The 10 Best Inflatable Mattress UK Of 2020 – Reviews & Buying Guide

Are you looking for the Best Inflatable Mattress UK, you have come to the right place. Do the viscoelastic foam mattresses clearly garner all praise for their multiple qualities? But that does not mean that the other types are left out. As for the inflatable variants, these are still as popular for their comfort and compactness.You can easily take them with you to go camping. If you need to buy one, there are different models available in the Canadian market. However, before going to the checkout, make the right choice by consulting our guide and our selection. 

A classification in which you have Active Era Premium Double Air Bed and its excellent weight distribution. It offers good comfort from head to toe. Then you have Intex Comfort Half-height plush inflatable mattress of the Dura-Beam series with its Fiber-Tech construction.

Do you no longer know what sleeping on your laurels is? Do you hope to find quality sleep by purchasing proper bedding equipment?
But we are wondering where to buy the best air mattress? Before going to the store, find inspiration with our ranking of 5 best references for the moment in the UK.

best inflatable mattresses for camping
  • Big size: This Active Era mattress has the advantage of being able to accommodate two adults. Very wide, it measures 203 x 152 x 48 cm.
  • Enhanced comfort: Thanks to its pillow and air coils, this pneumatic bed offers an excellent weight distribution for sleepers and firm support for the head and neck.
  • Anti-perforation: The material from which this bed is made is highly resistant to punctures. Thus, this mattress is not likely to burst tomorrow the day before.
  • Power supply from the pump: For rapid inflation and deflation, this mattress has an integrated pump. However, the fact that it is electric requires a power supply (mains socket).

How to choose the Best Inflatable Mattress UK of 2020? Should we search online to find the best performer of all? Can we trust the internet to find the rare pearl? The answer is yes. With our selection of models, you will quickly find what you need. For now, discover our favorite of the moment: Ab-q1-ca from Active Era.

This Queen Premium air bed is distinguished from other models on the market by its high resistance. It is made with high-quality anti-perforation material (15 gauge). Regarding its design, it comes with a raised pillow for better cervical support. This allows you to comfortably rest your head and enjoy a good night's sleep.

Its technology of 35 structured air coils gives a proper weight distribution, and thus, better sleeping comfort. Its surface is covered with a velvety waterproof layer. This constitution allows it to be used both outdoors and indoors.

Easy to use, it has a powerful electric pump housed in the blowing bed. This element allows the mattress to be loaded in 3 minutes. It also has a quick deflation function. If you prefer the manual method, this pneumatic bed is also equipped with an air valve.

Intex Comfort Inflatable plush mid-height mattress
  • Fiber-Tech construction: This exclusive polyester fiber technology gives this mattress enhanced comfort. Also, this constitution guarantees its durability and stability.
  • Dura-Beam advantages: From this series, this model of air bed benefits from an improved design. The specific features of this series give it more aesthetics and comfort.
  • Big size: The dimensions of this inflatable mattress are perfectly suited to accommodate two adults. Also, this bed is robust enough for this. It is not likely to deflate if we put it together.
  • Electric pump: To operate the internal air pump of this mattress, an electrical outlet is required. However, it is not always obvious when you are in the middle of nature, especially for deflation.

Intex is recognized as the best brand of the air mattress. For a good reason, this manufacturer makes it a point of honor to design quality, durable and comfortable products. As an example, you have this mid-height plush model.

This pneumatic bed of the brand Intex comes with an integrated electric pump of 110-120V. This accessory allows you to inflate and deflate it automatically via a button. Quick-acting, it loads air in just 3 minutes.

This gray inflatable mattress measures 190.5 x 137.2 x 33 cm when deployed. Very large, it can accommodate two people with a maximum weight of 600 lbs. And once folded, it turns out to be very light. It is supplied with a carrying bag. It is mainly made of PVC.

This model is blessed with an interior dotted with resistant and light polyester fibers Fiber-Tech Construction. It also improves its durability, stability, and comfort.

This bed also benefits from the advantages of the Intex Dura-Beam series, including secure edges, velvety and recessed sides, and a cushion-top air system.

Zoobelives Extra thick inflatable mattress with integrated pump
  • Easy to store: Thanks to its integrated pump, this air mattress is easy to inflate and deflate. Ultra-portable, it folds to give a compact size of 15 x 35 cm and quickly finds its place in a bag or suitcase.
  • Multifunction: Dedicated for camping, this air bed can also be used as a guest bed, emergency bed, and even a pool bed. You can even pair two mattresses to make a double bed thanks to contacting pads.
  • For one person: The width of this mattress is indicated for a user. It is not wide enough for two and especially to turn around comfortably.

What is the best air mattress on the market? What are its characteristics? To find out, you will need to compare the flagship models of the moment to get the best references. Among those to consider, you have this model of Zoobelives.

The pneumatic camping bed is distinguished by its very thick 10 cm. The density of air inflation puts you out of reach of cold and rough floors. Also, this mattress has a 4 season rug and an R-value of about 4.5. Once fully inflated, it measures 188 x 62 x 10 cm.

Practical, this bed has an integrated air pump. It only takes a few presses to charge the air. But still, its outlet valve is provided with two stages: one to inflate or to evacuate the air slowly and one for an express deflation.

Material side, this mattress is made of a 75D polyester pongee fabric. It couples this to laminates in extruded PVC. This constitution makes this bed robust, durable, waterproof, and warm.

Hiraliy Portable inflatable car mattress
  • Proper pointsRapid inflation: Thanks to the supplied electric pump, this car air mattress inflates in just 2 minutes.
  • Multifunction: It is designed for various uses. You can use it like a car, camping and travel bed. You can also use it for occasional indoor use when you have guests, for example. You can make it a sofa bed.
  • Multiple accessories provided: This mattress is sold with two inflatable pillows, one electric air pump, one repair patch, one safety deflector, and one transport bag.
  • Uncomfortable flocking: The flocking of this bed prevents you from changing position when lying down. It requires a bedspread for this.

Where to buy a new inflatable mattress when yours has died? Which model should you favor when looking for one that is all-purpose, solid, and durable? Look no further with this Hiraliy model.

This inflatable mattress for car, camping, and travel is supplied with a portable electric pump and many other accessories. It is convenient because it allows you to sleep comfortably almost anywhere. This car model is packed with practical features. It is made of durable materials, cut resistant, and easy to clean.

Also, it is made up of 3 wear-resistant layers. In particular, it is flocked to a thickness of 0.6 mm. Its other layers are made of 0.4mm non-toxic PVC and 0.4mm waterproof Oxford cloth. This air bed measures 53.94 x 34.25 x 17.72 inches when deployed.

Before buying it, it is recommended to measure the size of the seat and the rear cabin of the vehicle. However, this universal mattress is compatible with 99% of automobile models.

Intex Inflatable camping mattress
  • Good value for money: This cheap mattress is rewarded with excellent finishes and quality design. It is robust and does its job well.
  • Comfortable: With its flocked and velvety texture, you can directly sleep on this internal bedding under a heavy sleep. It is soft and conforms well to the shape of the body, making it more than comfortable.
  • Binding inflation and deflation: A separate pump must be obtained to fill this air mattress. It is an additional investment. Also, it takes a lot of patience before you can deflate it manually. Allow a good half hour for this.

To hope for a good night's sleep, you need a good bed. And when you plan to sleep on the ground, in the bush or the mountains, nothing beats the comfort of an air mattress.

However, which inflatable mattress to choose when the market offers countless variants? To facilitate your choice, we have selected the best models, including this article from Intex.

This Intex inflatable mattress is characterized by its gray notes and its comfortable, soft, and supple flocked surface. It rests on a bottom laminated in 2 layers. To this is added a design with corrugated beams. This gives it more strength and durability.

It has been designed to withstand camping use in the woods with minimal risk of deflation. Space-saving and ultra-portable, it weighs more or less 1.5 kg. However, it is quite imposing in size (184.2 x 67.3 x 17.1 cm) once deployed.

Buying Guide - How to Choose a Best Inflatable Mattress UK?

Restless sleep, an uncomfortable bed or need a comfortable camping break? An inflatable mattress is a solution to your problem. But how do you get one? Refer to our buying guide for the Best Inflatable Mattress UK listing the dimensions, inflation method, and quality of the coating as criteria.

inflatable mattress with frame
The dimensions

The first purchase criterion that must be the subject of your attention is your inflatable mattress's size. It all depends on the future use of the latter. If the material is going to be used as an extra bed in your home, choose an example of the double inflatable model.

If you are looking for the cheapest, single-seaters should be considered. For nomadic use, however, prefer the modular model (two single mattresses which can line up side by side to form a double inflatable mattress). It represents one of the most comfortable solutions on the market.

Do you need more advice? You must also consider the size of the room or the tent where you will install your inflatable mattress. This will help you more easily determine the correct air bed size.

Make it as wide as possible to offer the maximum space to your guests or even allow you to be comfortable during a camp. And when you no longer use it, deflate it and then put it back in its storage bag. Whatever the dimensions of the air mattress you choose, there will always be a question of comforting the person who will sleep on it.

The inflation model

If you are not planning to inflate your mattress with your mouth (as it once was), consider studying the inflation mode of your air bed.

Some models now include an electric inflator which offers to inflate the mattress in the space of 3 minutes maximum. This option remains the most practical on the market. Other models include 2 valves in 1 to facilitate inflation and deflation. The best inflatable mattress should offer quick and convenient deflation and inflation.

If the mattress of your choice is not equipped with electric inflators, purchase it. Many models are available in stores and from price comparators. You can thus simplify the inflation operation of your product. However, at the time of purchase, remember to check this detail.

camping inflatable mattress
The quality of the coating

The quality of the coating of this product should also hold your attention. This will give you a clear idea of how to buy better value for money inflatable mattress.

By making a little comparison, you will see that the ideal material for the bottom covering of an inflatable mattress remains resistant vinyl. The same goes for PVC, which also shines due to its solidity. This promises you years of sleep on your mattress.

If you want to get optimal comfort, choose mattresses with horizontal honeycomb structures with a flocked top. Also, check whether the model is equipped with an inflatable pillow or not.

If you want to opt for an inflatable mattress that is soft to the touch, opt for models with a laminated or flocked cotton cover in suede, which allows you to obtain a velvet or satin feel.

how to inflate air mattress without pump

frequently asked Questions

  • Q1: How to sleep well on an inflatable mattress?

To sleep like a dormouse on an inflatable mattress, it must be of good quality. Ideally, you should choose the best references, such as electrical or "permanent airbed, " offering better support. Sleeping well on it also requires that the mattress be inflated to a suitable pressure: 0.3 PSI for a very comfortable mattress, 0.5 PSI, if you like firmness. A well-inflated mattress allows you to feel the ground slightly when you sit on it.

Outside, it is important to place the air mattress on a surface without stones and branches to avoid punctures during your sleep. Ideally, place it on the grass.

  • Q2: How do I find a leak in an air mattress?

When an air mattress loses air in large volume, it means that it is punctured. To be sure, inflate the mattress. If it flattens after a few minutes or after a night of use, it leaks.

To find the hole (s), here are a few options:

Method 1: soap a sponge and pass it over the bottom surface of the mattress and, if necessary, over the top. Inflate the latter. The areas where bubbles form are the puncture areas.

Method 2: immerse the weakly inflated mattress in a bathtub. The bubbles that stand out will indicate the location of the holes.

Method 3: inflate the mattress to the block. Apply strong pressure while straining your ears to spot any hissing noise. These indicate the puncture zones.

Method 4: you can also caress the mattress's surface in parallel with a moistened hand to identify leaks.

Whenever you find a hole, don't forget to mark it with a marker.

  • Q3: How to repair an inflatable mattress?

To repair a mattress riddled with holes, you must plug each with a special PVC patch. To do this, inflate the mattress. Cut a patch of patch larger than the hole. Take off its protective paper. Place the adhesive material on the leak, taking care to press firmly to eliminate air bubbles. Hold the patch for 1 to 2 minutes until it sets well and dries.

Instead of the patch, you can use special PVC glue containing neoprene. Finally, deflate the mattress and leave it aside for 24 hours before inflating it.

Note: if the cut is on the velvet surface, the puncture zone must first be deflated. To do this, apply a small amount of glue and spread it evenly until the velvety material peels off.

After these steps, you will be able to check whether the leak is sealed correctly. To do this, look for any remaining cuts with the wet hand method or the soapy sponge.

  • Q4: Why is my air mattress deflating?

A new air mattress inflated for the first time may soften slightly after a few hours. This is caused by temperature variations affecting the density of the air inside the mattress. However, this small loss of diet is not a sign of a puncture. However, some cuts can significantly deflate an air mattress.

  • Q5: Where should I throw a pierced air mattress?

If an inflatable mattress is strewn with holes and patching becomes ineffective, then it should be put in the trash. However, it must be disposed of according to the regulations in force. If it is small enough, an air mattress can be put (deflated, folded, and rolled up) in a 130L trash bag. If it is too large, you can throw it away with the bulky items. You can also leave it in a local dumpster. Last option, the recycling center.

Final Word

These were all about the Best Inflatable Mattress UK. You need to know. If you have gone through this article very well, you now understand which one to choose and what to expect before buying the Best Inflatable Mattress UK. You can buy the Inflatable Mattress UK from the Amazon (links are provided above) and help us to write more honest reviews for you in the future.

If you have any queries or questions, you can comment anytime below.

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