How To Buy The Best Duvet For Allergy Sufferers Of 2021

Whether in summer or winter, a good duvet is essential to make the most of your hours of sleep. However, it's not about choosing the first brand that comes your way. The duvet turns out to be more than just a blanket: it also gives an aesthetic appearance to your bed and your bedroom.

For example, the C&W Goose Down Quilt for Queen Size Bed provides the ideal warmth during cold weather, while having a unique appearance and a comfortable touch feeling. For silk fans, Since Silk mulberry silk duvet will offer you perfect nights thanks to its soft texture and its moisture-wicking capacity.

The 5 Best Duvet For Allergy Sufferers (Reviews & Tests) of 2021

If you are still not sure how to choose the Best Duvet For Allergy Sufferers of 2021 from a price comparison, we have prepared a list for you. We have gathered for you the most beautiful duvets, but also the most comfortable so that you can find your favorite. Whether it's a warm or light model, there is bound to be one that you like.

1. C&W Goose down duvet (queen size)

best duvet cover for down comforter
  • Size : Queen
  • Brand : Egyptian Bedding
  • Color : White
  • Fabric Type : 100% Egyptian Cotton Cover
  • Pattern : Solid
  • The heat : Even with an ambient temperature below 0 ° C, the down contained in the hypoallergenic cotton fabric guarantees comfortable warmth throughout the night.
  • Comfort : The cotton from which the outer fabric of this duvet is made allows you to move freely during the nights.
  • Size : This is a queen size bed comforter, while being easy to adapt to smaller sizes.
  • The heat : This duvet is double-edged, because for hot nights, especially in summer, you will have to find another duvet. Its heat can quickly be uncomfortable.
  • The weight : With a fill of 750g, this blanket weighs 1417.5g, a weight that can be heavy for those who prefer to sleep light.

Combining comfort, size, and design in a single silk duvet is possible. The proof: that of C&W has already won over many souls. How, you ask? Their recipe is simple, but above all effective: use goose down to fill the interior, covering everything with a personalized and hypoallergenic fabric.

This blanket will warm your body on cold nights to give you the most comfortable sleep. Moreover, the fabric, made of 100% cotton, is certified as ecological by international organizations. No risk of allergy, maximum heat during sleep, and a giant size for your bed, isn't that the perfect duvet?

It measures 228.6 x 232.9 cm, delivered in a hermetic protection to avoid any concern with the external environment. For maintenance, it suffices to air it for a long time in the sun to eliminate unpleasant odors. It washes dry after 3 - 5 years of use, but requires the intervention of a connoisseur.

2. Since Silk quilt 100% mulberry silk

best duvet for allergy sufferers
  • Size : Full (80*84inch)
  • Brand : Since Silk
  • Color : White
  • Fabric Type : 100% Silk Filling + 100% Cotton Casing
  • Pattern : Bordered

  • Comfort and lightness : The internal silk texture combined with the external cotton fabric creates a unique combo of comfort and lightness. You will have the impression of being enveloped by a tuft of cloud during your nights.
  • Ease of maintenance : A simple ventilation in the sun allows all the positive properties of this duvet to be released.
  • Adaptability : It has ties at its 4 corners so that it can be stacked with a second in case you need more heat.
  • The filling : Silk does not have a warming property unlike other materials. People who are cautious will disapprove of this duvet.
  • Prone to stains : silk is a material which is very prone to drink stains or even dust.

Unlike our first tips, this one will offer you a light bed duvet in order to keep a pleasant temperature during fall or spring. This model from the best brand of duvets is made entirely of quality silk. Its lightness will give you the feeling of floating in your dreams. Silk is also known for its thermal insulation properties.

It retains the ambient heat of your room to warm you up during the nights. However, its breathability prevents moisture from attaching to the fabric. In this way, your bed as well as your body remain perfectly dry and you will never feel excess heat, even during the summer.

This product is available in multiple sizes, ranging from 66 x 84 inches up to 90 x 108 inches, to meet all needs. It is washed in a dry place, with ventilation in the sun to reveal all the breathability qualities of silk. What are you waiting for to treat yourself to this quality duvet?

3. Balichun Alternative down jacket Quilted duvet

best goose duvet
  • Size : Queen
  • Brand : Balichun
  • Color : Dark Grey
  • Pattern : Solid
  • Hypo-allergenic : For the most sensitive to the nose or the skin, this duvet is made of brushed microfiber and polyester in order to preserve your health as much as possible while remaining comfortable.
  • Weight : Its weight of 300 g / m² allows the duvet to breathe better and to control the heat according to the ambient temperature of the room. It is both soft and light.
  • Ease of maintenance : This duvet goes easily in the washing machine and dries quickly in the open air even at low temperatures.
  • Fragile microfiber : The microfiber tears easily. It is therefore necessary to avoid passing the duvet too frequently with a brush or even with water.
  • Not thick enough : Polyester is not as thick as natural fillings, this duvet is less "cuddly" than a down model.

Carry the comfort and design of luxurious hotel duvets with this beautiful blanket from Balichun. Thanks to its 100% microfiber padding, it has a soft texture that is pleasant to the touch. You will be as comfortable as a fish in water while you sleep, this duvet makes no noise even if you do a lot of movement during the night.

In addition, its size is intended to cover King and Queen size beds. If you don't like the classic white of the duvets, this down jacket also comes in dark gray for added class.

Its filling is made of 100% hypoallergenic polyester, a material much appreciated by the most sensitive to the nose. No more dust mites and allergies, you will find your childhood sleep under this duvet.

In addition, this material allows you to wash the blanket in the washing machine. Finally, its weight of 300 g / m² gives it a multifunction property: heating as desired in winter, and refreshing in summer. This down jacket from Balichun is without a doubt the best performing queen bed duvet on the market.

4. Lucid Down Alternative Duvet

best alternative duvet
  • Size : Twin
  • Brand : LUCID
  • Color : White
  • Fabric Type : Microfiber
  • Pattern : Solid
  • Versatile duvet : Microfiber and hypoallergenic down give the duvet a versatile property. It warms up during the winter and keeps you cool during the summer.
  • Variable size : LUCID loves to satisfy its customers. They created various versions of the same comforter depending on the size of the bed so that it was easy to choose
  • Fragility : Microfiber has amazing properties, but quickly becomes fragile. Frequent use of water should therefore be avoided so that the duvet does not lose its quality.

If you are looking for the cheapest versatile duvet on the market, LUCID offers you its down model that adapts to all seasons. Thanks to its hypoallergenic down filling making 400 g / m², it is able to retain, but also release heat depending on the ambient temperature of the room. So whether you are chilly or prefer to feel light, this blanket from LUCID will suit your tastes.

Thanks to its 35.6 cm topstitched squares, the soft effect will be even better felt. You will have the impression of being buried in a piece of cloud in your dreams thanks to the microfiber of which the fabric is made.

Also, this material will allow you to wash the duvet easily in the washing machine, before drying it at low temperature. Moreover, by exposing it frequently to the air, you will allow it to breathe better so that it brings out its versatile capacities.

5. Utopia Bedding all-season duvet

best cheap duvet insert
  • Size : Queen
  • Brand : Utopia Bedding
  • Color : White
  • Fabric Type : 100% Microfiber
  • Pattern : Checkered
  • Absolute comfort : Thanks to its light weight and soft texture, this duvet offers comfort worthy of a luxury hotel for your long nights sleep.
  • Warming duvet : The silicone fiber offers the possibility of absorbing the ambient heat of the room and then transmitting it to you throughout the night. This duvet defies the most wintery nights.
  • Not versatile : Due to its heating properties, the silicone fiber does not adapt to hot nights, because it cannot get rid of the heat acquired.

Utopia Bedding will transport you to unforgettable dreams with its all-season double duvet. Available in 4 different sizes, it is available in 3 colors as cozy as each other: white, black, and gray.

It is filled with polyester at 250 g / m² basis weight, rendered immobile thanks to elegant finishes on the sides. The duvet is divided into several squares to better appreciate its soft side and for better breathability of the fabric.

Moreover, this same fabric is made of silicone fiber to keep the maximum heat even during the coldest nights. It is brushed to be much more comfortable against the skin, but also to contain your movements.

This fiber also allows machine washing in a delicate cycle, before drying it at a low temperature, and thus release all its properties. Forget your allergies and dive into your deepest dreams with Utopia Bedding.

Buying Guide - How To Choose A Good Quilt?

If you are looking for a buying guide for the Best Duvet For Allergy Sufferers, you have come to the right place. We'll teach you how to combine the right size with the right warmth, while explaining the fillings and weight of quilts. After this guide, you will be able to choose your own comforter without needing any help.

The right size

Size is undoubtedly the most important parameter in knowing how to buy a duvet that is better value for money. The purpose of such equipment being to make your nights more comfortable, it would be a shame if it was too small to completely cover your body and your bed! So, to find the Best Duvet For Allergy Sufferers, you should consider the size of your bedding.

It will be based on this that you choose your coverage. Our advice: opt for a duvet larger than your bed! Usually 30 or 40 cm more will cover the edges. So if you have one that is 140 x 190cm, your ideal duvet will be 180 x 190cm!

Where it gets tricky is when you have to choose a duvet for two. Obviously, the rule of 30-40 cm overflow still applies. However, you must consider your partner in your calculations. Each person has their own sleep habits. Some will sleep like the dead, while others cannot sit still for an hour without changing their position.

So, you should add a few more inches to your choice of base to make the blanket fit for his quirks. Don't forget to consider yours! If you are both the type to move a lot, allow up to 2 feet of overflow to be as comfortable as possible.

The right heat

However, a large duvet even in Canada does not mean that it guarantees sufficient warmth during the winter. The reverse will be even harder to manage: your blanket can quickly become unpleasant on hot summer nights if it has too high a heat index. Yes, the comforters are gauged from that, varying from 1 to 4, with 1 being the coldest and 4 being the warmest. However, the best performing brand can even go up to 6. Suffice it to say, these are duvets intended for the more cautious.

Your choice will be made according to the temperature of your room, but also, and above all, according to your resistance to cold temperatures. If your room is around 18 degrees or even less, prefer warm or very hot blankets (index 3/4) especially if you are chilly. Lightweight duvets will be ideal for homes with heating, or if your bedroom is above 22 degrees Celsius. Finally, if you cannot make up your mind, consider taking “4 seasons” duvets: this is a pack of 2, one warm and one light, intended to serve you all year round.

Grammage and filling

If you want to know which is the Best Duvet For Allergy Sufferers of 2021 on the market, you are guaranteed that this one will be filled with down or silk. The reason is simple: these models offer inimitable sleeping comfort, so soft they are. However, compared to synthetic duvets, they will prove to be much less heavy on the body.

In fact, the weight of natural duvets weighs less than those that are not. There is no specific weight advice we can give you when deciding which quilt to choose, other than "choose your own". Some will appreciate the weight of their blanket overnight, while others prefer to feel free and light.

The filling, on the other hand, must be chosen carefully. Natural duvets are filled with down, silk, wool, or even bamboo. Their prices are generally higher than synthetic duvets, depending on the quality of the filling. Their moisture content and adaptation to your body heat will also impress you, especially for down duvets.

However, beware of allergies and the wrong products. Many counterfeits slip into today's upholstery. Especially since in terms of heat control, synthetic materials have made enormous progress. With the right budget, you can afford a synthetic duvet that performs as well as a filled duvet.

To sum it all up and know where to buy a new duvet, natural models offer more comfort and heat control to suit your needs, but require a larger budget. Synthetic duvets will give more weight to your blanket, but also more warmth for the most cautious people.

There are synthetic blankets available today that can release the futile heat of your duvet to keep you at room temperature overnight.

frequently asked Questions

Q1: Synthetic duvet or down?

It is not often easy to compare these two models in a comparison. Down duvets offer unique comfort, but are only intended for a separate season. Conversely, most synthetic duvets can warm our bodies as much as they keep our nights cool. 

The latter model has the advantage of not containing any material liable to cause allergies due to these polyester microfibers.

Q2: How to wash a down comforter?

Buying a down duvet is like learning how to clean it. This is done in three steps. Start by inserting it into the machine slowly, without forcing it to risk damaging the outer fabric.

Use natural detergents and a short or gentle spin at 40 ° C. After washing, dry it at a temperature below 50 ° C using tennis balls or drying balls to preserve the feather down. You can also air dry it, taking care to pat regularly to remove the water retained inside. There you go, your duvet is like new!

Q3: How to clean a yellowed comforter?

Bed duvets are very prone to different stains, especially when they are inexpensive and lack quality. To remove the dirt, just add either lemon or baking soda to the laundry tub of the washing machine.

You can also use methylene blue by mixing it with white vinegar to bring out the bright look of your white quilt.

Q4: How to put a quilt in a cover?

You will have noticed that after use, the duvets gain volume and become more difficult to fold to be contained in their delivery cover. If not, your quilt is probably of poor quality; we invite you to read our article to find where to buy the Best Duvet For Allergy Sufferers. To store your blanket, use a vacuum bag.

Start by folding it in 4 to obtain the smallest possible square, then store it in the cover intended for this purpose. Then suck in the air and you will see that the cover will magically lose 75% of its size.

Q5: How to inflate a down comforter?

Three solutions are available to you to restore volume to your duvet. The first is to simply extend it in natural light. It will absorb the heat from the sun and become fluffy and puffy later.

The second solution is to run it in a tumble dryer under cold air, or low temperature (60 ° C). Finally, the third is to insert two or three tennis balls in the drum, during its cycle on the dryer.

Q6: How to fit the duvet in its cover?

After being exposed to the open air, a duvet will gain in volume and retain a certain amount of air inside its fabric.

Start by folding your duvet in 4, so as to create a smaller square, and press it in order to bring out the air it contains. If you have a vacuum bag, you can suck in this air using the hose intended for this purpose.

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