The 10 Best Electronic Dart Board – Reviews & Buying Guide

Although the origins of the game of darts date back to the 15th century, this activity is still practiced today. Over the centuries, it has evolved taking advantage of technological inventions. It is mainly practiced in English pubs but has spread throughout the world.

Today, dart games face global professional competition. And manufacturers have also developed electronic models to calculate points automatically. To help you make the right decision, here is a guide to buying the best electronic dart board games on the market!

Home electronic targets have become the latest novelty for lovers of this game. These models designed for home use include an electronic system that allows you to enjoy the same sensations and the same games that we can find in models with coins. Advanced technology products that also have quality design typical of the most traditional.

This is what happens with the Bullshooter Cricket Maxx 1.0 target, which offers 13.5” Target Area 34 Games with 183 Variations modes and a design that is easy to mount on any wall, accompanied by all the accessories necessary for the game. Similar design to the Fat Cat 727 Electronic Dartboard model, something simpler in terms of its approach, but it also offers a wide variety of accessories and game modes, so that the fun does not stop, with easy wall installation.

The 6 Best ​ELECTRONIC DART BOARD - 2020 Reviews

If you like to play darts but don't feel like going to the bustling bars or waiting your turn to play, you can buy your own target to play at home, invite some friends and have fun comfortably. That is why below we show you the recommendations of our clients to help you in your search for the best electronic target so that you can make an intelligent investment.

Bullshooter Cricket Maxx 1.0 Electronic Dartboard Cabinet
  • Nice wooden cabinet with electronic display and dart holders.
  • 34 games and 183 level variations available.
  • Two sets of soft tipped darts.
  • Some users may want to play with hard tipped darts.
  • May not like that the board is not of regulation size.
Main Features Explained
Target Characteristics

To offer you a good gaming experience, this electronic target has a design and usual measurements within what we find in the sector.

Specifically, the model has measures of 67.5 centimeters high by 46.5 centimeters wide and around 6.4 centimeters thick. A measure that makes it easier to place the product anywhere without complications.

As for the impact area itself, it has measures adjusted to the playing distance, so it is somewhat smaller than that of the pub models, but it does not make it difficult to hit either. In fact, the tape is included to fix the area of the floor from where it can be pulled, to facilitate its use.

Games included

The Bullshooter Cricket Maxx 1.0 Electronic target offers us a wide variety of games and modalities so you don't miss a thing. In total, we have 28 different games at our disposal among which we find the Cricket, the 301, the 501 or the 810 among others.

With the different modalities added, in total, we find up to 167 different game modes, which we can easily select using the included keypad.

A keypad that is also accompanied by two LCD panels on which to view the game data. These data change according to the game, with a point marker, as well as the elements of control of successes of cricket, among others.

Accessories included

Another advantage offered by this target is the wide variety of accessories included with the product. Among these accessories we have the adhesive tape for the shooting line that we have already discussed, also including the necessary power adapter so that the product connects to the network without complications.

On the other hand, we also find a wide range of points and darts, so that everyone has their complete set. Specifically, we have 12 complete darts, both with their feathers and their centers or barrels, being easy to fix. The same applies to the hundred tips included, which are also included in the game, making it easy to change them when necessary.

Main advantage:

This product has a wide variety of games, offering a total of up to 28 different games with a total of 167 different game modes, which helps give you more possibilities for fun.

Main disadvantage:

The model For accompanied by instructions in English, although since it is a simple product and follows the line of other electronic targets on the market, the process of learning to use it is not complicated.

Verdict: 9.8 / 10

A very complete electronic bullseye, which includes a large number of darts and points, as well as numerous game options, so you do not have problems finding your favorite dart game.

Fat Cat 727 Electronic Dartboard
  • Accessories: Includes various accessories that are of great help for a better gaming experience, such as the 20 points that you can place on the six darts that are included in the purchase.
  • Memory: It has the function of memorizing and storing game data, optimizing the entire registration process to later determine who is the winner of a game.
  • Capacity: It has the capacity to incorporate eight people in a game, which is a sufficient number so that nobody is left without playing.
  • Lightweight: With its weight of 1.96 kg the board becomes one of the lightest so that its placement on any surface will be simple to complete.
  • Language: Being fully configured in English, some users may have problems using it correctly, so it is recommended to have knowledge of the language.

With this electronic target games of up to eight players can be organized at the same time, making it ideal for playing in a group of friends or family, without any member being left out.

Among its intelligent functions is the storage of game data, which is very useful to remove the obligation to keep a manual record of the scores and performance of each participant.

Similarly, it has the function of automatic disconnection without loss of data. It offers five levels of difficulty so you can see your evolution and test your performance.

In addition, so that the game days never end using this target, six darts and 20 tips are included among its accessories, so that you can easily replace them as they deteriorate. The data of each shot can be viewed on its LED screen in a simple way, and it weighs just 1.7 pounds, allowing the board to be hung without major complications.

If you want to have a higher level of certainty when deciding which model to buy, it is important that you know the pros and cons of this model so that you can evaluate it in more detail.

Fat Cat Mercury Electronic Dartboard
  • Capable of being played by eight players at once.
  • Six darts and six spare tips come with the unit.
  • LCD display.
  • Lots of buttons may take some getting used to

Main Features Explained


If you usually hold meetings at home to share with family and friends, it is important that you have games that guarantee everyone fun times while they are together. Electric targets are a good option for everyone to enjoy and among the many models, one that you can consider is the FAT CAT Dartmaster 180.

These FAT CAT brand targets have a total of 27 games and 150 variations of them, so you can select different games to compete in each meeting or simply vary between them in order for all players to have fun while sharing one pleasant experience.

Among its many options, this target offers some of the most popular games, such as Shanghai, Count Down 301 and Cricket.


The whole family and also your group of friends can have fun with this target, with which up to 8 people can play at the same time. This wide capacity will allow you to organize small tournaments in which you will measure the aim and launching capacity of your loved ones and thus enjoy more while you share with them.

You will be able to decide if the home tournaments that you carry out will be made by a group of players or if they will be one against all where each one will demonstrate the abilities that they have. The LED counter will indicate the points of the players.

Includes a total of 12 darts, which you can customize with the flags and checkered designs that come with the kit. The darts have tails of 4 × 3 each and 12 spare tips.


Another of the qualities that make these electronic targets attractive to users is their design. And it is that in addition to having a striking board where you can launch, this model has wooden doors, which will allow you to store it more easily and keep the game protected from dust and other things that or may deteriorate.

Inside the doors, there is a support where you can put the darts; Also, these are soft to avoid any kind of inconvenience from occurring while you are using them indoors.

It has nine functions that will allow you to manage the game in a simple way. And, in addition, they offer five levels of difficulty to add more emotion to the game; You can also control the audio as you like.

Main advantage:

The fun will be what you will have when using these electronic targets to share and spend pleasant moments with your family and friends since they have a total of 27 games and have more than 150 variants and every time you want you can change the dynamics to enjoy plus the different games.

Main disadvantage:

Users point out that the instruction manual of this game is not included in other languages but is offered in English, so if you do not use this language, the installation and configuration of the equipment may be a bit complicated. However, once you have programmed it you will be able to enjoy the different advantages it offers you.

Verdict: 9.9 / 10

Up to 8 people can use this equipment at the same time and decide which of the 27 available games to have fun while sharing; They will have 12 darts at their disposal and the possibility of increasing the difficulty to five different levels. It is for these reasons that users consider it one of the best gadgets.

WIN.MAX Electronic Soft Tip Dartboard Set with Cabinet, 12 Darts LED Display
  • Players: This electronic target has a design that allows the participation of up to 16 players, which will be recommended for large family gatherings.
  • Games: For you to enjoy a healthy and fun way, 38 games are included with their respective variants that will bring joy and entertainment to everyone.
  • Darts: It has darts made of very good quality materials and 100 spare soft tips, which will extend the life of this game.
  • Dimensions: It reaches a weight of 4.4 Kg and its dimensions are 65 X 7 X 51.5, which will allow you to install it comfortably in the fun area of your home.
  • Noise: One of its users points out that it is not possible to play at night because the darts make a lot of noise when they hit the target.

Designed for 16 players, the WIN.MAX Electronic Soft Tip Dartboard target has 38 variant games for you to spend hours of fun playing darts with your friends.

Among the most popular games, you can enjoy with this target are Master Out, Single Out, 501, 301 or Cricket. Ideal for amateurs and professionals, the darts feature a smooth barrel design for good grip, reeds, and feathers with 100 replacement soft tips.

Made in a resistant plastic, this WIN.MAX Electronic Soft Tip Dartboard device is considered by our users as the best electronic target for value for money, as it is one of the cheapest and best quality currently available.

This is the ideal gift for your child or any of your friends, even to give yourself a gift and give yourself hours of fun alone or with the company. The WIN.MAX Electronic Soft Tip Dartboard target weighs 4.4kg and measures 65 x 7 x 51.5cm and will look perfect in your bachelor apartment.

For fun at home with family and friends, electronic targets are a great game. However, you can find good benefits for a good price. Here we present the pros and cons of one of the cheapest electronic targets.

Gran Board 2 Bluetooth Electronic Dartboard
  • Games: This target has 18 games with 159 variations and allows the participation of up to 8 players, even at a professional level.
  • Darts: Includes 6 darts made with plastic tips. 6 replacement tips are added which will be useful in the event of a failure of the original darts.
  • Screen: It has an LED screen, which clearly shows the scores and summation of each of the participants.
  • Batteries: It works with 3 AA batteries, which help it to output results by speaker, as well as the setting with sounds in English.
  • Darts: Customers have reported that the quality of the darts included is not that high. nor do they offer great strength or durability.

Finally, in our list of recommendations, we present you the Gran Board 2 Bluetooth Electronic Dartboard, for those who have passed the amateur level and see darts as a professional sport, rather than spending leisure time with friends.

This digital target has 18 sets and 159 variants, in addition to 6 plastic tip darts with the respective 6 replacement tips. Users recommend it for being very easy to use, install and play, suitable for up to 8 players, and the scores and results are automatically displayed on the LED screen.

Includes speaker results and English sound effects for an interactive gaming experience. The best thing about Diana is that it uses three 1.5V AA batteries, so you do not need electricity to use it, ideal for those nights without electricity when you are bored.

We know that your budget is already defined and you already have very clear how much you are going to spend on this game. Therefore, we want to invite you to read the positive and negative aspects of the best electronic target for 367 USD.

Fat Cat Mercury Electronic Dartboard
  • Players: This model has been designed for up to eight players to participate individually or in groups.
  • Games and variants: To guarantee everyone's fun at home, it offers the possibility of 27 different games, plus 150 variants.
  • Virtual rival: You have the option of a virtual rival with 5 levels of difficulty, so you can have fun on those days when you don't have more company.
  • Installation: For installation, it includes the respective plugs and screws that will help the target to be well attached to the wall.
  • Dimensions: Its dimensions are 49 x 57 X 6 cm when closed and 98.5 X 57 X 6cm when you have it fully open to play or decorate.
  • Instructions: The manual is available in other languages, although if you know languages such as English, you can then answer any questions that may arise.

If you want maximum fun in the comfort of your home, our customers recommend the best electronic target, the Fat Cat Mercury Electronic Dartboard 180, with which up to eight people can play in teams or play all against all the 27 different games it includes, plus the 150 available variants while the game computer counts the total points.

You can have a good time playing Cricket, Count Down 301 or Shanghai to make your evenings with friends a fun experience because it is very easy to handle. This smart target is also good for playing alone because it has a virtual rival mode with a difficulty of 5 levels.

This board will look great in your house, when it is closed it measures 49 x 57 x 6 cm and open 98.5 x 57 x 6 cm, and it reaches 4.4 kg of weight, which is why it includes screws and dowels for its secure fixing in Wall.

For fun and entertainment at home, dart games are ideal. In this sense, we will help you choose a quality product and we will mention the positive and negative aspects of the best electronic target of the moment.

Buying Guide - What is the Best Electronic Dart Board on the market?

In bars and nightclubs, one of the most popular entertainments is the game of darts. If you are one of those who enjoy those moments with your friends but you want to do it in a more intimate place, then you must acquire a dart board for your house and turn your space into a fun bar to hang out with friends, family and even only in the privacy of your home.

In the market there are many options of these electronic devices that count the scores on their screens and in this guide to buy the best electronic target we show you the key aspects that you should consider when choosing your new toy and make a smart investment but, above everything, good and cheap with guaranteed fun.


When making a comparison of electronic targets, one of the first aspects that you should review is the number of games available, that is, the modalities it has. In the market there are models that have up to more than 40 games with 300 variants, others with an average of 20 games and 150 variants. Anyway, you will choose this according to your knowledge, if you are an amateur, professional or you are just getting into the game of darts, but you have no idea how to play it.

Among the most popular games that the target you need to include are: Cricket, Master Out, Shanghai, Single Out, 501, Count Down 301 and others. Classics that should not be missing in any product you evaluate.

Players and accessories

One of the attractions of the targets is the number of players that can participate in this activity. You can find devices with a capacity of 8 to 16 players dividing them into teams or in an all against all, but at the same time, they allow you to play alone offering you levels of difficulty and working as a virtual rival to make you more entertaining and perfect. your technique to surprise your opponents for real.

The number of darts included will depend on the number of players the board allows, however, this number is usually not less than 6 units that must be made of excellent quality materials, but with a soft tip that does not damage the board or the wall. Also, you should include several replacement tips because they tend to deteriorate over time. There are models that include a sticker that you can place at the distance you want to mark the shooting line.

Display and indicators

Before looking at how much the electronic bullseye you like costs, you should verify that it has a good-sized screen where scores can be easily read to know who is winning from a distance. In the same way, you will find models that have LED indicators and sound that says the scores per speaker, that you can deactivate or whose volume you can adjust to your liking and the occasion.

Generally, the handling of these electronic targets is usually simple and intuitive using buttons on a front or side panel. It is recommended to thoroughly review the instruction manual so that you can properly configure your electronic target and start playing and having fun alone or with your friends.

Battery or plugged in

These are one of the questions you should answer when starting your search for electronic targets. There are wireless models available on the market that use AA batteries and a compact size so you can take them with you to your friends' house, to a camping night and wherever you want without worrying about electricity. Other models, meanwhile, operate on electrical current, so they include the power adapter and require locating them near a plugin order to use them.

If you choose one of the batteries and get excited playing, it is advisable to always carry a few spare batteries or at least use rechargeable batteries so that you save some money in the medium and long term.


Depending on the space and type of player you are targeting, you can choose from a varied range of models and sizes available on the market. There are simple ones, others with doors so that you can close it when no one is playing, some made of metal with plastic, others made entirely of plastic and with very classic colors depending on whether it is an American or professional hoop. This aspect will depend on your taste and, definitely, on your budget, since the bigger, more striking and multifunctional they are, the more expensive they are.

What you should review is that they are made of good quality, robust but lightweight materials, and review the ratings of other users to learn about their experiences with the target you chose. With all this information you are in a better position to determine what is the best electronic target on the market for you.


A bullseye is one of the most fun games out there, and its goal is to throw darts, trying to precisely hit the center part of the bullseye panel. Next, we will give you some details of how you can use a target and have a pleasant experience in this game.

Prepare the wall

If you are a novice in this game, it is recommended that on the wall you choose to place the bullseye board, adhere a sheet of cork 2 meters wide x 2 meters long, and in the middle point of the sheet, you can place the target, which should be at a height from the ground up of approximately 167 centimeters.

This sheet will prevent damage to the wall with the wrong throws that rookies generally do. Now, measure the distance between the midpoint of the target and the waistband offered by the board on the back to hang it on a nail. That will be the distance you will determine from the bottom up from the midpoint of your cork sheet to select the place where the target will finally rest.

Know the board

All the boards are numbered around their circumference from 1 to 20, and on the inside, it is subdivided into sectors that are colored in red and green. If the dart falls in these areas, its score will correspond to triple the value of the number reflected in the outer ring.

In the middle, there are two circles, an inner one in red, which is called a double target, and the outer circumference is green, called a single target. If the dart falls on this green outer part, the player will receive a score of 25 points.

But if the dart falls on the red circle the score will be 50 points. In the rest of the subsectors with black and white colors, they give you the value of the number that is reflected in the first circumference.

Throw the darts

First of all, you must be located at a distance of approximately 2 meters in front of the board. Next, you must stand facing the board in an upright manner, place your foot on the side of the hand with which you are going to launch the darts and the other foot must be placed three short steps back.

Now, flex both legs so that you feel comfortable to gain momentum and launch. Take the dart with your thumb in the middle of the lead cylinder that makes up the dart and the rest of the fingers in contrast so that you firmly grasp the dart, the palm of the hand must be facing the board with your hand slightly back. Bring your hand back in that position, with your arm flexed.

Aim to the center

Aim the point of the dart at the point where you want to direct it, and balancing your body and arm take the momentum from behind and throw the dart towards the destination you chose on the board. If the launch was successful you should be with the arm fully stretched forward with your fingers pointing at the board.

Final Word

We hope that our knowledge and expertise will help you find the Best Electronic Dart Board.If you are still unsure of anything or you are interested in soaking up some more information on the subject of the Best Electronic Dart Board, please do comment below and we will use our combined experience of 5 years of using Electronic Dart Board, to help you make the right decision.🎯


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