The 5 Best Price on Counter Depth Refrigerators Of 2020 – Reviews & Buying Guide

Of all the household appliances in the house, the Best Price on Counter Depth Refrigerators is the most popular and the most used. But when you have to choose a model suitable for your kitchen, the task turns out to be more difficult than expected.

Between the different sizes and the new models offered, it is not easy to make a choice. We can, for example, opt for the Samsung 22.5 cu 4 door refrigerator for its triple cooling system. There are also models like the Star Baby 50/50 4-door fridge-freezer thanks to its incredible energy-saving system.

We have put together for you the 5 best price on counter depth refrigerators of 2020 in USA. This list combines the most efficient and the most ergonomic for each model. For a classification more suited to your budget, use this comparison to find the cheapest refrigerator.

Samsung RF23J9011SR 22.5 Cu. Ft
  • A large storage space: The refrigerator contains more compartments for yogurts and bottles, apart from the drawers for meat and vegetables.
  • Triple cooling system: Product odors will never be mixed.
  • 4 temperature levels: Possibility to transform the compartments into a freezer.
  • Manufacturing equipment: The compartments and drawers are made of plastic, they are fragile and very subject to the slightest fall.
  • Ice maker: It must be connected to a water point for optimal use, its capacity is small enough for a large fridge and requires regular maintenance.

Large refrigerator with 4 doors, this model will be perfect for large families. With its capacity of more than 600 liters, it is equipped with FlexZone technology to optimize the cooling of food. It is armed with a triple cooling system capable of adjusting the temperature of each compartment as required.

This system also prevents the mixing of different odors between the different compartments. Suffice to say that it is the most efficient of its kind to isolate meats from vegetables and dairy products.

Inside this large Samsung refrigerator, there are two bin compartments to keep products cool. With the appropriate setting, the Samsung refrigerator system will transform these bins into a freezer if necessary. This allows your device to store food over a long period of time. The upper compartments have been designed very wide. They can accommodate your largest pots and large salad bowls.

Star Baby 50/50 4-door fridge-freezer
  • Multi Air Flow technology: Gives total and independent control between each compartment.
  • An intelligent interior: Compartments adapted to humidity to extend the life of vegetables and fruits.
  • Silent motor: It is equipped with an inverter compressor reducing engine noise for more peace of mind.
  • Limited color choice: This cheap model is only available in brown until today.
  • Single compartments: Although the fridge is large, the interior does not have a drawer system and compartment for the fridge. The storage design is quite narrow.

Despite its 440 L capacity, this best Star Baby refrigerator is classified A ++ in energy saving. It thus guarantees a drastic reduction in your electricity consumption while accommodating a good number of foods inside.

This refrigerator has 4 separate doors, so 4 different compartments. The lower part of the appliance serves as a freezer while the upper part keeps food cool. Multi Air Flow technology allows you to control the temperature of each compartment according to your needs.

Its depth is 65.5 cm: it easily adapts in the cavities of the walls. An inverter compressor is included in its motor to reduce the operating noise of this large refrigerator to nothing.

The interior is capable of regulating the humidity of the compartments. Your products will then have a much longer lifespan.

Superior Propane LP Gas Off-Grid Refrigerator
  • Battery ignition: Its CSA certification allows it to start on propane or a 110 Volt supply. You can compare its performance to that of others.
  • Adjustable thermostat: Each fridge compartment has its own adjustable temperature.
  • Bottle tray: The doors of this propane refrigerator can be used to arrange bottles and cans for more storage.
  • Installation location: Due to its mode of operation, the propane refrigerator must be placed near a wall to ensure the evacuation of gas.
  • Manual defrost: The freezer has no automatic defrost detection system. It is, therefore, necessary to regularly check its condition to carry out manual defrosting.

If you are looking for where to buy the Best Price on Counter Depth Refrigerators, know that with its capacity of 180 liters, it is suitable for small houses accommodating one or two people.

Its main advantage is its double diet. It can operate on propane or undercurrent of 110 V. The 180 liters are distributed between the top freezer making 42 l and the refrigerator of 139 l. These two compartments each have their own adjustable thermostat.

Although it runs on propane and electricity, the battery in this fridge is rated AAA. Its consumption is therefore among the lowest to guarantee you a reduction in your bill.

A flame indicator is also located below the fridge to guarantee more safety from gas. The doors of the device are reversible, they are provided with bins to store bottles and cans.

Danby DAR033A6BDB-6 Contemporary Classic Mini Fridge-
  • Classy design: The design of this compact refrigerator gives it the privilege of adapting to any room.
  • A can compartment: The compartment for cans and large bottles on the door makes it easier to arrange these products.
  • Energy Star Index: This refrigerator uses half the electricity of other models of the same kind.
  • No freezer: This is a reduced refrigerator model. You can't keep food for a long time.
  • Unpleasant noises: The DANBY engine is not optimized for noise reduction. Avoid putting it near bedrooms.

Danby revisits the retro style of compact refrigerators to impress the consumer of the 21st century. With its curved door fitted with a rubber handle, its chrome black color makes it even more retro and more classy visually.

Its top can also be used as a kitchen worktop; its small height of 85 cm will put it on the same level as your kitchen table. For the interior, you have 124 liters of space divided into 4 different floors.

The door has 5 bobbin compartments and a large bottle. Suffice to say that this compact refrigerator was made for heavy drinkers.

Its advanced mechanical thermostat keeps a constant temperature to cool the products. Finally, it includes an automatic defrosting system. No need to worry about the condition of your fridge.

GE Appliances GWE19JSLSS, White
  • Big capacity: The freezer and the refrigerator are very separate, and are very spacious.
  • Energy Star certified: This model from the best brand of refrigerators consumes half the energy of another appliance of the same size.
  • Humidity management system: The interior of the fridge is managed by the Accu-chill system to adapt humidity to the needs of vegetables, fruits, and meats.
  • Quite noisy: The Whirlpool refrigerator is slightly noisier than most other models.
  • Not suitable for large uses: Although it is a large refrigerator, the freezer is small for restaurants or large families.

This Whirlpool three-door refrigerator has a large capacity. It makes more than 700 l in total, the freezer occupies about 210 l and is located below the refrigerator.

Not only does it take care of keeping food fresh, but it is also equipped with LED light to give them the light necessary for the proper maintenance of their colors.

In addition to the various compartments intended for food, the doors of this Whirlpool refrigerator include bins intended for the storage of the gallons of bottles and cans for easier storage.

The interior works with the Accu-chill system which effectively manages the humidity of the drawers. It thus keeps the food in an optimal freshness condition. This allows you to control the temperature to keep dairy products at the ideal temperature. We must not forget either the presence of an automatic defrosting system that switches on as soon as the freezer is saturated.

✔️ Buying Guide: How to Choose the best price on counter depth refrigerators?

You want to know which is the best refrigerator on the market, but you do not know the latest models released. Especially since you need the ideal comparison to find the right price-quality ratio. Our buying guide gives you the secrets to choosing the refrigerator of your dreams.

best mini fridge with freezer for dorm

Choose according to your habits

If you need to store frozen food and are wondering where to buy a new refrigerator, choose a model combined with a drawer freezer, or even large-capacity refrigerators. Their freezer is equipped with a cooling system independent of the rest of the appliance to improve the freezing of food. Make sure that the size of the freezer is around 100 liters in order to have the maximum storage space.

For families preferring to consume fresh, we recommend rather the fridges with large fresh bins. 3 or 4 door refrigerators will be your priorities. They have several practical and modular compartments as desired, depending on the type of food. In addition, their size makes it possible to store very large dishes without any worry. Some models even offer water cooler or crushed ice functionality.

Finally, if you have a small kitchen and want to know how to choose the best price on counter depth refrigerators of 2020, your eyes will automatically turn to the reduced models. An under-counter is ideal if you want to keep it in the kitchen. Its flat surface will allow you to place objects or devices on it.

They only have a simple model door and often do not include a freezer. You can also opt for a small refrigerator, with a reduced size for easier transport. They can be placed in any room, being especially optimized for arranging drinks. They are especially practical during summer heatwaves.

Adapt size to habits

Although habits influence the type and therefore the size of the inexpensive refrigerator chosen, it is still important to know the standard capacities of the devices to know how to buy a refrigerator with a better value for money. The larger the capacity, the higher the price. On the other hand, a model with a large size does not mean that it has a substantial storage capacity. Manufacturers tend to contract this: two refrigerators of the same size may have a different capacity.

To find an ideal size - price ratio, do not hesitate to use a price comparison before deciding to buy. For reference, a person will generally need 100 to 150 liters in their fridge. Then add 50 liters per person to find the capacity and size suited to your habits. If you are used to freezing your food, this reference can be increased to 100 liters per person.

We will then look at the dimensions after defining the capacity. As mentioned, the dimensions are not always proportional to the actual capacity of the fridge. To define which refrigerator to choose, check the height, width, and depth of the appliance. To this, it will be necessary to add a space between the wall and other devices at its sides. This space guarantees its ventilation for operation and better performance.

counter depth refrigerator reviews

Choose the most efficient

You have drastically reduced your list of choices following our advice in this buying guide for the best price on counter depth refrigerators. It only remains to determine which one is the most efficient. For this, the sheet for each device contains a class indicator to define its energy efficiency. Admittedly, the 4-door multifunction fridge is very attractive, but its consumption can quickly make you regret your choice!

The energy classes range from A +++, the most efficient, to D, the least efficient. They designate the electrical consumption of the device in kWh / year. However, it should be borne in mind that consumption is proportional to the size of the fridge, as it is permanently connected to produce the cold necessary for freezing. Thus, a 300 liter A +++ fridge will always consume more than a 150-liter fridge of the same class. A price comparison will quickly help you find the cheapest A +++ fridge.

Next, keep an eye on the climate class of the refrigerator. Of course, its role is to keep the food you put in it cold. However, the external environment must be taken into account so that the engine can run optimally. The most efficient class of refrigerators is marked SN-T. Their engine remains optimal between 10 ° C and 43 ° C.

If none of your choices are marked SN-T, choose a refrigerator classified SN to predict temperature drops. This class is optimal between 10 ° C and 32 ° C. At a minimum, a fridge is classified between 16 ° C and 32 ° C, a temperature not suitable for cold places such as cellars. If the ambient temperature is too cold, the engine of your appliance will stop working, while too high a temperature will degrade the freezing quality of food.

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Final Word

I hope that our knowledge and expertise will help you find the best price on counter depth refrigerators. If you are still unsure of anything or you are interested in soaking up some more information on the subject of the depth refrigerators, please do comment below and we will use our combined experience of 12 years of using depth refrigerators, to help you make the right decision. 😊


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