The 10 Best Juicer For Beginners – Reviews & Buying Guide

Fruits and vegetables are recognized for their health benefits. When they are raw, they are even better. the best juicer for beginners is a great way to take advantage of the benefits of these different herbs. These devices preserve all the nutritional qualities of food thanks to their cold operation. The Omega Juicers NC900HDC Juicer Extractor model runs quietly. Thanks in particular to its slow speed and its endless screw, it produces more juice. As for the Breville Cold Juice Fountain , it has an extra large chimney to pass whole ingredients through.

For a healthy diet with vitamins, juice extractors are a good way to go. Several brands offer them. Each with their specificities, these models are all more attractive than the others. This selection gives you an overview of the products available in Canada so that you can make your choice.

best slow juicer
  • Good yield: With its rotational speed and mechanisms, this device manages to extract more juice compared to other models. This is visible, especially for greenery.
  • Easy to clean: The various parts of the extractor are easy to disassemble for cleaning. This operation only takes a few minutes. Also, the accessories are dishwasher safe.
  • Multifunction: This model not only crushes fruits and vegetables but also nuts. It can also be used to extrude dough.
  • Plastic part: Some plastic parts are quite fragile, especially on a few copies.

Omega enjoys an excellent reputation. Probably the best brand of juice extractors, it offers this model NC900HDC which has a power of 150 W.

Running at slow speed, this machine preserves all the benefits of food. Indeed, the engine rotates at 80 revolutions/min. This avoids producing heat so that the enzymes and vitamins are all found in the juice. The endless screw presses the fruits and vegetables against a sieve to extract as much juice as possible.
Dual Stage chewing offers excellent performance. If you are unsure of which juicer to choose, this one is multi-functional.

The tip can be adjusted to 5 positions. With a power equivalent to 2 hp, the high torque makes it possible to grind nuts. 2 sieves and 6 nozzles are delivered with the Omega juice extractor. The pulp container and the juice collector are also provided.

best affordable juicer
  • Stylish material: With brushed steel exteriors, this device looks great. It thus adds a touch of elegance to any kitchen.
  • Easy maintenance: The ease of cleaning of this juice extractor is unanimous. The different elements do not need heavy and long washing.
  • Convenient: As a vertical extractor, this model does not take up much space on a worktop. Still, it has a good juice production capacity.
  • Insufficient extraction: When the residue comes out of the machine, it is still quite wet. The juice is therefore not fully extracted from the ingredients.

Vertical model, this Breville juicer is made with a sleek brushed steel shell. This appliance has a power of 1200 W. Thus equipped, it can extract the juice very quickly.

Moreover, a Fast program is planned for this purpose. For even more efficiency, the rotary knob can be set to Boost mode. To be able to profit even more quickly from the receipts, the loading funnel is wider. It measures 3.5 '' or 8.9 cm. Thus, the vegetables or fruits can be loaded there whole.

So if you know where to buy the best juicer for beginners, consider this multi-program model. For quieter while the machine is running, you can switch it to Quiet mode.
In XL format, this extractor can produce up to 2 L of nutrient-rich juice. The cold rotation system with a stainless steel cutting disc ensures this.

best cheap juicer
  • Efficient extraction: The pulp that comes out of the machine is rather dry. This indicates that the maximum amount of juice has been extracted from the different ingredients, whatever they are.
  • Versatile: This juicer works with fruits and vegetables, both soft and hard. Even the leaves of green vegetables are effectively crushed.
  • Durable: All components of this device are of good quality. It can thus last several years without worry.
  • Long cleaning: Cleaning itself is not difficult. On the other hand, it takes time, even more time than the realization of the juice.

If you want to know which is the best juice extractor on the market, know that Green Star machines have been awarded for their quality. This GSE-5000 model is equipped with a complete Twin Gear chewing system. This is a brand-specific double propeller. It cuts, grinds, and feeds food through the machine.

This mechanism includes magnetic and bioceramic technology. This extracts a maximum of enzymes and vitamins so that the juice is fresh and healthy as desired.

Several devices are provided to prevent the machine from being clogged, even with fibrous vegetables. Apart from the special design of the propellers worthy of the best juice extractor, the device has a reverse function.
Real multifunction object, this extractor can make juice with or without pulp. Other sieves are also provided for other preparations such as sorbets for example. The pulp ejection pressure is adjustable.

best breville juicer
  • Powerful device: The 1000 W of the motor is perfectly sufficient to extract the juice. Also, the 5 speeds are suitable for all fruits and vegetables.
  • Price-quality ratio: To start with the best juicer for beginners, this inexpensive model is a good option. The case is stable and solid.
  • Filtered: With the special filter, the juice has very little foam.
  • Wet pulp: At the end of extraction, the pulp that comes out is still quite wet. The yield is therefore not optimal.
  • Cleaning chore: Some users find this device quite difficult to clean.

This Cuisinart juice extractor is a vertical type. This model, less expensive than others, nevertheless has a high power of 1000 W. The housing of this device is mainly made of stainless steel.

Its silver appearance is complemented by matte black elements and transparent plastic. As for the operation of the extractor, it can be set to 5 speeds. A rotary knob illuminated with a blue LED ring allows you to select the desired mode. To avoid staining your worktop, this extractor is equipped with an anti-drip and anti-overflow system.

The spout is specially designed for this purpose. You can, therefore, buy this model with confidence. It comes with adjoining containers. This is a juice collector with a capacity of 1 L and a pulp collector that can accommodate 2 L. A cleaning brush is also provided as well as a recipe book.

best juicer for carrots
  • High efficiency: The juice extracted with this machine is very concentrated. The pulp that remains is particularly dry, proof of optimal yield.
  • Easy assembly/disassembly: The extractor elements lock with one click. Thus, it only takes a few minutes to assemble or disassemble everything to wash the different parts.
  • Cost: The price of this device is quite low. Its efficiency is however equivalent if not superior to more expensive models.
  • Preparation: According to the manufacturer's and users' advice, fruits and vegetables should be cut before putting them in the extractor. This takes time.

The efficiency of this Aicok juice extractor is high. Its propeller has a specially designed design to proceed in 7 stages, from cutting to extraction. The maximum juice is thus produced and it is completely separated from the pulp.

Its yield can, therefore, go up to 98%, a value that you can see in comparison. The supplied juice container is placed on a tray. Chewing is done at a reduced speed of 80 revolutions/min.

The nutritional elements of fruits, vegetables, and greens are thus perfectly preserved. Oxidation is minimal. The reverse function prevents clogging of the device. The latter's motor is silent. It produces less than 60 dB. So you don't risk waking anyone up by making juice early in the morning.

This extractor is easy to clean. The different parts are easy to assemble and disassemble and are dishwasher safe. This machine is made of PMMA material.

Buying Guide - How To Choose A best juicer for beginners ?

Choosing a juice extractor can be difficult among the many models available. To have some clues on how to choose the Best Juicer For Beginners of 2020, consider these few criteria. They will guide you to the most efficient model, but above all the one most suited to your requirements.

best cold press juicer

The type of extractor

Before you decide on where to buy a new juicer, first determine which type is right for you. There are mainly 3.

Horizontal extractors are quite common. The extraction system, consisting of an endless screw and a sieve, is in a horizontal position. Loading, on the other hand, is done vertically. The juice outlet and the pulp discharge are done on the same line. This type of device is generally versatile. This is because the mouthpiece can be changed to suit your needs. The manual extractor is a variant of this kind of machine. The difference is in the drive mechanism. Electric models are powered by a motor while manual models are equipped with a crank.

Vertical extractors work on the same principle as horizontal devices. Only, the extraction is vertical. Juice and pulp are also on separate lines. You will find on any price comparison that these models are more practical in terms of space occupation. Indeed, they take up less space on a worktop and therefore also for storage.

Steam extractors work in a whole different way. As the name suggests, they use steam to extract the juice. The liquid thus obtained is already pasteurized and can therefore be stored for a long time. On the other hand, the vitamins are less present than in a cold extraction because of the heat.


The choice of a device depends on its performance. This also applies to this type of material. Power and speed are among other criteria that determine how to buy a juicer with the best value for money.

In terms of power and therefore power consumption, the models are varied. They can range from 150 W to more than 1000 W. This specificity determines not only the speed of operation of the machine, but also its possibilities. For example, it takes more force to crush nuts than herbs.

The speed of rotation of the screw is generally slow so as not to increase the temperature. It is an essential condition for a healthy diet full of nutrients. This speed generally varies between 80 and 110 revolutions / min. The engine also makes more or less noise depending on the model. Some are equipped with a silent mode if you prefer quiet.

The capacity to produce juice is also an important point. You can compare several models to see if they can be used daily for a small amount of drink. Conversely, the extractor can only be used occasionally. Some devices can continuously extract up to several liters of juice. Others are limited by the space available under the jug or faucet.

best juicer for celery medical medium

The accessories

Juicers aren't necessarily designed for just one task, namely making juice. Indeed, the ingredients used are of various sizes, shapes and textures. Several manufacturers have therefore designed their devices to adapt to these different foods. Through this buying guide for the best juice extractors, you can see that some models are quite versatile. They can process both fruits and vegetables. Herbal juices can also be made. Several brands also offer machines capable of crushing different varieties of nuts.

The sieve used can therefore be replaced depending on the food and the desired result. Thus, for a puree or a juice, the accessory will be different. With some devices, it is also possible to make sorbets. Others can also be used to make spaghetti. They are then supplied with the tip suitable for extruding the dough.

If you want to concoct various preparations with a single machine, then opt for a multifunction machine. The more accessories it contains, the more possibilities it will have. You must also prepare the adequate budget. Conversely, if you do not want extended functions, choose a classic juice extractor instead. Its price can nevertheless be quite high depending on whether it is a recognized brand or not. Also make sure that the containers such as the juice collector and the pulp container are supplied with the appliance.

How to Juice at Home Using the Breville Juice Extractor

frequently asked Questions

  • Juicer or juice extractor - what's the difference between the two? Why a juice extractor?

For the centrifuge, a grater rotates at very high speed. This breaks up the food and throws the pulp onto a sieve. The juice is thus extracted. An extractor, on the other hand, uses a propeller or worm. She grinds the ingredients and presses them against a sieve. This operation takes place at slow speed. With this type of device, the temperature is therefore very low and the vitamins are not destroyed. They are then found in the juice along with all the other nutrients in fruits and vegetables.

  • Q2: How does a juice extractor work?

A juice extractor is equipped with an endless screw. This grinds fruits, vegetables and sometimes even nuts. As it turns, the propeller crushes the ingredients while moving them forward through the device. At the end of it is a sieve. Its stitches are quite tight. The screw then presses the food against the wall of the latter. The juice is then extracted and passes through the mesh. It is collected in a collector via a spout or a tap. The pulp, on the other hand, is evacuated by another outlet.

  • Q3: How does a steam juice extractor work?

A steam juicer uses the heat from it to extract juice from fresh fruits, vegetables or herbs. This type of device consists of a water tank that will be heated, a fruit pot and a juice collector. The steam diffuses into the container where the food is located and shatters their structure. The juice then flows through holes into the collector. From there, the liquid can be transferred to bottles or other containers.

  • Q4: How to use a juice extractor?

To use a juice extractor, you must first assemble the device with all the necessary components. Then you have to prepare the fruits or vegetables. Depending on their origin, they must be peeled or not. In any case, they must be seeded if necessary. For some models, you must first cut the food into smaller or smaller pieces. The next step is to load them into the fireplace little by little. The pusher must not be forced, at the risk of clogging the device.

  • Q5: How to use a steam juice extractor?

Using a steam juicer begins with filling the bottom pot. To do this, pour in fresh water up to the recommended limit. Then bring this water to a boil. Meanwhile, cut up the fruits and vegetables and place them in the appropriate container. Then, put this basket and the collector on top of the pot. Then, close everything. After a few minutes of extraction, the tap can be opened to collect the juice. You have to pay attention to the heat of the latter.


If you have into this last paragraph, then congrats to you. You now have somewhat know-how of some Best Juicer For Beginners.

We have included a buying guide for you. First, determine what type of Juicer you should go for, which will narrow down your choices a bit. Then follow our guide step by step and look for the features. Finally, determine your budget and go for the Best Juicer For Beginners that fits it and has all the features you need.

We hope that you find the article useful. Thank you for being with us.


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