How To Buy The Best Electric Coolers For Cars Of 2021?

Going on a road trip, a campsite or just a picnic requires you to bring provisions. In this, the cooler is an ally of choice. However, a classic model is not always optimal for keeping food cool. Electric coolers are a better option. More and more functional and practical, they are becoming essential for any trip.

The Igloo 40369 model is among other things ideal in a truck because of its capacity and its mode of operation. The high capacity of the Coleman PowerChill goes hand in hand with the convenience of the 2 possible positions.

Given the large number of models in existence, knowing how to choose the Best Electric Coolers For Cars of 2021 is not always easy. Some references are presented here to give you an overview of the best in the USA. Choose carefully from these or others that come close.

1. Igloo Thermoelectric Ice Free Cooler

Igloo 28 Quart Iceless Thermoelectric 12 Volt Portable Ice Chest Beverage Cooler
  • Material : Metallic-Fiber
  • Color : Grey
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH : 12.87 x 16.65 x 18.23 inches
  • Item Weight : 4540 Grams
  • Capacity : 26 Liters
  • Convenient feeding : This electric cooler is simply powered by a car cigarette lighter. The cable length is also sufficient, regardless of its location.
  • Variable positioning : This model can be placed horizontally like all the other coolers. It can also be put upright like a fridge.
  • Practical model : The side handles allow this 2-person cooler to be transported. It also has a partition that can be used as a shelf when the equipment is in an upright position.
  • Cooling time : It can take a long time for the temperature inside the container to drop.

This Igloo iceless model is thermoelectric type. Consequently, and you will also see it on a comparison, it can be powered on 12 V. You can thus connect it to the cigarette lighter of your car. With the 2.4 m cable you have great flexibility in terms of location.

To store food and drinks cold, this model has a capacity of 28 Qt. This volume is large enough for many provisions, especially since it does not need ice to keep cold. This Igloo electric cooler is equipped with a brushless motor. This characteristic makes it silent.

Fan-assisted convection cooling effectively distributes cold air. As for thermal insulation, it is provided by polyethylene and polypropylene walls. If you decide to buy this model, you should know that it can be placed vertically like a small refrigerator.

2. Coleman PowerChill Thermoelectric Cooler

Iceless Electric Cooler
  • Material : Plastic
  • Color : Silver
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH : 23.5 x 17 x 15.3 inches
  • Item Weight : 195 Grams
  • Durable : The workmanship of this cooler is solid. It can therefore operate efficiently for many years without any failure. The structure and the electronic system are robust.
  • Good cooling : This electric cooler has good cooling capacity. The temperature inside drops a good level to preserve the food.
  • Big capacity : 40 quarts is a good capacity to carry various snacks, snacks and drinks.
  • Adapter : For some, the 110 V adapter is supplied with the pack while others have not received it.
  • Noisy : The fan sometimes produces a little disturbing noise.

To get the Best Electric Coolers For Cars, you need to make sure you have enough space for your snacks. This PowerChill model is designed by the Coleman company. It has a capacity of 40 quarts, which makes about 37.9 liters. This volume is large enough to accommodate 44 cans. These are cooled to about 20 ° C or 40 ° F relative to the outside temperature.

A table also gives the correspondences between the ambient temperature and that inside the cooler. Thermoelectric type, this model therefore uses an electric current to cool its contents. To power it, you just have to plug it into the cigarette lighter of your car.

This Coleman electric cooler can also be plugged into a 110V outlet with the correct adapter. Following the manufacturer's advice, this model can be positioned horizontally and vertically. A separator is provided.

3. Koolatron P75 Kool Kaddy Electric Cooler

Koolatron P75 12V Kool Kaddy Electric Cooler
  • Color : Gray
  • Finish Type : Glossy
  • Brand : Koolatron
  • Model : Koolatron
  • Economic : The power consumption of this cooler is very low. In addition, this accessory eliminates the need to always stop to stock up on food and cold drinks.
  • Good autonomy : The body of this cooler is perfectly insulating. It keeps a good temperature for a long time even if the device is not plugged in.
  • Versatile:This tool is not just for making cold. It can also be used to reheat dishes. In addition, this cooler can be lying down or standing.
  • Difficult to open : The lid closes too tight and the finger space is too small.

The Koolatron company has a long experience in terms of electric coolers. It is an answer to the question of where to buy the best electric cooler. This P75 Kool Kaddy model has a high resistance to stress.

As the structure does not contain liquid or gas, this tool supports jolts and different configurations. Therefore, you can set it up as a simple cooler or stand it up as a fridge. The included shelf allows you to organize the interior. With this cooler you can transport large format bottles.

Lying or standing, they fit in perfectly. You also have the option of taking with you no less than 57 cans. With no ice pack required, there is more space. The handles of this model are integrated into the structure. This device operates on 12V. It lowers the temperature by 40 ° F compared to the outside environment.

4. AstroAI Portable Electric Car Cooler

AstroAI Electric Cooler
  • Brand : AstroAI
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH : 15.3 x 10.3 x 16.7 inches
  • Capacity : 24 Liters
  • Number of : Shelves1
  • Light switch : An on / off switch equips the power supply of this electric cooler. This is a practical detail. It is no longer necessary to unplug the plug each time.
  • Compact : This model offers enough space inside. However, its configuration is such that it is not too bulky. In addition, this cooler is rather light.
  • Convenient : The removable cover makes it easy to clean the cooler. The self-locking shackle is also convenient. The same goes for ice packs.
  • Fuse : The preinstalled fuse is not very reliable. It is better to replace it with one of greater capacity.

With a good height, this AstroAI electric cooler has several practical aspects besides being inexpensive. The depth of 335 mm allows it to easily accommodate 2 l bottles. The length is 325 mm and the width 224 mm. This volume of 24 l is thus capable of containing 30 cans of 330 ml.

The lid of this cooler is do-it-yourself, but there is nothing complicated. Once in place, it hermetically closes the container. The handle is also designed to seal the cooler when it is folded down. The temperature is thus perfectly maintained and the contents remain in place.

Moreover, in a price comparison, in addition to the cost of this material, you will see that the foam insulation keeps the cold well. In addition, 2 reusable icepacks are delivered with the cooler. They help keep all foods colder for longer.

5. Koolatron D13 Electric Soft Travel Cooler

Koolatron D13 Soft-Sided Electric Travel Cooler
  • Brand : Koolatron
  • Material : Nylon
  • Color : Dark Grey
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH : 10 x 11 x 13.5 inches
  • Item Weight : 5 Pounds
  • Chamber height : 10 Inches
  • Lots of storage : This model, in addition to the refrigerated space, has pockets on the outside. The bin can hold bottles vertically and the pockets can hold several personal items.
  • Convenient : The zip closures facilitate access to the various compartments. As the cooler is not rigid, it can also be easily stored.
  • Preserves freshness : The insulation inside the cooler is effective. In addition, the thermoelectric system optimally lowers the temperature.
  • AC adapter : Sometimes the AC / DC adapter does not work with this model.
  • Structure : Some examples of this cooler are not durable, especially the closures.

Having portable equipment with you for a trip is very convenient. With this in mind, Koolatron D13 defines how to buy a better value electric cooler. This is an electric soft-sided cooler. Indeed, the exterior is made of high resistance nylon.

In addition to its 13 l capacity, this model has 2 side pockets where you can store some personal items. So you have your cold drinks and snacks close at hand, without forgetting your wallet. The cover and pockets all close with zippers. They simplify access.

An adjustable strap allows you to carry this less expensive equipment over the shoulder. This thermoelectric model operates on 12 V. It has a power of 60 W and an intensity of 4.5 A. The cooler can thus lower the temperature between 30 and 40 ° F below the ambient temperature.

Buying Guide - How To Choose A Best Electric Coolers For Cars?

Keeping food, but also and especially drinks cool, requires the use of an electric cooler. With varied volumes and different types of operation, this equipment is available in many models. This buying guide for the Best Electric Coolers For Cars will steer you in your search. Take these criteria into account.

best electric cooler for car travel

The type of material

To know which is the best electric cooler on the market, you must first realize that there are 3 types depending on how they work. Thus, you will find thermoelectric coolers, those with compression and finally those with absorption.

The former are currently the most common. They work according to the Peltier effect. The circulation of an electric current through conductors produces the absorption or release of heat. This principle is used to lower the temperature in the cooler. The advantage of this system is that it can be supplied with 12 V from your vehicle's cigarette lighter. The temperature of the material may decrease by 10 to 30 ° C compared to that of the external environment.

If you are looking for the best performing system, you will surely go for the absorption type. This uses a refrigerant liquid to produce intense cold. The refrigeration power is very important. However, the price of such equipment remains high while the autonomy is limited. Indeed, a mains power supply is necessary.

The 3 e -type cooler is also effective. It works much like a refrigerator. This kind of equipment is able to operate even in high heat. But a compression cooler is more used in the semi-professional or professional field. In addition, its energy consumption is quite high.

The capacity

The volume that this material can contain is a very important criterion. It determines the amount of provisions you can take and therefore how long your outing can last. So, before looking for where to buy a new electric cooler, estimate your needs first. To do this, first count the number of people for whom you store your food. Then, estimate the quantity or better, the volume, of the food which will have to enter the container. Only after that you can choose the suitable size of the equipment for you.

Note that there are models ranging from 10 to over 100 l. A material of less than 20 l will suit you if you are alone or accompanied by a person. Beyond 100 l, it has a more professional use. Its cost will also be much higher.

The standard size thus runs around 40 l. This type of material offers enough space without being too bulky. So the best brand of electric coolers will be one that you can fill well without leaving too much empty space, but also without making too many concessions on takeout.

Remember that this kind of material is made to be transported. The larger it is, the more space it will take up in your car and the heavier it will be. The duration of your trip also counts in determining the size of the model to choose.

Best Electric Coolers For Truckers


Since the cooler is a tool meant to be taken frequently on the go, it should be practical. One of the main criteria for this is the presence of handles. All models have them, but their style varies. The different configurations make the equipment more or less easy to carry. There are handles, integrated handles, swing models and other variations. It is up to you to determine which electric cooler to choose according to your preferences.

Some manufacturers also provide compartments inside the cooler. They allow you to order the different categories of food or objects. You must, however, ensure that these separations do not take up more space than they should. Space for any ice bricks should also be provided even though electric coolers generally do not need it.

The shape of the cooler must also be taken into account in the practical aspect of it. Indeed, this object is often placed in a 4 × 4, a caravan or a truck. You must therefore compare the models and choose the one that will fit in the intended location. You have the choice between a material higher than it wide or one that can stand vertically for example. This type of cooler can then be used as a mini-fridge. There are also models with flexible walls.

Ice Cooler vs Electric Cooler - Which Is Better?

frequently asked Questions

Q1: How does an electric cooler work?

How an electric cooler works depends on its type. There are 3. The first is thermoelectric. It works according to the Peltier effect. The cooler is thus equipped with an element made up of 2 glued metal plates. When an electric current passes between the 2, there is a movement of heat. One of the plates cools while the other heats. This system is used to lower the temperature inside the cooler. The heat is either used to heat the cooler or evacuated. Power is supplied either from a wall outlet or from a car cigarette lighter.

The compression cooler uses refrigerant gas and a motor to reduce heat. In this, this type of cooler is closer to the functioning of a refrigerator. There are pretty much the same components except the cooler is smaller. The gas is compressed through pipelines inside and outside the cooler. The heat is recovered by this gas to be evacuated outside. With this type of material, the cooling power is greater than with a thermoelectric model.

The absorption cooler produces cold from a mixture of ammonia, hydrogen and water. This kind of equipment, although electric, does not require a motor to operate. It is therefore very economical in energy. However, it also has a very high cooling capacity. Thus, a cooler of this type is capable of producing ice cubes where others can only limit their melting.

These different operations all require a power supply. The insulating material of the trunk helps keep the cold inside, just like in a classic cooler.

Q2: How long can I leave an electric cooler plugged in?

There is no fixed value for how long you can keep an electric cooler plugged in. These containers are in fact designed to function continuously. If you keep feeding the cooler, it will still keep food and drink fresh. Therefore, it is possible to leave a cooler plugged in for several days in a row without running any risk. Your provisions will thus be kept longer.

Alternating the connection of the cooler can also be done. In this case, it is powered for a certain period of time and then turned off. It is then turned back on and so on. This system saves electricity. Coolers are also designed to keep the cold inside. If you cool them during the day, for example, they can keep cool all night. On the other hand, foods keep less well with this system. They usually do not last more than 2 days. Traces of deterioration begin to appear.

The term also varies depending on the provisions stored there. Fresh food, for example, spoils faster than canned food. The connection time also depends on the insulation quality of the cooler. If the latter contains blocks of ice, the power supply may also be reduced.

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