10 Best Projectors under $100, $200, $300 & $400 in 2020 – Complete Review & Buyer’s Guide

Are you looking for the 10 Best Projectors under $100, $200, $300 & $400 with the best value for money on the market? Well, we present to you the 10 models that you should take into account when buying the projector with LED lighting ideal for your home cinema or home theater. In this article we are going to give you all the keys so that you can take advantage of all the advantages that this modern projection technology offers us:

To enjoy  Projectors images with a high level of quality, an LED projector is an instrument that will help you have a good entertainment experience. To buy one, you should consider the power level and lighting of the lamp, the projection distance it can reach, the way it is connected, its useful life and the compatible formats it can work with, depending on the inputs and outputs that have incorporated. After reviewing the current offer, we found devices such as the APEMAN 3800L projector

A product capable of offering Full HD quality images with a brightness of 3800 lumens and a design where you can connect almost everything you need to the projector. If you still want more, you can turn to the WiMiUS 6500 projector, which has a native Full HD resolution and reliably reproduces images in 4K format, reinforcing that emission with its 6,000 lumens of brightness.

BEST PROJECTORS UNDER $100, $200, $300 & $400

If you are a fan of movies and prefer to see them reflected on the wall, with grainy images as seen in the cinema, then an LED projector may be your option. Below we present the 5 models most valued by users currently.

Recommended Products

📽️ APEMAN 3800L Brightness Projector

APEMAN 3800L Brightness Projector
Main advantage:
  • This projector has a resolution compatible with the Full HD format and a brightness quality that reaches 3,800 lumens, so you will have no problems obtaining quality emissions in different environments.
Main disadvantage:
  • The product includes speakers, although they are only 3 watts of power, so they may not be enough to listen to your projections in somewhat noisy environments.


Projection capacity

Although the first thing that catches the attention of this model is its compact size, the truth is that we are facing a product that does not clash in quality when it comes to broadcasting all kinds of content. Something that is perceived in detail such as the resolution it supports, and can even broadcast video and content in Full HD format with little loss of quality in such broadcasts.

To achieve higher quality, it also has a brightness of no less than 3,800 lumens, with which to obtain the necessary brightness for any image. These parameters are displayed on a screen of variable size, whose measurements vary from 34 to 180 inches diagonally, depending on the distance at which we place the projector with respect to the wall.

Connectivity and compatibility

As broad as its display options are the device's connectivity and compatibility options. Starting with that connectivity, we find a wide range of connection ports, where there is no lack of the HDMI port with compatibility for Smart TV devices, the USB and the micro SD reader to upload files, as well as the more traditional VGA and AV jacks.

As for compatibility, the product has the ability to read the most common image and sound files, without giving problems in the process of reproducing them. So you can play almost any content on the device without the need for a PC or other external support.

Other details

To complete this product, it has other functions that are also worth mentioning. Among them, we have the useful life of the product, with an LED lamp that offers us up to 50,000 hours of life, equivalent to about 15 years of regular use. Proof of the great manufacturing quality of the device.

We are also talking about a device with an improved system, which prevents dust and dirt from penetrating inside. This system is combined with improved refrigeration, which prevents overheating of the product and lengthens that shelf life. And as an extra, two 3-watt speakers are integrated into the body of the product, to hear directly what you want without having to connect anything else.

Verdict: 9.8 / 10

A high-quality, broadcast-capable LED projector with which to view all your favorite content in a big way and as it deserves.

📽️ WiMiUS P20 Native 1080P LED Projector

WiMiUS P20 Native 1080P LED Projector
  • Native resolution: The native Full HD resolution gives much higher quality to all the predictions made by the product.
  • Dimensions: The model has broadcast screens ranging from 50 to 300 inches diagonal, with no loss of image quality.
  • Speaker: The built-in speaker increases the power to 10 watts, so you can hear everything that is happening more clearly.
  • Durability: This projector increases the life of the lamp to 70,000 hours, in proof of the high quality of the product.
  • Fixation: The projector is not accompanied by any fixing system for the ceiling or similar, and you should create it yourself if necessary.

The WiMiUS 6500 projector is a high-end device capable, among other things, of emitting images at a 4K resolution closer to reality. For this, this model has a native Full HD resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels, compared to the 800 x 480 resolutions of other models. This translates to higher image quality and definition at any projection size.

Sizes that move from 50 to 300 inches, depending on the distance at which we place the projector. In addition, the included tools make it easy to adapt that image to the environment, with the corresponding correction.

A complete model that does not lack adequate connectivity or an integrated speaker, which grows in power up to 10 watts and includes a hi-fi system, to listen to everything better than ever.

Enjoy more of your favorite content with the high quality and resolution that this model puts at your fingertips.

📽️ BenQ MS527 3D DLP Projector

BenQ MS527 3D DLP Projector
  • Brightness: The bulb has 3300 lumens of brightness, so the product is suitable for both watching movies and any program or using the model for teaching or business.
  • 3D: The product is compatible with 3D image thanks to the included HDMI connectivity, so you can play this type of content.
  • Energy-saving: It is one of the models that save the most energy, thanks to the system that sheds only the necessary light and its Eco Blank function, which allows the screen to be left white when necessary.
  • Resolution: Although the resolution of the model is good, it is not the best, since it is not capable of reaching the highest levels and close to Full HD resolution.
  • Imaging system: Since the product has a 4: 3 image system, when playing 16: 9 images, the screen may have some shortcomings.

Setting up a home theater is somewhat easier today thanks to home projectors. It is no longer necessary to buy a large television, but a quality projector and a large screen are enough to watch your movies, sports and other content in the highest quality. In this context, have a model with a good resolution, such as the ​BenQ MS527 3D DLP Projector.

This resolution reaches 800 x 600 pixels in SVGA format, so it is easy to see your content in a pleasant and quality way.

Something that helps you it's 13000: 1 contrast and its 3300 ANSI lumens, with which blacks and other elements of the image are better distinguished, with high lighting both for watching movies or programs and for performing work teaching or business use.

This product is easy to install using the Quick Install system which makes it easy to access settings. And to save energy, you have the Eco Blank function that leaves the screen blank when necessary, to save energy and extend the life of the product.

📽️ AAXA Technologies P300 Pico Projector

AAXA Technologies P300 Pico Projector
  • Resolution: Despite its small size, it has an adequate resolution to offer good quality images.
  • Compatibility: The product is compatible with the main video and audio formats, so you can see and hear everything more clearly.
  • Laptop: This product is very small and weighs just 590 grams, so it is easy to carry anywhere you want.
  • Light: The light level of the image is low, so it is not the most suitable model to use in non-dark environments.
  • Speakers: As usual, the built-in speakers barely have 2 watts of power and only hear well where there's no noise.

The AAXA Technologies P300 projector is an interesting pico projector with which to enjoy high-quality broadcasts anywhere. A process for which this product has a base WXGA resolution of 1280 x 800 reference pixels, as well as the lighting of 300 lumens.

Parameters designed for more specific uses and dark environments, where the product offers its best performance. All this in a device easy to carry and to place, since due to its size it fits perfectly in the palm of the hand.

Among other details, it also includes the foot to place and orient it, as well as a rechargeable battery, with the capacity to power the product for about 60 minutes. Although obviously it can also work normally connected. Options that add even more versatility to the device.

Take your images and sounds anywhere with this compact LED projector, fully portable and as operational as the big ones.

📽️ LG Electronics PH30JG LED Projector

LG Electronics PH30JG LED Projector
  • Resolution: The native HD Ready resolution allows you to see everything clearly when it comes to enjoying your content.
  • Battery: It has four hours of battery life and autonomy, so you can project comfortably anywhere.
  • Screenshare: The Screenshare function makes it easier to share content from your mobile, PC or tablet even without cables.
  • Brightness: The brightness is somewhat adjusted, so the product loses efficiency in bright environments or where there is little darkness.
  • Finishes: Some comments indicate that the finishes are improvable, although it is a matter of aesthetics rather than efficiency.

The LG Electronics PH30JG model is an interesting LED projector from one of the leading brands in the sector such as LG. Something that is perceived in all the details that this product puts within our reach.

Among these details, we find an emission system with a brightness of 250 lumens and HD Ready 1280 x 720 resolution. The advantage is that this is the actual resolution of the product, without interpolations. So you will not have image losses below this level. This allows the product to broadcast up to 100 inches diagonally, making it easier for you to lengthen the screen to the size that suits you.

A product that is topped off with details such as its wireless connectivity with ScreenShare or an integrated battery, which gives it up to 4 hours of operation. All this without forgetting the useful life of the product, with a lamp that lasts up to 30,000 hours of use without deterioration.

If you prefer a well-known brand model, just take a look at what this LG product puts at your fingertips.

what is the best mini projector on the market - Complete Review & Buyer’s Guide

LED projectors have become an interesting option for those who ignore the limitations of television screens and are looking for a different option to enjoy the best image quality. If you are a newcomer to this technology, with our guide to buy the Best Projectors under $100, $200, $300 & $400 you will have the necessary information to not get lost in the search.


Brightness is one of the key elements when considering the purchase of an LED projector and, in general, any type of projector. This luminosity is the ability to generate the image and that it is alive and bright. The luminosity is measured in lumens and depending on the use that you are going to give to the projector, it is necessary to look for more or less luminosity.

Specifically, if you are looking to mount a home theater, to watch movies in the dark, 1,000 to 1,500 lumens of capacity are necessary, while if you are going to use it with the light on or for projections and presentations, it is recommended to choose one that Offers at least 2,500 lumens of capacity. This luminosity is also important, as we will talk about later when it comes to seeing the size of the image since the larger it is, the more that luminosity is distributed.


If we think about the operation of a projector, the fundamental element to establish the corresponding image size is the distance between the device and the wall or projection screen.

Therefore, it is advisable to consider where we are going to install the equipment before buying it since it would not make sense to buy a projector that offers a huge screen size, but that you need to place it at a greater distance than you really have at home.

On the other hand, it should also be considered that at very large sizes there are more possibilities that the resolution begins to fail, losing image quality and, on the other hand, the luminosity, which we have already discussed, is distributed less efficiently the larger the image size, so it is not worth spending more if we are not going to have enough wall or distance.


Currently, there are so many types of equipment and formats that can be used with an LED projector that we must not stop evaluating in our comparison of LED projector what are the connectivity options that the equipment has. Specifically, it is necessary that we verify that the projector has one or more HDMI inputs, which allow us to connect equipment that plays video in high definition and quality such as a Blu-Ray reader or modern game consoles.

It is also convenient to include traditional scart output, as well as corresponding jacks for connecting composite video jacks. Yes, it is true that these outputs have a lower image quality by default, but there are also many LED projectors that allow you to access image improvement options that, despite the origin of worse quality, maintain an adequate level of resolution and contrast onscreen. By the way, don't forget to check that the projector has a remote control, especially if you plan to install it on the ceiling.

How to use an LED projector

If you are a true cinema fanatic (darkness, large format screen and the comfort and privacy of your home, safe from undesirable armchair companions), this product will be peculiarly attractive to you. The same can be said if you want to “replicate” concerts, sporting events as if you were in the stadium and shows in general.

The LED projector reigns as a small wonder (with a super comfortable weight and dimensions) to enjoy large format entertainment.

What is the LED projector?

In short, the LED projector is an electronic device that allows you to display and admire the most extensive iconographic variety (images of any type and format, static and moving, as well as multiple digital documents) in large size, with excellent sharpness conditions and fidelity, thanks to LED technology (Light Emitting Diode).

This technology guarantees splendid projection conditions, thanks to the fact that its luminosity is –among other advantages– absolutely directional, boasting high energy efficiency (ecologically sustainable). In addition, useful life can reach 30 thousand hours of use, preserving its characteristics.

How to choose the projector

Deciding on a specific brand and model depends on the use you are going to give to the product: professional presentations - and in the field of studies - prioritizing the portability of the projector here (there are ultra-compact and light versions that do not sacrifice image quality) or entertainment, where the size and weight of the product are a less relevant consideration.

However, a notable advantage of LED projectors is that they form what we could call a multi-task team that does not exclude business or entertainment in its use, but are complementary edges that meet a common objective: the prodigious capacity of “Visualization” in large format, with splendid display quality of any “content” of our choice, previously digitized.

Where to project

In all cases, the use of LED projectors is highly intuitive and friendly for any digital user accustomed to the prevailing daily life of electronic devices.

More technical aspects to evaluate when choosing the model are, for example, the physical context where we are going to project (distance from the screen, which must be a smooth and impeccable surface and conditions of environmental “darkness”: semi-semi-darkness or clarity). The darker the room and the shorter the distance between the screen and the projector, the less light capacity the equipment requires to optimize the image resolution (and vice versa).

Connectivity and compatibility

The other must-have aspect is connectivity (from the obvious USB port to HDMI inputs, including, for example, SD, VGA, and AVX1). Never the less, the compatibility of video and audio formats is vital (AVI, MP4, 3GP, MKV, FLV, MP3 and JPG).

Despite the remarkable resistance and stability of the LED technology applied to the projectors, the care of the lens that guarantees the image quality must never be neglected.

Projector care

Once the use of the equipment is finished, waiting a reasonable time for it to cool down, take it out of the weather, keeping it free of dust and moisture. The use of its protective case preserves the integrity of the projector, especially during the transportation process, preventing the possibility of any unforeseen impact.

The most popular brands

Faced with the times of high-price LED projectors, which were only available to a few, there are major brands that today offer quality products at affordable prices, in order to give a special touch to your leisure center without having to spend too. If you do not know where to look for this type of projector, we present three of the brands that are currently ringing the most in the market and whose products are surely very interesting to you.


In the warm lands of California, back in 2003, the Excelvan company began operations. This company is dedicated to offering all kinds of innovations and electronic products for our home, our vehicle and for our time outdoors. However, as the company progressed and the company improved its results, it expanded its offer to include products such as tablets, lighting or photography accessories, among others.

A complete offer of quality products that have led the company to have an international presence worldwide, with distribution centers in the United Kingdom and China to improve its international coverage. All this process of management and growth led the company to achieve sales of nearly $ 30 million. Something very far from the barely 200,000 USD with two employees that the company had in its days of "garage".

Regarding its LED projectors, we find that the product responds to the company's own line, with a commitment to quality at a good price, so that Excelvan projectors offer us to expand our multimedia center for less than we think. All this also with a high level of quality to enjoy any movie as if it were a cinema.


The manufacturer Crenova has been known for a long time for the manufacture of products related to surveillance and access control, finding in its catalog products such as control cameras and closed-circuit television for all types of applications. Something that has led the company to become known and a benchmark in the sector, among other things, for the options that allow remote access and control of these cameras.

Based on the quality of these products and its manufacturing experience, the company has decided to expand its operations in order to create new products such as microscopes, hard drives, loudspeakers, and the aforementioned LED projectors. All of the brand's products maintain high-quality standards within the economic price range in which the company operates, to offer products tailored to all users and for all budgets.

As a novelty within the projector segment, they have a high level of brightness and brightness, so that the image quality obtained is much clearer and brighter than other models with similar characteristics. If we add that its products can reach 1080P resolutions, the image quality is more than enough for any type of business or personal use.


Despite being a recently created company, with just a few years of life, DBPower has turned the network into its main market and the quality and good price of its products have taken care of the rest. This British firm has a wide catalog of products related to everything that has to do with the world of electronics, including, among others, products such as the aforementioned LED projectors to which others such as drones, adventure cameras or portable car DVD kits.

Although its products are made in Asia, DBPower spends a good part of its time searching for quality suppliers with which to offer first-class products, always at reasonable prices. In fact, we can find LED projectors for less than 200 USD, which is a step forward for those who want to enjoy good image quality in their projection. Quality that can reach 1080P or Full HD design, so that quality is a fundamental key of this company.

Frequently asked questions

How can I configure a mini LED projector?

Is an LED or DLP projector better?

Why is my LED projector not working?

Final Word

It’s just perfect! It fits in your pocket and has inbuilt speakers. We are pretty sure you already selected it!

We hope we helped you clear up your mind on buying Best Projectors under $100, $200, $300 & $400. Please visit other sections of this website to find out more reviews on more products.

If you still couldn't find the best projector for yourself then check out more projectors on amazon! 😉

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