The 5 Best Budget Graphics Tablet With Screen Of 2021

In the digital age, drawing using a computer mouse and keyboard is not easy, even for the most gifted artist. Scanning a sketch made on paper is not the ideal solution either. Photoshop may improve its functionality, but precision enthusiasts are always looking for more. This is how the graphic tablet found its place in the world of digital creation. Traditional or with screen, the models vary from one brand to another.

How do you find the right one for your needs? We've separated the hottest ones right now to help you choose. Wacom Cintiq Drawing tablet stands out with its 15.6-inch HD screen, equipped with an anti-reflective surface. The precision of each plot is allowed with this model.XP-Pen Artist 12 Pro Drawing tablet is characterized by its tilt function which allows the creation of sharpness without much effort.

Before deciding which graphics tablet to choose, you will have to explore all the models on the market, at least the most popular among users. The range of choice is wide. The brands compete, through products intended for all budgets. The one who has the last word is you.

1. Wacom Cintiq Drawing tablet

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  • Mark : This model benefits from the reputation of the Wacom brand, and also from its resistance. Moreover, it can work with Windows and Mac, as well as with known graphics software.
  • Screen : The high-resolution full HD display offers an active space of 13.6 x 7.6 inches.
  • Accessory : The stylus is one of the most powerful, thanks to its pressure levels. It does not need to be recharged.
  • Dear : This tablet is expensive, compared to other brands, but connoisseurs know why.
  • Keys : This model has no shortcut keys. Which complicates the settings a bit.

Wacom is probably the best brand of graphics tablets, and also the one with the most expensive products in the business. Despite its high price, compared to other ranges, the Cintiq 16 model is considered the most accessible of the brand.

It is equipped with a 15.6 inch HD screen. A resolution of 1920 x 1080 produces excellent visibility in your workspace. Moreover, this element is provided with an anti-reflective system. This allows for greater concentration and precision.

This Wacom graphics tablet is compatible with Windows and Mac operating systems. A Wacom Pro Pen 2 comes with it, with 8192 pressure levels, and no need to recharge.

This model has a foldable stand to position it as you wish. However, it weighs almost 2 kg, which does not make it easy to move. An HDMI cable is used to connect it to the computer. It is suitable for learners, as well as professionals.

2.XP-Pen Artist 12 Pro Drawing tablet

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  • Comfort : This drawing tablet makes work easier through its laminated screen and tilting stylus. In addition, it is sold at a reasonable price, considering its performance.
  • Full : All accessories are delivered with the device, to allow more creativity and productivity.
  • Customized : It is possible to personalize the workspace, thanks to the shortcut keys and the dial.
  • Screen : The 11.6-inch screen is a bit limited for some designers.
  • Compatibility : A Linux user had issues during the installation.

This XP-Pen model has everything to compete with a Wacom. It is a good choice if you want to know which is the best graphics tablet on the market. An 11.6-inch, laminated screen having a resolution of 1920 x 1080 p, allows you to draw with comfort.

A PA2 stylus, having 8192 pressure levels, which has no battery, accompanies this model. Its fine tip produces precise lines. Equipped with a tilt function, the stylus tilts up to 60 degrees, to draw shadows.

This XP-Pen Artist 12 tablet has 8 shortcut keys, which are used to customize your work environment, and a red dial which allows more settings.

The tablet can be placed on a support, to better stabilize it. The latter comes with the package, as well as a stylus holder. You will also receive an HDMI adapter for Mac, a drawing glove, and 8 tips for the stylus.

3. Huion Kamvas Pro 12 Drawing tablet

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  • Portable : It is a compact graphics tablet with a screen, but less expensive, and its small dimensions make it easier to transport.
  • Compatibility : It is suitable for computers with Windows or Mac operating system. In addition, it works with most graphics software.
  • Adjustable : The stylus has a tilt function. The tablet itself is configurable, according to your preferences, in order to personalize the workspace.
  • Software : Graphics software is not shipped with the hardware.
  • Addiction : This model does not work without being connected to the screen.
  • Ergonomics : The stop button is aligned with the shortcut keys. Which can lead to confusion.

Before looking for a place to buy the best graphics tablet, you will need to see the features that interest you, and assess whether you have the budget to have it. This Huion model is sold at an affordable price. It is, however, of great quality. It has an 11.6 inch IPS display, rendering colors faithfully.

The screen, a laminated glass, has been treated against glare. At 11mm thick and weighing 890 grams, it can be slipped easily into your bag, if needed. This drawing tablet has 4 express keys and a touch bar that allow you to customize your workspace.

An 8192 pressure level stylus comes with this device. It is equipped with a tilt function up to 60 degrees. Drawing shadows becomes child's play. This tablet model has 32 GB of RAM. It accepts to be connected to Windows, from version 7, and to Mac OS version 10 and above.

4.Xp-Pen Deco 03 Wireless 2.4G

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  • Connection : It can be connected to the computer in two ways: wireless and via USB cable.
  • Ease : Installation is easy. Getting started is within the reach of beginners and amateurs. Moreover, a manual is delivered with the device.
  • Sensitive : The stylus is very sensitive. The gap between the plot and the visibility on the screen hardly exists.
  • Lightweight stylus : The stylus is not suitable for professionals, who complain about its too light weight.
  • Configuration : The setting of the shortcut keys is not obvious to everyone. Many have encountered difficulties.

The most efficient model is not always the most expensive. It is the one that suits you, and which will serve you to carry out the tasks for which it was made. This Deco 3 tablet from the XP-Pen brand is easy to use, thanks to the 6 shortcut keys, programmable at will and a red dial.

It is one of the classic models, equipped with an opaque black screen. Connection to the computer is made using a USB cable and also in wireless mode. For the second option, a USB receiver is provided. It will need to be plugged into the computer port.

The screen offers an area of 25.5 x 14.5 cm for your creations. A sensitive pen without battery is attached to this tablet, with 8192 pressure levels, and which allows no lag.

This model is made for right-handed and left-handed people. Thin 8mm thick, it comes with a pen holder, drawing glove and 8 extra tips for the stylus.

5. Huion 1060 Plus Drawing tablet

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  • Price : It is a graphics tablet of good brand and of high quality, but which is offered at the most affordable price in this comparison.
  • Storage : It has storage. This guarantees the backup of your data, even in the event of a connection problem with the computer.
  • Keys : The different keys allow maximum customization, and also facilitate tasks.
  • Pilots : Drivers are not provided. You will have to find the right ones, and download them.
  • Stylus : A rechargeable stylus limits advanced spare parts, but can become a handicap if not properly charged.

The Huion brand is an advantageous alternative if you are looking for where to buy a new graphics tablet. This model is distinguished by its 8 Gb storage by micro SD card, to directly record your work. This volume is expandable up to 64 Gb, if necessary.

1060 Plus is equipped with a rechargeable stylus, through a micro USB cable, instead of mini USB like the previous version. This makes it easy to replace, if necessary. With a full charge that lasts for 2 hours, the stylus can be used for 350 hours non-stop, keeping its sensitivity with 8192 pressure levels.

A 10-inch screen offers a 25.4 x 15.2 cm workspace. This graphics tablet has 12 shortcut keys, and 16 other keys at the top of the screen. It comes with cables to connect it to the computer and to charge the stylus, as well as 4 spare tips for the stylus.

Buying Guide - How To Choose a Good Graphics Tablet?

Choosing the right graphics tablet for you cannot be done at random. You will have to acquire the model that meets your expectations and your budget. Several criteria must be taken into account. You will find everything you need in this buying guide for the Best Budget Graphics Tablet With Screen.

Your needs

Working on good branded tablets has several advantages, but you have to pay the price to get one. Wacom is considered the leader in the field. It is a brand that does not go unnoticed, even in Canada. To date, no other has succeeded in dethroning it. The quality of its models is indisputable, especially those of the new generation. It will take no less than 900 Canadian dollars, to have the best graphics tablet.

Investing a large sum, for equipment that will not be used often, would be a waste. Before choosing, you should assess the use you are going to make of it. If you are drawing just to pass the time or for fun, a mid-range model would be perfect. With 300 Canadian dollars, you can get what you need.

Getting started might discourage some people, especially when it comes to an overly complex item. An inexpensive graphics tablet, with basic functionality, will not disappoint, if you are looking for your first model.

The work surface

To know how to choose the Best Budget Graphics Tablet With Screen of 2020, it is important to consider the surface on which you are going to make your drawings. On this point, there are two kinds of graphics tablets.

The classic model is equipped with an opaque black surface, which transmits the lines, so that they are visible on the computer screen. A slight shift is to be expected. This requires patience, to have precisely the desired lines. This type of graphics tablet has, however, the advantage of having a light weight, which facilitates its transport. It costs less in the market.

The model with integrated screen allows you to directly view the plots made. Precision is essential, because you have at hand a virtual workspace, of which you are the master. It is always necessary to check the final rendering on the computer screen. Colors may vary slightly. Hence the importance of comparing before choosing.

Resolution is paramount, as well as screen size. This model weighs more. Which complicates its movement. It will also be necessary to plan a substantial budget to acquire it.

Accessories and compatibility

To function properly, a graphics tablet must be connected to a computer, unless it has its own power supply. Some models have a rechargeable battery, which gives them autonomy. Storage is another thing to check out when looking for how to buy a better value graphics tablet.

Other models have an internal disk, on which it is possible to save jobs. Most of these devices support all operating systems. It is nevertheless necessary to make sure of this to avoid unpleasant surprises. Compatibility with the software you plan to use is not to be neglected before choosing. Normally, a graphics tablet is sold with specific programs. Sometimes it is enough to download it from the internet.

Connections are essential, because they guarantee the connection of the graphics tablet to another screen or to its charger, if it is provided. Some models are equipped with USB ports. A few have an HDMI port.

The stylus is an accessory to be checked in a price comparison. It always accompanies the graphics tablet. Pressure levels vary from model to model. It is against this criterion that you will feel at ease, as if you were using the usual pencil on paper. A stylus having 1024 pressure levels can satisfy an amateur. A professional would require up to 8192. Through these tips, you will be able to choose the graphics tablet that suits you.

frequently asked Questions

Q1: How does a graphics tablet work?

A graphics tablet is a tool used to draw accurately on a surface. It is always to be used with a computer, which displays the final result of a work. Normally, before you buy it, you took care to check the compatibility. This surface can be an LCD screen, on which you can draw live and at the same time visualize the lines and colors.

It can also be an opaque surface. The lines are visible only on the screen of the computer connected to the tablet. A more or less slight offset may occur between the traces and their appearance on the screen. The traces are made using a stylus, usually delivered with the tablet.

Q2: How do I use a graphics tablet to draw?

To draw on a graphics tablet, it must first be connected to a computer, depending on the operating system that is compatible. To draw, use the stylus intended for this purpose. If the model is equipped with shortcut keys, customization is required. Each of them must correspond to a given action.

This makes your work easier, and gives you more options for making your designs. A dial is available on some tablets. It allows you to zoom a precise point. It is important to take into account the size of the surface and to take into account the intensity of the colors on the final rendering on the computer screen.

Q3: Which graphics tablet for photo editing?

To retouch a photo using a graphics tablet, the use of software is necessary. The latter must be compatible with your model. Sometimes it comes with it.

There are times when the manufacturer mentions the appropriate ones. In some cases, when looking for where to buy the best graphics tablet for you, you will have to think about this option already. It is easier to edit a photo with an LCD tablet. You can see directly where to put the pen tip.

Q4: Why is my Huion pen not working?

Manufacturers always provide the best pen with a graphics tablet. However, each has limited handling. Some models are rechargeable. Duration of use varies from model to model after the pen is fully charged. You must therefore stop your work to perform the recharge. Usually it takes 2 hours for this.

Other pens do not have a rechargeable battery, but the tip will have to be changed when it no longer works. Most graphics tablets that use such styluses come with replacement tips.

Q5: How do I calibrate the Wacom tablet?

Calibration involves matching the work surface to the computer screen. For the Wacom tablet, there are specific tools for this action. First of all, you need to pose it in the way that is most comfortable for you. Then, you will have to choose a stylus, among the formats that exist in the Tool menu.

You get a calibration surface, which is up to you to configure. Using the stylus, point to the four corners of the window and validate the calibration. If you're comfortable with the resulting workspace, that's fine, otherwise you'll have to start the process all over again.

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