The 10 Best Affordable Graphics Card Of 2020- Reviews & Buying Guide

A best affordable graphics card is a computer component that delivers enough computing power to play video games or make video montages and 3D animations. Some models are even compatible with VR headsets. Nvidia and AMD are the only GPU designers. Other brands, such as Asus, Gigabyte, or MSI, play the role of assembler. Their job is to personalize the card as much as possible without exceeding the limits.

They are also developing a system that will be able to cool the graphics processor. Being the leader in its segment, Nvidia graphics card Titan RTX is a powerful GPU. Its frequency reaches 1770 MHz in boost mode. With its 8 GB graphics memory, Msi R580GXP8 PCI-Express RX 570 graphics cards support VR headsets.

The 5 best affordable graphics card (Reviews & Tests) of 2020

When you do not know where to buy a new graphics card, the best is to learn on the net. Various articles and blogs will direct you to secure sites and trusted resellers. You have to click on the card that interests you.

๐Ÿ“‡ NVIDIA Titan RTX best nvidia graphics card for gaming

  • 24 GB memory: This card is much more efficient than the 2080 ti. As proof, you can load more than 60 million polygonal models without any worries.
  • 576 tensor cores: The number of tensor cores is large enough to perform high-performance calculations, especially in the field of artificial intelligence.
  • Fast: With a frequency of 1770 MHz, its installation will increase the performance of your computer.
  • Modern: Compatible with Ray tracing technology, the Titan will enhance the graphics of your video games.
  • Easily rises in temperature: Reaching 85 ยฐ C, its use will require an excellent ventilation system and a well-ventilated housing.

Specializing in the manufacture of graphics cards, Nvidia is a world-renowned manufacturer. With the NVIDIA Turing architecture, the Titan RTX is equipped with 576 Tensor cores and a 24 GB GDDR6 memory operating at a speed of 14 Gb / s.

Powerful, it has a bandwidth of 672 GB / s. By design, it is often used as an AI accelerator. Also, note that this Nvidia graphics card includes 4608 CUDA cores.

In boost mode, its maximum frequency will reach 1770 MHz. Given its performance, the Titan RTX remains the best affordable graphics card of the moment.

Speeding up ray tracing, this card has 72 RT cores. Space-saving, the Titan RX measures 32.9 x 9.3 x 17.5 cm. Its case and packaging remain very elegant.

In terms of connections, the Titan offers 3 DisplayPort, an HDMI port, and USB Type-C. In all, this card is equipped with two fans. To power it, Nvidia recommends a block with a power of 650 W.

๐Ÿ“‡ Msi R580GXP8 PCI-Express RX 570 best graphics card under 250

  • Efficient: The MSI RX 570 will run your games with a stable number of fps and a resolution in high definition or 4K. It will also allow you to activate anti-aliasing.
  • A multi-screen setup: Given the number of connectors it has, you can build a setup with two or even three screens.
  • Good design: Visually speaking, this card remains very pleasant to look at. Installed in a transparent case, it will embellish your setup.
  • Silent: Despite its performance, the RX 570 is a very silent card.
  • Heating at idle: At idle, this card rises to 50 ยฐ C.
  • A 450 W power Supply: Without a 450 Watts block, the RX 570 will be clamped.

How to buy a graphics card with a better quality-price ratio, this is a question that the majority of gamers are currently asking. With a graphics memory of 8 GB in GDDR5, this card will run the games of the moment in full HD, and that, with the settings in the ultra.

On some licenses, the RX 570 Armor even lets you play in 4K. In terms of performance, its processor displays a frequency of 1268 MHz. If necessary, this model can be overclocked. The RX 570 is the most efficient in its segment due to its efficiency.

Remember that this component includes version 12.0 of DirectX, 4.5 of OpenGL. Based on the PCI Express x16 3.0 interface, it incorporates an HDMI output, a DVI-D port, and 3 DisplayPorts.

In terms of cooling, this card is fitted with 2 active fans. Its design has a black and white finish with the inscription MSI marked in the middle of the propellers.

๐Ÿ“‡ Asus GeForce GTX 1660 : best gaming graphics card under 300

  • Low-temperature operation: Even putting all the graphic parameters in the ultra, its temperature will not exceed 84 ยฐ C, which is relatively correct.
  • Powerful: On some licenses, the number of images it delivers per second is equal to 144. Also, remember that this is a VR ready and OC edition.
  • Sober: Unlike other manufacturers, Asus has opted for sobriety. Therefore, his card will adapt to all the boxes, whatever his style.
  • Not compatible with Asus Aura Sync: Because it is not recognized by Asus Aura Sync, changing the color of the RGB bands becomes an almost impossible mission.

Based in Taiwan, Asus is a world-renowned firm. From motherboards to RAM modules, graphics cards, and peripherals of various categories, it occupies a significant place in the computer industry. Designed according to the Nvidia Turing architecture, the Asus GTX 1660 is equipped with 1,408 CUDA cores.

Overclocked to 6 GB, this Asus graphics card incorporates GDDR6 graphics memory. To cool it, the manufacturer opted for axial fans. Also, note that it adapts perfectly to motherboards from the Asus brand.

Compatible with the Asus GPU Tweak II utility, you will be able to monitor the speed of the fans and its electricity consumption in real-time. Just for this initiative, Asus keeps its title of the best brand of graphics cards.

Starting from the fact that this model is equipped with an HDMI 2.0b, DisplayPort 1.4, and DVI-D port, you can completely connect three screens.

๐Ÿ“‡ Gigabyte GV-N1030OC-2GI : best graphics card for 100 dollars

  • Realistic images: By adjusting the graphics settings to medium or high, games like GTA5, Battlefield 1, and Prey will run at 1080p 60fps.
  • Modular: Enabling the boost function will increase GPU memory from 210 to 800 core, which equates to a gain in fps of 12%.
  • Easy installation: Recognized by Windows 10, this card is simple to install. Also, it is powered directly from the PCI-E port.
  • Limited performance: By setting the settings to Ultra, the resolution and the number of frames per second, will be lowered.

How to choose the best affordable graphics card of 2020? It's all about the budget, but it also depends on the games you play regularly. Using the AORUS graphics engine, Gigabyte made sure that its user could overclock it, and it was a successful bet.

In case you don't know, GT 1030 has a 2-bit GDDR5 64-bit graphics memory with a capacity of 2 GB. Thus, it will support videos in 4K 60 fps.

With a maximum digital resolution of 4096 x 2160, reading and browsing on sites based on the HTML5 language will operate smoothly.

Regarding its architecture, this card comes in an ATX format. Compatible with Direct X12, the images it delivers are realistic. In terms of performance, its frequency is measured at 6008 MHz. It offers advantages that remain significant for a model that is considered to be the cheapest on the market.

  • Easy to install: Installing the software and the drivers are fairly easy. This done, the adapter can be used immediately.
  • Functional: This device will allow you to display all the information you will need. Its use will also save you time, especially during your streams.
  • A triple screen setup: With only two adapters, building a triple screen setup became possible.
  • Latency: Depending on the configuration of your computer, one of the two screens may slow down.
  • Not compatible with Windows XP: If you are using Windows XP, take another adapter.

Not everyone can afford to buy a graphics card that supports multiple screens at the same time. Sold in Canada, this adapter will allow you to connect one or two additional monitors to your computer.

This is made possible thanks to the presence of a VGA connector. For the link to work, you just need to connect the USB 2.0 cable. We also want to inform you that this device is compatible with desktop computers, but also laptops.

If your device has multiple USB ports, it is entirely possible to use multiple adapters at the same time. Described as an external graphics card or video converter, this case supports a maximum resolution of 1920 ร— 1200.

Discreet and space-saving, it measures 8.8 x 5.3 x 1.8 cm and weighs 95.3 g. Apart from this version, this adapter is also available with a USB 3.0 socket. As for the case, there is a slim version.

Buying Guide - How to Choose a best affordable graphics card?

Which graphics card to choose to run the games of the moment in the ultra. This question often comes up on discussion forums and social networks. To answer them, we will briefly explain how a GPU works and the elements that make it up.

best cheap gaming graphics card

The graphics processor

Like those on our computers, the graphics processor develops a frequency measured in MHz or GHz. This value will inform you of the speed with which the card will perform the calculations. Having a graphics card with high frequency will give you a comparative advantage during your gaming sessions.

Note also that the number of calculation units is a factor that should not be overlooked. In order not to be mistaken in your choice, find out about the sites carrying out benchmarks. It will also allow you to see where to buy the best affordable graphics card.

At Nvidia, the chips integrated into these cards are known as GTX and RTX. AMD's side is the Radeon RX. Numbers like 2080 or 580 indicate the power range of the GPU. The higher it is, the more efficient the card.


The memory capacity will vary depending on the model you choose. Generally, it is between 1 and 32 GB. You will need at least a GPU with a capacity of 8 GB to play ultra and very smoothly. In this case, the card can support several screens and even a headset of virtual reality.

Regarding the types of memory, you will have a choice between GDDR5, GDDR6, and HBM. The entry and mid-range cards mostly carry a GDDR5 memory, while the GDDR6 is reserved for high-end models. The HBM or High Bandwidth Memory equips the Premium GPUs produced by AMD.

Without the memory bus, the connection between the card and the graphics memory could not operate. Its width is evaluated at 128, 256, 384, 448, or 512 bits. The amount of data exchanged will be based on this bandwidth. It is for this reason that it is important to compare them.

best graphics card for the price

The ventilation system

Overclocking, ultra graphic settings, and the use of a VR headset are the main factors of overheating. That said, with a good ventilation system, the temperature of the card will stabilize. If you are not satisfied with the performance offered by the original fan (s), it is entirely possible to change them.

You can opt for large propellers or why not a cooling water system. Going through price comparison or buying guide for the best affordable graphics card will save you time. Remember that the cooling system consists of one or more fans connected directly to a radiator. So-called fanless graphics cards have no propellers. This is called passive cooling.

Programs like Speecy or the utility developed by the designer of the card will allow you to follow its operation in real-time. The average lifespan of a GPU is 4 to 5 years. By activating the boost mode from time to time, your card will gain in reliability.

Also, know that dust and dirt are the number one enemy of computer components. Remember to regularly clean the inside of your case using a blower and a vacuum cleaner to avoid fouling the cooling system. By applying these tips, ventilation will not be heard.

How to Install a Graphics Card into a Desktop PC

frequently asked Questions

  • Q1: How do I install a graphics card?

If you've decided to change your graphics card, consider uninstalling the old GPU. To do this, go to the control panel, then system, hardware, device manager, and finally graphics cards.

Select the name of the GPU, then right-click and press the uninstall button. This operation will allow you to delete all the drivers connected to the old card. Besides the uninstall utility developed by Windows, you can also use driver cleaner. This will prevent you from corrupting the Windows registry and subsequently reinstalling it.

Before installing the new card, shut down your computer and disconnect the power supply as well as all the connectors which connect it to your screen, keyboard, mouse, and speaker. To access the motherboard, you will need to remove the side panel from the case. Remove the 6/8-pin PCI-E connectors from the old card.

That done; remove the fixing screws connecting the gamer graphics card and the case. Unclip the notches on the PCI-Express connector and carefully remove the GPU. Now that the connector is released insert the new card. Using the 6/8-pin PCI-E cables, connect the GPU and the power supply.

Replace the fixing screws and close the housing. At startup, Windows will automatically detect the new component and ask you to install the drivers necessary for its proper functioning. If your card comes with a CD, insert it, if not, go to the manufacturer's official website. Once the installation is complete, restart your computer, and everything should be in order.

  • Q2: How do I install a graphics card driver?

To install the drivers for a graphics card, either insert the CD supplied by the manufacturer or download them via the Nvidia or AMD website. The drivers will depend on the architecture of your GPU.

  • Q3: How do I update the graphics card driver?

Updating a cheap, medium, or high-end graphics card is done via the device manager. Select the mention graphics cards then right-click. You should see the "update driver" button. Click on it and choose "automatically search for an updated software driver." The other method will be to use the utilities offered by Nvidia and AMD.

  • Q4: How do I know my graphics card?

All information on your GPU will be displayed in the o util diagnostic DirectX. To access it, click on start, execute and fill in the field with the mention dxdiag. Confirm with OK. Once the diagnostic tool is displayed on your screen, go to the Display tab and go-to the device. The model of your GPU and its capacity for its graphic memory will be displayed there. Other tools like SIW, Everest, and Aida64 will also do the trick.

  • Q5: How to increase your graphics card?

Overclocking or accelerating the frequency of your graphics card can increase its performance by 10 or even 20%. Besides the frequency of your GPU, you can also modify the capacity of the graphics memory. This manipulation is made possible thanks to the PowerStrip software.

By right-clicking on the shortcut icon, you will have access to the "performance profiles" command. Click on the Configuration button. A window containing the frequency and the graphic memory will appear. To overclock your GPU, increase the clock engine and graphics memory throughput by 25 MHz. Knowing which is the best affordable graphics card on the market will make all the difference.

final word

These were all about the best affordable graphics card you need to know. If you have gone through this article very well, you do understand now which one to choose and what things to look for before buying the best affordable graphics card. You can buy the graphics card from the Amazon (links are provided above) and help us to write more honest reviews for you in the future.

If you have any queries or questions, you can comment anytime below.


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