The 5 Best Canapes Of 2021

The sofa is intended for multiple purposes. It is the essential seat to receive and impress your visitors. It is also made for wallowing and enjoying some family time while watching TV. For professionals, it can be used as a reception seat or office furniture. Therefore, know how to choose the model adapted to your interior. Find the most comfortable, the most stylish and the most robust through our buying guide. Also, help yourself with our top 5. A ranking in which Poundex Bobkona Galiana stands out , a sectional sofa with faux fabric, solid wood legs and a simple, yet elegant design. Add to that Vig Furniture T57B Ultra modern sectional sofa with its three pieces and its Black & White theme.

Want to know how to choose the best sofas of 2020? Have you gone through catalogs and product sheets without finding what you are looking for? Find the solution to your problem by discovering our ranking of the 5 best models of the moment in Canada.

1. Poundex Bobkona Galiana

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  • Strong feet : The feet of the 2 parts of this product have the advantage of being robust and supporting a significant weight. For good reason, they are thick enough for this and are made from solid wood.
  • Increased comfort : With a seat reinforced with foam and springs, this piece of furniture has the merit of offering a high level of comfort.
  • Easy cleaning under the sofa : Since it is raised, it is easy to dust under this furniture.
  • Difficult to assemble : Even though the assembly instructions are crisp and clear, the actual assembly requires a pair of sleeves. This is especially valid when the 2 pieces fit together.

Do you need some advice on finding a sofa that's worth the price? Would you like to acquire a model that is at the same time trendy, durable and comfortable? If you have a penchant for modulars, Poundex Bobkona Galiana is for you.

We consider this model to be the best performing in our ranking. For good reason, this 2-piece sectional sofa suggests great durability. It is made of simililin fabric. Its attractions? It comes with clean lines. Its backrest is padded. Its legs are made of solid solid wood. Its cushions and back are padded with polyester foam.

Its seat is reinforced by springs. All this allows this 5-seater sofa to offer unprecedented comfort. To ensure the stability of the whole, its 2 parts fit together and are fixed with locking inserts. Available in sober colors (ash black, gray, lagoon), this sofa brings a breath of simplicity, elegance and modernity to your interior.

2. Vig Furniture T57B Ultra Modern Sectional Sofa

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  • Practical headrests : These accessories have the advantage of being detachable, but also tilting. Thus, they offer better support and comfort.
  • Quality leather cover : This model is covered with genuine cowhide leather on the front. On the other hand, we find leather with matching materials, but high quality at the back. This gives this piece of furniture more durability.
  • Large template : Considering its length, this sectional unit requires a large space. It is not suitable for small apartments or studios. Ideally, it is placed in a spacious and airy living room.

Before wondering where to buy the best sofa, consider what model is right for you. However, given the multiplicity of items, designs and patterns, making a choice can seem a bit complicated. If you want advice, check out Vig Furniture T57B Sectional sofa.

At first glance, this ultra modern piece of furniture is distinguished by its two-tone Black & White notes. It's a large sectional sofa. Dominantly white and with hints of black here and there, it sports an authentic look suitable for many living room decor styles. In addition, he gives the room a look ranging from casual to elegant. This modern piece of furniture is also characterized by its high-quality white leather cover.

It is equipped with removable and adjustable headrests. To this are added 2 cushions respecting the black and white theme. This Vig Furniture model consists of a lounge chair, a 2-seater sofa and a chair with rounded edges. These are heavily padded with high density foam to provide more comfort and firmness.

3. Best Choice Products Modern Faux Leather Futon Sofa

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  • Faithful to old versions : Fans of the previous sections appreciate the continuity of this version. It keeps the original soul of the game unlike AC Assault Horizon.
  • Improved features : From decor to weapons and planes, this whole game has seen real innovations. The graphics and quality of combat actions benefit from these improvements.
  • Virtual reality : This game offers total immersion with the console's own VR headset. Thus, the experience of air warfare is lived more intensely.
  • Story : The story of this game does not completely convince all users.

Where to buy a new sofa when yours is getting obsolete? And above all, how to choose one? In addition to selecting according to some purchase criteria, you can also decide by referring to our classification, in which this imitation leather model stands out from the best brand of sofas: Best Choice Products.

This cabinet is made with durable, tufted, padded and high quality synthetic PU leather. This one also embeds an armrest in the center with 2 cup holders. This configuration makes this piece of furniture the perfect seat to enjoy entertainment sessions.

Raised, this Futon furniture has 4 metal legs in chrome. This is a very elegant and very modern looking convertible sofa. In addition, it can instantly turn into a bed. To do this, simply tilt its backrest and remove its 2 side armrests. Also, be aware that this article is supplied in spare parts and requires some assembly work to be purchased.

4. Soflex Furniture Modular sofa in Casa Nolden fabric

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  • Modular : With its removable seats and ottoman ottoman, you can arrange this sofa as you wish.
  • Versatile and reversible : Due to the comfort of its seat and its modular size, it can occasionally be used as a bed. In addition, its simple style and sober colors make it suitable for all decorative notes.
  • Difficult cleaning : This piece of furniture must be moved if you want to clean underneath, because it is placed on the floor.
  • Cushions instead of the backrest : For those who like to wallow in their sofa with their head back, this model is not suitable.

How do you know which is the best sofa on the market? What criteria to consider? If you don't have time to look for 12 to 2 p.m., check out this modular model from Soflex Furniture. This Casa Nolden sofa shines in particular with its contemporary and simplistic design. This style gives it a low design with its 35.6 cm seat height.

It is a modular and reversible type model. It consists of 3 seats without armrests, a corner seat and an ottoman pouf. So that you can arrange the arrangement according to your inspirations. Whether on the left or on the right, it easily adapts to the configuration of your room. It is also distinguished by its black Popstitch fabric covering and its purely artisanal manufacture.

To deliver good comfort, it comes with backs and seats padded with high density 1.9 foam. It also has double welt cushions supported with bolsters.

In any price comparison, you will see that this piece of furniture is suitable for receiving your guests and can be used as a bed. Space-saving and symmetrical in length, it measures 114.3 cm on each side.

5. Gfurn 3-seater L-shaped

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  • Sectional ottoman : With its ottoman, this piece of furniture is modular. So you can place or not this ottoman.
  • Firm seat : Thanks to its high density foam padding, this equipment has the advantage of delivering a firm seat. It is not likely to sag easily and promises good durability.
  • Too sober colors : Gray sofa colors can look bland and cold for those who like warm, festive styles.
  • Low backrest and height : At first glance, this piece of furniture seems quite “low” perched. It might be uncomfortable for tall people with long legs.

Which sofa to choose to give a modern shade to your interior? It's simple, adopt this piece of furniture from the Gfurn brand.

This is a 3-seater L-shaped sofa model. It has a chaise longue style. This model stands out for its modern appearance combining Scandinavian and mid-century inspirations. It consists of 1 lounge chair with 2 armrests, 1 seat with an ottoman. It is a sectional sofa on the left side. Due to its configuration, this sofa is modular. You can adapt the organization as you wish.

With a sober and elegant design, this Pebble piece of furniture comes with gray tones and black edges. It is made from a tropical wood frame. Its filling is made of high density, multi-layered polyester foam.

This material gives this product firmness and seating comfort. On the coating side, it is dressed in a 100% polyester fabric. This makes it a resistant sofa suitable for all user profiles. With its short backrest, this sofa measures 350.5 cm in length and 74 cm in depth.

Buying Guide - How To Choose A Good Sofa?

You want to breathe new life into your interior by changing your sofa. However, you do not know which model to set your sights on and above all, how to choose one in a comparison? Do not be afraid. We bring you in this buying guide for the best sofas three essential criteria to find you a good sofa.

Size: a key factor

Choosing a new sofa can be complicated. For good reason, it is a piece of furniture of imposing size. It requires a significant location in your living room, your office, or the waiting room of your company.

Before buying one, take the time to calculate and adapt its size to that of the room. For one thing, your new sofa must be able to fit through your door. Either way, its dimensions must match the location you reserve for it.

To avoid miscalculations, measure the dimensions of your door first. Then, the space on which the new sofa will take place. Then, transpose this data to each model that piques your interest. These measures prevail especially if you opt for a non-removable sofa model.

As a guide, the 2-seater sofas are suitable for small spaces, small families and couples. The 3-seater model has a larger reception area. But that means that it requires more places.


In the canape market, there is something for everyone. Before taking one into your living room or office, take the time to discover the variants.

Among the most popular stands out the modular or modular sofa. This one stands out for its adaptable side. It is generally made up of a minimum of 3 seats. It is especially suitable for large living rooms and large families.

Also stands out is the corner sofa. This can be recognized by its L-shape (perpendicular), symmetrical or not. It tucks away in the corner of the room. The sofa with chaise longue stands out just as well. This L-shaped sofa also differs from the corner sofa for its ends with asymmetrical lengths.

Then there is the pure "meridian". This variant is of the armchair type with long seat. It serves more as decorative furniture than as a welcome seat. Finally, you have the sofa bed. As its name suggests, it is a 2 in 1 model: sofa + bed. It comes in various formats like BZ (accordion) or click-clack. It is the ideal furniture for small apartments. Note that a sofa can be fixed or convertible.

The coating

ou will have plenty to choose the quality of your sofa, taking into account its covering and its trim. This is essential if you are looking for the best sofa: sturdy and durable.

Regarding coatings, there are many choices. Among others, those in cotton are indicated for the followers of natural fibers. This material is breathable and soft. It is mainly used for sofas with removable cushions. This coating has the merit of being comfortable and inexpensive.

The linen upholstery follows. This vegetable textile is stronger than cotton. It is hypoallergenic, breathable and has a thermoregulatory property. Although resistant to fading, it fluffy over time. There are also models covered with a synthetic textile: polyester. The latter is very resistant, versatile and available in many colors.

Velvet is added to this list: a mix of cotton and polyester. It is a vehicle for luxury and warmth. However, it requires vigorous maintenance at the risk of tarnishing its appearance and texture. If you appreciate animal materials, the woolen pile models are available in several shades. This material has the advantage of being warm.

frequently asked Questions

Q1: How to dress a sofa?

To dress or cover a sofa, you must first define the decorative style to put upstream. It can tend towards: modern, vintage, Scandinavian, minimalist, mid-century, industrial, English, exotic, ethnic, classic, Zen, etc. Then choose your color according to the style. Once these elements are defined, you can dress your sofa with a sofa cover, a plaid, the throw and the sofa protector. To enhance the style, you can pair this with unique patterned cushions.

Q2: How to clean a fabric sofa?

The cleaning of sofas with removable cushions is done with ease. Just remove the covers and put them in the wash. On the other hand, models with non-removable cushions are less easy to clean and remove. To do this, here are some recommendations:

- Dust with a vacuum cleaner (the cloth is to be avoided, because it can leave traces of dust).

- Before cleaning, protect the feet and the frames with plastic sheets banded with adhesives (these elements can be sensitive to stain removers).

- If it needs to be wet, do so in moderation and above all, dry immediately with a hair dryer.

- Always have the reflex to test a stain remover on an inconspicuous corner of the sofa. Opt for dry or professional cleaning if the colors bleed or if the fabric shrinks, pills and loses hold.

- In case of stains, clean the halo with a suitable product then the entire cushion.

Q3: How to feed the leather of a sofa?

The point of feeding a leather sofa is to prevent it from drying out and cracking. You have several options to prevent this. You can treat it with a moisturizer, a cleansing milk, oleo-limestone liniment, milk, infant milk, a banana peel or vegetable glycerin.

Q4: How to fix a torn leather sofa?

Here's the procedure to follow :

- clean then degrease the torn area

- apply in several layers repair paste or resin having the same color as the leather

- remove the excess and polish with a soft paper

- apply a fixer

For a tear of more than 5 cm, you must first glue a piece of fabric under the leather. Place a weight on top of it for at least 15 minutes so that the glue can set well. It is after that you will have to put the paste or the resin.

Q5: How to cover a leather sofa?

Ideally, you should secure the blanket to the furniture with hook and loop fasteners sewn to the sofa or with foam rolls. For upholstery, you have the same options as with fabric sofas: plaid, throw, slipcover, sofa protector and cushions.

Q6: How to clean a white leather sofa?

As white leather is fragile, some care must be taken in its maintenance. In addition, you should avoid using aggressive solvents. Before application, take the trouble to test the product on an inconspicuous corner of the leather. Also note that this type of leather cannot be washed in soapy water. This is cleaned in circular motions with a soft cloth or a cotton ball.

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