The 5 Best Affordable Luggage For International Travel Of 2020 – Reviews & Buying Guide

The choice of Luggage is of paramount importance for the success of your family vacation. Your comfort and the security of your business are at stake. So many details are to be taken into account for his choice. Are you looking for the best affordable luggage for international travel? We can advise you, in particular, Samsonite Bagages Winfield 2 Fashion. Made of 100% polycarbonate and with a fabric lining, it is not only robust but also comfortable. With a size of 28 * 19 * 13 cm, it will be able to hold your belongings for a few days. Or there is Delsey Suitcase Helium Titanium International. It is a suitcase on wheels with different compartments. This will guarantee you maximum comfort.

You know which travel Luggage to choose, there is nothing like merely relying on the trend of the moment. Style, colour, genre, functionality and ease of use are essential details. But in the end, the choice of your travel accessory will only be a matter of taste and feeling. Here are the 5 best checked luggage for frequent flyers available on the market this year.

Samsonite Luggage Winfield 2 Fashion


  • Modern and chic design: With a square shape, it is a classy and original accessory that can accompany you during all your travels.
  • Expandable capacity: The closure is extendable up to 10 cm to facilitate packaging.Robustness: It is a rigid suitcase that can last for quite a while.


  • The number of limited compartments: You have no outside pocket. And the number of interior pockets is limited to 3. It is not practical for storage.
  • Minimal resistance to scratches: If you have to compare it to a fabric suitcase, you will see that the polycarbonate one is more easily scratched. This can jeopardize the design of your accessory.

To know which is the best affordable luggage for international travel on the market, you must first compare the shape of the accessories. Rigid bags are mainly the most trendy. This is the case with the Samsonite Bagage Winfield.

It is the second generation of Samsonite luggage. And for this collection, the brand offers a range of 28-inch bags with a dimension of 28 * 18 * 13 cm in 100% polycarbonate. Comfortable and easy to use; this article is not only light but also has a fabric lining and a zipper.

It is a rolling suitcase with 4 manoeuvrable wheels and a handle that will adapt perfectly to your size. It is also available in different capacities to meet all your needs, regardless of the duration of your road trip.

Famous for its modern and chic style, the bag is available in different colours to allow you to personalize your style. And for maximum security, you will also have a TSA lock.

DELSEY Paris International Carry-on, Silver, 19 Inch


  • Ease of organization: It is a designer and comfortable cabin suitcase that has several storage compartments.
  • Greater freedom of movement: The 4 wheels of the suitcase have more flexible axles. Which makes it a little more manageable.


  • A rather disappointing front compartment: Certainly, this item has an exterior front compartment. But the capacity is not up to expectations. It can only contain a few notebooks or a laptop. And that can impact his inner capacity.
  • A price that remains excessive: For some at least, the price can be quite excessive, but is explained by the quality of manufacture of the model.

On the sites where to buy a new travel luggage, you have several brands and models available. This Delsey model is one of the most popular among others.

Made entirely of polycarbonate, this article is known for its lightness and robustness. Its mat finish guarantees excellent protection against scratches. And it will be as practical as it is designed with its numerous interior compartments, its 4 wheels and its exterior handle.

It simply closes with a zipper. This particularly facilitates the packaging of your belongings. But it also has a code lock system to guarantee your peace of mind during the trip.

Offering an optimal quality-price ratio, this accessory is not only original and trendy but will also be able to last you several years. Indeed, it is made of the same material with which the Jet plane is made.

AmazonBasics Rigid hand luggage


  • Ease of organization: It is a rigid suitcase with different interior compartments that will help you better organize your luggage.
  • Optimal capacity: With its extendable closure and its depth of 9 inches, it offers you an optimal position.


  • A curb weight of 4.1 kg: Which is a little more important than other hand luggage available on the market like the Delsey suitcase.

To find the best brand of travel luggage, you need to know in advance how you will use it. For those who do not like to store their belongings in bunkers, they especially need rigid cabin luggage.

The most efficient will be the model that will adapt to your needs, and that will be available in different sizes and colours. AmazonBasics is for example, 20 inches in size and has a protective shell with the anti-scratch finish. Enough to allow it to last a long time. Its ABS walls will guarantee optimal security for your business and high impact resistance.

Practical and elegant, this luggage has 3 interior storage pockets. Its closure is extendable until you benefit from 15% more than its standard capacity.

It also has 4 double wheels which ensure its manoeuvrability, regardless of the direction. It is an ideal ally for your romantic weekends or your business trips. Where to buy a new travel luggage? Opt for dedicated platforms. Online sales sites are easily accessible.

Vince Camuto Hardside Spinner Luggage


  • Available in 2 colours: On online sales sites, you will have the choice between 2 available colours: black and white.
  • An original style: Taking the forms of the luggage of yesteryear, this accessory is elegant and unique at the same time.


  • Too original interior design: If the exterior is chic and elegant, the brand also wanted to bring a touch of originality to the interior with straps and closure in coral orange. Which is not unanimous.
  • An actual dimension of 18 inches: While the brand extols the merits of its suitcase at 20 inches, in reality, the accessory will only be 18 inches. So you might be a little disappointed with the capacity.

You can't minimize style when choosing your luggage. Like any accessory, it should reflect your look and your personality. If you are particularly looking for vintage luggage, we recommend the Vince Camuto.

Original and practical at the same time, this 19 * 13 * 9 cm luggage seduces with its slightly vintage and chic style. It is made outside in ABS, with a diamond finish and has a fabric lining inside: it is an ideal ally for globetrotters. It will last you a long time.

It has 4 wheels and a handle as well as a push-button locking carriage handle. In other words, it is an easy to use accessory in addition to being elegant.

To allow you to easily organize your luggage, the accessory has a compartment with zip closure and another with elastic straps.

best luggage for teenage girl


  • A playful accessory: It is an accessory that is part of the Zoo Kids Rolling Luggage collection. It is fun and adapts perfectly to children.
  • Optimal lightness: When empty, it weighs 975 g. It is light and therefore, within reach of children.
  • Ease of use: To carry with the wheels on the ground or with the back straps, it is a practical and easy to use travel bag.


  • Limited capacity: More a hand luggage bag than a suitcase, its size is limited.
  • One size: This accessory is available in one size. It is only suitable for children from 5 to 7 years old on average.

To simplify the transport of all luggage, you can also encourage your children to carry some of their belongings. But in this case, you should invest in the cheapest children's luggage.

Measuring 12 * 5 * 16 cm, this accessory will perfectly adapt to the size of your dear little blond heads. This will allow them to transport it easily. This will be all the more the case insofar as the article has small wheels at the rear, which will enable them to protect their backs if the bag is heavy enough.

It is a fun and helpful article with different characters on the front: a monkey, a butterfly, a giraffe, a dog or a ladybug. You have several alternatives that you must choose according to the taste of the little ones, but also the sex of yours.

Practical in addition to being aesthetic, this article has a front pocket with zipper, a handle for moving via the wheels or even shoulder straps to be able to carry it on the back. And for the comfort of users, the bag also has a net for the location of the bottles on the sides.

🧳 Buying Guide- How to Choose the best affordable luggage for international travel?

The luggage is not just a travel accessory like the others. It is the safest way of transporting your vacation gear and ensuring your comfort on site. In addition to the price, you must notably dwell on style, capacity, ease of use, and other details to be sure of finding the best affordable luggage for international travel.

best carry on luggage no wheels

Focus on the practical side

To find out how to choose the best affordable luggage for international travel of 2020, you need to dwell on the practical side of the accessories beforehand. The number of compartments and interior or exterior pockets, an easy but secure closing system, wheels and a telescopic handle: these are the foundations for a quality luggage in Usa.

The trend leans more for accessories with 4 wheels. They are generally more manageable and promise you greater freedom of movement. The big brands also offer an inexpensive luggage with zipper and code locks to guarantee the security of your belongings.

The capacity

Our buying guide for the best affordable luggage for international travel also advises you to take into account the capacity of your accessory. It all depends on the average length of your vacation and travel in general.

Also, if adults can save space by reducing the number of things they can take, this is not generally the case for our dear little blond heads. They need a lot of spare belongings because they get dirtier, especially newborn babies. This is the reason why children's luggage is always a little more giant.

On average, the best checked luggage for frequent flyers will be within 25 to 50 litres, which corresponds to 10 kg of luggage. Also, be careful to check the weight authorized for each traveller by the airlines. Surpluses can cost you dearly. This information can help you choose the right travel bag to limit the accessories and clothes to take with you. In any case, for high-end items, the size does not affect the style of your luggage.

But whatever model you choose packing your luggage is only a question of organization. Online, you have a few tutorials that can help you save space in your travel bags.

best affordable luggage for international travel

The robustness of the accessories

The rigid luggage is notably the trend of the moment. It is better able to withstand shocks during travel and the ill-treatment of staff at certain airports. Made of plastic, it is also easier to maintain.

By using a price comparison, you could negotiate better deals from online shopping sites. Some advice: play on the functionality and capacity of your luggage to have it cheap; don't just focus on the latest collection; a more sober and more straightforward style can also save you a few dollars.

🧳 How To Correctly Pack a Suitcase

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We hope that our knowledge and expertise will help you find best affordable luggage for international travel.

If you are still unsure of anything or are interested in soaking up some more information about this subject, please do comment below. We will use our combined experience of 12 years of using luggage to help you make the right decision. 😊


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