The 5 Best Rechargeable Milk Frother Of 2021

To prepare cappuccino, you need a good boost so that the milk obtains the optimum consistency. If this step can be done by hand, the milk frother helps to save precious time thanks to its electric whisk. We have put together the most popular models on the market for you to help you choose your milk frother.

We can see for example the Breville BREBMF600XL Milk Frother renowned for its ease of use and cleaning. If you prefer portable models, the Zulay Milk Boss Portable Milk Frother stands out for its small size while being among the most efficient in its row.

The 5 Best Rechargeable Milk Frother (Reviews & Tests) of 2021

Do you dream of making your own latte at home? A milk frother will be essential in order to obtain a very smooth cream! We've rounded up the 5 Best Rechargeable Milk Frother brands of 2021 below. Whether it's a portable frother or a magnetic whipping frother, you will find your happiness there. 

1. Breville BREBMF600XL Milk Frother

best rechargeable milk frother
  • Color : Stainless Steel
  • Brand : Breville
  • Material : Stainless Steel
  • Item Dimensions : LxWxH6.1 x 6.4 x 10.3 inches
  • Item Weight : 3.6 Pounds
  • Capacity : Its large capacity makes it the ideal frother if you are a latte fan. It is among the largest among the products in the same row.
  • Ease of use : A potentiometer to set the desired temperature, and a button to start and stop. Whipping your milk has never been easier than with this device.
  • Ease of cleaning : Thanks to the induction heating, you just need to send the jug in the dishwasher to remove all traces of use.
  • Sensitive to high temperatures : Although this Breville milk frother offers heating up to 180 degrees, it is not recommended to often exceed the ideal temperature (60 °), as this quickly tires out the induction hob.

This model from Breville is our first choice among the top performing milk frothers. The main argument proposed by the manufacturer is the capacity of the machine.

It is capable of accommodating up to 3 cups of coffee, or approximately 650 ml. All in a container of 15x16x26 cm only! Suffice to say: this milk frother blends in completely with the kitchen. No need to clear any storage space, it's barely as big as a coffee machine.

Although powered by 120 volts, the machine is made entirely of plastic. Thus, it presents no risk while you are handling the various liquids.

Finally, this frother stands out thanks to its induction heating. It heats your milk gradually by creating bubbles through it, enough to obtain a perfect coffee! It also incorporates an automatic shut-off system: set the temperature you want and the machine will turn off the second your milk reaches that temperature.

2. Zulay Milk Boss Portable Milk Frother

best price nespresso milk frother
  • Color : Hot Pink with Gold Button
  • Brand : Zulay Kitchen
  • Material : 18/10 Steel
  • Ease of use : The Milk Boss lights up thanks to a golden button placed above the whip itself. No further manipulation is necessary.
  • Ease of storage : The milk frother is 159 g in total with 25 cm in length and less than 7 cm in thickness. It literally takes no space.
  • Quick cleaning : Simply immerse the whisk in hot water and let it run for a few minutes.
  • Short autonomy : The milk frother is powered by 2 AA batteries not included. Good quality batteries are essential to make the use of the whisk last.
  • Single whip : It is neither detachable nor replaceable. It is therefore not recommended for professionals who need more than one whisk.

If you want to drink coffee as good as the local barista's, first ask yourself how to pick the Best Rechargeable Milk Frother of 2021. The Milk Boss from Zulay Kitchen is the stuff you need.

This is a portable frother that runs on 2 AA batteries. With an engine running at 12,500 rpm, it is capable of mixing countless products. Whether it's keto coffee, cappuccino, or hot chocolate, the nylon and titanium whisk will fit whatever product you'll use.

The whisk holder fits perfectly in all hands, almost like a pen. As for its length, it measures 25 cm for a weight of 159 g.

You can therefore use the Milk Boss with a large container. Then immerse the whisk in hot water and run it for a few seconds to clean it. With the inexpensive frother from Zulay Kitchen, you can drink the best coffee at home.

3. Nestle 3694-US-BK Aeroccino3 Milk frother

best milk frother for latte art
  • Color : Black
  • Material : Nonstick
  • Brand : Nestle Nespresso
  • Item Dimensions : LxWxH3.9 x 3.9 x 7.2 inches
  • Item Weight : 1.9 Pounds
  • Ergonomic use : A button for hot preparations, and a second for cold foams.
  • Simple and sober design : This nespresso milk frother blends in with any decor with its 9 cm in diameter and 17 cm in height, as well as its black color.
  • Two mixing modes available : The Aeroccino produces both cold foams and hot preparations.
  • Reduced capacity : This Nestlé device is intended for personal use with its maximum capacity of 240ml.
  • Selective frother in relation to milk : Milk with 0% fat remains the most ideal with this frother. Other types may not lather well, depending on their recommended use.

It's impossible to talk about a milk frother without going through Nestlé products! If you use a price comparison, the Nespresso Aeroccino 3 will undoubtedly be one of the first choices.

We note first of all its design that is both simple and classy. It looks like a thermos 10 cm in diameter with 18 cm high, for 862 g. You'd hardly notice it, set on a table, thanks to its full black coloring. Whether it's cold foam or hot milk, this little device has both features to suit your tastes.

If you plan to froth, the container can hold up to 120ml of milk. If you reheat it, its capacity expands to 240ml. Suffice to say, these numbers make the Aeroccino 3 a device for personal use.

In addition, its use is more than easy: an on / off button, with an automatic shut-off system once the temperature is reached, and two buttons to choose between warming mode or cold mixing.

4. Secura Automatic electric milk frother

best cheap milk frother
  • Package Dimensions : 7.72 x 6.46 x 4.96 inches
  • Item Weight : 2.46 pounds
  • Versatility : this Secura model which is the best brand of milk frother produces both cold and hot froths. It comes with two whips provided for this purpose.
  • Detachable parts : This electric milk frother is detachable from its machine, while the jug has an angle for creating art in your lattes.
  • Cut : Among the same models, the Secura aerator takes up the most space with its 20 cm high and 16 cm diameter.
  • Food : The power plug is an American model requiring an adapter if you don't have the right plugs.

If you are looking for a versatile frother, this from Secura is for you. Upon purchase, you will choose between 4 sizes available according to your needs. Thus, you have the choice between 1 or 2 cups; or between 250 and 500 ml.

As for the maximum amount of liquid, they are printed directly on the jug to serve as a guide. So you won't have to worry about the foam overflowing when whipping.

So, whether it's a cold foam or hot coffee, the Secura milk frother will produce the smoothest possible cream in seconds. No need to go through several steps to get it up and running.

A single button controls the function to be used. Finally, the upper part of the frother is transparent: you can watch its foam gain volume without having to open the lid.

5. Vava Electric milk frother with milk function

best milk frother for latte
  • Product Dimensions : 6.14 x 4.25 x 7.28 inches
  • Item Weight : 1.5 pounds
  • Manufacturer : VAVA
  • Versatility : This model is capable of preparing both cold and hot foams. It comes with several additional whisks to get the optimum creaminess for your needs if you are still wondering where to buy a new milk frother.
  • Ease of cleaning : The inside of the jug is covered with a non-stick surface; it cleans itself in a few minutes without leaving a trace.
  • Quiet : The machine produces almost no sound during operation, and is controlled using three buttons.
  • Capacity : This frother accommodates a maximum of 240 ml for hot preparations, a rather low capacity, because it is the size of a coffee machine.
  • Not detachable : The inner jug cannot be detached, you have to move the whole machine to pour the foam into the cup.

Also in the row of versatile frothers, that of Vava holds a high place in the ranking. We regret its low capacity for the size of a coffee machine: 240 ml maximum for hot preparations.

Nonetheless, it comes with 4 different whisks to meet all your batting needs. Two whisks for cold foams, two more for hot preparations. The Vava Electric Milk Frother will delight the whole family.

The inner surface of its jug has a non-stick surface to avoid leaving marks during cleaning. A single button to start and stop frothing after choosing the desired mode; process during which the machine will be completely silent.

Once your mousse is ready, pour it into your cup and create pretty figures using the ergonomic angled spout.

Buying Guide - How To Choose A Good Milk Frother?

If milk frothers only have one main function, choosing the most ideal for your specialty coffees may prove to be more difficult than you expect. Thanks to our advice, you will know how to find the most efficient and cheapest aerator. To do this, a comparison must be made between the capacity, the ease of use, and the accessories of the device.

Best Rechargeable Milk Frother

Find the ideal capacity

Capacity is arguably the most important part when choosing a milk frother. If it's not big enough, you won't have enough foam for everyone. This capacity varies a lot from device to device, usually between 200-700ml. Some also express it as a cup (1 or 2 cups), with 1 cup of coffee being equivalent to about 240 ml. The capacity of a milk frother reveals a lot for its use. The larger ones will allow you to prepare lattes for the whole family, conversely, the smaller ones are intended for personal use or for quick preparations.

If you want to buy the best portable milk frother, its length will override its capacity. These mobile models give free rein to all our movements, and can be used in any container. Hence the importance of its length, in case you want to use large jugs.

Don't skimp on the design!

To know which milk frother to choose, there is nothing like comparing the design! We will always prefer the larger device, of course, but sometimes it is better to take the one that occupies the least space. If your kitchen isn't big enough to support another machine, the portable whisk will solve this problem.

If you have enough room for a 8 '' diameter milk frother, refer to our buying guide for the Best Rechargeable Milk Frother to find your happiness. Usually machines are no more than 8 inches in diameter and height. Machines exceeding this size are often optimized for professionals - or for large families if that's your case.

They often blend into the kitchen decor depending on their color and material of manufacture. If you are wondering which is the Best Rechargeable Milk Frother on the market, it will undoubtedly be completely plastic with a non-stick surface inside.

Ease of use and cleaning

Where to buy the Best Rechargeable Milk Frother? Ease of use and ease of cleaning are strong arguments for your choice. A milk frother that performs its task in less than 10 minutes flat will be one of your priorities.

To learn how to buy a better value milk frother, judge the equipment by the time it takes you to froth and clean it. Some will be harder to clean, others will need to be detached altogether and require manual cleaning.

The best are, without a doubt, those whose jug can be washed in the dishwasher. Laptops also line up among the easiest aerators to store. You could also take it to your friends and let them benefit from your barista skills!

How to use a milk frother?

Each of us needs our morning coffee to start the day off right. There are endless specialties around the world, and each one can be personalized to your liking. Among these different tastes, milk takes a very important place. When well whipped, it gives our drink a completely different taste.

In order to obtain optimal creaminess, a milk frother quickly becomes essential, because whipping milk by hand can quickly become tiring. These machines are equipped with an integrated whisk in order to give volume to the milk. In a matter of minutes, you have the smoothest mousse for your preparations.

No worries about its use. Most milk frothers are very easy to activate. To start, make sure your milk is below the maximum limit of the jug. It differs depending on your preparation; hot foams usually allow more milk to be used in the frother.

Then choose the mode - hot or cold milk - and start your machine. If it does not have an automatic shut-off system, it is advisable to whip the milk for about two minutes. Then serve the mousse in the cup, giving it an artistic shape. Frother jugs often have an angled spout designed for this purpose.

There are also manual whisks that do not require a wire connection or a jug. These run on batteries most of the time to keep you fully mobile. This is also their main advantage: portable whips can be taken in any bag. In addition, they allow you to froth directly in your cup - provided the whisk is not too large - and therefore reduce the number of dishes. Obviously, it cannot be compared to electric frothers which can froth up to 500 ml of milk.

However, the portable whisk offers unparalleled freedom. Just immerse it in the container and turn it around for two minutes to make the milk rise. To clean it, the same process is to be repeated in hot water. In the end, you will take at most 10 minutes to froth your milk.

So, before you buy your milk frother in Canada, define your needs. Some are optimized for family use, others are intended only for one or two cups, and there are portable whisks. Despite all these models, their use does not differ much from each other. The milk is frothed in three stages: pour in the milk, whisk for about two minutes, and pour into the drink. By having your own Stokes milk frother, your coffees will be even more delicious and smoother than those of the local barista!

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