The 5 Best Baking Sheets For Roasting Of 2021

In a world where time management is essential, it is important to be able to cook both quickly and safely. Thanks to induction hobs, this becomes possible. They heat up your dishes and go out instantly, while consuming little energy.

In addition, there is no risk for children. The Duxtop portable induction hob fulfills all these conditions perfectly: rapid heating while saving the maximum amount of energy. 

If you need a second griddle, we offer Elite Gourmet Countertop electric double burner , which offers two temperatures independent of each other.

How to choose the best cooking plates of 2020 in a price comparison? We have gathered the best offers through this article to facilitate your research. Whether you need one or more plates, with different temperature levels or not, you will certainly find what you are looking for in our list.

1. Duxtop Portable induction hob

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  • Multifunction : The Duxtop cooktop is suitable for all kinds of cooking and dishes, while being easy to transport.
  • Ergonomics : It has several LCD buttons as well as a touch screen to adjust the parameters. A lock button prevents mishandling by children.
  • Portable : This plate is light and small, it fits perfectly into any kitchen space, and its socket is standard in most homes.
  • Sound of the plate : When using stainless steel containers, the hob tends to make a little noise when starting up.
  • Size : We regret the size of this plate slightly reduced compared to similar models.

Our top pick combines both performance and material quality in one plate. Duxtop is known across several countries for the quality of its cooktops. Thanks to a glass coating on its top, it generates a magnetic field that detects the size of your cooking vessel and then heats it efficiently.

This way, you save time no matter what dish you are cooking while saving energy. The Duxtop cooktop is arguably the best performing among similar models.

In addition to its performance, its design and ergonomics have not been neglected. Below the hotplate, you have several tactile buttons for adjusting the temperature and cooking time. An LCD screen is placed between all these buttons to facilitate the adjustment of the device.

In addition to the settings, you also have a button to keep the temperature after cooking. Finally, a locking button prevents the change of cooking parameters in the event of improper handling.

2. Elite Gourmet Double electric burner counter

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  • Double plate : This counter has two independent burners, and of different sizes. This gives you the option of cooking two different dishes on one plate.
  • Cut : At 16.5 x 9 inches by 3 inches high, this dual burner hob takes up minimal space in your kitchen. With a weight of only 2.59 kg, it is easily moved for parties or campsites.
  • Lack of features : In addition to the independent temperature control on each plate, it lacks a lot of functionality.
  • No energy saving : With its power of 1500 Watts, the plate does not have any energy consumption reduction system.

In second position, we offer you this cheapest dual burner model on the market. Elite Gourmet is the best brand of hotplates. For this article, she offers us an article composed of two 17.8 cm and 15.2 cm non-stick castings.

These two plates are completely independent of each other, with an indicator light linked to each for added security. With a power of 1500 watts, cooking is done in a minimum of time. You have two rotary knobs at each end to control the temperature.

With the Elite Gourmet double burner hob, wow your guests by cooking two dishes in one cooking time. Although this plate has two burners, it is nevertheless easy to move thanks to its aluminum coating. You can show off your cooking skills with your friends, or during the campsites by taking your plate.

3. Cusimax Electric hot plate stove

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  • Design and ergonomics : An innovative design and good ergonomics are always very appreciated on this kind of device. The Cusimax pan combines these two characteristics.
  • Energy saving : Its infrared heating system enables efficient heating while minimizing the energy used. In addition, there is an automatic switch-off system to avoid excess consumption.
  • Cut : With its size of 18.5 x 12.13 inches, it can heat up to 7.9 inches container. It also weighs only 2.86 kg, a weight designed to make it possible to use the device elsewhere than at home.
  • The ceramic plate : This material is known to stain easily. It is therefore necessary to clean the plate thoroughly after each use to prevent stains from creating traces of cooking.

Cusimax hits hard in design with its electric hob. We abandon the classic square shape to adopt a new model in oval shape. The plate is thus covered with ceramic in order to allow efficient transmission between the appliance and the cooking vessel. Buying this electric stove is investing in an ergonomic and economical appliance for your family.

Its power varies between 100 and 1500 Watts according to your needs, with an adjustable stopwatch up to 180 minutes. A fan is integrated inside the appliance to cool it down in record time after cooking. All these parameters are adjustable using several touch buttons coupled to an LCD screen. As for cleaning, just pass a clean, dry cloth once your dishes are prepared.

No magnetic field, no radiation, and an automatic switch-off system once its tasks are completed: this hob embodies absolute safety in the kitchen, even for pregnant women.

4. Secura Duxtop Induction hob

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  • Ergonomics : Its screen and digital keys allow you to take full control of the plate, to perfect your cooking.
  • Construction material : The surface of the plate is made of glass. In this way, the heat loss is drastically reduced, while having an easy to clean surface after cooking.
  • Need special containers : In order to use this hob, your pot or pan must be compatible with the induction hob. In other words, if your pot sticks with a magnet, it can be used with this electric table. You will definitely need to invest in new containers otherwise.

Duxtop is back in our ranking for the second time with this time an induction hob in stainless steel. Now you know where to buy the best hob if your friends ask you for advice. The manufacturing elements at Duxtop remain the same when it comes to the heating system.

Its internal circuit creates a magnetic field detecting the size of the container, to then release the heat necessary for cooking. In this way, the loss of energy is limited.

A digital control panel will help you select the temperature you need for your dish. You have 10 different levels, ranging from 200 to 1800 W.

The integrated stopwatch varies between 60 seconds and 170 minutes, plus an automatic shut-off system once the time has elapsed and a thermostat regulating the internal temperature. In short, cooking will quickly become a piece of pleasure using this hob.

5. Salton ID1350 Portable induction hob

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  • Economic : This is the best hob with reduced heat loss among similar models. It is ideal for green cooks.
  • Ergonomics : Take full control of the device with the LED display and digital buttons. Your kitchen will turn into a tasteful work of art with the heat precision of this plate.
  • Simple design : The manufacturers do not offer any visual innovation for this plate. It could be confused with any entry-level model.
  • Limited temperature setting : We have been used to 10-setting plates for a few years; this one has only 8, which makes cooking difficult for the most rigorous.

We made a point of including this frugal hob among the inexpensive plates of our guide. It is necessary to reduce the energy consumed during the cooking of our dishes. This portable hob makes this possible thanks to its system for reducing heat loss to the surrounding area.

Also, its temperature is adjustable from 60 to 240 ° C thanks to 8 different settings. This way you have full control over the appliance during your cooking time.

Its power varies between 300 and 1800 W depending on your needs, with an automatic shut-off timer, adjustable up to 3 hours. Easily access all these parameters thanks to the digital buttons below the hotplate.

In order to avoid bad handling, you have a central locking button, always on the same plate. Finally, it features an induction magnet tester to check if your kitchen utensils are compatible or not.

Buying Guide - How To Choose A Griddle

Stop bothering with storekeepers to find out how to buy a better value cooktop in Canada. We answer all your questions through this guide. Then you can help your friends find where to buy a new hob, or why not get the best equipment for your kitchen. It will be a question of combining ergonomics with size, and finding the right power of the material.


xThis first characteristic is undoubtedly the most important in knowing which hob to choose. Indeed, the kitchen sometimes requires the use of larger utensils than usual when the number of guests increases. It would be a shame if you had to cook the same dish several times because of a 2-round baking sheet too small to support your pan!

Note that the size of a standard baking sheet is approximately 60 cm. However, it decreases up to 28 cm wide, especially for portable hobs, to more than 90 cm for those with several burners. The majority of large hobs are also intended for professionals, but also for large kitchens. They are designed to be built into the worktop.

Besides the size, the number of plates is also essential. For large families, do not hesitate to turn to models with double burner or more. Of course, a quick comparison with the other models will show that these models are more expensive. Think of it as a long term investment in order to save time in your kitchen!


The ease of use of a portable electric hob ranks second among the most useful features. A buying guide for the best cooktops will tell you the same. A good model necessarily includes the following elements:

- Absolute control over the temperature of the device,

- An integrated timer including an automatic shutdown system,

- An LCD or LED screen permanently showing the temperature and the remaining cooking time.

Some plates do not have these three elements; for example, the LCD / LED display will be replaced by a potentiometer for the temperature. However, this system is starting to age, and the precision of the potentiometer no longer satisfies professionals. Today, all these parameters are controlled by touch or digital buttons.

Besides the buttons, the ease of cleaning is also part of the ergonomics. Prefer ceramic or glass plates, as they often do not retain cooking stains. Finally, choose black if you are not ready to clean the plate regularly. The other colors, especially light ones, tend to get dirty very quickly; they lose their shine after 6 months.

The right power

Finally, a good plate must be able to release the right temperature thanks to its power. In general the plates must be able to oscillate between 300 to 1500 W, or 60 to 270 ° C. If a model can drop below this value, it will allow you to simmer dishes on low heat.

Also, make sure the hob has a heat control system. This is very important to reduce the loss of energy consumed during cooking. In general, potentiometer plates do not have this system, as the heat released is approximate. Instead, they have a thermostat ensuring that the hob goes into standby automatically so as not to overheat its system.

Finally, good power requires a rapid cooling system, in order to avoid burns after cooking. This last criterion remains very controversial, however, because an integrated fan would consume more power, thus canceling the reduction included in the system.

frequently asked Questions

Q1: How to use a ceramic glass hob?

After finding out which is the best cooktop on the market, you might be wondering how to use it. To use a glass ceramic model, you must make sure that your stove or pot is compatible with the induction system. Place a magnet facing the bottom of the utensil; if this one sticks, then you can use it on the plate. Place it on the hob, and set it to the temperature required for cooking. Most ceramic hobs have an overfill prevention system, but keep an eye out to prevent water from spilling on them.

Q2: How do I install a hob on a dishwasher?

It is not recommended to install a hob on a dishwasher, unless done by professionals. Even the best model runs the risk of malfunctioning if safety standards are not met. You need a special stacking kit to install between the two devices as well as the wall. In short, call on professionals for this.

Q3: How to clean a hob?

The majority of hotplates are covered with glass, ceramic, or other easy-to-clean metal. You just have to wait until it is completely cold before wiping a clean dry cloth over it to remove unwanted traces. Remember to compare the material used to ensure ease of cleaning the plate.

Q4: How to clean a glass hob?

First make sure that the hotplate is completely cool and unplugged. Then use a clean, dry cloth to remove traces left by cooking and cooking utensils. Napkins can also replace fabric. Do not use a wet cloth, water does not mix well with electrical systems.

Q5: How do I remove molten plastic from a baking sheet?

You have two options: heat the vacuum plate to melt the plastic, then remove it with a damp sponge. If the amount of plastic is abundant, prefer a wooden spatula and not a metal one. The latter can leave marks and damage the plate. The second solution is to use a cloth soaked in acetone to remove the plastic. Remember to do this outdoors or open your windows, as molten plastic gives off an unpleasant or even harmful smell.

Q6: How to clean a ceramic hob?

If your plate is resistant to the dry cloth technique after cooking, prefer white vinegar. Soak your slightly damp sponge with it, then rub insistently on the dirty areas. Add a little washing-up liquid if the stain turns out to be tougher than expected. Once rid of it, don't forget to dry the plate with a clean, dry cloth.

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