The 10 Best Inexpensive Rice Cooker Of 2020 – Reviews & Buying Guide

Busy people who want to cook a good meal with a minimum of preparation have the best inexpensive rice cooker at their disposal. This appliance is very practical not only for rice but also for vegetables and other dishes. There are different capacities and with more or fewer functions. Among them is the Tiger Corporation JBV-A10U Micom. It has 4 cooking programs, and it cooks the rice excellently. The Cuisinart CRC Cuisinart 4-Cup has an original design and is very efficient.

🍚The 5 best inexpensive rice cooker (Reviews & Tests) of 2020

Several manufacturers of household appliances offer rice cookers among their products. There is something for all tastes and all budgets. So that you can find your way around, here are a few that stand out. They will help you see, which is the best inexpensive rice cooker on the market.

best mini rice cooker
  • Varied programs: With its 4 automated menus, this rice cooker allows you to cook a wide variety of dishes.
  • Reliable: The brand is recognized in the field of household appliances. This device is solid and efficient. It is worth the price at which it is offered.
  • Convenient: Each function of this cooker is directly accessible with its dedicated button. Also, the possibility of preparing 2 dishes at a time is a definite advantage.
  • No sound indicator: This appliance does not indicate when the cooking is finished.
  • Cooking al dente: According to some users, the rice is still a little hard at the end of cooking.

Cooking becomes child's play with this Tiger rice cooker. It includes 4 programs to prepare a wide variety of dishes. So, for a light, perfectly cooked plain rice, just press the "Plain" button.

The non-stick coating of the tank allows to take off until the last grain. This device is also designed to make brown rice. If you know where to buy the best inexpensive rice cooker, you will surely find this model.

One of its unique features is that it can prepare 2 dishes at a time thanks to the "synchro-cooking" function. The device adapts so that the rice in the tank and puts it in the special container are ready at the same time.

This plastic dish is guaranteed BPA free. Slow or steam cooking completes the picture. Keeping warm is automatic on this model.

best budget rice cooker
  • Design: The cubic look with the brushed steel makes this rice cooker a very elegant appliance. It can decorate a kitchen when not in use.
  • Convenient: This cooker is equipped with thermally insulated handles. Also, the power cord is retractable. An additional advantage is a possibility of cooking only a small amount of rice to avoid waste.
  • Easy to maintain: Each removable element of this appliance can be put in the dishwasher. Even without it, all parts are easy to clean.
  • Lid: On some devices, the cover is not airtight. It slides a little, causing the water to overflow.

Not all rice cookers are circular. This Cuisinart model is an example of a cube-shaped device. This design is original and modern.

The stainless steel shell with a brushed finish adds elegance. It is recommended to opt for this model before deciding where to buy a new rice cooker.

This has cooking and keeps warm functions. The latter switches on automatically when the rice is cooked. Indicator light indicates each operation in progress.

In order to preserve the nutrients present in food, steaming is recommended. For this, a stainless steel steam basket is supplied with the appliance.

The edges of the cover are in this same metal while the body is in tempered glass. The inside of the tank has a non-stick coating. A measuring cup and a rice spoon are delivered with the cooker.

best rice cooker for sushi
  • Convenient: The different programs are practical for cooking several dishes. Delayed departure is a definite asset, especially for those who like to plan their day.
  • Effective: This appliance perfectly cooks rice and cereals. As long as the correct function is selected, the machine does the rest. Each parameter is automatically adjusted for optimal cooking.
  • Value for money: The brand offers a rice cooker with all the useful functions at an unbeatable cost.
  • Orders: Handling different features can be complicated for some people. You also have to be quick to choose the program.

The cuisine of a real chef is at your disposal with this Hamilton Beach cooker. He cooks the rice to perfection by adapting to the number of grains and that of the water used. The quality of this device can be checked through the opinions of price comparison.

This cooker has a function for cooking brown rice. This is also suitable for cereals. Just select the appropriate menu with the button. The heat/simmer program allows a light boiling which is suitable for pasta.

If you are wondering which rice cooker to choose, this model will interest you because of its delayed start function. Indeed, it can be programmed to start only after several hours, up to 15.

A digital display screen allows you to control this time. You can also choose to keep the food warm or steam your food.

best rice cooker under 50
  • Reliability: The brand is synonymous with quality. This rice cooker is of excellent manufacture both in the device itself and in the accessories.
  • Value for money: You can compare with other cookers, the capacity of this goes hand in hand with its affordable price.
  • Efficiency: This appliance cooks rice perfectly, but also other dishes. It is suitable for both small and large quantities.
  • Small steam basket: The steamer basket is a bit small for large vegetables such as cauliflower or broccoli.
  • Cover hole: Boiling water tends to escape through the hole used for steam.

Simple, but effective, this Black and Decker rice cooker has a good reputation in the field of household appliances. This is probably the best brand of rice cookers.

This device is ideal for preparing good soft rice, but also quinoa or even couscous. The cooking container is coated with a non-stick so that the food does not stick, but also for easier cleaning.

Besides, all the accessories such as the lid, the spoon and the steam basket are dishwasher safe. Vegetables, fish and dumplings are excellent steamed.

This device can also be used to prepare soups or stews. Once the preparation is ready, the cooker switches to keep warm mode. The tempered glass cover is fitted with a device for hanging it on the handle of the appliance. For its quality, this cooker is offered cheaper than other models.

best cheap rice cooker
  • Versatility: This rice cooker is suitable for cooking a dozen varieties of rice and quinoa thanks to its 7 programs. For good cooking, the advice in the user guide is very useful.
  • Practicality: The appliance automatically switches to warming mode once the rice is cooked. It signals with a beep that the preparation is ready. Digital signage is also handy.
  • Value for money: This rice cooker is rich in options while being offered at a fairly affordable cost.
  • Not suitable for certain rice: This machine is not suitable for cooking parboiled, instant rice or risotto rice.

There are different varieties of rice. Their cooking is not the same depending on whether it is white rice or another type. So that every time it is cooked to perfection, this Ricardo rice cooker has 7 programs.

It can, therefore, be used to prepare cereals such as quinoa too. A menu is specially dedicated to pilaf rice. It allows you to skip ingredients like onion and/or vegetables before pouring the rice. To do this, press the corresponding button.

This device is a cheap way to prepare rice. Even for long cooking, it is quite suitable. It also has a steam cooking function.

A basket dedicated to this purpose is provided in addition to the rice glass and the spatula. All these elements, in addition to the cooking container, are dishwasher safe.


A rice cooker is a practical device that automatically prepares rice for perfect cooking. Choosing the right model depends on your cooking needs. This buying guide for the best inexpensive rice cooker presents some criteria to consider before buying one.

best rice cooker on the market

The capacity

Depending on whether you are few or numerous in a household, the size and the capacity of the rice cooker will vary. Many models differ in their capabilities. You must choose the one that is suitable for you. The volume of the device, or rather that of the tank, is expressed in litres. In Canada, this value is more often indicated in cups. This can correspond to the quantity of raw rice supported by the machine, but also that of cooked rice. We must, therefore, pay attention to this detail.

For a single person or a couple, there are small cookers. They usually make 3 cups. This corresponds to approximately 0.5 L. The rice prepared can be enough for 3 people or even 4 depending on the appetite of each.

For the slightly larger families who are looking for how to choose the best inexpensive rice cooker of 2020, the 5.5-cup models are more suitable. They are enough to feed 6 to 8 people. The volume of 1 L allows it. This type of device is obviously larger and therefore, bulkier. It is thus necessary to plan the space where it will be placed or stored.

From 12 people, the best inexpensive rice cooker is the one with a capacity of 10 cups or 1.8 L.

Note that normally, the cup is supplied with the cooker. It corresponds to approximately 180 ml. However, some go up to 200 ml. A portion is, therefore, suitable for one or two people.

Use and accessories

A rice cooker is not only used to prepare rice. Indeed, most models can be used to cook cereals such as quinoa or vegetables. So, apart from the volume of the appliance alone, also consider the use you intend for this appliance. Ask yourself what ingredients you will pour in the tank and in what quantities.

The frequency of use of the machine is also to be taken into account. If you are a big rice eater or if you often cook with the cooker, choose a high-performance model from a recognized brand. It will be worth the investment. If on the other hand, your use is occasional, an entry-level device will do the trick.

If you do not know how to buy a rice cooker with a better value for money, opt for a model that has some accessories. In general, the measuring cup or glass and the serving spoon are provided. See the quality of these before you get the device. Some manufacturers also offer a steam basket.

This accessory is very practical for cooking crunchy vegetables. In this way, they also keep all their nutritional properties. Regarding the tank, it is preferable that it be removable. This facilitates its cleaning and that of the cooker. On some models, the different parts can be washed in the dishwasher.

best inexpensive rice cooker


A rice cooker can be extremely simple, as well as very complete in terms of technology. The choice of a model will, therefore, be based on needs, but also on the budget you have. An entry-level device will cost only about twenty dollars. For all functionality, it will only have an on / off button.

Mid-range cookers also have a keep-warm function. Thus, when the rice is cooked, the device keeps it warm while avoiding burning it. This kind of equipment is already a little more expensive. The most efficient model has several automatic programs. Its price can exceed $ 200.

The functions are varied depending on the model. Some can be set to make porridge or white rice. There is also a menu specially dedicated to steam cooking. As rice cookers, some devices can prepare different varieties of rice. This includes, for example, sushi rice.

The correct program can be selected at the touch of a button. An LCD screen often equips higher-end models to more easily control the different parameters. These cookers also have some very useful features. On comparison, you will indeed see that they sometimes incorporate a timer. The device thus stops once its task is completed. A delayed start is also an option available on some cookers.


frequently asked Questions

  • Q1: How does a rice cooker work?

A rice cooker is an electrical device that heats a mixture of rice and water. This is usually done with resistance. Otherwise, there are also microwave, induction or gas models. So the rice absorbs water for a while. When there is no more free water in the tank, the temperature begins to rise above 100 ° C.

A first thermostat then comes into play to cut the cooking. In principle, 2 e thermostat keeps the temperature at 65 ° C until the rice is consumed or the power off. Higher-end models have electronic components that define cooking methods for other ingredients.

  • Q2: How to use a rice cooker?

To use a rice cooker, it must first be unplugged. Then you choose your variety of rice and measure the dose you need. In general, this is done by means of a measuring cup. If the bowl of the appliance is removable, it must be removed and then pour the rice into it after rinsing it if necessary.

The next step is to pour enough water. Graduations are normally present in the tank. Then clean the outside of the latter with a dry cloth. Then place the container in the appliance and plug it in. Close the tank then turn on the cooker and wait until the rice is cooked.

  • Q3: How to cook basmati rice?

Basmati rice is aromatic rice from India. Several stages are necessary before their actual cooking. The most important one is the rinsing. To do this, first, measure the necessary amount of rice. Then put it in a bowl and add water to it. The next step is to stir the rice. The water should become cloudy.

Then, throw away this water and repeat the rinsing step until the water is clear. One of the cooking methods is first to sauté the rice in a little ghee, clarified butter, until the grains are translucent. Then add 2 volumes of water for one volume of rice. Hot water is recommended.

This is when you have to salt. Cooking is done for 15 min over low heat and covered. Once the rice is cooked, let it rest for 2 to 5 min, still covered and off the heat.

  • Q4: Why rinse the rice?

Rinsing the rice removes excess starch. Some rinse the rice up to 4-5 times until the wash water is clear. This prevents the grains from being stuck when cooked.

  • Q5: How much-cooked rice is a cup of raw rice?

The amount of rice once cooked depends on the variety and cooking. Generally, one serving of raw rice will absorb 2 servings of water. So, in the case of using a cup, a cup of raw rice will give 3 cups of cooked rice. The weight, on the other hand, doubles when cooked.

Final Word

We are almost at the end of this article. Choosing the best inexpensive rice cooker can be a real hassle. As the market is filled with rice cookers, and each of them offers so many different features.

That’s why we have done our research to bring out the best 10 inexpensive rice cooker for you. Every rice cooker of our list looks very promising and has an excellent reputation among rice cooker.

We have included a buying guide for you. First, determine what type of rice cooker you should go for, which will narrow down your choices a bit. Then follow our guide step by step and look for the features. Finally, determine your budget and go for the rice cooker that fits it and has all the features you need for your home use.

If you want an overall excellent rice cooker that has the right balance of features, you can go for the Hamilton Beach Rice & Hot Cereal Cooker, 10-Cups uncooked resulting in 20-Cups, which wins in our rating. You can also go for the other ones as all the 10 rice cooker.

We hope that you find the article useful. Thank you for being with us.


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