The 5 Best Bunk Bed For 4 Year Old Of 2021

Having a well ventilated and tidy house is a guarantee of serenity and well-being. However, this is not always obvious when you live in a cramped apartment with counted m². The solution to save space? The best Best Bunk Bed For 4 Year Old

However, between those in wood and in metal, with or without compartments, how to choose? To help you decide, follow the guide or refer to our ranking of the best models in which Walker Edison Furniture is positioned Metal mezzanine bed with its 2 scales and its lower space without furniture.

You also have Novogratz Maxwell Desk and shelves which stands out with its industrial design and desk below.

The 5 Best Bunk Bed For 4 Year Old (Reviews & Tests) of 2021

How to choose the Best Bunk Bed For 4 Year Old of 2021 when the current market offers a legion of models all different from each other? How can you be sure that this or that bed is the most efficient? There is no way to know it a priori. On the other hand, you can use our top5.

1. Walker Edison Furniture Metal Loft Bed

Walker Edison Furniture
  • Color : Black
  • Material : Metal
  • Brand : Walker Edison Furniture Company
  • Item Dimensions :LxWxH55 x 79 x 71 inches
  • Item Weight : 89 Pounds
  • Large space below the bed : Under the bed, this WE model offers a large corner for installing bedroom furniture. It is stripped of built-in drawers and desk table.
  • Solid : Made of metal, this item promises good durability and high resistance to impact and wear.
  • Two scales : For more convenience, this bed has two diametrically opposed side ladders. You can use both to climb.
  • Ladder difficult to climb : Having two ladders is convenient, but not when they are difficult to climb. The slats are rough and can damage the feet.
  • Ramp without opening : The guardrails of the bed leave no openings. You have to step over the ramp to get into bed.

Wondering how to maximize your bedroom space? Have you looked for a solution for a long time and concluded that you need a loft bed? If you want to buy the best, go for this model from the Walker Edison brand.

If you have a small bedroom, this black loft bed will allow you to optimize space. Indeed, this one offers a double bed in height. Below, it provides an empty space that can be converted into an office, living room or other configurations.

Quite imposing, but not taking up much space, this bedroom set measures 71 '' x 79 '' x 55 '' with a height of 55.5 '' under the bed. While being robust, it is made of premium metal whether at the level of the guardrails, slats or its two ladders. Its frame is made of steel. Very solid, it does not require a box spring.

Also, it can support a weight of up to 250 lbs (110 kg approximately). This contemporary-looking bed provides ample comfort with an 8 '' to 9 '' thick mattress.

2. Novogratz Maxwell Desk and shelves

Novogratz Maxwell Metal Twin
  • Size : Twin
  • Material : Metal
  • Color : Gray/Black
  • Form Factor : Loft Bed
  • Item Dimensions : LxWxH
  • Storage furniture : Under the bed, this piece of furniture is equipped with desks and shelves. This small space is perfect as a study corner for your child. The latter can also use it to organize and store his toys.
  • Strong and stable : By its design and its manufacture in metal, this loft bed has the merit of being solid. It wobbles very little and is therefore safe. It is perfect for children.
  • Non-interchangeable elements : The constitution of this mezzanine bed is fixed. The position of the ladder and the shelves cannot be changed. However, the desk is detachable.

Where to buy a new loft bed when yours has lost its stability and sturdiness? What are the children's models that currently stand out?

You will find answers to these questions by browsing online ranking and price comparison. For our part, we offer you this model of the brand Novogratz Maxwell.

This office loft bed stands out for its modern and industrial style. Made of metal, it is solid and looks very stylish. It is available in various colors. It is characterized for a lower level with desk and 2 corner shelves. This single bedroom unit measures 77. 5 ”x 41. 5” x 72 ”for a bed height of 58”. It is equipped with a solid frame and fully secure metal slats.

In addition, it has an integrated ladder and guardrail. Robust, it supports a maximum load of 200 lbs (90 kg). It is a high bed requiring no box spring. You can directly place a mattress up to 6 '' thick.

3. Furniture of America Franklyn Double Bed

Furniture of America Franklyn Wood Twin Loft Bed
  • Size : Twin
  • Material : Wood
  • Color : Espresso
  • Furniture Finish : Espresso
  • Brand : Furniture of America
  • Beautiful design : The wooden and transitional style of this product is very aesthetic. It brings a natural touch to your child's bedroom.
  • Robust : The wood this loft bed is made with is of high quality. This gives it good durability and solidity. Solidity which guarantees its stability.
  • Long to assemble : It takes several hours to assemble and set up this piece of furniture, even with a helping hand.
  • Unsightly sticker : This bed is decked out with a huge sticker which spoils its look a bit. However, it turns out to be difficult to take off. Skill and elbow nudge are needed to remove it.

Where to buy the best loft beds for small rooms and how to choose one? How can you be sure that you are investing in a good model? To find out, you can take inspiration from our selection of products in which is listed this model with double bed and loft bed with desk.

This high double loft bed has a transitional style. At first glance, it is very beautiful and is very aesthetic. It is completely made of wood and wood veneer with an espresso finish. It has a double bunk bed protected by safety edges.

Its very robust frame is very stable and safe thanks to its inserts and locking joints. Below the bunk are an open bookcase with 4 shelves, a cupboard and a drawer on the left side.

The ladder is inclined and is integrated. This bed measures 80 x 122 x 75 cm. The maximum thickness of the mattress compatible with this model is 20 cm.

4. Scanica Mezzanine bed with storage

SCANICA Stairway Full Loft Bed with Storage Espresso
  • Assembled Height : 67 inches
  • Assembled Width : 59 inches
  • Assembled Length : 97 inches
  • Stairs left or right : For a more flexible installation, the steps of this loft bed can be placed on the left or on the right. You can choose its location and adapt it to the configuration of the room.
  • Solid pine : This high bed is made of solid pine wood and panels or veneer of wood, MDF or other. This building material guarantees its manufacturing quality.
  • Lack of legibility of the assembly instructions : The assembly information and illustrations are quite difficult to understand.
  • Long to assemble : Allow several hours to assemble this bed. You have to fit the pieces together, insert its hundreds of screws into its holes.

Do you want to maximize the storage space in your bedroom? Wondering what is the best loft beds for adults on the market? Do you want to get the cream of the crop and also the cheapest? Opt for this Scanica model.

This model is distinguished by its 4-step stairs. Optimized in design, these stairs incorporate a drawer integrated into each step. This system allows easier access to the upper double bunk. It also provides more storage compartments. These stairs are installed both on the left and on the right. It is as you feel it.

Espresso in color, this Scanica bed can support a load of up to 350 lbs. It measures 149.9 x 246.4 x 170.2 cm. The height between the floor and the bed is 52 ''.

The bunk is compatible with standard size mattresses. It is a versatile and sturdy sleeping cabinet. It is made entirely of solid pine wood.

5. South Shore Furniture 12634 Imagine Loft Bed

South Shore Imagine Loft Bed-Twin-Gray Maple
  • Size : Twin
  • Material : Laminated particleboard
  • Color : Gray Maple
  • Type of product : Loft Bed
  • Item Dimensions : LxWxH76.5 x 40.25 x 46 inches
  • Several storage options : This furniture can be considered the Best Bunk Bed For 4 Year Old & for children. It has many storage compartments, useful for stashing toys and books.
  • Ergonomic design : It has been designed to be modular. You can swap the space of the storage unit and the chest of drawers.
  • Safe : Designed for young children, it is guaranteed to be safe. On the one hand, its rounded ends minimize possible injury to users.
  • Assembly by 2 adults : To put together this bed, two adults are needed. In addition, you must obtain the assembly tools, because they are not supplied.

Which loft bed to choose when the market offers countless models and versions? Should we decide by referring to the best brand of loft beds? The answer is yes. However, you can just as easily decide by relying on our top5. In it is listed South Shore Furniture 12634 Imagine.

This children's loft bed in maple gray offers several storage options: 3 large drawers and a storage unit with a drawer, a folding shelf and 2 open storage compartments.

It accompanies that with durable, meticulously designed and stylish metal handles. It is a beautiful sleeping unit whose charm is enhanced if it is paired with the other pieces of the brand's Imagine collection.

The rounded corners of the bed are a guarantee of aesthetics and safety for the child. Under the bunk there is a charming nook that can act as a secret hiding place. Available in Canada, this bed is made from laminated particle board.

Buying Guide - How To Choose A Good Mezzanine Bed?

In view of the thousands of models available on the market, how can you buy a loft bed with better value for money? How can you be sure that you are taking a good model?

Well, we will have to compare according to a few criteria. Things you will find through this guide.

best bunk beds for kids

The dimensions

To choose your model well, you must first of all draw your tape measure and take the necessary measures. In this buying guide for the best loft beds, precisely defining the space it will occupy is more than important.

It must neither interfere with the opening of a door / window nor be located next to an opening, for obvious reasons: above all for safety. It is generally placed along the length of the room.

Before purchasing your mezzanine bed, define the desired dimensions. Also take the trouble to measure the space between the ceiling and the bed to prevent its occupant from banging their head every morning.

The ideal would be that this distance does not exceed 60 centimeters (also to ensure that the air can circulate correctly in height).

The lower part of the bed should not be overlooked either. Make it easy for the occupant to move around and stay in a squatting position for optimal comfort.

Materials, colors, styles

The time you spend on a title is an important criterion. It must indeed be up to the amount you spend. The duration depends on the type of gamThe mezzanine bed is available in several models. To compare, you will be spoiled for choice in terms of colors, materials and design: from one to three berths on different floors, with or without furniture below, one with two ladders, stairs or steps, etc.

Regarding materials, you will most often find metal and wood in all its states (composite, MDF, raw wood, melamine, solid wood, noble wood, etc.).

Opt for the solid pine or oak version if you want to invest in a quality loft bed. If on the other hand your choice turns to the rough, know that it is quite possible to varnish or paint the bed in the color of your choice. For a cheap model and a fairly small budget, the chipboard versions (MDF, melamine) will be perfect.

The metal loft bed (a modern and very fashionable material) is light in addition to being easy to assemble. But compared to the wooden version, it is obvious that you will have less choice in terms of colors: gray, black and white.

Style level, there is something for everyone: from the simplest to the most refined, with retractable or fixed ladders. You are sure to find more playful models that will delight toddlers. By the way, upgradable versions are also available for children and young people.e, but also on the scenario decided by its creators.

The layout space

In the same way that there are a lot of different upper berths, you will also have many choices in terms of possible arrangements in the lower part. Despite a comparison of characteristics, it all depends on your needs: a spacious office space to work, drawers to be able to organize neatly, etc. You can even opt for a sofa area, and sometimes even small library areas.

You will certainly have understood it, everything ultimately depends on your needs and expectations. And the price of the mezzanine bed may vary depending on the choice of integrated equipment (mattress, box spring, etc.), the complexity of the design as well as the choice of material.


5 aspects to using a loft bed safely

Aspect 1: Adapt the bed to the right height

Like the bunk, a loft bed is not suitable for children under 6 years old, for safety reasons. This requirement is imposed by the fact that the berth is located high. Also note that the height of the loft bed should ideally match the size and age of the user. Models for children and adolescents will be lower compared to adult beds for safety.

There are models that can reach 2 meters high. To avoid systematic purchases, adaptable beds can accompany the growth of the child. These may rise as the child grows. Regarding the ladder, the models with steps are safer and more ergonomic, especially for children.

Also, it will be necessary to ensure that the height of the loft bed is suitable for the height of the ceiling of the room.

Aspect 2: Adapt the number of users to the number of bed places

There is a correspondence between the different types of mezzanine beds, the profile of the user and its use. A 1-seater model is suitable for small rooms like a studio, children and teenagers.

A 2-seater mezzanine bed is recommended to save as much space as possible. It should ideally be stable and robust, because it accommodates 2 people.

Do not exceed the number of users required. Often, double beds are perched high so that there is ample space below.

Aspect 3: Opt for models with other integrated furniture

Apart from the models without built-in furniture below, most loft beds have a desk, a sofa and / or storage compartments below. These combination models are ideal for small rooms.

They are popular and prove to be sturdier than high beds with empty space below. This design kills two birds with one stone and allows for a vertical spatial arrangement.

Aspect 4: Follow the assembly instructions carefully

As it is a question of sleeping in a high bed, it is necessary that the loft bed is equipped with several compliant safety barriers.

In addition, the guardrails must exceed the height of the mattress with the user lying down (at least 16 cm from the top of the mattress).

Observe the mattress thickness recommended by the manufacturer. Make sure to tighten the furniture fixing screws and to follow the assembly instructions to the letter. Never use a loft bed with missing parts to avoid accidents.

Aspect 5: Place the loft bed in the right place

Our advices ? Install this furniture against the wall in a corner of the room to limit wobbling. Also, avoid putting it too close to a window or other piece of furniture to avoid possible accidents of clumsiness.

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