The 5 Best Coffee Tables For Small Spaces Of 2021

The coffee table is a must-have to complete a living room, patio or even a small chill out spot in the garden. In addition to being very useful, it is also one of the essential decorative elements of the room, just like the sofa.

Depending on the model, it is a multifunction piece of furniture that can be used as storage, TV tray, practical support for an aperitif with friends, or even as a side table. It is sold in different forms, with different materials and options with the sole aim of satisfying the needs of everyone. The coffee table can have more storage like Emerald Home T100–0 , or be round and stylish like Ashley T711-8 Sharzane .

How to choose the Best Coffee Tables For Small Spaces of 2020? The choice of a model must be carefully considered and calculated. And if, after this guide, you have been able to determine what type of table you want to acquire, the five articles below should help you decide. Do you prefer simple or multifunction models? Or do you lean more for the classic? Rest assured, all tastes will be served.

1. Emerald Home T100-0 Chandler cocktail table

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  • The weight : When it's time to clean and you need to move it, you won't have any difficulty moving it since it weighs only 12.4 kg.
  • Size : If you like pretty showy furniture, then this wooden coffee table is what you need, because it is large and gives you more design possibilities.
  • The surface of the trays : Since they are made with real solid wood, there may be knots, requiring the use of coasters. But these imperfections give it that rustic side precisely.

This American manufacturer supplies home furnishings not only throughout America but also globally. They are wonderful pieces of furniture to complement the decoration of your living room or dining room.

Among these products is the T100–0 Chandler coffee table, which combines two solid materials. The assembly of the two solid wood tops and industrial steel legs will give a little vintage touch, both natural and elegant to your living room.

You can use the lower tray to store your magazines. Otherwise, a simple decoration will do. In addition, with 121.92 x 60.96 x 45.72 cm in dimensions, it is quite large, which allows you to use it as a cocktail table.

This product is the most efficient of our selection. Also, it's very easy to assemble and you can take advantage of a one-year warranty if you ever have a problem after your purchase.

2. Ashley T711-8 Sharzane Round Cocktail Table

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  • Design : This round coffee table goes with any atmosphere thanks to its rustic and relaxed side. It will even complete an outdoor decoration.
  • The quality : Wooden furniture is strong, sturdy and can be used for years. The rounded edge is also practical and safe, especially when you have a small child who might bump into it.
  • The weight : With its 22.26 kg, it is a table that weighs relatively heavy if it has to be moved often.

Thanks to its four pillars of quality, style, selection and service, Ashley Furniture has become America's Best Coffee Tables For Small Spaces brand. It manufactures all types of interior and exterior furnishing products, and even for cats and dogs.

Its model T711-8 Sharzane is a round coffee table made entirely of solid pine wood and by hand. The table top is quite large, as it measures 101.6 x 101.6 x 48.3 cm and can very well serve as a pretty cocktail table that will be perfect for your small aperitifs.

The foot of the table is formed by Xs and combined with its gray color, this allows it to be combined with a contemporary or modern style of decoration and will give charm to your living room.

Its assembly is easy and can be done quickly in 30 minutes. And then it is sent directly from the producer and has a 1 year warranty after purchase.

3. Ikea Lack coffee table

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  • The interview : Laminate furniture is popular not only for its strength, but mostly because it is really easy to clean. Just wipe it off with a damp cloth and then with another dry one.
  • The price : The luxury may not be there, but with these advantages, it really costs less. Indeed, you will not need more than 100 Canadian dollars to have it.
  • The colour : A dark colored coffee table is relatively difficult to match with the rest of the furniture, as it has a certain imposing effect and is really not inconspicuous.

Ikea is well known for its furniture at low prices. And if you want to buy a coffee table that combines simplicity and elegance at the same time, the Lack model is for you.

It is a laminate furniture with a wood effect which is very resistant. It measures 90 x 55 x 45 cm and its black brown color makes it a dark room, but elegant. This Ikea coffee table is a strong piece that will warm up a contemporary interior. And this is ideal if you have small children at home who may get it dirty or stained,

because it is easy to maintain. Even if you have a habit of spilling your glass of wine, your table will be like new after just a wipe of the rag. When it comes to assembly, there is nothing simpler and also benefit from an additional storage area for your books or magazines.

4. Sauder Dakota Pass Liftable Coffee Table

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  • Versatility : This model serves you not only as a coffee table, but also as a desk and in addition, you will benefit from several compartments to store your books, your work manuals or your board games.
  • Value for money : With the Dakota Pass coffee table you have both a coffee table, a side table, a desk and shelves, all at a very competitive price.
  • The weight : This lift-up coffee table is still quite heavy, which doesn't make it easy for you when you have to move it.

Sauder is an American company specializing in the manufacture of wooden furniture. It has several “Ready to Assemble” collections including the Dakota Pass.

How to buy a coffee table with better value for money? Look for the practical side of the furniture, in addition to aesthetics and quality. This is also the main advantage of this model made entirely of oak wood.

It is equipped with a lift-up tray that turns it into a versatile work surface. You won't have to lean towards the table, the table comes to you.

The lifting mechanism works perfectly well to give you access to the compartment hidden under the tray at all times. It measures 43.15 ″ x 19.45 ″ x 19.02 ″ and also has other storage shelves. This coffee table will also serve as a side table. It is the perfect element to complete your rustic style living room.

5. Furniture AZF32HPCTWT Modern side table

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  • The style : It is a beautiful little room that will receive your flowerpot and your scented candles and which will stand out nicely in the middle of your living room.
  • The weight : At 19 pounds, this coffee table model is very light, making it really easy to move around for your households, unlike many other items.
  • Her size : This living room coffee table is still quite small and cannot be used for cocktail parties with friends.

The Walker brand is distinguished by these designer and very trendy furniture. From your office to the dining room, including the bedroom, she designs several items to add a modern and stylish touch.

The last piece of our comparison is a beautiful, very modern coffee table with its legs in the shape of hairpins. The top is made of medium density fibers of brown color which paradoxically gives it an effect of old furniture.

Considering its size, this table is suitable for small living rooms, but it nevertheless supports a maximum weight of 25 kg. Rather, it serves as a side table even though it already has one that goes with it.

It is a piece of furniture that is at the same time simple, but very chic which will integrate easily with all types of styles of decoration, whether modern, Scandinavian, or even contemporary. However, it is not intended for large uses since it can only be used to accommodate a vase or the remote control, and a book at most.

Buying Guide - How To Choose A Good Coffee Table?

The coffee table, no matter what shape it has, is essential to complete your furniture. And since it is one of the dominant elements in the living room, you have to know how to choose it to match it and involve it in the decor. But beyond the design, there are some technical criteria to consider before your purchase to know which coffee table to choose.

Materials and styles

The material of the table you choose should depend on the style of your living room, because it must be able to match it so as not to stain it. The wooden one is definitely the best coffee table recommended for people who want to add warmth or a natural touch to their room. In addition, it will suit almost all types of atmospheres, whether rustic, Scandinavian, contemporary, bohemian, vintage, etc. ….

Then, the metal goes more with an industrial, contemporary or modern style for its chic and elegant side. This material offers more choice in terms of shape, because it is more malleable, and it is the type of furniture that can be found at very cheap prices. Prefer the glass coffee table if your living room is a bit small, because it will lighten the decoration thanks to its transparency and discretion. Also elegant, it will embellish any contemporary or modern room.

And if you like chic and luxury, choose stone as your material. Marble or petrified wood will make your table a decorative and luxurious element. It will be perfect for a rustic style of decoration, but be careful not to overload the room.

Dimensions and shapes

The second fundamental criterion of this buying guide for the best coffee tables concerns the shape which goes along with the dimensions. What you need to know first is that your coffee table should be at the same height as your sofa and other chairs in your living room. Then, between the table and its different seats, you must leave about 50 cm of space to allow you to move around freely and to sit comfortably.

Then, leave about 80 cm between the TV cabinet and the coffee table. And it is important that the latter does not have the same length as the sofa; it should be two-thirds at most. All of these measurements should help you choose the size and shape of the table, especially since you need them to know which is the best coffee table on the market that is right for you.

Choose a round shape for a smaller space. Like the saloon, it is also more convivial to receive friends when you organize a small aperitif. And if your living room is rather spacious, you can afford to choose rectangular or elongated shapes. They are perfect if you have two sofas positioned facing each other, or for corner sofas. And if you prefer undefined shapes, consider integrating it into the furniture that surrounds it.

Use and options

Where to buy a new coffee table? Do not rush yet, you should also choose it according to where you will install it. If you need it for your patio, consider buying a table made with a material that can withstand wind, sunburn, and rain well. Bamboo or stone furniture will be the most suitable, you can even make your small coffee table from tiles.

Go for nesting tables if you have a small living room, as you will have more space each time you need it. There are also models with a removable top to make it a multifunctional piece of furniture for a small studio. And then tables with lifting tops are more and more appreciated nowadays for their ultra-practical side. Indeed, once the tray is raised, it leaves room for an additional surface to use as you wish. You will find one of these models in this price comparison.

Then there are the classic versions which already have two trays, the lower of which is often used to store magazines. Otherwise, tables with storage niches are also very popular, because they are very useful. In short, make your choice wisely, because absolutely all models exist on the market to satisfy you, whatever your preferences.

frequently asked Questions

Q1: For a modern living room: round or oval coffee table?

Before comparing these two forms, know that the choice of furniture must correspond to the style of the house. The two are interdependent to be able to tune them correctly, so that each piece has its own place. To know the shape of coffee table that is suitable for a modern living room, it is important to define the latter. Basically, it's a large living room that is well ventilated and very well lit.

As it is a fairly large room, it should not be overloaded with bulky furniture that will weigh down the decor and make it lose its airy appearance. Therefore, a round coffee table is best suited. Very discreet and light, it will not steal the show from other furniture. Use the advice in our buying guide to help you choose the part you want.

As for the oval coffee table, it is more suitable for a contemporary style. And then even small in size, it stands out more and gets noticed enough. Otherwise, if you really have a preference for this shape, choose it entirely in glass, up to the foot, or with a support without a defined shape. Thanks to its transparency, it will lighten the decor.

Q2: Is a stone or marble coffee table practical in the living room?

Timeless and timeless, stone furniture such as marble or petrified wood is chic and sophisticated. These are raw and precious materials that are very appreciated by those who love luxury, because yes, they are expensive, but are signs of quality. What you should know is that a stone coffee table is very imposing. So if it is to be placed in the middle of a living room, it is better if the latter is large and well spaced.

Then, a stone piece of furniture is certainly strong, but weighs considerably heavy. On the practical side, it is not easy if you often have to move your furniture to clean the living room. It is really not advisable for a person who lives alone, unless they are of small stature and thin.

In terms of maintenance, marble is a particularly fragile stone. To get rid of stains, they must be cleaned immediately with soapy water. Do not use detergents or acid products, as they tend to attack and deteriorate it. Finish cleaning with a dry cloth.

Now you have to look for where to buy the best coffee table, but no matter what, it will add character to your living room.

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