The 10 Best Shoes For Nurses Nike – Reviews & Buying Guide

Nike is an iconic brand in the world of footwear and sports, whose shoe collections are countless, have the recognition of experts and the acceptance of buyers. Each of them has the highest quality standards, cutting-edge technology and manufacturing homologies.

For example, NIKE Women's Tanjun Running Shoes are sports shoes aimed at the female target with a minimalist design in black and white, which offers a comfortable interior and adequate traction when stepping. Also, The Best Shoes For Nurses Nike Women's Md Runner 2 Ankle is a good choice for men who want casual yet sporty footwear, with well-crafted finishes and a comfortable interior for everyday use.

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With so many models on the market, being able to get a sports shoe that is comfortable, breathable, durable and contains a modern aesthetic, according to your daily style, could be a difficult task. For this reason, we want to help you in such an important selection, presenting below the best Nike shoes according to the experience of the use of the buyers.

NIKE Women's Tanjun Running Shoes


  • Traction: The back of the sole has medium depth horizontal channels for a good level of traction.
  • Closure: The closure with laces allows you to adjust the shoes according to your needs.
  • Perspiration: The textile fabric is breathable, so you will not have problems with sweating.
  • Lining: The interior has a cotton lining that provides comfort and prevents chafing.


  • Last: The last is a little small, so choosing a larger size than the usual one would be a good option.

Those who are in search of the best Nike shoes, it would be convenient to review this model in black and white, due to the high level of comfort offered when walking.

It is a Nike women's running shoe, made with synthetic materials approved by the brand. The outsole is a semi-rigid rubber, while the midsole is much softer and more flexible. In this way, it manages to adapt to the natural shape of the sole of the foot. For its part, the outer fabric, although synthetic, is characterized by being breathable and, the inner lining in cotton fabric is soft to prevent chafing.

Finally, we have the design of the heel that is flat with medium depth channels, as well as the two rows of five holes intertwined by a lace, which makes up the adjustment and closure method of these Nike women's shoes.

Considered by many to be the best Nike shoes of the moment, this model offers you great design and manufacturing features that you can see above.

Nike Women’s Md Runner 2 Low-Top Sneakers


  • Outsole: Its ribbed rubber outsole provides good traction on the move.
  • Midsole: The rubber used in the midsole cushions the impact when stepping and provides greater comfort.
  • Closure: You can adjust the shoe according to the anatomy of the foot, thanks to its closure by means of laces.
  • Reinforcements: Leather reinforcements on the toe, heel, and sides give stability to the foot and protect against rubbing.


  • Size: When purchasing the shoes it is recommended to select at least half a size above the used one since the last is narrow.

Among the Best Shoes For Nurses Nike of 2020 is this model for men, designed to provide comfort and protection to the foot during the day today. High-end synthetic materials were used to make them, providing a pleasant touch, durability and an adequate level of breathability. An example of this is the padded and mesh-lined interior to prevent chafing when walking, the same fabric used on the outside, but reinforced with leather in areas such as the pointer, sides, and heel.

In addition, these men's Nike shoes have a flat heel sole made of rubber, with medium depth channels so you can walk and run safely on smooth or uneven surfaces.

For its part, the rubber midsole provides the necessary cushioning so that the impact generated when stepping does not mistreat the foot.

In addition, we can not forget to mention the closure by means of laces arranged on the instep, an aspect that provides firmness.

Nike may be the best brand of running shoes, that's why we show you a little more about its MD Runner model.

Nike AIR MAX 97 Mens Sneakers 921826-001


  • Sole: The rubber sole offers a good grip and adapts to the natural path of the foot.
  • Midsole: Nike Air technology in the midsole gives you maximum cushioning when stepping.
  • Reinforcements: Both the pointer, the sides, and the heel have synthetic leather reinforcements that protect and stabilize the foot.
  • Closure: The closure offered is by means of easily adjustable laces, which will keep the shoe fixed to prevent internal slipping.


  • Interior: The interior is lightly padded compared to other models, but with proper socks, this may not be a major drawback.

The collections of this brand are so extensive that defining which are the best Nike shoes could be a bit of a difficult task. However, this model could well clarify our doubts and position itself as number one on our shopping list.

These are Nike running shoes inspired by the iconic 1997 model, which revolutionized the sports world by including Nike Air cushioning technology in the midsole area.

In the case of this model of Nike Air Max sneakers, its construction in synthetic and approved materials stands out. The sole is white rubber and flat heel, while in the back it has a series of channels to improve grip on the ground. The lacing system in the instep is flexible and allows a correct adaptation to the foot. Also, some reinforcements on the pointer, sides, and heel stand out for greater support.

With this model, your doubts about which Nike shoes to buy may decrease, since it has design features that will capture your attention.

Nike - MD Runner 2 PSV - 807317001


  • Outsole: The rubber outsole does not slip and provides good traction.
  • Closure: You can quickly adjust the shoe thanks to the pair of velcro straps on the instep.
  • Reinforcements: Suede fiber reinforcements provide resistance, protection, and a pleasant aesthetic.
  • Exterior: Synthetic mesh on the outside of the shoe is breathable and will keep the infant's foot cool.


  • Colors: It may happen that the colors in which this model is offered are limited and this is seen in a negative way, even when it is not a fault that affects the operation.

The smallest of the house also has a space in the catalog of this brand, so if you are in search of a good sports shoe for them, do not hesitate to review these Best Shoes For Nurses Nike for boys.

Its design maintains the manufacturing standards of adult designs, only its format is small-scale. The exterior was made from synthetic mesh and reinforced with Suede fiber, a robust synthetic fabric with a leather-like appearance and soft suede-like texture.

The flat-heeled sole is made of rubber and the midsole is made of rubber, so the child will enjoy the stability necessary to start walking and adequate traction to prevent it from slipping. In addition, you will find two Velcro straps on the instep for a quick and easy adjustment, which could give your little one autonomy to put on the shoes themselves.

These shoes are aimed at the children's target and will help the child to adopt a good posture on the foot when walking. Here are the pros and cons of this model.

NIKE Women's Court Borough Low Basketball Shoes


  • Closure: The closure of these shoes through laces allows greater control of the fit.
  • Design: Its design has the traditional Nike cut line, but with a 100% white exterior.
  • Outsole: Flat outsole with circular engravings allows good traction on smooth surfaces.
  • Lining: The inner lining in fabric offers comfort and freshness, as it is quite breathable.


  • Stiffness: The insole is a little stiff at first, but gradually gives way and adapts to the foot.

If you want to buy white Nike sneakers with a traditional design cut, reinforced seams, flat heel sole and closure through laces, we invite you to review this model.

These are sneakers made with a material called Pelle, genuine leather that has been previously treated with tanning to offer characteristics such as flexibility, resistance, soft touch, and a pleasant visual appearance.

The sole has a flat heel and has been made of robust rubber. In addition, on the back, it has a series of channels engraved in a circular shape to prevent unexpected slipping when stepping.

On the other hand, we have the two rows of holes arranged on the instep and crossed with a cord. In this way, you can easily adjust the shoe so that the sole and heel fit correctly. We cannot forget to mention the interior lining is a breathable and soft fabric that complements your comfort.

This model is ideal for everyday use and even for skateboarding, due to the shape of its sole. Next, we leave you some of its advantages and disadvantages.

Nike Men's Running Shoes, Black Black Black 002, 42


  • Closure: For the closure of these shoes you have an easily adjustable lacing system on the instep.
  • Outsole: The rubber outsole has a flat heel and some back prints that enhance a good grip on the ground.
  • Interior: The cotton interior lining provides comfort to the foot and prevents chafing.
  • Exterior: The outer mesh provides a good level of breathability, ideal for the hot season.


  • Pointer: The pointer of this copy of sneakers is lower than in other models and this could offer a lower level of protection in this area.

Buying The Best Shoes For Nurses Nike has never been so easy. By selecting this model you will be carrying with you a product made with high-quality materials, which promise a long useful life providing comfort and protection to your feet.

For the exterior of these black Nike sneakers, a breathable synthetic fiber mesh was used, which also offers a pleasantly soft touch. For its part, the interior has been padded with foam and lined with cotton fabric, which will avoid hurting the skin of your feet due to chafing.

Regarding the sole with flat heel used, it will allow you to enjoy good traction when moving since it has some channels engraved on the back. It also highlights the method of adjustment and simple and secure closure through laces on the instep.

With these men's shoes, you will not have limitations of use, since they are suitable for day-to-day and for exercising.

Nike Pico 4 PSV Sneakers White Prism Pink Boys/Girls Style


  • Sole: Its flat EVA rubber sole provides resistance and flexibility to the shoe.
  • Closure: The shoes incorporate a practical closure with velcro straps on the instep.
  • Perspiration: The inner mesh lining provides a good level of breathability that will keep the feet cool.
  • Exterior: Leather exterior gives durability to footwear and foot protection.


  • Last: The last of the shoes is completely right on the foot, so you could select it half a size larger.

This model could be one of the best Nike value for money as it is one of the cheapest in our list of recommendations. Tanning treated leather was used to make the exterior area, which offers resistance and an adequate level of protection against the small impacts caused by walking. For its part, the inner lining is in charge of a mesh with synthetic fibers and soft rubber padding. In this sense, we can say that these Nike girls' shoes provide comfort, added to an adequate level of breathability.

The sole is another topic of great importance that you cannot neglect. In this case, the manufacturer selected EVA rubber for its construction, the synthetic and thermoplastic material of medium flexibility and great resistance. Finally, the closure of these cheap Nike shoes is arranged on the instep with a pair of velcro straps.

If you want to surprise the little ones in the house with comfortable and breathable pink Nike sneakers, you cannot miss this model. In addition, you will not have to invest too much money, as they are the cheapest on the list.

Nike Air Max Invigor Print


  • Cushioning: Midsole air spring technology absorbs the energy generated by impact when stepping.
  • Closure: Laces at the instep offer a quick fit and easy lacing.
  • Reinforcements: The outer reinforcements made of Leather textile provide flexibility and resistance.
  • Breathable: Both the outer mesh and the inner lining fabric offer an adequate level of breathability that will keep the foot cool.


  • Hardness: Initially the sole is a bit stiff, but a few uses will be enough to make it more comfortable.

If you want to provide extra protection to your feet and minimize the impact generated by stepping, then you will have to consider these Nike Air sneakers. It is a masculine model with a rather discreet design in black color and white sole, which will look good with your daily or exercise clothes.

Its exterior combines breathable synthetic fiber mesh and Leather reinforcements, a synthetic material with a leather-like appearance that is flexible and durable. The interior of the shoes, meanwhile, has a softer synthetic fabric covering and the same level of breathability as the exterior.

For the sole, the manufacturer used robust rubber and the innovative Air Max technology, which consists of an air chamber arranged in the midsole, which is responsible for improving the absorption of impacts and the weight of the person. In addition, we must discuss the method of adjustment and closure through laces.

With these men's sports shoes you will get a maximum of comfort, due to the incorporated Air Max technology. Below are its positives and negatives.

Reviews & Buying Guide

To take with you a sports shoe that really adapts to your needs of use, you can not miss the following guide to buy the best Nike shoes. In this way, you will know the quality indicators to verify so that its acquisition is successful.

NIKE Women's Tanjun Running Shoes

Exterior and interior construction

Any comparison of Nike shoes that you review should include a small verification of both the exterior and interior area of the shoe, which will allow us to determine its level of quality, resistance, breathability, and comfort.

The favorite fibers of the Nike developers are the meshes made of synthetic fibers, which give the model flexibility an adequate level of freshness so that sweating does not generate any type of discomfort.

In the same way, treated leather is an emblematic material of several of the collections of this brand, be it in the reinforcements of the pointer, sides, heel and even throughout the exterior. Why its use? It is very simple, the leather provides the foot with protection and stability to walk safely. In addition, it is quite resistant to the deterioration that can be generated from day to day or in the practice of a sport. Inside the shoe it is common to find mesh or a piece of robust cotton fabric, materials enhance freshness and softness, avoiding annoying chafing.


The type of sole with which the shoe has been provided is an aspect that can determine how much the product costs. The important thing is that you do not skimp on this issue since it will be useless to buy low-cost sneakers and that after a couple of weeks your sole will come off, wear or deteriorate completely.

When reviewing the specifications of the main manufacturer brands, we found a couple of materials that are positioned as the industry favorites for the construction of the soles. It is a vulcanized rubber, which is a material with high resistance to abrasion. Likewise, the EVA type sole and other thermoplastics offer lightness and durability.

On the other hand, there is the issue of traction. Although this factor is associated with the type of material, it also depends on the design applied to the back of the sole. In this sense, you will have to make sure that it incorporates some recorded channels of medium depth. Thus, a better grip will be achieved on any terrain you tread on.

Design and finishes

The purchase objective of anyone in terms of shoes is to be good and cheap. However, there are other factors to evaluate, such as design, which must finally please us aesthetically and adapt to our needs for use. Also, there are the finishes applied to the cuts, seams and vulcanized.

As you can imagine, there are countless models with distinctive features, ranging from traditional cuts to smart shoes. In this way, the athlete's good performance is improved.

Although the purchase decision is completely personal, it is also true that you will need to specify the use that you will give to the shoes, whether it is for day to day, going to the gym or practicing a specific sport. Thus, you take full advantage of the features offered with respect to cushioning, breathability and traction, among others.

Nike Women’s Md Runner 2 Low-Top Sneakers

Adjustment and closure method

When putting on a pair of slippers it is important that our foot fits correctly inside, since, otherwise, when moving we could generate an injury in the area of the ankle, sole of the foot and even the toes. This occurs due to a lack of internal stability when stepping. For these reasons, it is essential that the selected footwear has a quick, simple and secure adjustment method, as well as a closure method, that avoids losing the tension acquired in the laces. In this sense, the verification of both aspects is necessary for our future shoes.

The system of interlaced laces through a pair of rows of eyelets on the instep of the shoe is a classic adjustment method, which generally provides adequate support to offer the foot the level of immobility necessary to avoid any unexpected displacement inside the shoe, as we had initially mentioned. The important thing would be that the laces are resistant and that we tie them well so that the tension is maintained throughout the day of use. Of course, this adjustment will depend on the taste of each person.

In the same way, there are the sneakers that, instead of laces, incorporate a pair of velcro straps. In this case, you must verify the quality of said velcro, since, if it is low, it could easily deteriorate with constant opening and closing.

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Final Word

We hope that our knowledge and expertise will help you find the perfect Nurses Nike Shoes.If you are still unsure of anything or you are interested in soaking up some more information on the subject of the Best Shoes For Nurses Nike, please do comment below and we will use our combined experience of 10 years of using Nurses Nike Shoes, to help you make the right decision. 😊

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