The 5 Best Padlocks Of 2021

A padlock is a security object. It can be found on luggage as well as on a door or even a bicycle. The great variety of types and models makes their use just as varied. Key or combination, high security or simple, the padlock also offers different levels of protection. The Abus 20/70 KD B model has a sliding handle. German made, it uses high resistance materials. Master Lock 1535DWD uses letters for locking. The code is easily memorized.

The size, locking and level of security of a padlock vary greatly depending on the model. Care must therefore be taken in choosing the one that is suitable for a specific use. If you are looking for the best padlock on the market, here is a selection of models. They will help you in your search.

1. Abus High Security Stainless Steel Disc Padlock

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  • Excellent materials : German quality workmanship is felt in this padlock. Its weight and configuration denote solidity, especially with the steel used.
  • Secure mechanisms : The barrel and the shackle are designed to withstand various stresses. The lock is very difficult to pick and the handle to cut.
  • Many applications : This padlock has a high level of security. It also resists bad weather conditions. It can thus be used indoors and outdoors.
  • A little sticky : The mechanisms are a bit sticky on reception. However, good lubrication is enough to solve the problem.

This assortment includes an Abus padlock which is a recognized brand. Any good comparison will not fail to mention this Diskus 20/70 model. Like the others, it is made in Germany. This is equipped with a disc barrel, hence the name of the series. The ABUS Plus technology fitted to this padlock reinforces security. It is thus more resistant to drilling, but also to traction. Lockpicking is the same, almost impossible.

In addition, with 250,000 different keys, security is there. The sliding shackle on this disc model offers little space for a bolt cutter. According to the manufacturer's advice , this lock can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Its stainless steel structure protects it from corrosion and bad weather. This metal alloy also gives this accessory great strength. It is therefore protected against violent shocks.

2. Master Lock 1535DWD Resettable vertical lock

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  • Practical letters : The code in the Lettric system is easier to remember than numbers. The letters are also well printed with sufficient size.
  • Easy to configure : To personalize the suit, there is nothing complicated. Everyone can thus compose their own code using a coin.
  • Robust : The latch of this padlock is thick and strong. The body, too, is robust. This model can thus perfectly lock a locker or a piece of furniture.
  • Painting : The paint covering the lock tends to peel off. The exposed metal can then rust.

If you know where to buy a new padlock, know that the Master Lock 1535DWD padlock also offers a good level of security. This model is locked with a letter combination. There are 4 rows of 10 letters each. It gives thousands of possibilities.

You can also personalize this code. For this, a simple coin is required. As you make the combination yourself, you will remember it more easily. In addition, each stage is made of toothed wheels. You can be more precise when entering the code.

This model is therefore recommended to close a locker or cupboard. There are 4 colors for the body of this padlock. To compare with other models of this kind, this one has enhanced security. The shackle is made of hardened steel and is therefore very resistant. The mechanism also includes a system preventing picking.

3. Fosmon Lot of 4 TSA approved padlocks

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  • Easy locking : The personalization of the suit is easy. In addition, the frames allow you to clearly visualize the code.
  • Useful for traveling : TSA compatibility makes this model suitable for travel. It allows safe control.
  • Compact equipment : The size of these padlocks is suitable for suitcases and travel bags. They have the appropriate weight for a good compromise between strength and lightness.
  • Unlocking problem : Some users have found it difficult to reopen the lock, especially after it was tampered with by the TSA.

The Fosmon brand offers this set of colored padlocks among its products. These are compact models intended primarily for travel. Indeed, if you decide to buy them, know that they are TSA approved padlocks. They have the logo to identify them.

There is also the lock that customs officials use to open or close the padlock without having to force either the lock or the bag. These models have a 3-digit combination. Among the thousand possible codes, you can clearly see yours through the dedicated windows.

Small in size, this type of padlock is nevertheless resistant. It is made of zinc alloy for the body and hardened steel for the shackle. Its height of 58mm is barely larger than an AA battery. The inner height of the buckle of 18 mm is ideal for zippers.

4.Master Lock 141DLF Solid Brass Padlock

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  • Design : This product has a fairly classic look. The black coating brings a touch of design to this material. In addition, the keys also have a head to match the color.
  • Fluid mechanism : The opening and closing of this padlock is done with a certain fluidity. The mechanisms are efficient and do not seize up.
  • Cost : Multifunctional equipment, this padlock is compatible with both indoor and outdoor use. However, it is offered at a very affordable price.
  • Fragile appearance : The weight of this model and the materials give a feeling of fragility when in hand.

Master Lock offers this more conventional model if you are looking for where to buy the best padlock. This mobile lock is unlocked with a key. A 2 e copy of it comes with the padlock. So you can share the use of this item with another person or just keep the second key if the first is lost.

This model is made of a solid metal body. It is covered with a black vinyl covering. This layer provides protection against scratches and against corrosion. Therefore, you can use this equipment to lock a gate or a locker room.

The shackle is made of hardened steel. This inexpensive padlock is therefore more secure. It resists cutting and pulling. The lock cylinder, too, is protected against picking. The locking mechanisms are very reliable and robust.

5. Dudley 3-digit combination lock

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  • Very affordable : As can be seen from a price comparison, this item has minimal cost. It is, however, a reliable and widely recommended object.
  • Efficient operation : The button and latch operate smoothly. The wheel turns particularly smoothly.
  • Clear inscriptions : The dial of this padlock bears the numbers in a very legible way. These are not only engraved, but in addition, they are tinted black. This sets them apart from the silver body of the padlock.
  • Rust : Rust sometimes appears on this padlock. This defect tends to seize the mechanism.

The Dudley brand has been offering its trusted padlocks for almost a century. This combination model is the cheapest of this selection. However, it offers quality performance. This type of padlock is mainly used to close lockers at school, but also those in changing rooms.

For this, it has a dial with 60 digits. It takes 3 to unlock this equipment. Thus, it offers very extensive combination possibilities. All you have to do is turn the black dial to enter the code. This is facilitated by a clear display of numbers and dots. These are otherwise black on a silver background.

With a diameter of 5 cm, the body of this product is made of stainless steel. The same goes for the handle which has an interior height of 2 cm. Its width is 2.5 cm for a thickness of 0.6 cm.

Buying Guide - How To Choose A Good Padlock?

Padlocks are, by definition, all different from each other. There is almost a suitable model for every use. In order to choose the right one, there are therefore a few things to consider. This buying guide for the best padlocks gives you the selection criteria to take into account.

The resistance level

A padlock is always used to secure your belongings, whatever they are. It must therefore have a minimum of strength in the face of certain constraints. A few aspects are taken into account to determine this resistance. This mainly concerns 3 parts of the object, namely the handle, the body and the lock.

The handle is essential. It is she who maintains the body and the object that the padlock closes. As it is relatively thin, it is often subject to various attacks. Thus, this part must be extremely robust for the padlock to be the most efficient. In particular, it must withstand the jaws of a bolt cutter up to a certain threshold. In addition, its level of resistance to torsion must also be high. Then, the traction is also a test that is subjected to a padlock to know if it is secure or not.

The body and lock of this object also offer a certain degree of robustness. A high security model will withstand multiple blows. A high quality padlock should still be able to function after this treatment. If you buy a keyed model, the key still turns even after the lock has been forced.

The uniqueness of the key is also an important criterion in the security of this equipment. The more different keys there are, the less difficult a padlock will be to pick. Thus, the best brand of padlock will offer up to 20,000 different keys.


The location where this object will be used also determines the choice of model. The latter will not be the same if it is placed indoors or outdoors. Indeed, the conditions will have an influence on the integrity of the material. Therefore, when looking for which padlock to choose make sure it is suitable for the environment in which it will be used.

For outdoors, this equipment will have to resist rain, dust and frost, particularly strong in Canada. The materials must therefore be insensitive to corrosion. Brass or stainless steel are good options. A protective sheath or coating provides an additional guarantee of resistance. The marine environment is an even more restrictive environment. Salt is extremely corrosive. So, it is better to use high security and high end models for this particular environment.

For indoors, most padlocks are suitable. However, you will not use the same model to close a locker and a suitcase. This concerns not only the dimensions, but also the resistance among others. So to know how to choose the best padlocks of 2020, first determine where and what they are intended for. For luggage, in particular, it is best that you use TSA standard models. This prevents customs officials from damaging your padlock or your suitcase during a control.

The dimensions

It is obvious that the size of a padlock depends on its use. The dimensions must be proportional to the object to be locked. Certain characteristics are in particular to be considered. The first of these is the interior shackle height. Together with the inside shackle width, it determines the model of padlock suitable for a hasp. The larger these dimensions, the larger the support can be. Whether it's a latch, lock, or padlock holder, the best padlock will be one that's the right size. Care must then be taken that the height is not too high, as it gives a better grip for a bolt cutter.

The thickness of the shackle also determines the level of security. The thicker it is, the more resistant it will be. On the other hand, it must be ensured that this diameter is not greater than that of the support, such as that of a rack for example.

The width and thickness of the body of the padlock also have an impact on the resistance, but also on the weight of the latter. To be sure of knowing how to buy a padlock with a better quality-price ratio, it is therefore necessary to opt for a fairly massive model. It will withstand shocks better. On the other hand, on a bag it will add additional weight.

Check carefully the size, but also the material in which the padlock is made. The different metals used have different resistance levels, but also different weights.

frequently asked Questions

Q1: How does a wheel lock work?

A wheel lock has multiple discs or gears depending on the model and combination. When you turn the dial, it drives an element. When the number corresponds to the code, this element is set up for an opening. This process is repeated with the other digits of the combination. When all digits have been entered, the items are aligned to allow the latch to unlock. It is important for the first digit to complete a clockwise turn.

Q2: How to open a padlock without a key?

Opening a keyless padlock requires a few tools. For some models, it suffices to apply a tension by pulling on the body for example. Then, tap with a hammer on the side of the padlock where the shackle attaches. Otherwise, you have to use a bolt cutter. The best is to cut the body and not the shackle which is made of a very sturdy metal. The 3 e method is to use a dry air bomb. To do this, spray the lock for at least 30 seconds. When it is sufficiently frozen, break it with a sledgehammer.

Q3: How to open a U-shaped padlock without a key?

To open a U-lock, using a grinder is the best solution. A diamond blade must be mounted on it. A hacksaw is not suitable in this kind of situation. In order for the padlock to come off completely, the 2 arms of the buckle must be cut. Using a dry air spray can also be effective.

Q4: How to change the combination of a padlock?

Depending on the padlock model, changing the combination differs. In general, you must first open the padlock either with the original code or with the last code used. When open, turn the shackle 90 ° or 180 ° counterclockwise. Then push in the shackle as if to lock the padlock. The next step is to enter the new digits. When it's done, pull the handle back to its original position. Normally the combination has changed and the padlock can be closed.

Q5: How to protect a padlock?

To protect a padlock, in particular the lock, it is clever to coat the various elements with petroleum jelly or glycerin. This protects them from freezing. Covering the lock with adhesive tape is also effective. Otherwise, placing a magnet on it can also protect it. As a preventive measure, it is also possible to spray compressed air into the lock. This reduces the humidity inside. Some accessories like the Padlock Saver are also available. This protects the padlock from bad weather.

Q6: How do I reset a Dudley padlock?

Resetting a Dudley lock usually involves several turns of the dial. For a 3-digit combination, you need to do 3 full turns clockwise. This action resets the code before configuring the new one. Then, you have to place the dial in front of the 1st digit. Then, make a full turn in a counterclockwise direction and position on the 2 th digit. Turn again until 3 e figure clockwise.

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