The 5 Best Christmas Decorations Of 2020

Christmas in Canada, that joyous time of the year when nothing and no one can shake our cheerfulness. It's never too early to take care of making this holiday warmer with the right decorations. Snowman, Christmas tree ornament. It's time to come out on top! And why not treat yourself to the BZBGoods Santa Claus on Sleigh to appreciate the Christmas spirit a little more? Or better yet, adopt the National tree company Snowman Holding Gift and Broom in your garden, to make it even warmer! s

If you're not sure where to buy the best Christmas decoration, we've put together a special list to help you out. Whatever theme you choose, be sure that you will find what you are looking for in this list.

1. BZBGoods Santa Claus on a sleigh

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  • Ease of installation : Unlike the old decorations, this inflatable sled does not require any difficult assembly. Just inflate it and tie it tight to enjoy.
  • Original design : Similar pageantry like this is often expensive and does not include all parts. With three reindeer, a sleigh and Santa in one pack, this is the cheapest model on the market.
  • Food : The power supply is intended for the model of American houses. You should therefore take a suitable extension cord if you do not have the right equipment.

What would this celebration be without a decoration worthy of the name? There is surely no better idea than Santa Claus on his sleigh with his reindeer in the front. Because above all, Christmas symbolizes this spirit of sharing gifts.

In total, the 3 reindeer and the sled are 3.7 m long and 1.2 m high. This pageantry blends in completely with your garden decor, as it is made of a polyester resistant to cold and humidity.

If you plan to turn it on, consider placing it near a direct current source. Moreover, the sled can also be installed indoors so of course, you have a fairly large space provided for this purpose.

Fasteners are supplied with the product to facilitate its installation and placement. No need to prepare a whole weekend to set it up. Take it out of its box, inflate it and your decoration will be ready in record time.

2. National tree company Snowman Holding Gift and Broom

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  • Design : The material used breathes life into this snowman. The builder didn't skimp on the details, giving him a broom, a scarf and even a gift.
  • Light and bright : We don't often see these qualities together, but it is important in this case. The interior light of this decoration gives a new contrast to the room; you will definitely need to move it around to find the right angle. Hence the advantage of its lightness.
  • Fragility : Rattan does not appreciate much humidity, and especially shocks. Place the man in a corner that is not often crossed, but far from cold walls so that all his positive waves emerge.

Often the snow is slow to arrive and we do not have the opportunity to make a snowman with our own hands. To remedy this, the National Tree Company offers you theirs: a wooden snowman.

Think again, it is a company approved for the exploitation of trees, and not a private one destroying the forests! They used treated rattan to make you this man and his broom. From the top of its 90 centimeters, it is suitable only for indoors, because rattan is very sensitive to humidity.

Aside from the broom, your snowman will also be holding a wrapped gift in his left hand. To complete his look, he even thought of putting on a red scarf. After all, winter has already set in.

It would be a shame to catch a cold in these festive times. 70 small lights are included in his body to give him more life. If you want our advice, this wooden snowman will make the perfect partner for a white tree to make your Christmas more magical.

3. Tofu lights

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  • Aesthetic design : This light curtain creates a whole new aesthetic appearance for your windows. But not only, it can just as well be placed outside to adorn your home.
  • Safe : The curtain has security standards IP65 and IP44. It is resistant to water splashes and winter temperatures.
  • Programmable light modes : The system has 8 different modes selectable using a remote control. It also includes a timer to automate switching on and off. We hold here without doubt the most powerful of Christmas lights.
  • Ergonomic difficulty : The product is as difficult to install as it is to remove, as the wires twist easily and are fragile if pulled too hard.

What is the best Christmas decoration on the market? The pine trees ? Wall garlands? How about we tackle the windows for once? If the idea excites you, TOFU has just the right product in its gallery: light curtains.

Imagine that instead of your usual curtain, you will have golden stars glittering at night. Tasty isn't it? Order your copy quickly, because there won't be something for everyone!

Measuring 2 x 1.5 m in size, this curtain has a total of 144 white LEDs in the form of stars. They come in two sizes: 16 large and 64 smaller. The power supply extends up to 3 meters to avoid wiring problems. Plus, this curtain doesn't just shine - it includes 8 programmable flash modes using a powerful remote control.

Finally, it has the IP65 standard to resist water and humidity, with a circuit entirely in copper. You can light your star trail all night long without any fear.

4. Arespark 100 LED string lights

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  • Warming white light : Which Christmas decoration to choose? The hundreds of warm white colored globes of this one offer the aspect of a trail of light in your home, to combine with other decorations for more contrast.
  • Lightweight and safe material : The power cable connecting the globes is made entirely of plastic, giving our product the safety standard IP44.
  • Fragility of globes : Continuous plugging in of the circuit can shorten the life of the LEDs. In addition, they must be handled with care.
  • Thread fineness : You will find the same problem as with the earphone wires with these garlands. They intertwine easily and then be more than difficult to disentangle.

We continue the gallery of light garlands to satisfy those fond of the subject. This Arespark illumination considered the best brand of Christmas decorations measures just over a meter in length with 100 LED globes of a warm white glow attached to the wire. These globes are controlled by an intelligent system, interchanging the modes among the 8 available.

Despite the number of LEDs that may be excessive, this decoration consumes very little energy. Remember to check if you have the correct extension cord in your home, as this product follows U.S. power standards.

Compared to a light curtain, this garland shows even more its beauty on a table, or in a Christmas tree. The white of the globes is filled with a warmth to combine with the white fir, or the pageantry requiring low light.

Use all your creativity to take advantage of the aesthetics of this garland. Check out our buying guide for the best Christmas decorations if you have no idea what accessories to combine with this one.

5. Ysim Meteor Rain lamp

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  • Perfect illusion : With this set of lamps, recreate the illusion of a scene in the rain or even snow under a ceiling. It is ideal for instilling romantic tension during dinner parties.
  • Resistant material : The set is IP65 certified, the international standard for reducing energy consumption, but the garlands are also resistant to heat and low temperatures. Which is ideal for outdoor use.
  • Lack of ergonomics : Connecting the whole thing will quickly prove difficult if you are not used to electrical circuits.

We kept the best product for the end of our comparison: garlands specially designed for lovers. It is a set of lights forming a rain fall in the sky.

It goes without saying that this decoration is attached to a ceiling; but fear not for that, because the product comes with a support in order to facilitate the hanging of the lights. This will allow you to create the illusion of paused rain anywhere, as long as there is a cap available.

The set consists of 8 tubes of 18 LEDs each, independent of each other. Just plug them together if you need a larger perimeter.

Don't be afraid of the number of LEDs in this set, as it is IP65 certified and consumes very little power. Add to that resistance to cold, water, but also to high temperatures: here you have the most efficient LED set on our entire list.

Buying Guide - How To Choose A Good Christmas Decoration?

Through this guide, we are going to help you on how to choose the best Christmas decorations of 2020 easily. Between those of the tree, the garden, and the illuminations, your budget will suffer if you do not know which ones to take. We give you all the secrets to amaze your guests.

The Christmas tree: the must of the must

It is almost impossible to spend Christmas without a tree. Whether it's big or small, natural or man-made, we're adamant about it: buy yourself one, cheap or not. There are plenty of them both on the Internet and in stores. Do not hesitate to consult a price comparison if you need more details and choices. Companies are keen to meet all tastes and budgets so that they can meet all demands. You will find as many small trees as large ones, intended for the decoration of the garden or your living room.

The color will depend entirely on your taste. Traditionalists will go for classic green, but white will also work fine. Note all the same that the golden decorations go better with this second color than the first, the green trees will especially appreciate the bright red balls and bows. Same rule for fir balls: you can even use other colors and mix blue, pink, purple as ornaments. Be careful not to fall into the abuse of colors!

Illuminations to bring the room to life

For the illuminations, you will not have much difficulty in choosing. Whether it is a multicolored garland, or golden LED bulbs, the contrast will emerge in the same way on the two colors of fir. Although, avoid golden lights with the white tree if you have a strong light source in the room. Don't forget the star to top it off!

However, the illuminations do not stop only at the tree. The interior garlands are among the accessories not to be forgotten. Before choosing anything electric, make sure the product has IP44 standard, or good moisture resistance. Considering the winter temperature that will prevail, it would be a shame if your installation broke down because of this simple detail.

LED bulbs are intended for interior illumination, whether they are powered by current or by batteries. If you participate in lighted house contests, icicle garlands will be your most loyal allies. Some are up to 40m long in order to cover several trees or go around your house. The rest is up to your imagination and creativity.

Adorn your garden, bring your reception room to life

If you have a small garden in front of your house, the snowman is imperative. If the snow has not yet arrived, you can purchase a tree or puffer snowman instead. There are also models with LED bulbs inside to bring out the magical side of this inanimate being. If you don't have a garden, these snowmen are also available in a reduced size to adapt to the interior.

Speaking of interior, we advise you to have a small model representative of the Christmas spirit. It can be a miniature of Santa Claus on his sleigh with his reindeer, or a nativity scene depicting the birth scene of Christ. Even better, think about red boots and socks by the fireplace if you are lucky enough to own one! Hide greeting cards or candy inside and you won't be wondering where to buy a new Christmas decoration.

frequently asked Questions

Q1: How to decorate a Christmas tree?

Decorating a Christmas tree usually consists of 3 things: snowballs, garlands and the North Star. Snowballs come in many versions today. You can even write the initials on it to organize mini games in the evening. The fairy lights will bring your tree to life. Do not hesitate to take a tricolor version to obtain a better contrast. Finally, the Polar Star symbolizes the spirit of Christmas itself. You can add socks with treats inside.

Q2: When to install the Christmas decorations? When to remove them?

It depends on your schedule above all. If the beginning of Christmas is the best occasion to install them, others will rather opt around December 15 to welcome the week with joy. The keenest will even install the decorations on December 24 morning or evening to feel all the happiness during the following day. They then retire before the second week of January to welcome the feast of the Epiphany, especially among pious families. But nothing prevents you from keeping them until the end of January!

Q3: How to plug in an outdoor Christmas decoration?

The best brands of Christmas decorations often offer a long power outlet to facilitate electrical hookups. Take a compatible extension cord and collect it near the decoration to be plugged in. Above all, make sure that it is switched off or unplugged while you are inserting the various sockets, a simple safety measure. Then make sure to place the extension away from passages and paths, even draw light marks on the ground to avoid breakage. With all of that done, flip the switch and let the magic work.

Q4: How to make Christmas decorations?

There are no set rules for Christmas decorations, nor even a standard to follow. First of all, follow our advice on how to buy a better-value Christmas decoration in order to get the materials you need. Then imagine how you want your room to look like. If you want to wow the neighborhood or even win a decoration contest, here are some rules to follow:

- Install inflatable decorations in your garden (snowman, Santa Claus, reindeer,)

- Use custom shaped garlands on the facade of your house; do not hesitate to decorate the roof and the windows as well,

- Create Christmas scenes, whether in miniature or full size; give your garlands fir shapes

- Go for a large Christmas tree and large ornate gift packages,

- Combine colors to give life and depth to your decoration.

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