The Best Sewing Machines For Children – Reviews & Buying Guide

Do you want to buy a Best Sewing Machines For Children and you don't know which one to choose? !! Congratulations!! I come to show you this excellent guide will facilitate your choice. Above all, because this type of product has become a great gift to motivate children to develop their creativity and Best Sewing Machine For Seamstress.

Without a doubt, those who want to buy the Best Sewing Machines For Children should start by taking a look at the comparison we will develop in this post.

Now, if you don't want to read the whole post and just look for the best of the best we show you our selection:

As a first alternative, we suggest Theo Klein 7901 for its great resemblance to a real machine. It is ideal for a variety of designs with a perfect finish.

Among the best, the BUKI FRANCE 5501 machine is also located , with an amazing “all-in-one” kit. It is an excellent choice, as it offers good quality and power to take the first steps in sewing. It is quite didactic and brings a QR code for video tutorials.

If you don't have enough budget, don't worry! We present the HAITRAL PORTABLE machine . It is more economical but tough and fun. Perfect, for beginners and children who dabble in the world of sewing.

And if you want to discover, all the options of this top of best infatile sewing machines , we invite you to read until the end Do not forget to see it! It will help you make the right decision.

Discover the reasons to give a child his first sewing machine

There are several reasons that lead to giving a child a sewing machine. But here we show you the most important:

  • Wake up creativity , children will see how an idea can turn it into reality, encouraging their imagination.
  • It allows you to combine fun with learning , they have fun creating and learn to follow instructions to use the machine well. In addition, you can teach them how to build and develop small sewing patterns.
  • They assume responsibility , when they agree to use the tool safely and take care of it so that it does not present a failure.
  • It is a gift that makes the older child feel , because it allows him to practice an adult activity. They like this, and even more so if mom or any family member does this work. Do you remember when we wanted to be big as a child?
  • A special sewing machine for children offers them the opportunity to feel the satisfaction of making their projects come true . This is observed, in the case of girls when they make the clothes of their dolls and make a happy face.
  • There are excellent quality models on the market at a good price , ideal for a gift.
  • Strengthens the parent-child bond , because it establishes a reason for interaction between the mother and the daughter in the learning process.

Our Top 5 Best Models Of Children's Sewing Machine

Our favorite
Theo Klein 7901

Theo Klein-7901 Sewing Machine For Children - Working With Batteries

Amazon Choice
HAITRAL Portable Sewing Machine Adjustable 2

HAITRAL Portable Sewing Machine Adjustable 2-Speed Double Thread Electric Crafting Mending Machine with Foot Pedal

The cheapest
Cool Maker - Sew N’ Style Sewing Machine

Cool Maker - Sew N’ Style Sewing Machine with Pom-Pom Maker Attachment


Sew Cool Machine

Sew Cool Sewing Studio with 10 Projects

Now, I invite you to take a look at the Top 5 models of Best Sewing Machines For Children:

1️⃣ Theo Klein 7901

As we mentioned above, this machine represents the best option in the market and we will detail why.

First, we want to mention that there are models below the quality level of this machine with a higher price . Therefore, we suggest not stopping to visualize its cost, but to appreciate its benefits.

It is a very safe machine, we even recommend it Best Sewing Machines For Children. It has a transparent protective cap around the needle that hinders direct contact with the fingers.

It works like adult machines with upper and lower thread , making its operation more real. As for the operation, this function strengthens the seam, obtaining a piece with a good finish.

Theo Klein allows to create a great variety of pieces with a lot of safety and operational comfort. It has an ergonomic structure that gives the child good comfort while working and having fun.

And how about your autonomy? I commented that this is another aspect that we loved, since it is battery and can be easily mobilized .

In addition, it has another level of security for added protection, it can be operated in manual mode and with the pedal. Allows thread tension adjustment by means of a rotary knob and spool holder .

It has a weight of 748g and a size of 12.5x20x19.5 cm ideal for being able to be moved by a child. And like a good sewing tool, it brings all its accessories for sewing.

  • It is an aesthetic model, resistant and fast.
  • Lightweight design and easy to transport.
  • It has good precision in stitches.
  • It operates with a good engine and no annoying noises.
  • It is battery powered and can be easily mobilized.
  • Excellent price for product quality
  • The only complaint, it could be that with some fabrics it gets stuck a little

2️⃣ HAITRAL Portable Sewing Machine

This model is an electric machine , which even when it is very cheap has excellent features. It is very appropriate for beginners and sewing enthusiast. It is considered as a mini sewing machine, it is more than a toy!

This great machine allows working with two speeds and two power modes . With this, the children of the house can make different designs, with a good finish and look like all professionals.

We liked it a lot, because it allows girls to do many home sewing projects . Among them: change and creation of clothes, crafts, quilts, home decoration, etc. With this machine the girls will be ready to help us decorate the home.

It includes foot pedals, this gives it greater ease of use, and makes it a perfect imitation of the real one. As if that were not enough, it has LED sewing light to facilitate threading and the task of sewing.

It also has a button to turn on / off , which allows the correct use of the tool.

It has on the bottom EVA pads that secure the machine and keep it firm on the platform. This provides safety and protection to children while designing and having fun.

Another important aspect of this model is that it offers double thread sewing, clean and straight stitch.

If what you are looking for, it is a complete product and at an unbeatable price. Think no more! make up your mind and take this machine that will work for you and the children at home.

  • Lightweight, small and compact design ideal for mobilization.
  • It has enough features to perform basic seams.
  • It has a good aesthetic.
  • Great value for the price.
  • For some users, threading at the bottom is a bit complicated.
  • It has no protector on the needle, which can be dangerous for children. Therefore, we suggest you use it under the supervision of an adult.

3️⃣Sew Cool Sewing Design Studio Playset

This machine is great for kids to have their first experience in the area of sewing. They learn while having fun, they have 9 projects from the beginning , recommended for children from 6 years.

It is an incredible opportunity to train motor skills in children . In addition, you should not worry about the safety of your little ones, the needles are protected with a plastic cylinder.

On the other hand, it does not use thread , it uses the fiber of the felt with its three needles to make the decorative designs.

Another aspect that we liked about this model is that it encourages creativity because different crafts can be created. Not only the projects within the package, but, that you can help your children in the development of other models

Likewise, its physical structure is very beautiful and ergonomic , great to surprise girls with this gift.

All this insurance fits your budget , due to its attractive price. Cheer up and give away one now.

  • It is a light and easy to use toy.
  • It is resistant and with its protection system provides security.
  • It has light in the seam area.
  • It is basic but serves to encourage children's imagination.
  • A weakness is that you can only use felt or similar, not worth any piece of cloth.
  • Some users indicate that it is locked and must be turned off and on to start.

4️⃣Cool Maker - Sew N’ Style Sewing Machine

We have selected this model for presenting the best value for money in the market . If you doubt your benefits, then just look at the little face of joy of children when they open the package.

As you can see it is a very tempting option, which is within your reach even if your budget is tight. Well, for less than 30 dollar , give happiness, creativity and fun to the little ones at home.

This toy apart from providing fun, stimulates learning and creativity in children, from 4 years.

It is a compact machine that comes with three needles included well protected and does not use thread. It works with the felt fiber or similar type of fabrics used to join them. This represents safety for children, since they will not have to thread or change thread.

Like little! This model brings numerous accessories , patterns and complements to develop great projects.

On the other hand, it includes a comfortable drawer , where you can store all the accessories after finishing the creations.

  • It has LED light for the seam area.
  • It is light and compact.
  • Good, pretty and cheap, all in one.
  • Brings protection around the needles.
  • The only complaint is that, when not carrying thread, sometimes the rebounds break out. But, they go back through the machine and are ready.

5️⃣Buki France 5501 - Knitting Mill

We will now analyze this machine, which, due to its advanced features, will make girls feel like fashion designers . This we have chosen not only for its incredible power, but for its comfort when using it. Ideal for girls over 8 years old.

!! Congratulations!! This model passed our assessment, because it allows sewing projects similar to adult machines. In fact, it includes 4 fashion projects (explained step by step): pennant garland, needle cushion, bow tie and empty pocket.

With these projects, girls learn and adapt to the operation of the machine, taking confidence and security. And to complete the instructional kit, include an illustrated color brochure with diagrams and QR codes to access video tutorials.

Bring all the accessories that are needed to carry out your projects with a good finish. Among them: metal bobbins, spare needles, fabrics, patterns, scissors, pins with head, bobbin of threads and others.

Fabrics and patterns are included to make a skirt, a removable neck, a handkerchief and customize a shirt.

Another feature of this quite attractive device is that it brings two speeds and the numbered tension adjustment . This makes it an ideal device for beginners, as it is manageable and easy to use.

Surely you will be wondering if it can be placed in the power grid, and the answer is yes, since it brings its adapt included . In addition, you can use it with the pedal or in automatic mode.

Finally, remember that if you have the budget, it is best to buy a good product . This model offers you quality and durability.

  • It has a protective piece around the needle.
  • It has an ergonomic design, comfortable for girls.
  • Bring a lot of accessories, like to get creative.
  • It is a very complete toy, imitates sewing machines perfectly.
  • Bring a very explicit help manual.
  • It is pretty and fun.
  • It does not have stitches, but it is a toy that cannot be asked for more.
  • The fabric wrinkles a little when sewing back and forth, but it stretches and looks good.

Essential tips to take into account before buying a children's sewing machine

Buying a Best Sewing Machines For Children seems an easy task, but there is a great variety on the market . This makes us have to think about certain aspects before buying it:

  • The age of the children to whom you wish to give the machine must be taken into account . There is a suitable model for specific ages.
  • The machine must be easy for children to have fun learning and not get tired or disappointed. Look for ergonomic models.
  • As it concerns the little ones, it is important to take into account the security system for the protection of the child.
  • Whatever the model, we recommend those that are simple to thread . Likewise, in the case of children under 6 years of age we suggest those that do not use thread.
  • As with any purchase, the quality of the material in which the machine is made is important .
  • Good value for money , we must know what requirements to cover to achieve a balance between the value and the resistance of the product
  • Ideally, they incorporate a simple winding system.
  • We suggest models that include videtoturials so that children learn step by step the designs.

Considerations to consider when buying a children's sewing machine

Easy to use

It is important to avoid frustration in the child, so that he does not take mania to the machine and lose interest in using it. That is why, it is not necessary to complicate much by choosing a machine that has a high number of functions, with the basic ones it will be more than enough. The idea is to buy a functional sewing machine, but not at a professional level: in the case that they reach a certain skill, then we can decide to buy another machine.

Ease of threading

Threading the thread will be the first challenge you will encounter when using the Best Sewing Machines For Children. Therefore, you should look for a special model that facilitates this process (perhaps it has an automatic threading system, so that life does not have to be complicated).

Stitch type

We can find all kinds of sewing machines in the market, with a great variety of stitches (more than 200 are calculated). As we have already told you, the child will only need the basic ones (such as straight stitch, zizzag / triple zigzag, jareta tip, buttonhole stitch. If the number of stitches is very high, the child can be baffled, and start to see difficulties where there are none.

Presence of sewing guide

The art of sewing requires your time and effort; that is, they will not start using the sewing machines for girls / boys self-taught, but they will need help for this. Therefore, it is more than recommended that the model in question has a sewing guide. This can be complemented with all Internet resources, which includes videos, tutorials, specialized DVDs ...

Finger guard

The finger guard for the toy sewing machine is not optional, if not mandatory. Since they still do not have the proper skill to use the machine in a fluid way, at a given moment they may have to face a certain puncture because of a needle. To prevent this from happening, get a finger guard.

Speed selection

Another function closely related to security. Some models of Best Sewing Machines For Children are pedal, allowing us to regulate the speed so that they can be activated and stopped automatically at the moment in which we raise the foot, being a safe option for them.


Although your main idea is to place the machine in a fixed place and not move it, the fact of detaining the child in a room for sewing is usually counterproductive. As with any other hobby, you will surely like to use it in the company of family members. That is why, at some point we may have to take it to the living room, to the garden, even to a friend's house.
The weight of a toy sewing machine is a very important criterion; he thinks that it is also related to robustness; in such a way that if we choose a very light machine, it is possible that it is not very robust.


In the same way that when buying a sewing machine we analyze the brand, this we will also have to do when buying a toy, and more taking into account that it is for our children, and that these do not always respect the safety considerations .

The main brands have several ranges, so it will not take long to locate a model that offers us a good relationship between quality and price.
With this complete guide, it won't take long to get the machine you've been looking for.

Final Words

Finally, these models presented are the best in each of its category, according to the users' assessment.

We hope to have been helpful in your decision, to choose the Best Sewing Machines For Children on the market. Remember, it is important to choose a model that offers you: quality, learning, comfort, protection and fun for the little ones.

Do not stay without giving fun to the little ones at home!

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