The 10 Best PS4 Controller For FPS-Reviews & Buying Guide

Apart from the official version, which is the DualShock 4, there are also elite controller models. The latter is equipped with paddles favoring movement, but also the shoot. When buying, when you don't know much about it, it's straightforward to get lost. In this article, you will find so-called classic or standard controllers, wired models, but also wireless.

You will, therefore, be spoiled for choice. Whatever your starting budget, you will find what you are looking for. Benefiting from an excellent quality-price ratio, Nacon Controller Esports Revolution Unlimited Pro V3 PS4 is a model in its own right. It offers 4 configurable shortcut buttons. To mark the success of the PS4, Sony has decided to produce the PlayStation DualShock 4 Wireless Controller.

Need to know where to buy the Best PS4 Controller For FPS around? Discover through this list that we have concocted the most recommended models of this year.

best cheap ps4 controller
  • Customizable: Which PS4 controller to choose? The head of the joysticks to the setting of the buttons, including the intensity of the vibration, can be completely personalized.
  • Easy to use: The program developed by Nacon dramatically simplifies its use. Also, the software is very comprehensive.
  • Solid: On other PS4 controllers, the joysticks tend to crumble, which is not the case with this model. Note also that it has a quality rubber grip.
  • Difficult to press: The 4 buttons which are located at the handles are not easy to operate.
  • No display of remaining battery life: The battery life will not be displayed on your screen.

By researching on the internet, we immediately notice that game controllers' price for the next-gen console is not given. It is, therefore, important to know how to buy a better value PS4 controller.

Equipped with two joysticks with an amplitude of 30, 38, and 46 °, the Unlimited Pro V3 from Nacon lives up to its name. Also, you can choose between a hollow or convex-shaped head.

Apart from the conventional keys, this must-compare and must-buy model is equipped with several Smart LED indicators, a 3.5mm jack, volume controls, and 4 shortcut buttons. Remember that it is equipped with two fully adjustable vibration motors.

As on the DualShock 4, we are in the presence of a wireless controller. To recharge the battery, all you have to do is connect the braided USB cable provided by Nacon to your console. Considering the variety of control buttons, we can say that this controller is not expensive.

best ps4 controller for modern warfare
  • An original design: Far from being a standard DualShock 4, this model benefits from a translucent blue finish that is one of a kind.
  • Good autonomy: The autonomy of its battery lasts as long as that installed on the classic DualShock 4. For information, the intensity of the brightness of the LED bar is adjustable.
  • Does not tarnish: The color of the case will not tarnish over time, despite daily use.
  • Not compatible with PS5: Until proven otherwise, this controller will not be compatible with the next PlayStation, which is none other than the PS5.

Apart from the grip, the design of a controller is of particular importance in collectors' eyes. Sold in Canada, this DualShock 4 is different from the standard version. For those who are not yet aware, this is the special edition 500 million.
Released on August 24, 2018, this model stands out from other controllers thanks to its translucent blue finish. Remember also that a light bar has been installed at the touchpad. These details make this version the Best PS4 Controller For FPS for the general public.

Regarding the controls, this limited edition is equipped with a directional cross, two analogs, a cross, square, triangle, round, L1, L2, R1, R2, PS, share, and options button.

Note also that a mono speaker is integrated into the box. In terms of connections, this model has a USB-C port and a stereo headphone output. As for its power supply, Sony has opted for a 1000 mAh battery.

best ps4 controller for call of duty
  • Ergonomic: As easy to handle as the DualShock 4, its use will not cause any discomfort or injury.
  • Light: Made of premium plastic, the WC001 will not fear sweat, humidity, or heat.
  • An attractive design: This controller's design is relatively different from the model shipped with the PS4. Note the slightly frosted appearance of the handle as well as the touchpad.
  • Lack of responsiveness: The R1 button has a latency time of about 0.5 s, which is penalizing when playing shooting games.
  • A power problem: Some users mentioned that sometimes it was impossible to turn it off.

Compatibility with media other than the PS4 is a significant advantage. Many players alternate between the console and the PC. Recognized by Windows 7, 8.1, 10, and the PS4 Pro, this controller has been cleverly designed. To activate it, plug it into your computer's USB port. It's as simple as that.

Equipped with the DualShock function, this PS4 pro controller is equipped with two vibration motors. Thus, the gaming experience will be much more authentic. Ergonomic, the button layout is strictly identical to that of the DualShock 4.

However, this model offers a better grip. This is made possible by the anti-slip device located at the handles. In addition to that, the latter supports perspiration.

It's this attention to detail that makes Orda the best brand of PS4 controllers. Thanks to the 3.5mm audio output, you can plug in your headphones.

best ps4 controller for fortnite
  • An ingenious design: The design of these cases is relatively easy to understand. This product is mounted in the same way as a cell phone case.
  • A nice design: By mounting it, you will personalize your controller. Also, the patterns are printed and not glued to the case.
  • Bad casting: Due to a molding defect, the PS button is not entirely wrapped. As a result, it may not snap back into place.
  • Thick: Its thickness is much higher than the original case. As a result, the share and options buttons lack responsiveness. Fortunately, you get used to it quite quickly.

What is the Best PS4 Controller For FPS on the market? Usually, players choose it based on the designs that are printed on the case and its color. To customize your controllers, Piranha Performance has designed hulls with a variety of designs. Their templates conform to the DualShock 4 regardless of its version.

As a motif, we find the Canadian flag, a basketball and soccer ball, colored bricks, a fire truck, the jacket from Red Dead Redemption 2, and a rainbow.

In terms of colors, the choice goes from white to gold or pink chrome through green, orange, and transparent pink, pastel blue, bright orange, and a woody finish.

As for the assembly, you will only have to stick it to your controller. Also, note that they will be protected by bubble wrap. Buying these cases will cost you less than buying a new PS4 controller.

best ps4 controller for fps
  • Excellent build quality: The finish level and the materials used by Nacon are much more qualitative than the original controller. Also, the touchpad incorporates patterns.
  • Functional: Whether it's the analogs, the directional pad, or the other control buttons, everything is useful.
  • The R1 and L1 button: To operate them, your fingers will need to be placed in the middle. This is due to the shape and location of the buttons.
  • A wired controller: Although the cable length is long enough, its presence can be a nuisance to those who are used to playing with a wireless controller.

If you are looking for a cheap PS4 controller, then you have come across the right article. Blending two technologies, namely analog, and digital game control, this model is the most efficient in its class. As a wired controller, it is equipped with a 3 m cable.

Compact, its case measures 170 mm wide, 205 mm long, and 65 mm thick. In case you didn't know, its weight is rated at 431g. In terms of its shape, this model is slightly rounded.

Well-designed, the analog on the left is distinguished from the one on the right thanks to the head of the joystick button. Note also the presence of a blue LED indicator.

The cross, square, round, triangle, and PS buttons are the same as on the DS4. The location of the headphone jack is similar to the controller produced by Sony.

🎮 Buying Guide - How To Choose A Good PS4 Controller?

How to choose the Best PS4 Controller For FPS of 2020? The primary purchasing criteria will be developed in this buying guide. After reading it, the operation and purchase criteria of this controller will no longer have any secrets for you.

best ps4 controller

The cost and components of the controller

The price is a criterion to be taken into account in a buying guide for the Best PS4 Controller For FPS and comparison. It depends on the brands, models, and the items that come with the accessory. Also, note that there is a price difference between the different model ranges. For everyday use, it is advisable to choose either entry-level or high-end, if you can afford it. This ensures the quality and durability of the controller.

After the price, you should also take into account the items that the accessory has. A suitable PS4 controller must be able to provide all the options of a PlayStation 4 console. The attachment must, therefore, have a light bar. This will allow it to interact with the console in wireless mode. Afterward, the controller must have a “share” button. It allows us to share the sequences of the game via the Internet.

If possible, also look for a controller with speakers. This allows sound to be played without having to use headphones. Then you need to check if there is a CUH-ZCT2 system on the accessory. This facilitates the connection between the console and the controller.

Customization option

The most demanding gamers may want to customize their controller. With a customizable accessory, you can have your style and play. Plus, customization options help protect your controller from bumps, moisture, and more. Personalization also offers the possibility of creating a particular atmosphere of the game. As a result, it becomes an important criterion of choice for a gamer.

When we talk about customization, the first criterion to check before wondering where to buy a new PS4 controller is the possibility of adding or not a protective cover. This will protect the shell, the buttons, and the controller system. You can choose according to your personality, your tastes, etc.

Apart from a cover, you can also choose a controller that accepts stickers. This offers the possibility of decorating the accessory and protects it from dust, etc. For the atmosphere, some controllers have joysticks. Do not hesitate to consult a price comparison for the costs.

Best PS4 Controller For FPS

Ergonomics and responsiveness

One of our tips for a quality and comfortable game is to choose an ergonomic and responsive controller. This means that it must have flexible and quiet buttons. The controls must also be accessible, near the fingers intended for the controls. The controller should not be too heavy or too light. It should also be comfortable to the touch.

After that, the accessory must have precise and easy to handle analog sticks. The controls must be responsive to avoid annoying latency, especially during reflex games such as sports.

🎮 How to connect a second PS4 controller to a PlayStation 4 console

Top 5 Best Headsets for PS5 in 2021

🎮 frequently asked Questions

Q1: How to connect a PS4 controller to PC?

In the original state, a PS4 controller is not recognized by a Windows operating system. To do this, first, download the DS4Windows software and install it on your PC. Then connect your PS4 controller to your PC, either via cable or Bluetooth. If you opt for the cable connection, just plug the USB into one of your ports. Then, the software should automatically recognize your controller.

If it's a wireless connection, turn on your PC's Bluetooth. On your controller side, simultaneously press the PS and Share buttons for a few seconds. Then connect your controller to your PC. Finally, launch the DS4Windows application, and the controller should appear on the interface of this application.

Q2: How do I play with a PS4 controller on PC?

Before enjoying your game on your PC, first set up your controller. Once the previously announced steps have been completed, you can directly launch your game. However, remember that DS4Windows must be launched in the background when you play your video game. If you wish, you can also customize your buttons, as these are set by default.

Q3: How do I charge a PS4 controller?

Your controller is originally equipped with a micro-USB port. So, to charge your controller battery, you just need to plug a cable into this port, connecting it directly to the PS4. Thus, your battery is recharged automatically as long as your console remains on or in standby. If your battery is completely discharged, the recharging time is about 2 hours.

The monitoring of your device's charge is also done by reading on the screen of your controller. In standby mode, the bar will flash orange and turn off when charging is complete.

Q4: How to customize my PS4 controller?

The most popular customization is the use of stickers on your controller. These are currently on sale, and you can choose between different figures. On the other hand, the personalization of all parts is also possible. Would you like a smaller button than usual? Professionals will deliver a custom controller to you.

Q5: How do I play with a PS3 controller on PS4?

In general, a PS3 controller can no longer be used on a PS4. However, there are tips for doing this.

For this, you need a PS3 adapter for PS4. The latter is currently present under different brands. Some allow you to use the wireless functionality, via Bluetooth. Each setting will depend on the type of adapter purchased and follow the corresponding guide.

Q6: How to connect a second PS4 controller?

Connecting a second controller to its console is entirely possible and can be done in two different ways.

The first is to play as a guest on the same account. To do this, plug in the controller and press the PS button. Then create a new user and play as a guest. This is a temporary account that will be deleted immediately when the console is turned off. It should be noted that this technique depends on the game, and some do not accept it. The second option is to plug in your second controller and create another PSN account.

Final Word

These were all about the Best PS4 Controller For FPS you need to know. If you have gone through this article very well, you now understand which one to choose and what things to look for before buying the Best PS4 Controller For FPS. You can buy the PS4 Controller from the Amazon (links are provided above) and help us to write more honest reviews for you in the future.

If you have any queries or questions, you can comment anytime below.

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