Top 5 Best Desktop Computers For Home Office Of 2021

Whether for home or business use, the desktop computer is still a great tool. It is used as well for office automation as for surfing, playing or creating graphics. Depending on their use, they are more or less powerful. Their price generally changes depending on this configuration.

Among the existing models, HP 24-xa0032 is very practical. It installs and turns on very quickly. As for Apple MMQA2FN / A , it is complete. It integrates all the necessary configuration for different tasks in a compact size.

Desktop computers can be as numerous as there are possible configurations. Faced with this plethora of offers, the choice can be difficult. Brand, size or capacity, the criteria are also varied. So here is a selection of models that can help you decide on the best desktop computer.

1.Hp Pavilion All-in-One Computer Intel Core i5-9400T

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  • Quick setup : Once out of its packaging, this computer is very easy to install. The lack of a central unit is convenient. Plus, software setup is quick.
  • Touchscreen : The touchscreen is very useful on such a device. The responsiveness of this option is also excellent.
  • Good display : The FHD resolution provides more than satisfactory visual effects. The screen is clear and also tiltable.
  • Speakers : The built-in speakers are of high quality. However, their prominent appearance annoys some users.
  • Webcam : The use of the built-in webcam is not practical for some. She also seems fragile.

Combining power and convenience, this HP PC is an all-in-one model. Offering various types of devices, this manufacturer ranks as one, if not the best brand of desktop computers.

Intel Core I5 processor 9 th generation is integrated with it. It is a 6-core CPU with a base frequency of 1.8 GHz. As for the RAM, it is composed of 2 strips of 4 and 8 Gb. This is DDR4 SDRAM. The installed hard drive has a capacity of 512 Gb. It is SSD type so that the data flow is faster.

As for the screen, it is 23.8 ''. It has a Full HD resolution of 1920 x 1080p. This screen is tactile with 10 points of contact. This computer is also equipped with an HP Truevision FHD pop-up webcam. If you want to buy this machine, know that Windows 10 Home is installed there.

2.Apple iMac i5 2.3 GHz 8 GB 1TB

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  • Beautiful design : The style of this desktop computer is in line with its prestige lineage. The material is both elegant and space-saving.
  • Several software provided : No less than 6 softwares are already included with this computer. They are largely sufficient for many uses, both office automation and graphics.
  • Reliable : By looking at any comparison, the reliability of the brand is hardly ever questioned. This iMac can therefore be used by the whole family.
  • Memory : It may happen that the memory is not sufficient. This sometimes slows down the operation of certain machines.

The mythical iMac is still relevant today. However, this Apple computer has undergone great changes since the first model. If you don't know which desktop to choose, this one is a reliable model. It is equipped with a 2.3 GHz Intel Core I5 processor. Efficient, it is also accompanied by a memory of 8 Gb DDR4. Storage is provided by a hard drive with a capacity of 1 TB.

The screen of this computer is 21.5 '' diagonal. The installed graphics card is an Intel Iris Plus Graphics 640. You can thus enjoy your content with good resolution. Moreover, many software for processing images, sound and videos are included in this machine.

In terms of connectors, this iMac contains 2 USB-C Thunderbolt 3 ports. In addition, it is equipped with 4 USB 3 sockets for high data transfer speed. The interface present is MacOs Sierra

Buying Guide - How To Choose A Good Desktop Computer?

Desktops keep a good place in the market despite the rise of laptops and smartphones. Their characteristics are extremely variable. Models differ depending on the main use. This buying guide to the best desktops in Canada gives you some essential pointers to guide you in your choice.

The type

The desktop or PC can take different forms. This applies in particular to the housing of the central unit. To know how to choose the best desktops of 2020, you need to take this aspect into account.

The most common type of PC historically is the tower. This vertical box is very popular because of its versatility. Indeed, it can be used both at home and in your workplace. In addition, the majority of models are configurable at will. Even those assembled in the factory can sometimes be modified. With this type of computer, you can add / replace components to make it more powerful. In the event of a breakdown, it is also easier to access the various elements. This material is generally more accessible in terms of cost. However, it is quite bulky.

One of the variants of the tower is the model for Gamer. Also used by graphic designers, it is the most efficient in terms of processing speed and storage. Such a machine is quite expensive and resource intensive. It also takes up a lot of space due to its case which has more elements.

The alternative in terms of space is the slim desktop computer. This mini-model contains everything you need in a reduced size. Its downside is that it cannot be personalized or very difficult. The ultimate space saver is the all-in-one computer. There, the central unit is directly integrated into the screen.

The configuration

Depending on how you use it, the computer will not have the same configuration. You must take into account the characteristics of the main components.

The processor or CPU is one of the most important elements. It is he who is responsible for interpreting and then executing the various instructions. It therefore makes it possible to perform certain tasks, simple or more complex. The number of cores is decisive for the power of the machine. The more it has, the better it is. A processor can currently be made up of 8 cores. When looking for the best desktop PC on the market, know that Intel and AMD are the major manufacturers of processors.

Random access memory or RAM works in close relation with the processor. It temporarily stores data so that the computer can access it more quickly. A 4 GB memory is perfectly sufficient for office use. Gamers need more power. 6 or 8 GB are suitable values.

The graphics card can display content, including videos, with high quality. The rise of high definition leads computers to be more efficient in terms of visual rendering. The GPU can be integrated with the processor. For more power, it is better to opt for a graphics card with dedicated video memory.

In order to know how to buy a better value desktop computer, one must also consider storage. If you have a lot of data to manage, then obviously you should choose a hard drive with a large capacity. A 1TB model is often sufficient. For faster operation, an SSD hard drive is recommended.

The operating system

It may sound like an incidental, but a computer's operating system is important. One of the most popular is Windows. Its reputation is such that this name has become synonymous with PC in everyday language. The Windows 10 version is currently the most used system. If you can compare the different offers, you will see that this OS is more intuitive. It also has excellent software compatibility.

Apple uses the Mac OS system. This one is renowned for its reliability. On the other hand, its software library is less provided than that of Windows. However, its audio or graphics creation software benefits from excellent notoriety.

These 2 systems are quite easy to use. This is not the case with the Linux system. This one is more aimed at programmers. Google also has its own interface. This is Chrome OS. More recent, it already integrates Google web applications. When you consult a price comparison, then consider the operating system and choose the one that you are comfortable with.

frequently asked Questions

  • Q1: Why is my computer slow?

In general, a computer is slow when it is too full. Over time, programs and files tend to accumulate. Among them, however, there are software that are no longer used, temporary files and other data that take their place. Another reason for a slow machine is file fragmentation.

The third cause can be the antivirus. If there are 2 working at the same time, the computer is lagging. If there are none, the latter runs the risk of being infected with viruses. These also cause the system to slow down. If the software is outdated, the effect will be the same. We must also look at the hardware side to explain the slowness of the PC. RAM may be insufficient.

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