The 10 Best Sliding Miter Saw For Homeowner Of 2020 – Reviews & Buying Guide

For your DIY jobs, you need several tools that will take you step by step in the manufacture or repair of a piece of furniture. Cutting wood requires a lot of force and precision, so it is advisable to use power tools. Among the most common DIY or carpentry equipment, the Best Sliding Miter Saw For Homeowner remains very effective and at the same time efficient object. remains very effective and at the same time efficient object.

However, it is quite a complicated tool that it is difficult to choose a model. For this, we have prepared in this ranking a list of the best models to help you find the item that suits you. For a taste you will see, for example, Bosch GCM12SD Double bevel miter saw that works with a voltage of 120 V. Then there will also be the model Dewalt DWS780 Sliding miter saw with its integrated XPS Cross positioning system.

The 5 Best Sliding Miter Saw For Homeowner (Reviews & Tests) of 2020

Which miter saw to choose? With the number of models available in the market, it would be easier for you to choose from a predefined selection. The list we offer contains the most recommended items.

best miter saw for homeowner
  • High cutting precision: This model benefits from the Bosch Axial-Glide system. This makes it easier to cut to get clean, crisp results.
  • A clever ambidextrous handle: This ambidextrous trigger handle offers more comfort for the user. With a flexible grip, it is ergonomic.
  • Large cutting capacity: The GCM12SD model offers large cutting capacities with all the options adjustable on the tool.


  • No laser guide: Laser guidance is a smart and efficient feature. It is found in other models.
  • A little expensive: This item is quite expensive, as most of the best Bosch products. However, we notice that it has a very good quality/price ratio.

In the world of electrical tools, the German brand Bosch has proven for many years that it is one of the references. This sliding model is equipped with an Axial-Glide system, present only on Bosch items, for a smoother and more precise cut.

It is no coincidence then that the brand's GCM12SD model is one of the best-selling miter saws on the market. And this is true, although it is not yet known which is the best miter saw on the market.

The built-in 15 amp motor operates at 120 V to provide 3800 rpm no load. The saw comes with a 12 '' 60 tooth blade. On the other hand, the model also includes a wrench, vertical clamp, dust bag, and vacuum adapter elbow. This Bosch miter saw weighs 29.5 kg and comes with its easy to handle control handle.

best miter saw for beginners
  • Good cutting capacity: The tool can take care of all cutting jobs. This applies to cut small-sized woods, but also large-sized materials with a straight cut of 110 x 303 mm max.
  • The new XPS system: The DeWalt brand has adopted a new XPS system. The purpose of this is to ensure cutting precision, but also working comfort.
  • Dust-free work: The model's dust protection system is very efficient. It makes it possible to collect these and to have a clean workplace.


  • A little expensive: According to some customer reviews, the product is quite expensive, but still a quality product.
  • Heavy tool: The tool weighs 24.8 kg, which is quite heavy compared to other models in its class.

Wood joinery is generally carried out by some cutting and assembly. However, it takes very precise tools to have an impeccable finish on manufactured objects or furniture. Speaking of the precise tool, here is the DeWalt miter saw, the most powerful of the sliding miter saws.

This model already impresses with its unique design and dust collection system. The item has a 120V motor to turn the blade at 12 inches. The speed of rotation of the blade is between 1900 to 3800 rpm.

Also, it can tilt between - 49 ° and 49 °. The maximum cutting capacity at 45 ° / 45 ° is 315 x 50 mm. The tool can cut up to 2x16 lumber at 90 degrees, 2x12 at 45 degrees. Also, ergonomics and precision are ensured by the new XPS system from DeWalt. It is a combination of guidance, fixation, and lighting.

best value mitre saw
  • A tool that lasts: Aluminum and tungsten carbide construction gives you a product that will last a long time. Added to this is a 5-year limited warranty.
  • Excellent cutting capacity: Since the 12 ”blade is combined with a Dual-Bevel extendable arm, the cross cut capacity is 18”.
  • A fast blade: With a powerful 15A motor, the blade speed can reach up to 4000rpm.


  • Heavy tool: This model is quite as heavy as a tool.
  • Lack of document in French: All information available on the web is in American English.

The Delta company was founded in 1919 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin - USA. This giant of American tools has been producing quality articles with the latest technological advances for a century. Here we have the Delta 26-2251 Miter Saw.

With its double bevel system, the Cruzer shows itself as one of the best challengers in its category. To justify its smart design, this inexpensive gem comes with its Dual-Bevel lever.

For details, this item weighs 28.1kg with dimensions of 76.2 x 64.8 x 54.6cm. Its 120V motor spins a 12 '' blade with a radial speed of up to 4000 RPM. Delta states that the 12 "blade was designed through an 18" standard. The cutting capacities are 52 ° right and 49 ° left. The material is aluminum and alloys of this body material, while the blade is tungsten carbide.

best miter saw for diy
  • A very large table: The very wide table gives you more possibilities and freedom in your cutting maneuvers.
  • A light tool: The product weighs only 12.2 kg. This allows you to work for hours without straining your arm.
  • Authentic design: The colors and design proposed by the Japanese company are obviously the fruit of several studies.


  • Consumes too much: To turn a blade at 4600 rpm, you need a powerful motor that will consume enough energy.
  • Good for small jobs: In a price comparison, this model is especially appreciated for small jobs. Nevertheless, it is not often preferred by professionals.

The best performing miter saw will not necessarily be the best selling. Indeed, there are also models that we appreciate better because of their appearances. In other words, customers also care about the design of the product. This is the case with the Makita LS1040 miter saw.

This item inherits the original colors of the brand. Likewise, the qualities are there according to the testimonies of its users. Where to buy a new Makita miter saw? On e-commerce sites. This 10 '' composite model has a 15 amp motor that powers a blade speed of up to 4600 RPM.

The product includes 9 positive stops to better guide you in your cut. We must also not forget its dust collection system. Finally, the model weighs only 12.2 kg for 50.8 cm in length, 25.4 cm in width, and 53.3 cm in height.

best sliding compound miter saw
  • A very compact tool: The simple and compact design of the tool scores a lot of points compared to its competitors in this comparison. Moreover, this device weighs only 18.1 kg.
  • A very powerful blade: The performance of the blade is no longer a surprise with its rotary speed of 5200 rpm max. In addition, it is made of Tungsten.
  • Made in Canada: The brand is also a bright spot for Canadians, as it directly answers the question "Where to buy the best miter saw?"


  • Lack of some features: We note that the model lacks some options compared to its competitors.
  • Very low price: The fact that this product is cheaper makes us wonder if the components are of good quality.

Still wondering how to choose the Best Sliding Miter Saw For Homeowner of 2020? We present to you the favorite model of Canadians. It is an article manufactured by the company King Canada, leader in its field.

The King Canada 8380 sliding miter saw is offered with its twin laser system. This feature gives you more precision and visibility in your cutting jobs. The blade of this machine can rotate with a maximum speed of 5200 rpm. For good reason, it has a powerful 15 A motor.

The tool features a strong, precise and smooth sliding double rail system. This allows you to work even with a choice of 9 positive stops at 0 °, 15 °, 22.5 °, 30 ° and 45 ° right and left. The blade, on the other hand, is made of tungsten while having 40 teeth.

Buying Guide - How To Choose The Right Miter Saw?

Buying a good miter saw isn't just about getting the most expensive or the best selling one. Indeed, you need more information on each model. From there, you can compare the available products based on concrete criteria. You will deduct after the model that suits you by matching the rates to your budget. Otherwise, you may ask yourself the question: "How to buy a miter saw with better value for money?"

best miter saw blade for clean cuts

Engine power

Expressed in Watt, the motor power determines the machine's ability to work and operate at full speed. Usually, between 1200 and 2600 W, its value should appear on the product descriptions. More power allows you to gain precision and endurance.

That said, its value also influences the price of the tool. Besides, a miter saw with a fairly large power will consume more energy, but could also save you time. However, we must not forget that the speed of the radial blade is independent of the value of the power.

The blade

The blade is the most important part of a miter saw. It has a circular shape with saw teeth. For each type of material to be cut, there is a type of blade to use. Indeed, a miter saw should have a blade holder that is easy to handle. In addition, the blade is characterized by the number of teeth in its possession.

The higher this number, the cleaner and more precise the cut will be. On the other hand, also check the rotation speed of each model. This value is expressed in the number of revolutions per minute and also depends on the diameter of the blade. A model can offer between 3000 up to 5000 rpm. Choosing a more toothed and stronger blade is the best solution for sawing harder materials.

The stand or the table

Apart from the blade and motor, the table completes the system of such a device. It serves as a support for the engine. Finding the best miter saw is also like finding a product with a high-quality table. More precisely, a good model includes corner stops, a clamping system, and sometimes removable extensions. Very stable support allows you to make a precise cut as quickly as possible.

Cutting options to consider

They relate to the possible settings for each cut. These configurations are different for each model and brand of the radial miter saw. First, you have the inclination that allows you to position the blade according to the type of rendering desired. Its value is generally between - 45 ° and + 45 °.

Second, we find the cutting capacities at 0 and 45 °. These values are expressed in millimeters and differ for each model. Finally, take a look at the height and width of the cut displayed on an item. This option gives you some ideas on the types of objects the product can cut. 

Best Sliding Miter Saw For Homeowner

The other features

If you still find yourself spoiled for choice even after reading this buying guide for the Best Sliding Miter Saw For Homeowner, you need to consider the other features of some models. First, we find laser guidance and its contribution to precision. This option allows you to pinpoint exactly where you need to continue or start cutting.

Then there are also the anti-dust devices. These can be bags or a vacuum system. Finally, some brands include very useful and nifty accessories. As an example, there are presses and safety stops.

How to Use a Miter Saw

frequently asked Questions

  • Q1: How to use a miter saw?

As the name suggests, a miter saw is used to cut materials into a piece of furniture or an assembly object. For those who don't yet know, it includes a blade, boxed motor, and table. The latter is used to fix the material on the wood or the object to be cut. The motor will supply the blade with energy so that it makes cuts. That said, before you even cut, you need a few preparations.

Usually, this step includes several tasks such as loosening all the tighteners as well as the fixing screws. Then you would have to set the cutting configurations and adjust the blade. Each best brand of
miter saws has its own set-up guidelines. Therefore, it would be better to consult the product manual.

After the adjustments, all you need to do is activate the saw with a trigger on the handle of the equipment. While cutting, it is always advisable to gradually increase the rotation speed of the blade. This allows you to know the correct speed for the object to be machined.

  • Q2: How to adjust a miter saw?

To adjust a miter saw, you must start on a stable, level surface. The purpose of this maneuver is to adjust the blade perpendicular to the surface to be cut. Then the blade adjustments should be made. During this step, your mission would be to choose the one you need.

Be careful when installing it. After the blade, the guidance should also be adjusted, whether manual or laser. When properly aligned, it allows you to get a clean and precise rendering. Before you start sawing, don't forget to prepare your dust bag or other devices to deal with it. Apparently, following these tips will increase your accuracy and finesse. 

  • Q3: How do I get rid of a miter saw?

Several brands of miter saws prefer to lock their blades before the customer receives the tool. This precaution is of primary order, as it is a very sharp tool. However, unlocking or unloading the tool is not always easy. Also, each model has its own locking system. However, the most common solution is to remove or pull out a stop pin which will let the lowered saw head slacken.


These were all about the Best Sliding Miter Saw For Homeowner. you need to know. If you have gone through this article very well, you now understand which one to choose and what things to look for before buying the Best Sliding Miter Saw For Homeowner. You can buy the Sliding Miter Saw from the Amazon (links are provided above) and help us to write more honest reviews for you in the future.

If you have any queries or questions, you can comment anytime below.


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