The 5 Best Cheap Electric Tea Kettle Of 2021

To concoct a good cup of tea, coffee or herbal tea, the use of a kettle is useful. Electric or traditional, this device allows you to quickly heat water to the right temperature. If you want to acquire one for your kitchen, go for the right model. We help you make the best choice with the few tips in our buying guide.

We also deliver the current must-have models to you via our top 5. A ranking in which two electric models particularly shine: Cuisinart CPK-17 PerfecTemp Electric kettle with its many special functions then KitchenAid KEK1222TB Electric kettle with its classic, simple and stylish look.

How to choose the Best Cheap Electric Tea Kettle of 2021? How to navigate with the thousand and one models on the market? What items are worth your attention and your money? If you don't know how to choose, you can use our buying guide for help. If not, you can find some prime market references in Canada with the selection below.

1. Cuisinart CPK-17 PerfecTemp Electric Kettle

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  • Heats well : This Cuisinart kettle is able to heat water quickly thanks to its power of 1500 W. In addition, its temperature setting options are perfect for preparing various hot drinks.
  • Easy to maintain : This device is easy to clean. Its graduated filter can be removed for washing.
  • Several functions : This device has a multitude of functions making its use more ergonomic. For example, there is an automatic shutdown, a standby mode or even a keeping warm.
  • Button writing : The indications of the buttons go easily over time and use.

Over time, Cuisinart has become the best brand of kettles and small appliances for the kitchen. It has built its reputation by offering quality, efficient and durable models. Among its most beautiful designs, find this Cuisinart CPK-17 PerfecTemp electric kettle.

Far from being the cheapest, this device meets North American manufacturing standards. It heats water much faster than on a hotplate. For this, it deploys a power of 1500 Watts and offers 6 temperature settings.

For safe use, it incorporates an automatic drying protection option as well as a safety shutdown. Suitable for a large family, the capacity of this PerfecTemp is around 1.7L. It offers ergonomic use thanks to its 30-minute keep-warm function and 2-minute memory function.

Silver in color, its structure is made of stainless steel. It has blue LED lights as well as a blue backlit window. It is a cordless kettle model supplied with a power base that rotates 360 °. Easy to clean, this Cuisinart kettle has been designed with a hidden resistance and a removable graduated filter.

2. KitchenAid KEK1222TB Electric kettle

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  • Attractive design : This kettle benefits from a very aesthetic appearance that will enhance the charm of your kitchen. This is actually a version inspired by whistling kettles.
  • Heats up quickly : This device does its job well. It allows to obtain hot water in two stages three movements.
  • Style too stripped down : Even though it is easy to use, this model looks quite classic. It lacks the main interesting functions of more contemporary models. Also, it's coming without temperature variators, window showing water level and many more.
  • Without automatic shutdown : This feature remains a must for the Best Cheap Electric Tea Kettle. But this Kitchenaid model does not.

What is the Best Cheap Electric Tea Kettle on the market? To answer this question, we invite you to discover one of the flagship models of the Kitchenaid brand.

Utility and aesthetic, the Kitchenaid KEK1222TB kettle is a model that will find all its importance in a kitchen. On the one hand, it quickly heats the water thanks to a power of 1500 Watts. It is of medium capacity with its 1.25L. Easy to use, it has an on and off switch. It also has a beep signaling the end of heating.

It is an electric type kettle with a stainless steel exterior. It is equipped with an anti-limescale filter. On the other hand, this device benefits from a charming design. Its appearance more or less recalls the appearance of a whistling kettle.

It comes in different colors to be able to marry easily with all the decorative styles. Its main structure has a smooth handle made of aluminum. It comes with a power base that can also be used as a support.

3. Breville BKE700BSS Stainless steel kettle

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  • Water level indication windows : Through these plastic panels you can clearly see the amount of water in the kettle.
  • Large spout : The width of its opening makes it easier to clean and fill. In addition, the device is topped with a slowly opening lid.
  • Beep indicating the end of heating : For fully ergonomic use, this kettle triggers its delicate sounding bell to warn the user of the end of heating.
  • Loud boiling noise : This is a detail that can annoy many users. When the water boils, it resonates loudly through the stainless steel walls of the kettle.

Where to buy the Best Cheap Electric Tea Kettle? Before asking yourself this question, ask yourself what model to choose. If you want a tip, know that this Breville BKE700BSS The Soft Top Pure kettle is made of brushed stainless steel. It has a structure with 2 water windows, but without BPA. These let the water gauge show through.

Its cover has a lens. And this kettle is equipped with a push button allowing a slow opening of this lid. As a bonus, this device is adorned with a flexible handle to allow an ergonomic grip. It adds to this a removable anti-limescale filter for easy cleaning.

This model has a capacity of 1.7L to obtain 7 cups of water. It delivers good heating power with its 2400 Watts and rapid boiling at 1500 Watts.

For safe use, it has an automatic shutdown coupled with an automatic cut-off in the event of dry boiling. This heater is supplied with a 360 ° multi-directional swivel base without cord.

4. Hamilton Beach Cordless Electric Glass Kettle

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  • 6 temperature variations : To satisfy your beverage cravings, this kettle offers 6 heating stages. Each temperature is suitable for the concoction of different drinks including, tea (green, white, oolong, black and with herbs), ground coffee as well as hot cocoa.
  • Soft blue light : This light indicator informs you that the water boiling is on.
  • Keep warm : Ergonomically used, this kettle has a function that maintains the temperature of freshly boiled water for 30 minutes.
  • Automatic shutdown blocked : When the lid of the kettle is not closed properly, its automatic shut-off function may not activate.

Where to buy a new kettle when yours is broken? Which model to acquire? Those who want to have a quality glass item will be well served with this Hamilton Beach model.

This electric kettle is cordless. You can in particular extract it from its food base. Very aesthetic in appearance, this device is equipped with a soft blue LED indicator showing the progress of the heating.

To adapt to the needs of each user and each drink, it comes with 6 temperature variations. In addition, there is a keep warm option for a period of 30 minutes as well as an automatic shut-off function. This 1.7L kettle is standard capacity. As a bonus, it has an automatic shut-off safety function when it is dry.

On the design side, this device is made of glass and thus lets show the evolution of the boiling water. It has a wide opening lid. This configuration facilitates in particular its cleaning.

5.Black & Decker KE2900RC Cordless Electric Kettle

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  • Removable limescale filter : The extirpable nature of this anti-lime filter greatly facilitates its maintenance and cleaning. In addition, it prevents the minerals in the water from clumping together in the spout.
  • Beautiful design : This charming kettle is more or less the look of a whistling version. With a hint of modernity, it blends easily into the decor of any kitchen.
  • Fast boil technology : This Black & Decker product is popular for its ability to instantly heat water.
  • Dimly lit indicator : The light of this indicator is very weak. It is sometimes hard to distinguish it clearly.

The Black & Decker brand is one of the best manufacturers of kitchen equipment. Any price comparison would confirm this. For good reason, it offers durable and efficient models including the KE2900RC kettle.

This device allows you to boil water at high speed. To do this, it uses rapid boiling technology. This is a so-called "wireless" model: the removable carafe heats up on the base supplied by an electric current. This kettle benefits from an aesthetic design similar to the traditional whistling model.

It blends seamlessly with any kitchen decor. Its exterior is made of stainless steel. This makes it a solid model that bodes well for durability. Its 1.7 L capacity and 1500W power are perfect for small families.

This model is equipped with a removable limestone filter preventing minerals from settling in its spout. This Black and Decker kettle has other features of interest including a flip-up lid, a swivel base that can go up to 360 °, anti-boil and dry protection, a water window, a power switch and stop, as well as an indicator light.

Buying Guide - How To Choose a Good Kettle?

How to buy a kettle with better value for money? How do you know that this or that model is worth the investment? We help you get clarification on the subject through this buying guide. Discover below the elements to know to choose a quality kettle adapted to your needs.

Type and material of construction

Instead of setting your sights on a cheap model, you need to take the time to document the features of the base models. This will allow you to acquire an item of choice. To do this, start by discovering the various variants:

- The traditional kettle powered by the heat of a hob

- The electric kettle powered by a socket

Comparing these two types, the electric version is more popular for its many options and its speed in heating water. That said, the best model should be heat resistant. It should not break easily at the slightest drop or impact. Know therefore that its construction material will guarantee its protection or vulnerability.

In this case, plastic models, contemporary or classic, are known to withstand almost everything. Their downside is that certain types of plastics may contain bisphenol A. It is a product that is not recommended for health. If you must go for plastic kettles, be sure to buy a BPA-free variant.

Regarding the glass models, they are devoid of any trace of harmful chemicals. They also have the advantage of being aesthetic. However, they inherit the legendary fragility of glass. They can crack and break easily if exposed to too high a temperature. As for stainless steel, it is the material par excellence and the most efficient for a good kettle. It is strong, free from harmful substances and well withstands high heating temperatures.

Then there are the ceramic and enamel models which, like glass, are aesthetic, but fragile. As for the traditional whistling kettle, it is usually made of metal and sports a vintage style. While older models are made of cast iron, most of the current variations on the market are made of stainless steel.

Power and capacity

Do you want to know which kettle to choose? To make the right choice, you must first study your real needs. In addition, you must match the future use of the kettle with its capacity and power.

By making a small comparison, for singles and travel enthusiasts, small models of less than 1L with a power between 650 and 700 Watts are the most suitable. For large families or often receiving guests at home, prefer models with a capacity greater than 1.5L and good heating power ranging from 2200 to 2400 Watts. For fans of the happy medium, they can rely on models from 1L to 1.5L.

Additional functions

Apart from the type, power and capacity, the Best Cheap Electric Tea Kettle is chosen according to the bonus features it carries. However, remember that the more ergonomic options it has, the higher its price will be.

Among the special and essential functions of an electric kettle is the automatic shut-off. It engages when the water is ready. This allows the device to be used without having to constantly monitor it. It is also a safety function. Then, you have other options such as keeping warm, "only one cup", heating temperature variation settings or even a bottle function.

For practical use and easy maintenance, one of our tips is to adopt a kettle with a removable resistance. This makes it easier to clean the limestone. Otherwise, if the resistance is not retractable, it must be hidden or accompanied by an anti-scale filter in order to protect the kettle from scale deposits.

Apart from these various features, choose your kettle with a non-slip and wide handle for an ergonomic and easy grip. The criteria cited in this buying guide for the Best Cheap Electric Tea Kettle will help you to balance things out and make a thoughtful choice.

frequently asked Questions

Q1: How does a kettle work?

The kettle is a very practical kitchen tool when it comes to morning. It is an easy to use device for quickly brewing tea, coffee, herbal tea, water for noodles or cocoa. To benefit from it, you just have to understand how it works.

The primary function of a kettle is to boil water in a decidedly short time. Whether it is a wired or wireless model, its mechanism of action remains the same. Generally speaking, it consists of two bases: the heating element and the thermostat. The first turns electricity into heat once it enters the resistance. The thermostat is responsible for stabilizing the temperature of the resistance. No matter how hot the kettle is, the thermostat will get the water to boil in a matter of minutes.

In practice, it is less complicated. You plug the device into an electrical outlet and turn the thermostat to the temperature you want, and it's done!

Q2: How to clean a kettle?

Buying a kettle is a long term investment. But you still have to know how to maintain it. To clean yours effectively, there are 2 methods. The first is to use baking soda. Bring 1 liter of water mixed with 2 teaspoons of baking soda to a boil in your kettle. Empty and rinse. The second method is to use white vinegar. Pour into your kettle a mixture of 2/3 water and 1/3 white vinegar. Leave on overnight. Empty and rinse the next day.

Q3: How to remove limescale in a kettle?

To remove limescale in a kettle, you can do a cleaning with baking soda and white vinegar. Insist on cleaning according to the amount of lime. Once the operation is complete, do not forget to rinse. If you have opted for white vinegar and the lime persists, bring a solution of 2/3 water and 1/3 vinegar to a boil. Then empty the kettle. And finally, boil water in it twice before using it.

Q4: How to descale an electric kettle without white vinegar?

Besides white vinegar, there are several other tips for descaling an electric kettle. You can, for example, boil water to which you have added a potato shell. Repeat the operation several times for optimal efficiency.

Coca-cola is also effective. Pour a glass into the kettle and fill with water. For best effect, add some baking soda to the solution. This method is effective in getting rid of small deposits embedded in ceramic models.

Instead of white vinegar, you can also use lemon juice. Pour a glass of lemon juice into the kettle. Leave aside for one hour. Then rinse thoroughly. If the result is not satisfactory, rub the walls and the bottom of your kettle with lemon (cut into quarters). This method is recommended for enamel models.

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