The 5 Best Bedside Lamps Of 2021

The bedside lamp is an object used as a base to illuminate a room, especially the bedroom. It belongs to the family of table lamps which also includes those to be installed in the living room or in the office. The difference is that it emits a softer light, promoting relaxation. Today, we have a multitude of styles, which makes it an essential element of decoration. Moreover, Limelights Table lamp with stick and shade is the luminaire par excellence. Chic, robust and modern, this is a choice that has never disappointed anyone. Aukey Bedside lamp with a touch sensor, on the other hand, is equipped with a dimmer which allows you to adjust the light as needed.

Where to buy the best bedside lamp? To find out, just look for the answer on the internet, in major commercial sites. There are excellent products that can only provide satisfaction to users. To order, we simply click on the offer that interests us.

1. Limelights Table lamp with stick and shade

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  • Convenient : This lamp is equipped with all modern features. It can even replace a charger without this preventing it from diffusing light.
  • Space-saving : It takes up little space, but stands out in any place thanks to its elegance.
  • Robust base : Its metal structure gives it the required resistance, without making it too heavy (total weight: 1.4 kg).
  • No variator : The lamp does not have a built-in dimmer. Which can be annoying if you want to reduce the intensity of the light which is very powerful.

Limelights is the best brand of bedside lamps. This model demonstrates its expertise. Elegant and well-built lamp, it brightens up a room and embellishes its decoration. It has an on / off pull switch and a two-prong socket outlet on the base . This allows you to charge electronic devices (phone, tablet, iPod).

This article is available in several colors, from the classics to the trendiest. In terms of dimensions, its height reaches 19.5 inches (49.5 cm) for a shade of 8.5 inches in diameter (21.6 cm), that of the base is 5.25 inches (13 , 3 cm).

This base is made of solid brushed steel which gives it the necessary sturdiness. This variation is just as efficient in terms of brightness and works with a 60-watt medium-type bulb. Which makes it the most efficient product there is.

2. Aukey Bedside lamp with touch sensor

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  • Modern design : Apart from its touch activation, its design is modern with a multitude of options that can be viewed on its color screen (256 RGB).
  • Simple installation : On delivery, the lamp is accompanied by an AC adapter and instructions that facilitate its configuration.
  • Light : It weighs 730 g and takes up little space with its 10 x 10 x 21.5 cm, which makes it easier to transport.
  • Color control malfunction : You cannot directly obtain a color other than red and the setting only has one brightness for this option.
  • Short : The lamp cannot illuminate a large room.

How to determine the best bedside lamp with so many proposals on the market? The mark is an indicator of quality. Thus, Aukey presents us its versatile model at will. This touch-activated table lamp is perfect for reading.

Especially since it works with a 6 watt LED bulb. It diffuses a very pleasant white light. This prevents damage to the eyes. Multifunctional, it can be installed in almost any home (bedroom, living room, hallway or even office).

The base is rotatable (360 °), which perfects the control for switching on and off. You can also change the lighting modes and the brightness (warm, soft, moderate, strong) thanks to this sophisticated system.

We also have a wide selection of colors (red, orange, yellow, green or blue) with the possibility of keeping our choice. In terms of price, this article is not expensive compared to its high efficiency.

3. Catalina Lighting Caden Set of 2 mini accent lamps

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  • Versatile : The 2 lamps are smart home compatible. They can therefore be configured using a smart switch. Also, they are powered from a standard outlet.
  • Simplified assembly : Instructions are clearly explained in several languages, including French. Thanks to which the installation takes only a few minutes.
  • Easy maintenance : They are easily cleaned with a dry cloth.
  • Bulbs not very available : If they are marketed online and are quite expensive, they can hardly be found in stores.
  • Faulty touch : After a while, the bulb becomes unresponsive to touch, because the thyristor (gate circuit) blows into the touch lamps, causing malfunction.

What is the best bedside lamp on the market? Several products promise excellent performance. The Catalina Lighting bundle is one of them. It includes 2 matching lamps. They both have a four-way touch sensor on the base (low, medium, high, off), which inspires modernity.

Made of durable brushed steel, their rounded bases support silk shades. For lighting, they work with two 40-watt e-12 incandescent bulbs, but are also compatible with 11-watt CFLs.

These lamps are perfect for a home to live in (bedroom, living room, dining room, etc.), but also for an office. They feature a convenient touch switch and a 60 inch (152.4 cm) transparent power cord. Also, we have three degrees of ambient lighting. Regarding their dimensions, for the lamps, they each have a height of 9.25 inches (22.6 cm) and 5.75 inches (14.6 cm) for the lampshade.

4. Vava Baby Night Light

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  • Accessories offered : Several items of equipment are included in the delivery, including a user manual and a Micro-USB cable to charge the lamp when you are outside.
  • Easy to carry : Other than the fact that it weighs only 231g, it is quite small. Which makes it easy to move and use.
  • Convenient : It is perfect for nighttime breastfeeding and diaper changes as its light is soft and sleep friendly.
  • Small in size : Some users find it smaller than expected, although this does not affect its efficiency.

How to buy a bedside lamp with better value for money? The one developed by Vava is an optimal choice for infants. It is a totally safe item while allowing the child to have fun. Also, the manufacturing materials (ABS and PC) are robust and the light emitted is not harmful.

This lamp is equipped with a touch control which, in half a second, switches to sleep mode by touch. The construction of its base stabilizes the load, thus preventing switching to another mode.

The lamp includes as many functions as the one for adults: rechargeable battery and autonomous for 6 hours, touch option adjustable by simple button, customizable light (adjustable intensity up to 30%).

It can also be used when camping or for any other outdoor activity thanks to its integrated silicone handle and its IP65 waterproof body. The child can be located using the SOS mode in an emergency.

5. Simple Designs LT2005-PRP Stonies Small Table Lamp

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  • Elegant style : In a very chic purple color, this lamp with a refined look, reinforced by its ceramic base, embellishes the room concerned.
  • It is also very light with its 449 g.Easy to find bulb : A 40 watt E12 spotlight is ideal. They can be found everywhere, in stores and online. Round bulbs are preferred.
  • Well built : Even after months of use, the performance of the lamp does not diminish.
  • Without protection against transport shock : Some users receive a broken lamp on delivery despite its robustness. This is due to the absence of a measure against twists.

Noting the diversity of models that circulate on the market, it is not always easy to choose a luminaire that is both efficient and inexpensive.

But considering the information given in the buying guide for the best bedside lamps, this one from Simple Designs is a great product. Especially since it is the cheapest on the list.

The lamp decorates very well the room where it is installed thanks to its elegant construction. The light produced by the latter provides a most pleasant atmosphere. Both soft and warm, it allows you to relax in absolute tranquility.

Its resistant ceramic base perfectly supports the top, with a height of 26 cm. It has a matching fabric shade, having a diameter of 14 cm. It is ideally suited for a bedroom (adult or child) or a dormitory.

Buying Guide - How To Choose A Good Bedside Lamp?

Where to buy a new bedside lamp since there are all kinds of them on the market. Before purchasing, you can do some research on the internet and consult a price comparison engine. In general, the latter only offers the best deals, including promotions.

The dimensions

The choice of a bedside lamp is made according to its use, whether in Canada or elsewhere. Its height and diameter are decisive in terms of lighting and practicality. Indeed, if it is used to read, its bulb must be at the same level as the eyes. In this case, the suitable models are those which measure between 95 and 105 cm from the floor, or between 40 and 60 cm above the bed. It actually depends on where we are going to put the lamp. It goes without saying to calculate the height of the head if its place is on the night table.

The shape of the shade also plays an essential role in enjoying better light. In general, you should prefer the one with a more flared and wider appearance at the base than at the top. A conical shape is perfect when looking for a more intimate atmosphere. If, on the contrary, you want more brightness, a cylindrical is appropriate. The quality of lighting greatly depends on the shade, for example if it is too narrow or dark in color, the light will be muffled.

We can also apply certain principles that help many people in their choice: the socket must be hidden by the shade without being lowered too much, and its width must not exceed twice that of the base of the lamp. It is also necessary to ensure that its height does not exceed that of the foot by more than 5 cm. This information is already a first part of the answer to know how to choose the best bedside lamps of 2020.

The options

As has been said, several types of lamps are commercially available. But certain options can make the difference and meet a specific demand. Thus, various functions are integrated into modern bedside lamps:

- Touch models do not have a switch, but turn on and off by touch.

- Programmable ones can replace the alarm for a smoother awakening.

- There are also those that can be controlled remotely in case you forgot to turn them off for example.

- Those equipped with dimmers are versatile and can be placed in any room for various uses.

- The "steerable feet" option allows you to direct the lighting towards a precise point.

- Wireless models that work with batteries are advantageous in the event of travel or power failure.

In addition to its basic utility which is to diffuse light, the bedside lamp also serves as an ornamental object, mainly in a bedroom. It can be adapted to the style of the room concerned. It is therefore important to determine your needs before buying one.

The power

Like most of the selection criteria, this one depends on where you are going to put the lamp. For a bedroom, a power of 15 Watts (or 300 lumens) is quite suitable. The intensity of light increases in parallel with these numbers. Note that soft lighting is preferable in a child's room.

In short, which bedside lamp to choose? Based on the elements that we have just exposed and the preferences of each, it is recommended to opt for a product that blends in with the decoration of its interior. You can always probe user reviews, they point to the right brands and usually give very useful advice.

Which bulb to choose for a bedside lamp?

A bedside lamp is initially used to illuminate a bedroom while embellishing it. Its size should match the room, because if it is too small, it does not illuminate all the space very well, especially if you read a lot. It is therefore necessary to compare the models and the bulbs that accompany them for a better user experience.

The light

There are different types of lighting according to our needs:

Ambient light: The lamp diffuses a rather intimate lighting and a well hidden source with little shade. Opting for a wall model is advisable in this case.

Accented light : As its name suggests, it illuminates a targeted place such as a work of art for example (statue, painting, etc.). It is also very popular with artists. A lamp with an opaque shade is ideal for this.

Localized light: Usually equipped with a reflector, it illuminates us when we engage in our daily activities. It must therefore be non-aggressive while being effective. This prevents the eyes from getting too tired. For example in a kitchen, you can install the lamp next to the worktops. This type of lighting complements ambient light well.

When buying a bulb for a bedside lamp, we can refer to these different types of lighting if we do not know precisely the right references.

The lightbulbs

The Tungsten or ordinary bulb diffuses a slightly yellow light while the projector fully illuminates the place concerned, being equipped with a high power. It is perfect for a room where you work (an office).

The fluorescent light makes a light rather cold and uniform as a whole. Of a rather harsh bluish color, it is similar to daylight and does not allow the use of a dimmer. You can find many kinds of fluorescent bulbs in DIY stores: cold, warm, or special colors for more decorative purposes.

Incandescent bulbs include many types of bulbs such as halogens. It may even happen that some of the fluorescent category are included. The diffused light is rather warm and flattering on the complexion. As a result, it has psychological virtues, thus improving self-esteem.

The right lighting for a bedside lamp for a bedroom

It should be remembered that the bedside lamp should not be the first source of light in any place. In principle, this is the role of the ceiling light or recessed ceiling lights. So, the ideal bulb should propagate soft lighting that promotes relaxation, conducive to restful sleep.

However, it is not uncommon for the bedside lamp to be the only source of light in a bedroom. So in this case, it is advisable to choose a model that works with a dimmer bulb.

Especially since we can control the level of brightness as needed thanks to a dimmer: less bright for reading, stronger to finish the job late. We are spoiled for choice on the market, so before making the purchase, we must make a serious comparison.

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