you maximum comfort, the handle is made of rosewood. In this way, neither the rhythms nor the pickings will be a problem for you.

4. Yamaha F325d Acoustic Guitar

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  • Manufacturing materials : The manufacturer did not skimp on the choice of materials and chose the best to create this guitar, in order to respect the image of quality that Yamaha has always emitted.
  • Robust and solid : Despite its constitution made of laminated wood, this guitar is robust and resistant to humidity. You will not have any change in sound for the next two years.
  • A neglected bass : The two wood species constituting the body abandon the power of the bass for a harmony with the mids and treble.
  • No cutaway version : If you plan to play the high notes with this guitar, it will quickly turn out to be difficult, because it does not exist in a cutaway version.

You can't talk about music without mentioning the Yamaha brand! Even the uninitiated have certainly seen this mark somewhere before. This time, we bring you their F325D acoustic guitar, perfect for beginners with an affordable price.

For good reason: it was made from laminated wood. Three types of wood have contributed to create this wonder: spruce for the table, sapele for the back and sides, and rosewood for the neck.

The combination of spruce and sapele creates a melodic sound thanks to their more or less similar density. The bass, treble and mids are thus aligned perfectly in the hollow of the ears.

Thanks to the die-cast chrome tuners, there is no risk of the strings changing pressure. Playing on this guitar will turn into fun for any musician.

5. Jasmine S35 Natural Acoustic Guitar

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  • Quality model : The materials used for each part of the guitar are of very high quality. This composition allows the manufacturer to sell his model at a relatively low price.
  • Narrow sleeve : Beginners will particularly appreciate this aspect of the guitar. It will facilitate the adaptation of the fingers to the changes of the notes thanks to its softness to the touch.
  • Body resonance : You will have the impression of playing on an electro-acoustic with this instrument in your hands. Its volume has been studied in order to be able to play it in an open space. No need to wonder where to buy a new acoustic guitar.
  • Thick handle : Fans of games using the thumb above will have some difficulty adjusting to this guitar at first.
  • Weak mechanics : Although they are chrome, the slightest false movement of the mechanics will cost you a chord.

We close this buying guide for the best guitars with this pretty cheap Jasmine dreadnought. This time, we offer you an instrument worthy of the key of Disney songs, or romantic strolls at sunset.

Its top is made from spruce plywood, while the back and sides are agathis. In this way, the musicians clearly distinguish each note played during their pickings. Thanks to its rosewood fret, you can perform your solos more easily.

Its design remains simplistic, however: a half-tone wood color giving the impression of fragility in the face of shocks and temperature. Rest assured, this is not the case, because this Chinese model was specially built to last for several years without its melody changing.

As for the tone, it slightly abandons the percussive bass in order to play between the mids and the highs. What to imitate the walks at sunset or the romantic scenes of Disney, as we announced.

Buying Guide - How To Choose A Good Acoustic Guitar?

When we take a look at the different guitars, a multitude of offers are presented to us. To decide between them, you need to determine the type that will suit you best, then its material of manufacture, and finally the resonance of its body. So you will know how to buy a better value acoustic guitar in Canada. 

The type of your guitar

Folk, classical, electro-acoustic guitar, dreadnought, jumbo… these are the most popular formats around the world and in a price comparison. Don't be afraid of the panoply of words; each of these types of skill has a well-defined style of play. For those who are just starting out on guitar, know that choosing a well-defined type doesn't mean you have to play the same style forever.

If you're new to the type of playing you want to practice, turn to acoustic folk guitar to get started. It has 21 thin and narrow frets, so more notes to play. Some even have a cutaway for playing higher notes. So, you can change the style of play as you like using this template. Conversely, if you don't plan to play the high notes often, turn to the classics. Generally, the resonance of their bass is very popular with rhythm players.

Besides, if your guitar will be specially dedicated to rhythm or accompaniment, the dreadnought is ideal for your style. This offers a warm balance between bass and treble. In this way, the pickings will be more distinguishable to the human ear. For an even deeper bass, treat yourself to a jumbo guitar. It imposes itself by the size of its larger body, but also more curved. This configuration gives more power in rhythmic strikes and gives less precision to pickings.

Finally, be aware that each of these guitars is often offered in electro-acoustic mode. The latter is implemented with a microphone upon purchase. Thus, you can directly connect it to a jack in order to connect it to an amplifier. However, this is not necessary if you are not going to go on stage with the instrument; in addition, you can integrate a microphone later at a luthier, regardless of the model. However, this option turns out to be more expensive than an electro-acoustic instrument in the end. Think carefully about the purpose of the article before deciding where to buy the best acoustic guitar.

Solid wood or laminated wood

Now that you know a little more about the guitar you are looking for, it is time to determine its material of manufacture. Casually, it plays a lot on the resonance and durability of the instrument. Thus, two guitars can be strictly identical, the type of wood they are made of will decide the quality of the notes and their longevity.

Laminated wood guitars, also called plywood, are often entry-level, aimed at beginners. The smallest budgets will see their happiness there. Also, they are much lighter, and therefore easier to transport for nomadic musicians. The disadvantage lies in the principle of laminated wood. These are several layers of wood glued together with resin. This prevents them from developing properly when the instrument is exposed to moisture. Thus, the sound will not develop properly over the long term.

Conversely, solid wood results in a thicker piece of wood that comes directly from the tree. The manufacturing process of guitars designed in this way is more difficult to achieve, hence their higher price in a comparison. In return, we get a more powerful and more open sound. You will notice more dynamism with each note, compared to a laminated wood guitar. Finally, solid wood is much more resistant to variations in humidity. In a way, the guitars that are made with it are an investment that you will not regret. If your budget does not allow you to afford one, one of our tips is to opt for a massive table. In this way, the sound quality will not deteriorate and its longevity will be more interesting.

The resonance of the body

This parameter is always influenced by the wood the best acoustic guitar is made from. However, we will no longer talk about wood species here. When you strike the strings, a vibration is emitted from the body and is transmitted inside the instrument to bring out the sound you hear. Depending on the wood the box is made of, this vibration is transmitted at a different speed and changes depending on the density of the wood. We have rounded up the most popular guitar materials here:

- Mahogany, used for both acoustic and electric guitars offering long sustain;

- Sapele, very close to mahogany in terms of sound quality, but with an additional shine;

- Spruce, which has 3 other different categories. The latter is as popular as mahogany, and offers a more powerful bass tone.

There are many more choices like ebony, rosewood, maple, or walnut. Each essence has unique properties of sound, but also visually. Do not hesitate to compare the different performances to find the one that suits you best.

frequently asked Questions

Q1: How to play acoustic guitar as a beginner?

After having been able to answer how to choose the best acoustic guitars of 2020, start already by learning the different basic notes and chords in music and guitar. Once these have been acquired, you should learn to position yourself well so that your fingers quickly get used to the position and pressure of the strings. Indeed, it risks creating blisters or even injuring a new student. Once you know how to play the three notes C, A, and G, you can practice some easy songs.

Q2: How to tune an acoustic guitar?

If you have an electronic tuner in your home, place it at the head of the guitar and then turn it on. Play each string one by one, taking the time to adjust the key of each one as standard: EAGB E. If you don't have an electronic tuner, use a tuning fork. There are also apps on smartphones replacing the electronic tuner.

If you don't have any of these, grab a phone that can ring. The beep tone will always be a perfect E; use it to adjust the bass, then use the fifth fret technique to adjust each string.

Q3: How to change the strings of an acoustic guitar?

Changing the string of a guitar does not require a professional. However, ask someone for help if this is your first time. Start by unwinding the rope using the mechanism, or cut it using pliers. Then remove the peg from the jack in order to completely free the cut rope. Insert the new one into the hole in the easel and clamp it securely using the peg.

Wrap the other end around a mechanism, making sure to leave a slight portion protruding. Slowly stretch your rope by turning the mechanism, then cut the part that protrudes with the help of wire cutters.

Q4: How to amplify an acoustic guitar?

There are two ways to amplify an acoustic guitar. The first requires the installation of a special microphone inside its body. This will be permanent and sometimes even includes buttons for the different volume levels. The second method consists of using a magnetic microphone which is placed directly at the level of the rosette.

There are also micro sensors, but less efficient than magnetic ones. Finally, you can also use an external microphone if you have no other equipment available. Be careful though, because this amplifies all the voices around.

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