The Top 5 Best Boomboxes Of 2020 – Reviews & Buying Guide

Known as a ghetto blaster among Americans, the boombox came into being around the 1970s. Belonging to the nomadic audio player family, it was an icon of pop culture in the United States around 1980. Today, it sometimes has a modern look with the JBL models, sometimes a retro look with CD player and cassette radio. Delivering powerful sound, most models on the market come with a real arsenal of audio playback: AM / FM radio, CD, MP3, cassettes and streaming services via Bluetooth and auxiliary ports. If the idea of acquiring such a gem of technology interests you, make the right choice with our buying guide.

Otherwise, find the best references through our selection. Discover the cream of the crop: JBL Boombox Wireless portable speaker. It's a modern, waterproof model that you can pair with other JBL speakers. For purists, Sony CFDS70-BLK Boombox CD / MP3 Radio will appeal to them for its multiple options including the playback of cassettes with recording. This model also attracts with its MEGA BASS technology.

How to find a good boombox in USA? How can you be sure that this or that model is better than another? Each device has its qualities and faults. However, some have fewer caveats than others. To discover them, focus on our selection of the 5 best boomboxes of 2020.

JBL Boombox
Good points
  • Waterproof : For your greatest pleasure, this powerful boombox which is no longer to be compared to other models can be used without problem at the beach or by a swimming pool. It is not afraid of water splashes, because it is perfectly waterproof.
  • Rich and powerful sound : Thanks to the configuration of its speakers, this JBL Boombox delivers quality sound. In addition, it has two modes allowing it to adapt the power and impact of its sound.
  • Great autonomy : Charging approximately 6.5 hours, it is capable of resonating at full power for an entire day, while charging a few mobile devices.
Negative points
  • Return to an impossible song : For fans of looping, this ultra-powerful JBL Boombox does not allow you to relaunch the previous song.

This is probably the best and most powerful portable boombox around. It is characterized by its 24-hour autonomy per full charge, and this, in non-stop listening. It owes this to its built-in 20,000 mAh Li-ion battery. In addition to supporting the power of the device, this battery can simultaneously charge a Smartphone, a tablet and other mobile devices via 2 USB inputs.

This portable JBL model is the most efficient at the moment. It comes with powerful Bluetooth 4.2 connectivity. It is also characterized by its IPX7 waterproofness.

It is a device perfectly suited for outdoor use and near a water point. This also stands out for its compatibility with other
JBL speakers. You can pair them together as long as they have the JBL Connect + system. This will allow you to obtain a more powerful and covering sound.

For a better audio experience, this JBL boombox has two modes: indoor and outdoor. To further enrich its sound, its Bluetooth speakers are equipped with 4 transducers and 2 JBL passive radiators.

Sony CFDS70-BLK CD/MP3 Cassette Boombox Home Audio Radio
Good points
  • Several reading options : This versatile boombox is suitable for playing digital audio files. A classic and essential function. However, it adds CD and cassette playback function to this. For aficionados, this is a big plus.
  • MEGA BASS function : This Sony technology allows it to deliver quality sound with very present and deep bass.
  • Compact size : Unlike the large models, this Sony model enjoys a reduced size. This makes it a doubly compact and transportable version. In addition, its great autonomy allows long outdoor use.
Negative points
  • Plastic construction : This material is not particularly bad. However, it looks much more fragile than metal.

Before wondering where to buy the best boombox, consider which model to choose? Among the references to favor, there is this inexpensive Sony Boombox. This model is compact and portable, yet powerful. It is characterized by its small size and minimal weight, but also by its multi-format sound system.

Simple in appearance and timeless in design, it features a classic cassette player with recording, a CD / CD-RW player and docking stations for MP3 digital music media.

This Sony boombox can also be used as an FM / AM digital radio tuner. You can pre-program 30 stations and store some favorites. For better radio reception, its integrated antenna can be extended.

For a better "boombox" experience, this model features Sony MEGA BASS technology with programming. The latter allows it to bring low frequencies to life.

On the surface, this Sony device comes with a large LED screen that offers easy navigation. Its battery gives it a great autonomy of 19 hours.

Toshiba Wireless Bluetooth Boombox Speaker
Good points
  • Quality design : Being a Toshiba product, this variation benefits from a quality and durable construction.
  • Bluetooth connectivity : This is one of the greatest strengths of this product. This function is characterized by its high speed allowing streaming streaming without a hitch.
  • Several reading and listening options : This equipment has the advantage of being able to pair with a large number of devices, whether by Bluetooth or via its connection (USB, SD and AUX input). But still, it provides an FM function and a CD player.
Negative points
  • Limited audio playback via USB : This device recognizes a limited number of contents on a USB key. This especially applies if the medium has several files to read.

Need some advice on choosing a good boombox? The Toshiba brand has years of experience in designing high quality and durable electronic devices. Any price comparator attests to this.

Among its best wines, we find this regular Bluetooth boombox. This model stands out for its high-speed Bluetooth wireless connectivity. This function allows it to be paired with a wide range of devices such as a Smartphone, a tablet and a PC.

This portable audio device offers many listening options. It also allows you to play audio content via a phone, a USB key, an SD card or quite simply through FM channels. You can also connect microphones or guitars via its 2 6.3 mm connectors.

Ergonomic in use, it has an easy-to-view digital screen. It is adjusted remotely via a remote control. It also has a strong carrying strap and a terminal for headphones. As for the quality of its sound, this boombox has the merit of providing a clear and rich sound texture as well as deep bass thanks to its two passive speakers.

Operating with non-rechargeable batteries (8 R20D batteries), it can be taken anywhere. It can also be plugged into an AC mains socket. On the design side, it is robust, but also pleasant in appearance. It is adorned with LED disco with indicators.

Stratus 7 Plus Satellite Radio and Boombox

Stratus 7 Plus Satellite Radio and Boombox
Good points
  • Ergonomic stereo playback : For easy and comfortable use, this boombox lets you discover what's playing on other FM channels while listening to the current channel. In addition, it allows you to save up to 10 channels and access them directly.
  • One-Touch Jump shortcut function : This function allows you to consult the surrounding traffic and weather. Thereafter, it helps to instantly return to the current channel.
Negative points
  • Essential accessories sold separately : The AUX cable useful for connecting different devices must be purchased separately. Batteries enabling it to be used wirelessly should also be purchased separately.

How to choose the best boomboxes of 2020? To save you a lot of research, we have put together a selection of the greatest references. A selection in which this Stratus 7 boombox is positioned is characterized by its easy-to-read blue screen.

It also features simple navigation and easy access to all of its functions via this screen with push buttons. This makes it an ergonomic model of use. Transportable and compact, you can take it wherever you want thanks to its concealed handle. This portable audio device delivers punchy and quality sound via a 2.1 system with separate tweeters, mid-range speakers and a powerful subwoofer.

It works just as well when plugged into the mains as with batteries (8 D batteries). It is easily controlled with its remote control. You can plug headphones, MP3 players and other audio terminals into it through its AUX input socket.

As a bonus, this Sirius boombox pairs with a car stereo. It gives access to several very practical functions such as its Power Connect kit or its One-Touch Jump option.

Sharp GX-BT9X Large Portable Bluetooth BoomBox Speaker
Good points
  • Better Bluetooth connection : This Sharp boombox is equipped with a Bluetooth function allowing it to pick up the signal from any Apple and Android device. Its NFC tag allows it to support pairing on 4.1 Jelly Bean and more.
  • Guitar socket apart : This specific grip makes this model a versatile version.
  • Stylish design : In addition to its matte look, this device has something to attract attention with its LED lights.
Negative points
  • Without CD player : Being a modern version, this boombox does away with many functions of old models including the CD player. Which is a shame given that its imposing size would still have allowed this luxury.

If you want to buy a high quality and stylish boombox, check out this model from Sharp. This innovative device is equipped with a series of high-tech functions. It is able to deliver good quality sound with rich and crisp texture.

Sharp GXBT9 is a portable battery-powered model operating with a power of 30 watts. It has Bluetooth connectivity with an NFC tag. This function allows it to pair with a wide variety of smartphones, iPhones and Android. Its connection has an intuitive USB input, a guitar socket, an improved AUX input (for iPod, mp3 player, TV) and other mobile devices.

Sound side, this bluetooth boombox model comes with a 2.1 sound configuration, that is to say, a central unit and two full-fledged subwoofers. It adds to that a bass boost function for clear and distortion-free sound.

In addition to a great elegance thanks to its matte black color, this device is adorned with LED lights giving it more allure. Also, it turns out to be quite heavy and robust.

Buying Guide - How To Choose A Good Boombox?

If the boombox was roaming the sidewalks in the 1980s, the current reality is quite different. This portable audio player has been modernized. It traded in some of its early features for more practical and modern features. So how do you buy a boombox that is better value for money and above all authentic? This buying guide below teaches you how to recognize a good model.

Boombox: the current variants

It is an understatement to say that the boombox has modernized and stripped itself of certain "obsolete" features. Nowadays, there are more sophisticated and modern variants. However, old school models still exist and are popular with purists.

To meet all needs, the market offers are varied. And we allow you to find your way through this buying guide for the best boomboxes.

You have in particular the mini-system type models with CD and / or cassette player. In addition, there are models with a multi-CD player. These are suitable for reading your old CD songs. These are made for aficionados who are fond of retro and 80s style. Then you have the
boomboxes resulting from technological innovations. These are generally more sober and have multiple functions.

We denote those with a mini-chain style, but equipped with telephone docking station and MP3 player. You also have the variants with a wireless function. These can be connected to a Smartphone or a tablet via Bluetooth or via the Wifi network. In addition, there are mini-chain boomboxes for children with satellite radio. Then there are those with detachable speakers. These various indications will help you know which boombox to choose.

Design and solidity

What is the best boombox on the market? Before answering it, know that a model worthy of the name must be portable and usable outdoors. It's a portable audio device that goes with you everywhere. With a battery or batteries, it allows you to stream audio content anywhere and during outdoor outings. To do this, it must have good strength to be able to withstand any external aggressions, shocks and meteorological hazards.

Note that the boomboxes of yesteryear mainly benefit from a chrome structure. The recent models are available in other materials such as plastic or cardboard which prove to be "less expensive".

Apart from the material, this device is also available in various designs. Boomboxes are available in different formats: round, ellipse, square or even rectangles with rounded or pointed ends. They can carry two or more loudspeakers. They also exist in different colors and patterns.

Some have the "gold" or "pinky" theme, a multicolored 90s look, a retro and sporty style, an interface with several colored buttons, a childish appearance with the effigy of "hello kitty", luminescent lines, etc. . No matter where to buy a new boombox, we assure you that there is something for all tastes, ages and generations.

The essential technical details

By making a comparison of the characteristics, a reliable and powerful boombox enjoys wide compatibility with multiple current peripheral devices. Ideally, it has a docking station for phones. In addition, there are inputs and outputs compatible with terminals and mobile devices such as an MP3 player, speakers, headphones, a microphone, a musical instrument, etc.

One of the characteristics specific to the ghetto blaster remains the power of diffusion of its speakers. Something that the best brand of boombox JBL has appropriated. A good model thus delivers a high level sound and volumes. Most of the mini-system variants provide a sound power of 5 to 10 Watts. However, other models offer personalized sound settings, with a full-fledged bass setting for example. We also denote the boombox delivering an overpowering sound through 3 speakers.

frequently asked Questions

Q1: What is a Boombox?

A portable stereo is called a Boombox. It supports CDs, cassettes as well as several other types of recorded music (including MP3). It can also function as AM / FM game stations. The Boombox is known and appreciated for its nomadic aspect. The retro versions of these music players are battery powered. They can also run from an electrical outlet.

The Boombox is still one of the most popular music players today. The new versions embed more new features: radio cassettes that dock with MP3 laptops, USB socket to connect to a computer, satellite connection for receiving radio channels, etc. They accommodate virtually all types of existing music formats.

The other popular names of the Boombox: Jambox, Ghetto Blaster or the subwoofer.

Q2: When was the Boombox invented? Who invented it?

The Boombox was first marketed in the 1970s. It was introduced by several companies at the same time: Sony, Emerso, RCA, etc. For some enthusiasts, the 1976 Marantz Superscope are the original versions of the Boombox.

The Boombox became popular in the 1980s. It became a true emblem of the hip-hop culture uprising. In the media, she carries the image of the celebration of music as well as dance, especially rap and Breakdance. The Boombox greatly influenced the music industry of this era. Many came with their double cassette player in order to carry out the dubbing process, which is now called dubbing.

The connection between the Boombox and the representation of hip-hop culture in its early days is strengthening. This music player then becomes a source of nostalgia for many music lovers. It becomes the object of covetousness of collectors and can bring back up to several thousand dollars.

Note that at the time, the Boombox was considered a strong symbol of the end of the 70s as well as the beginning of the 80s. It reinvents itself in terms of style and functionality, but always in a nomadic aspect.

Q3: How to connect the Boombox to a laptop?

To connect the Boombox to a computer, all you need to do is use the supplied USB socket. In general, it is appropriate to use this type of device in order to fill the lack of rich sound of the computer. The Boombox makes it possible to bring much more tone to the bass. To ensure the unit can deliver perfect surround sound, consider positioning it wisely.

Once your Boombox is properly positioned, start connecting the music player to the computer now. Choose a suitable slot on the latter. The fitting will be done automatically. Check the performance of the device when the cable is connected. Also maintain bass volumes to avoid loud bangs that deafening. You will be able to launch your sounds as soon as the computer detects the new system. If the sound is not good, you just need to adjust the cable.

The computer must of course be turned on throughout the process. Otherwise, it will take some time to recognize the connected device.

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