The 10 Best Dash Cam For Semi Trucks Of 2020 – Reviews & Buying Guide

The dash cam, on-board camera, or DVR is a video recording accessory useful for motorists, rally racers, Internet users, and road safety professionals. In many ways, it is the black box for cars. It captures on video what is happening in and around your car.

If you wish to acquire one, we offer a buying guide and advice. And to spur you on, we add to that a ranking of the Best Dash Cam For Semi Trucks models on the USA market. We list in particular 2 models with 2 channels: BlackboxMyCar BlackVue Dr900s-2ch with Power Magic Pro offers a BlackVue Cloud application and a live remote transmission. At the same time, Thinkware Kit on-board camera with front and the rear camera is accompanied by thermal protection protecting it from high temperatures.

How to buy the Best Dash Cam For Semi Trucks with better value for money? How to recognize a model that is worth it? To find out, you can peel the pages of an online price comparison site. Otherwise, you can trust our selection of the best on-board car cameras in the USA.

best dash cam for police encounters
  • Easy to install: This camera has the advantage of being easy to install, regardless of the car model. It is supplied with cables of the right length.
  • Good image quality: With its full HD all-round and its frontal 4K, this model has something to please. It delivers sequences of images of excellent resolution.
  • 10 minutes live per day: The direct transmission function of the Cloud Blackvue application is undoubtedly beautiful. However, 10 minutes of this service per day is minimal, especially for professional road safety users.

The Best Dash Cam For Semi Trucks should be easy to use and mount. It must also deliver good quality video capture and secure recorded files. Among the models meeting these criteria stands out BlackVue Dr900s-2ch.

This dashboard camera has 2 channels: a video lens at the Full front HD @ 60 fps and 4K UHD @ 30 fps as well as another lens Full HD @ 30 fps at the rear. It also has a 2.1 mp front and rear photo cameras, as well as an 8MP CMOS sensor for increased night vision.

Far from being the cheapest, this device can be paired with the free Blackvue Cloud service. This application is used in particular to transmit live and remote captured images, to launch an emergency alarm, etc.

Also, it has built-in 2.4 / 5 GHz WiFi connectivity, G-sensor and GPS sensors. It can be fitted with a micro SD card. Because of its high resistance and its high-temperature cut-out function, this Blackvue dash cam is ideal for hot regions.

best dash cam under 200
  • Front and rear cameras: This FA200 Dash Cam provides rear and front view coverage thanks to its front and rear camera. It allows you to capture any event from every angle.
  • Complete kit: For more convenience, this device is supplied with a range of accessories including cables, a 16 GB micro SD card from Thinkware, a card adapter, a warranty, a user guide, fixing adhesives, etc.
  • Difficult to install: This FA200 on-board camera proves difficult to install in the passenger compartment of the car. This is due to the labelling behind the wiring.

Where to buy a new, more efficient and cutting-edge Dash Cam? Online or in-store? No matter the answer since what matters is what to buy. If you want a quality product, know that this Thinkware on-board camera kit is particularly impressive.

The Dash Cam of this kit delivers recordings without distortion and with a resolution Full HD 1080p at the front and HD 720p at the rear. It is a 2-channel model.

It has a 140 ° wide-angle lens. This device is paired with a mobile Viewer application accessible via Wifi. The latter is used to download and view the sequences taken by the DVR. It also allows you to configure the camera. This application is compatible with an Android and iOS Smartphone.

Other characteristic points of this Thinkware Dash Cam: its thermal protection with super capacitor sensor for more resistance in the event of temperature peaks, radar alert, parking mode with collision and impact detection, Time Lapse mode and energy-saving mode. It can be equipped with a micro SD card of 128 GB maximum.

best dash cam for car front and rear
  • Alerts: To alert the driver, this Dash Cam 46 camera sends pre-collision warning and lane departure alerts. She also calls out her intention with “go” jerks.
  • Voice command: This camera accepts a voice command to start/stop an audio and video recording or to take a photo.
  • Parking mode cable extra: To have this function, it is necessary to purchase the cable separately. It is an additional expense but highly recommended.

Having a road accident can happen to anyone, even the most careful of drivers. Equip yourself well then becomes vital to prepare for any eventuality. But where to buy the Best Dash Cam For Semi Trucks? Do not look far and take the time to discover this model of the Garmin brand.

This onboard camera 46 first stands out for its discreet and straightforward design. It is also very compact and practical with its large screen. Its lens offers a wide field of vision of 140 °. It can take pictures in HD 1080p with the advanced format.

GPS compatible, this device automatically records what is happening around the vehicle. Its Dash Cam Auto Sync function synchronizes 4 car cameras for 360 ° coverage.

And with the Garmin Drive app, you can edit videos from these cameras and share them. With battery, this Garmin Dash Cam has voice command and a parking mode. It is mainly distinguished by its collision alert and its "go" alerts.

best dash cam for truck drivers
  • Resistant: This device withstands high temperatures very well due to its quality design. You will, therefore, do not need to worry about the risk of overheating.
  • High resolution: Thanks to the characteristics of its lens, this dashcam records what is happening around your car in UHD resolution. You will be able to distinguish the most subtle details of a possible accident clearly.
  • Lockable non-erasable videos: All videos recorded and locked following an accident cannot be overwritten by the new sequences. It is valid even when the card is full.
  • Loop recording: Both a plus and a disadvantage, this device does not stop recording sequences on the memory card. If the storage capacity is small, the old files will be quickly overwritten by the new ones.

In the event of an accident or crime, the clarity and clarity of the images of a Dash Cam can be of great help. If yours is a bit old and has limited resolution, consider changing it. So you wonder what the Best Dash Cam For Semi Trucks is on the market? Compared with the available models, Rexing V1-4K stands out in particular.

This dashboard camera with LCD screen is characterized by its discreet design and Ultra HD resolution. It uses an OV4689 image sensor to take sequences under 2160p, even at high speed.

Rexing V1 incorporates a parking monitor that activates the recording function for 20 seconds at the slightest vibration detected. It is compatible with micro SD memory cards up to 256 GB.

It has WiFi connectivity. Its lens is 170 ° wide angle. This embeds a 6-layer glass lens offering a sweeping field of vision. It also comes with improved WDR compatibility for a wide dynamic range of images. In addition to being efficient, this DVR stands out for its high thermal resistance (-20 to 176 ° C).

best dash cam with backup camera
  • Recording and locking of accident sequences: Thanks to its dedicated sensor, this DVR can recognize sudden collisions. At the same time, it records and seals in an SOS file the sequences it deems relevant.
  • Easy to install: With suction cup attachment, this DVR is easy to install on a glass support, no matter where you reserve it.
  • SD card extra: For external storage of recorded images, you will need to purchase a separate SD card (to format before use).
  • Old files are overwritten in case of full memory: Sequences that date are automatically overwritten by accident records when the storage medium is full.

Which Dash Cam to choose for your car when there is a whole melody on the market? Are there variants that prevail more than others? If so, why? To find out, follow our ranking and discover this inexpensive dashboard camera from the Chortau brand.

This Full HD 1080p dashcam has a 3 '' LCD screen, a high-resolution image sensor and a 170 ° wide-angle lens. It also has a 12 MP photo camera. The sequences are taken and recorded in a loop on an external card with a capacity of 10 to 32 GB.

This on-board camera detects any form of pileup thanks to its G sensor with variable sensitivity. In the event of an accident, it goes into loop recording mode. This automatic recording is activated even in 24h parking mode as soon as an accident is detected.

It is easy to use Plug & Play device. It attaches to the windshield via suction cups. It has a built-in li-ion power battery. Its structure is made of a high-quality material resistant to extreme temperatures (-30 to +70 ° C).

Buying Guide - How to Choose a Best Dash Cam For Semi Trucks?

The dashcam is gaining popularity in the auto equipment market. Its use turns out to be interesting, especially when it comes to providing proof against the victim of an accident or a crime. If you want to buy a dashcam for your vehicle, take the following 3 criteria as a basis for comparison: the quality of the image offered, the GPS and the other on-board functions.

best dash cam with backup camera

Image resolution

How to choose the Best Dash Cam For Semi Trucks in 2020? Take into account the video quality. Driving recorder models that proudly display Full HD at 1920x1080P are highly recommended. Note that as a user, many dash cams allow you to configure the resolution of your video recordings as you wish. Depending on your needs, you can improve the quality of the image or decrease it to gain memory capacity and recording time.

If you want to obtain a video with the right fluidity, you must ensure the correct setting of the FPS parameter (number of frames per second) of your dashcam. You should know that the following records videos in loop. Only the best models allow you to have control throughout the loop recording. This prevails for the best brand of dashcams. The recording system overwrites old videos as you go, keeping only the most recent ones or those that you want to save longer.

The resolution of your dashcam's camera will also prove to be crucial if you plan to take photos while driving and thus obtain exploitable results. Cameras that have the option to take pictures at regular intervals may prove beneficial for this specific case. This option does not affect too much the memory capacity of the dashcam.

Photo and video files are saved to an SD or micro SD card (depending on the model). In principle, the latter is not supplied with the dashcam. The manual of the device makes it possible to be sure of the model of storage medium, which it is necessary to acquire. One of our best advice: choose models with a maximum capacity of at least 64 GB.

GPS tracker

A GPS tracker is not necessarily essential for a dashcam. However, the most efficient of the models still have it. This element can provide you with additional information, including adding a time code as well as a location to the images.

Depending on the applications, it will also be possible to know the number of kilometres travelled, the average speed or even the speed during the accident. Also, this feature can help you prove that you were driving safely at the time of the event. It allows you to use records more effectively (as evidence).

Parking function, G sensor, motion detection

In this buying guide for the Best Dash Cam For Semi Trucks, note that many of the existing models include additional features such as the parking function, the G sensor or even motion detection.

The parking monitor is a feature that you can find on most dashcams. This works when the vehicle is stopped and triggers recording at the slightest shock or movement of the latter. If a driver hits the stationary vehicle, the abyss then flees; the register will identify the license plate of his car.

The motion detector also remains an attractive feature. It works on battery and trips when the vehicle is off. If an intruder enters your garden, for example, at the slightest movement, the dashcam of your car will not fail to start a recording.

The G sensor is an accelerometer which proposes to detect an abrupt change in speed, a too dry turn, rapid braking or even a shock. It's a security feature that helps you find images quickly in the event of a crash. With it, there is no need to view the 3 hours of recording.

Also, the date and time of the video will be easy to use. If, for example, you spot the damage to the vehicle only once at home, with a G-Sensor file, you can easily find the date and time of the incident. And the images will not be erased automatically before you can view them.

frequently asked Questions

  • Q1: What is a dashcam?

The dashcam is the acronym for camera dashboard. It is an on-board model or video recorder for a car. It records everything that is incident around and in the vehicle. It is a dedicated road safety device in the form of a small housing with a camera lens. It is usually placed on the dashboard or windshield of the car. Recorded films are displayed directly on the dashcam screen or a Smartphone (via Wi-Fi connection).

  • Q2: How to wire a dashcam?

There are three ways to wire a dashcam directly to a car:

To the cigarette lighter socket (12V): this is the standard connection. Simple to carry out, this option is within reach of any handyman but turns out to be unattractive. She takes the holding hostage. To make the wiring, you must connect the power wire to the camera and drag it to the cigarette lighter. Here you can go through the roof, the door, the A-pillar seal and the glove compartment. Otherwise, go around the dashboard until you reach the socket.

To the fuse box: more challenging to perform, this operation requires a minimum of knowledge of the auto electrical circuit. It consists in connecting 3 wires to the vehicle fuses. 2 cords will be dedicated to the power supply (power when the engine is running and parking mode), and 1 wire will be connected to ground.

Via peripheral equipment: the principle here is to use a third-party device connected to the car battery via its fuse box. This is to feed the dashcam. This allows easy wiring and free use of parking mode.

  • Q3: How do I hide the dashcam wires?

Installing a dashcam in a car generally turns the wiring upside down. This often leaves more than one camera wire visible in the passenger compartment of the car. To hide the cables of a conventional connection (with cigarette lighter), we usually use mouldings to protect them.

  • Q4: How to remove the dashcam?

A dashcam is fixed on a support, either with a suction cup or with an adhesive. If it is attached to a windshield via suction cups, it is sufficient to pull it to take it off gently. If it is anchored to it with adhesives, you can remove it in several ways:

- Use a hairdryer: blow at the base of the sticker to soften the glue and continue with a manual peel

- Use dishwashing liquid and a greased cloth: soak the cloth in oil or butter then rub the edges of the dashcam with. Then gently push the device in and out. To decrease the adhesion zone, apply washing-up liquid and rinse.

  • Q5: How does the 2-channel dashcam work?

Most dash cams have a single channel. However, there are exceptions with 2 channels. These models add to the usual camera, a second lens oriented towards the rear or inside of the vehicle. With this dual-channel system, you have more information about what is going on around your car. This is very useful in the event of accidents.

How to set up front and rear dashcam dvr


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