The Best Flat Iron For Short Hair – Reviews & Buying Guide

After several hours of research and the comparison of around thirty models currently popular on the market, we have selected the 4 Best Flat Iron For Short Hair, among which our preference goes without question to HSI Professional Glider.

Classic ceramic iron with ionic technology, it is suitable for almost all hair types and is effective, practical and handy. And for the followers of change, it also allows you to achieve attractive undulations in two stages, three movements.


Picture Name RatingPriceReviews
HSI Professional GliderSee on amazonSee on amazonSee on amazon
Bed Head A-Wave-We-GoSee on amazonSee on amazonSee on amazon
Revlon 3 Barrel Jumbo Ceramic Hair WaverSee on amazonSee on amazonSee on amazon
Conair Instant Heat Curling IronSee on amazonSee on amazonSee on amazon
Remington CI9538 ProSee on amazonSee on amazonSee on amazon
Conair Instant Heat Curling IronSee on amazonSee on amazonSee on amazon
KIPOZI Professional Titanium Flat IronSee on amazonSee on amazonSee on amazon
NITION Professional Salon HairSee on amazonSee on amazonSee on amazon
INFINITIPRO BY CONAIR Curl SecretSee on amazonSee on amazonSee on amazon
KIPOZI Flat Iron 1See on amazonSee on amazonSee on amazon

How did we choose?

If you appreciate the freedom to be able to change your hairstyle easily as you wish, a straightener – just like a curling iron – will be a major ally in your beauty routine! But you still have to find the ideal tool that will allow you to tame your mane as well as possible.

As Sophia says so well (from the Hairdressing Blog ), the basis for a good choice of straighteners is not (necessarily) the price. Rather ask yourself about the use you want to make of your device and take into account your hair type.

First of all, you should know that there are different types of straighteners, which initially differ in their materials:

  • Ceramic straighteners: these models are the first straightening irons to have appeared on the market. With fast and stable heating, they are an ideal choice because they ensure a uniform distribution of heat. This is the kind of model that we favored in our comparison.
  • Tourmaline straighteners: the splinters of precious stone scattered on the ceramic plates allow the heat to distribute itself evenly on the plates, making them more capable of maintaining the hydration necessary for the hair. These devices are effective, even at low temperatures, but are less common on the market.
  • Titanium straighteners: more recently arrived on the market, these are the safest metal plates: they distribute heat very well without burning your hair. On the other hand, certain types of hair do not support metal, so make sure beforehand that this is not your case.

Then, not all of them have the same functionality:

  • Temperature: many of you are looking for straightening irons that can be set at very high temperatures. However, the most important thing is not to reach records, but that the temperature is adjustable to be adapted to the nature of your hair: the high temperature for frizzy hair and lower temperature for fine hair. A straightener ranging from 140 ° to 210 ° is ideal because beyond, it will damage your hair too much. A heating time fast will also be a valuable time saver!
  • Technologies: enriched with keratin or with ionic properties, most models offer various technologies intended to protect your hair. The very famous steam straightener will protect your hair by moistening it during the passage of the plates.
  • Getting started: for easy use, the devices must be ergonomic. Light models with a fairly long power cable length are preferred. Some wireless hair straighteners are available on the market, but more often than not these are assistive devices of lower quality.
  • Little extras: If possible, choose an iron with temperature lock: thus, you do not risk to modify it by mistake when styling your hair. Most models now have an automatic shutdown function after 30 to 60 minutes, very practical for distracting them! Of accessories such as a storage pocket, glove or a protective cap are always pleasant to find in your package.

It is therefore with this information in mind that we began our research, following which we compared the preselected models corresponding to our criteria with numerous consumer returns.

Here are the 4 straighteners most likely to seduce you, whether for frequent or more occasional use.

The best cheap straighteners

At the entry-level, you will already find good quality straighteners, which do not damage the hair and are often particularly indicated if you do not straighten them every day or if you start using these devices.

Far from being of lower quality, the model that we have included is currently offered at a very attractive price on the market.

Remington S8598 Smartpro Straightener: The Best Cheap

Remington S8598 Smartpro Straightener


  • Sensors with automatic temperature adjustment
  • Ceramic plates infused with keratin
  • Automatic lock and stop functions
  • 5 temperature choices


  • Risk of trapping hair in the joint
  • Quite heavy

This straightener is a great Remington product that offers some interesting features compared to other models, for an affordable price.

Starting with the plates which are covered with ceramic, a suitable material to protect the hair during straightening, and which ensures a uniform distribution of heat. These plates are enriched with keratin (hence the name of the straightener) and almond oil to make your hair soft, healthy and bright from the first use.

If a miraculous treatment is not to be expected, the users still observe a very satisfactory result: the hair remains supple and shiny and does not suffer from dryness (often caused by devices diffusing heat).

Good size, the plates are practical, even for long hair. And since they are flexible, they do not exert excessive pressure on the hair fiber. Some users, however, mention that the hair is likely to remain trapped in the joint of the straightener.

The temperature of the Keratin Protect can be adjusted manually with five choices of levels from 160 ° C to 230 ° C. The heating time is very fast since it reaches the desired temperature in just 15 seconds.

Its big advantage is that it is equipped with sensors which detect the degree of humidity contained in your hair (and this 8 times per second) to then automatically adjust the temperature to its lowest degree, for protection of optimal hair.

This straightener makes your styling easy thanks to a digital temperature display coupled with a very secure lock. The straightener automatically turns off if it is not used after 60 minutes.

If a long rotating cable of 3 meters makes the handling easy, its weight is a little very high does not quite provide optimal comfort. The straightener is supplied with a practical heat resistant storage pouch.

Finally, this straightener offered at a reasonable price has all of a great. We recommend it for its very fast heating time, its efficiency and its pleasant handling. For an even lower investment, you can opt for the original version, very similar except for its 9 temperature levels and the absence of humidity sensors.

The best mid-range straighteners

In this price range, you will need to find more sophisticated devices, offering better technology or additional options.

We have included a versatile model that can straighten or curl your hair.

Remington S9500PP: the best cheap

Remington S9500PP Pearl Pro Ceramic Flat Iron, 1-inch, Black


  • Temperature setting
  • Ionic technology
  • 2-in-1 straightener / curler
  • Supplied with many accessories


  • Relatively limited lifespan

Madame Paris brings together a team of four beauty and fashion professionals and offers a diverse selection of quality hair appliances, including curling irons, straightening irons, straightening brushes, etc.

The Nina straightener is one of their bestsellers, which seduces and is particularly appreciated for its versatility. Indeed, its rounded shape also offers you the possibility of waving your hair in two steps three movements!

In addition, it is suitable for all types of hair, even the thickest. Slightly wider plates would nevertheless be a little more practical for long hair: you can then go to the Ella model offered by the brand, which benefits from this advantage.

Other users with finer hair observe that the device tends to make them electric, which is surprising given its ceramic plates with ion technology, specially designed for efficient straightening without the formation of static electricity. Note that the use of protective gloves can sometimes create this kind of problem.

The temperature is adjustable from 130 to 230 ° C, and the straightener is able to heat up in less than 25 seconds thanks to its infrared technology. The LCD screen and the rotating cord facilitate its use, while the automatic shutdown after 60 minutes makes it reassuring. Light and compact, it is also easy to handle.

Delivered in a pretty box, it is accompanied by many accessories including rubber bands, comb, pocket mirror, anti-burn glove, pliers, storage cover and silicone tip to safely close and store your straightener.

Suddenly, it is all the more unfortunate to note that some user comments suggest a fairly limited lifespan.

In the end, it is still an efficient, practical and handy device, which appeals to many users with its 2-in-1 function allowing you to straighten or wave your hair in turn. In addition, it is suitable for a very wide type of manes!

The best high-end straighteners

Beyond a certain budget, the straighteners are rich in functionality and are closer to the devices used by hair professionals.

If you frequently straighten your hair, opting for a high-end model may prove to be a wise choice!

Steampod 2.0 Straightener Pack Thick Hair: the best high-end

Steampod 2.0 Straightener Pack Thick Hair


  • Steam technology
  • Suitable for all hair
  • Floating ceramic plates
  • Efficient and lasting smoothing


  • Heavy and bulky
  • High price

Steam hair straighteners are not new on the market, but the L’Oréal Professionnel Steampod, in particular, is the darling of many beauty reference sites as well as many users.

The strength of this device is that it is, as the name suggests, a steam straightener. This allows hair to retain its natural levels of hydration, thereby minimizing heat damage to the hair fibers.

In practice, you will have to fill a mini-tank attached to the straightener with water. The water then produces steam through the ceramic plates. According to L’Oréal, it is a method that smoothes faster and makes your hair softer and more flexible than with a conventional straightener.

On the other hand, the presence of a tank makes the use of the device a little more restrictive. Heavy and bulky, it loses maneuverability and is not intended to be taken with you during trips or other trips. The thick cord and ineffective suction cups are also not the most practical.

The brand seems to have remedied this inconvenience with the new version 3.0, which is equipped with a water tank integrated with the handle. The straightener is lighter and offers a better grip. In addition, it is multifunctional and will allow you to smooth or wavy your hair. On the other hand, its price is logically higher, and it does not yet benefit from many consumer returns.

The 2.0 still allows you nice modularity, since it has 5 temperature settings, varying from 140 to 210 ° C. The floating plates allow better adjustability, for an optimal rendering which can last up to several days on some users!

If it does not have an LCD screen, it is still equipped with an indicator light that displays the temperature of the device. It also has an automatic safety stop.

Although offered at a higher price, the SteamPod offers a steam smoothing of undeniable quality. It is certainly a little difficult to take in hand, but you will obtain a lasting, healthy and fast smoothing.

GHD Classic Flat Iron Styler: the high-end alternative

ghd Classic Flat Iron Styler


  • Floating ceramic plates
  • Automatic standby after 30 minutes
  • Modern and elegant design
  • Multifunction


  • High price

If you surf a little on beauty blogs, you have certainly heard of the brand GHD, which we talked about in our reviews of the best curling irons and the best hair dryers. This English brand created in 2001 is now recognized, used and recommended by hairdressers.

Combining performance, innovation, and design, the GHD Gold straightener is one of the brand’s classics. Here, we are clearly dealing with a professional quality device.

Standard size (2.5 cm wide), it’s smooth and profiled ceramic floating plates offer a brilliant smoothing, without the frizz. For thick hair, know that there is a Max version, equipped with larger plates.

With an improved and ultra-fast heating time of 25 seconds, this straightener is one of the only straighteners on the market that does not offer temperature adjustment. Indeed, the GHD Gold has a dual-zone technology, which regulates the straightener at an optimal temperature of 185 ° C. Beyond that, the brand believes that heat damages your hair.

In addition, its rounded design allows, like the straightener from Madame Paris, to quickly and easily create divine curls or waves.

Its universal voltage will be appreciated by globetrotters. And with a protective tip, it will quickly be safely stored. Note also that an automatic standby mode turns off the device after 30 minutes, and that a 2.7 m cord makes it very easy to use.

In the end, here we are with a straightener, quite simple, but of superior quality. Not offering a thousand and one options or flourishes, the GHD is recommended for its performance and efficiency. Although a little expensive, it seems, from the many praises made for it, worth it!

Honorable mentions

HSI Professional Glider: this model is an excellent alternative to the SteamPod (especially its latest version 3.0), at a lower price. Here, the tank is directly included in the body of the straightener. But suddenly, autonomy is a bit low (it must be recharged often) and you must be careful when filling!

Philipps HBH878: issu d’une marque dont la réputation n’est plus à faire, ce lisseur est doté d’un technologie de maintien de l’hydratation des cheveux grâce à ses capteurs capables d’adapter la température. Ses plaques flottantes en céramiques et ses trois niveaux de température ajustables en font un bon allié pour tous les types de cheveux, des plus fins aux plus épais.

KIPOZI Professional Flat Iron: created by the founder of GHD, this brand offers a straightener adjustable from 100 to 200 ° C depending on your hair type. MiCOM technology ensures that the temperature is adjusted to your needs, and the floating ceramic plates ensure a healthy and effective hairstyle. Several users, however, mention having a clear preference for the range offered by GHD, especially since the lifespan of certain devices seems quite limited.

GHD Platinum+: this is the high-end straightener from GHD. Ideal for sensitized hair, it incorporates an ultra-zone predictive technology that predicts the needs of your hair and adjusts its power accordingly. It promises a breakage reduced by 70%, a color twice as preserved and 20% more shine. However, you will have to be ready to pay a tidy sum to get this little gem.

In conclusion, which straightener to choose?

If you are looking for an efficient device to use frequently and at a price that remains affordable, the Remington S8598 Smartpro Straightener is ideal. It is fitted with ceramic plates with ion technology, a wide choice of temperature settings and an automatic stop function. Easy to handle and suitable for all types of hair, it comes with many practical accessories.

For less regular use, we recommend the Remington S8540 Keratin Protect Straightener which, too, promises to take care of your hair, thanks to a technology that preserves its hydration. With an easy temperature adjustment, a good grip and more than correct efficiency, it will be an excellent choice.

For a higher price, the essential HSI Professional Glider is a particularly attractive option if you are a fan of almost daily smoothing. Smoothing efficiently but gently thanks to the steam, it offers a lasting and healthy result. Your hair will be supple and smooth! Its use is however less intuitive.

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