The 10 Best Smart Speakers – Comparison, Guide and Opinions 2020 was born to help you buy the best smart speaker that suits your needs 🙂

We all always love to make our lives easier. A life in which the lights turn on for us, set the alarm, tell us the news, teach us to cook, that is, we like to feel comfortable and well informed.

Do you agree with us? 😀

However, we never remember the harsh reality, stress overwhelms you and tasks accumulate. In short, you would like to have more time for yourself and your whims.

Don’t panic! You need a smart speaker in your life.

The quality of life that a virtual voice assistant gives you is not given by a kitchen robot or a vacuum cleaner. More and more electronic devices are incorporating intelligent systems such as a smartwatch, light bulbs or thermostats.

Tired of using your mobile to see the weather and the news in the morning? Tired of reading recipes on your tablet and not being able to cook comfortably?

You just have to choose the brand, model and virtual voice assistant to start the lifestyle that you now lead.

Quiet, we help you decide. We have compared the different types and models and show you the most successful ones in 2020. After knowing what today’s smart speakers offer you, you won’t want to hear about traditional homes anymore!

The 10 Best Smart Speakers

If you are interested in buying a smart speaker and need to know it best suits your needs, the first thing you should value is the match that you are going to get.

Below, you can find a list of the best smart speakers on the market chose based on their characteristics, their value for money and the valuations of experts and users.

#10 Amazon Echo Plus

Echo Plus (2nd Gen)

It is an improved version of the Amazon Echo 2.

The Amazon Echo Plus is a 2 generation device helped by its virtual assistant Alexa, offering many updates compared to its previous version.

Its cylindrical geometry reminiscent of a can of fried tomato, however, its finishes and the surrounding curtain give it an avant-garde appearance.

The analogon, off and volume control buttons are located at the top.

The strategically perfect layout of its 7 microphones and its 2 speakers offers excellent sound quality and voice recognition.

All these characteristics make it weigh 780 grams and have dimensions of 148 cm high and 99 cm in diameter.

Like all or almost all smart speakers, your wireless data transfer is done via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

It has no internal battery, so it must be connected to a power outlet. However, you can find portable batteries which will avoid this poor portability.

Its compatibility with Amazon Echo speakers is excellent, with Zigbee technology, which will allow us to connect them and centralize functions. Additionally, it is compatible with other smart home devices such as LED bulbs or smart thermostats.

Like the other intelligent systems controlled by Alexa, its configuration and installation must be done through the app.

If you want to buy an Amazon Echo Plus smart speaker you will find it for less than $99.99 dollars, and in three different colors: Anthracite, dark gray and light. It has a slightly higher price than its main competitor Google Home Original.


  • Excellent voice recognition thanks to its 7 speakers
  • High compatibility thanks to its Zigbee technology
  • Easy setup and installation


  • It does not have an internal battery

#9 Google Home Original

HIDEit Google Home Mount

We are talking about the first smart speaker launched by Google, its main competitor is the Amazon Echo Plus.

With its voice match capability to recognize up to 6 different voices and respond in a personalized way to each person, the google assistant becomes a perfect ally.

It is also usually known as Google Home Original. Its truncated cylindrical geometric design encompasses a lower part with interchangeable housing and an upper part where you can activate and deactivate the microphone.

Its size is 143 cm high x 47 cm wide and 95 cm in diameter. In these dimensions it hides 2 speakers and two microphones, providing excellent sound quality. You can customize this smart speaker through its interchangeable housings, with a wide variety of colors.

Its wireless connectivity is made from Bluetooth and Wifi. It has no internal battery so it must be plugged into the power. Its compatibility with other smart devices and speakers is excellent as long as it is with the artificial intelligence system of the Google assistant.

This smart speaker controlled by the google assistant must be installed and configured correctly through the Google Home App.

The price of this device is cheaper than that of its main competitor, therefore, it is something that takes advantage of it. You can find the Google Home for less than 20 dollars.


  • Voice match , that is, recognizes up to 6 different voices
  • Up to 6 different accounts can be synchronized
  • Great value for the price


  • Rough design
  • It does not have an internal battery

#8 Facebook Portal Plus

Facebook Portal Plus Smart Video Calling

Facebook has not wanted to miss this party, they are already two speakers launched to the market, Facebook portal and its improved version Facebook portal plus.

Seeing the naked eye reminds us more of a Tablet than a smart speaker.

It has an integrated 15.6-inch touch screen where you can enjoy great video quality, thanks to its high resolution 1920 x 1.080 (FHD). Although its weight does not go beyond the kilo, it has dimensions of 224 mm x 450 mm x 145.5 mm.

On the front, it has a high resolution 12 Mpx camera, really functional for making videos and video calls. Additionally, it accompanies a light sensor that allows the automatic adjustment of the brightness and brightness of the screen.

Thanks to its 4 microphones and 3 speakers it reproduces excellent sound quality, as well as its high voice recognition.

You can find this Facebook smart speaker with a screen in the official Amazon store or in the manufacturer’s online store.

Logically its price is around 300 dollars, we are talking about the Facebook brand. Compete directly with the Google Home Hub Max.

Logically its price is around 300 dollars, we are talking about the Facebook brand. Compete directly with the Google Home Hub Max.


  • Avant-garde design
  • Excellent screen resolution
  • High quality camera with 12 Megapixels


  • Excessive price
  • Sound not very powerful. It does not have an internal battery.

#7 Google Home Mini

Google GA00638US Nest Mini 2nd. Generation

It is the minimum expression of weight harboring great potential inside. Google Home Mini welcomes the Google assistant who is in charge of interacting with us through voice commands.

This smart speaker of compact and simple dimensions weighs only 173 grams and occupies 43 mm high x 98 mm in diameter. It is the closest thing to a hockey record as far as design is concerned. Additionally, you can customize it in light gray or anthracite color.

It should, like almost all smart speakers, be plugged into a power outlet constantly, the only analog button available is for microphone activation.

Due to its small size, it only houses a speaker and a microphone. However, the sound quality and voice recognition are more than acceptable. You can increase and decrease the volume using the sensors that are available at the top of the sides of the 4 LED lights that play according to the voice commands.

Connect it to other Google speakers or other compatible smart devices via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, although previously, you must perform a correct installation and configuration using the Google Home app.

Thanks to its more than affordable price and the potential it has, we are undoubtedly facing a speaker for artificial intelligence beginners in our homes. We can compare the Google Home mini, compared to the Amazon Echo Dot, to compete in all kinds of aspects.


  • Compact design, you can integrate it in any corner of your home.
  • One of the cheapest in the market


  • Not very powerful sound
  • It does not have an internal battery.

#6 Bose Home Speaker 500

Bose Home Speaker 500 with Alexa voice control built-in, Black

Bose is recognized worldwide as a brand specialized in providing the best sound to its customers. They are known as one of the most powerful speakers on the market even by integrating them into high-end cars.

The Bose company has decided to manufacture smart speakers by integrating Amazon’s artificial intelligence system. That is, your virtual voice assistant in charge of keeping you well informed is Alexa.

The dimensions of this smart speaker are 20.3 cm high x 17 cm long x 10.9 cm wide, and they weigh 2.15 kilograms. It has a small screen, but with low usability.

Bose Home 500 only has 2 microphones and 2 speakers, however, it displays high-quality audio and sound. Bose has always been recognized as a brand with very wide capacities to reproduce excellent sound.

Like the rest of smart speakers, wireless connectivity is done through Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. However, it must be connected to power when it lacks an internal battery.

Compatibility with other smart devices is medium since it can only be paired with those with the Alexa smart system.

Like Amazon Echo and devices with the Alexa smart system, they must be configured and installed through the app.

Bose Home 500 clearly competes with other brands of sound equipment that were manufacturing speakers and that have partnered with Google or Amazon to integrate artificial intelligence, it is also the case of the Harman Kardon Allure.

The price of these smart speakers in the market is high, aimed at high budgets and competing with the most prestigious brands.


  • Highest sound quality
  • Compatible with Alexa smart systems


  • High price
  • Medium voice recognition and not as easy to set up.

#5 Apple Home Pods

Mrount Silicone Anti-Slip Pads Shock Proof Coaster HomePod, Perfect Match Apple Home Pods

Like Facebook, Apple has joined the car with its Apple HomePod, and its virtual assistant Siri, which is already well known to all those who have an iOS operating system.

Its large and cubic design reminds of a bass box instead of an intelligent speaker, however, it hides a lot of intelligence which you can customize both in black and white

The interior architecture of the Apple HomePod smart speaker is more than perfect, it hides 6 microphones and 7 speakers, providing incredible 360-degree sound and voice recognition that escapes reality.

It is obvious that to house all this inside, its barely 2.5 kilograms fall short. A power outlet must be plugged in because it lacks an internal battery.

Its compatibility with iOS devices is innate, although it already begins to despise non-updated versions (iPhone 5s or later, iPad Pro (5th generation) or later, iPad Air or later, iPad mini 2 or later, iPod touch (6th generation) with IOS 11.4 or later.)

The Apple Home Pod has wireless connectivity via Bluetooth, Wifi and AirPlay 2. However, it is difficult to pair with other devices outside the iOS environment. You can find many more specifications here.

The prices of Apple have always been high because of the sentimental and marketing no legacy left by Jobs. Therefore, compete with Google Home Hub and Facebook Portal plus.


  • High sound quality and voice recognition
  • Very intelligent virtual assistant, Siri.


  • Incompatibility with devices outside the iOS environment.
  • It does not have an internal battery

#4 Amazon Echo Show

Echo Show (2nd Gen)

Amazon was the first company to launch smart speakers, the metric they use to classify their Amazon Echo smart speakers, is through generations, the more generations more updates they present.

In this case, the Amazon Echo Show 2 generation integrates a touch screen. With its traditional design resembling an old mini TV, it hosts its virtual voice assistant Alexa, it is the secretary in charge of tracking thousands of data to respond professionally.

With its approximate kilo and a half weight, it has a screen of 10.1 inches and 1200 x 800 WXGA resolution. In addition, its 5-megapixel front camera gives you a broad view of reality. You can find this smart speaker, both black and white.

For the audio and sound application, it has 8 microphones that provide excellent voice recognition (the best in the market) and has two speakers integrated with an optimal balance between bass and treble.

On the other hand, wireless data transfer connections are carried out via Wifi and Bluetooth, adding its high compatibility with other devices that accept the Alexa smart system and especially with the Amazon Echo range smart speakers.

It does not have an internal battery, so it lacks portability and must be continuously connected to an electrical outlet.

In the same way as its main competitor Google Home Hub, its configuration is done through the Alexa app, easily and simply thanks to its touch screen.

The price of the Amazon Echo Show on the market is one of the highest competing directly with the smart speakers that have an integrated touch screen.


  • Integrated touch screen.
  • Front camera, allowing video calls with Skype account and other Amazon Echo.
  • Zigbee technology to connect to other Amazon Echo.


  • Low portability It does not have an internal battery.

#3 Google Home Hub Max

Wasserstein Stand and Angle Mount Compatible

Google was one of the first to introduce smart speakers in the usa market. This model with an integrated display is also known as Google Nest Hub Max.

With its ability to voice math to recognize up to 6 different voices and respond to each person in a personalized way, this smart speaker becomes one of the best on the market.

With an avant-garde design, the Google Home Hub Max smart speaker integrates a touch screen and truly improved updates. How could it be otherwise, this smart speaker is equipped with artificial intelligence managed by its assistant Google.

It has a light sensor built into the front camera, which allows automatic adjustment of the brightness and brightness of the screen. It develops a field of vision of 127 degrees. Additionally, this sensor allows interacting with the speaker through gestures.

As for its features and technical specifications… Its screen has a dimension of 10 inches with a resolution of 1200 x 800 WXGA, competing with the Amazon Echo Show speaker. In the upper front, it has a 6.5 Megapixel camera, currently one of the most powerful integrated into these smart devices. You can find a wide range of colors to customize this smart speaker.

The audio and sound have been greatly improved compared to previous versions, Google Home Hub Max features 3 speakers with excellent bass and treble balance, as well as 2 microphones with optimal long-range voice recognition capability.

Additionally, wireless data transfer occurs via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. It lacks portability, as it does not have an internal battery, it must be connected to an outlet. It has medium compatibility with other smart devices such as light bulbs, plugs, switches, etc., being 100% compatible with its brothers the speakers of the Google home range.

Thanks to the screen, the configuration and installation of this smart speaker are too easy and intuitive, you must download the Google Home app on your mobile device.

Its price right now is high, however, below its competitors, as we are talking about one of the smartphones currently more technologically developed.

If you want to buy a smart speaker with the cheaper touch screen of the Google brand, analyze its predecessor Google Home Max, although it does not have a front camera.


  • Touch screen and integrated light sensor
  • Front camera, allowing video calls.
  • Voice Match capability , excellent voice recognition, up to 6 different people


  • Low portability, no internal battery.
  • Only sync with Google accounts

#2 Sonos One SL

Sonos One SL - Microphone-Free Smart Speaker

Sonos One is presented as a clear alternative to the prestigious and leading brands in this sector. Sonos is recognized as a manufacturer of high-quality sound wireless speakers. However, it still depends on Alexa.

As we say, Amazon’s artificial intelligence, the Alexa assistant, is integrated. Its cubic design is wrapped in dimensions of 16.2 cm high x 12 in diameter and weighing 1.78 kg. We will find this smart speaker in black and white colors.

At the top, it has a touch interface for volume control, as well as turning on and off its 6 microphones. Thanks to its high resistance to moisture we can use it in the bathroom while showering. Also, another of its peculiarities is that you can hook it to the wall through a coupler.

You can enjoy its surround sound due to the layout and architecture of its two speakers accompanied by two type D amplifiers. Sonos One connects via Wifi to other compatible speakers that you have in other rooms, this property is known as Multiroom.

Additionally and for the sound calibration, it has the Trueplay feature, for a better sound optimization depending on what environment we are in.

It is compatible with Amazon Echo speakers and devices with Alexa smart system. It has an internal battery so its portability is excellent. For an internet connection, it can be done using Wifi or an Ethernet cable.

The price of the intelligent Sonos One is high due to the high sound quality and functionalities it presents, competing in the market for both its design and its functionalities with the Bose Home 500, an intelligent speaker with similar characteristics.

Title Here


  • You can hang it on the wall, to optimize its sound capacity through Trueplay
  • Through its Multiroom capability connect it to other Alexa devices


  • High price
  • Incompatibility with Google

#1 Amazon Echo Dot

Echo Dot (3rd Gen)

Amazon wants to reach all audiences and demonstrates this with its Echo Dot 3 model. It is a third-generation smart speaker that will not leave anyone indifferent, or Alexa itself.

Amazon Echo Dot 3 is small, the closest thing to a donut, its measures are 4.3 cm high x 9.9 cm in diameter with a weight of 300 grams, that is, we could carry it in your pocket. We can customize our Echo Dot in anthracite, dark gray and light.

Due to its size, the sound quality and long-distance voice recognition is more than acceptable, integrating a speaker and a microphone.

We can connect it wirelessly to our laptops, mobiles, and tablets via Bluetooth and Wifi.

It is compatible with Amazon Echo speakers and Alexa smart systems, which we can connect thanks to its Zigbee technology system. To start interacting with this smart speaker we just need to download the Alexa app and perform a correct installation.

Without a doubt, we are talking about one of the best cheapest smart speakers on the market. Its direct competitor, how could it be otherwise, Google Home Mini, also has an affordable price for people who start the conquest of smart homes.


  • Small dimensions, therefore, easy to integrate into our homes.
  • Zigbee Technology


  • Sound deficiencies
  • Low portability, no internal battery.

Comparison of the best smart speakers

Artificial intelligence is sneaking into our homes progressively to try to tame our homes. Find here the comparison of the smart speakers previously seen in the list.

Important note: if you are viewing this comparison from your mobile, scroll the table with your finger to see all the columns or place it horizontally.

Our opinions and final recommendations

Here are the recommendations depending on how much you want to spend on a smart speaker.

The best smart speaker on the market: Google Home Hub Max

It is often said that the most expensive is always the best, in this case, it is not, there are numerous smart speakers with a price higher than the Google Home Hub Max and do not offer as much value like this.

It has a high-resolution touch screen integrated, incorporating a light sensor and front camera with the most advanced technology. It will allow us, in addition to interacting with the Google Assistant through voice, to use gestures to perform certain actions.

The google assistant is tremendously compatible with Google smart systems and other smart devices in your home automation. The configuration through the Google Home app is more than easy, especially when you have a screen on which we can help.

The price of this Google Home Hub Max smart speaker is more than justified due to the features it offers. Additionally, if we compare it with the analogs of other brands such as the Facebook portal plus or the Amazon Echo Show, we will see that the less than 300 dollars it costs are more than a long-term investment.

The best quality-price smart speaker: Google Home Original

It is worth having cheaper smart speakers, however, the relationship between the price of Google Home and the features it offers is unmatched.

It has a great capacity for voice recognition, excellence in sound and you can customize it with interchangeable housings in a wide variety of colors.

The google assistant allows you to synchronize 6 different accounts, so you will recognize up to 6 voices and ways to express yourself.

It is compatible with multiple smart home devices, Samsung SmartThings, Nest thermostats or Philips Hue bulbs among others.

Its Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity will allow you to easily and easily configure the speaker through your mobile device or tablet.

By previously downloading the Google Home app and following a couple of steps you can start interacting with this smart Google speaker.

We recommend this smart speaker for people who value this purchase as an investment rather than as an expense since its price does not exceed $15 dollar is more affordable if we compare it with its main competitor the Amazon Echo Plus.

This smart speaker controlled by the google assistant must be installed and configured correctly through the Google Home App.

The price of this device is cheaper than that of its main competitor, therefore, it is something that takes advantage of it. You can find Google Home for less than $15 dollar.

The best cheap smart speaker on the market: Amazon Echo Dot

A smart speaker for less than 30 dollars? This is yours!
We put it first on the list since it is a smart speaker that all audiences can enjoy. Anyone could do with an Amazon Echo 3 because of its price rather than economic.

Also recommended for audiences who start the fight for artificial intelligence to invade their homes.

Although it is small in size, it has numerous features, however, it must be constantly plugged into a power outlet.

Compatible with other smart home devices such as light bulbs and plugs, as well as all the speakers of the Amazon Echo range and also those with integrated Alexa.

You could use it as a support for other Amazon speakers scattered around the house or get started in this world of artificial intelligence.

In short, if you’re on a tight budget, the Amazon Echo Dot 3 generation smart speaker is a perfect purchase option at a very economical price.

Guide to buy the best smart speaker

If you are one of those who like to read the newspaper on paper, check the weather on your mobile and have the recipe book in the kitchen, maybe a smart speaker is not for you.

Best Smart Speakers

Think for a moment about the number of household chores and time that you could optimize with the purchase of a smart speaker. smart speaker

All this begins to become a reality if you invest in a smart speaker and its complementary virtual voice assistant.

It comes to your hair if:

  • You have little time to stay informed
  • You have young children and you want to wake them up to go to school
  • You like to cook and you need a kitchen assistant
  • You like music and you want to enjoy it
  • You want to make your home smart

Unless you repelús the technology and think that it is not necessary for your life, an intelligent speaker will be able to make your routine and activities of the home much more entertaining and fun.

Frequently Asked Questions

It depends on many things, but in general and with the technology they have incorporated they are not picata minuta. However, we are in luck, because intelligent speaker manufacturers begin to make affordable models for all audiences, not exceeding 70 dollars.

Of course, on many occasions, cheap is expensive and smart speakers with the latest updates have their own mobile or table prices. But … what if we take a look at everything they can offer? Are they really expensive?

Therefore, you must find a balance between the price in the market and the technological advances offered by an intelligent speaker accompanied by its virtual voice assistant.

If you have a tight budget, do not worry, decide to buy a cheap smart speaker, and when you discover everything you can do for yourself, get another one with greater functionalities, total, you can synchronize them to act together.

An intelligent speaker is a hands-free device controlled by voice commands, where a virtual voice assistant equipped with artificial intelligence nests that will make our lives much easier in 10 years.

Smart speakers can do many things, from consulting, entertainment, smart home control, to recognizing different people and customizing responses.

Many people ask this question, and the truth is that the issue is complicated. There is a lot of competition and some Chinese models.

For example, we will not find Apple and Google devices in the official Amazon store, however, you will find your own smart speakers there.

The sale of smart speakers also occurs in electronics stores such as the English Court, Mediamark or Wallmart both in the physical store and online.

Technical characteristics to consider

Obviously, before deciding on the purchase of an intelligent speaker, we must assess:

Virtual Assistant

It is not the same to do with the google assistant than with Alexa, because they have some differences in compatibility and functionalities.

Also do not rush and go buy a smart speaker with a voice assistant incompatible with many other smart devices such as Siri (at the moment) or Bixby, which does not even recognize the other’s language.

Try to find that voice assistant that is fully integrated in English or in your home country.

With screen or without screen

You must assess the match that you are going to get to your smart speaker, of course, and without any doubt, the incorporation of the screens on these devices has been and will be the future due to the wide options and functionalities it offers.

In addition to the screen, they integrate front cameras to be able to make video calls and photos, it is something that really deserves an investment even if the price is high.

Within the categories of smart speakers with a screen and camera, you can choose between its quality and resolution.

Internal battery

Not many smart speakers have internal batteries and that is why they lack portability.

Without a doubt, it is a feature that will soon be integrated and that will mark a before and after in the world of these smart devices.

smart speaker, However, all is not lost, there are already portable batteries that fit perfectly to the speaker and allow us to move it from one room to another freely.

Size and Design

If you are very meticulous with the decoration you must choose the smart speaker that best integrates into your home. Right now there are already minimalist and avant-garde models. Additionally, you can customize some of the smart speaker models with interchangeable housings.

However, the manufacturers of these devices give you the option to choose between 2 and three colors.

As for the size, it is clear that the less weight and more compact the better for us. However, a smart speaker is equipped with, that, speakers and microphones that help improve sound quality and speech recognition. Therefore, if they are very small, the audio and sound will be consistent.

Long-range voice and sound recognition

Without audio and sound we have no smart speaker, right ?. They are two of the most important features of these smart devices.

You must pay attention and get a smart speaker with a minimum quality of speakers and microphones or on the contrary, the functionality can decrease dramatically. There are speakers with great voice recognition due to the architecture and arrangement of their microphones, something to keep in mind.

There are many alternatives since traditional speaker manufacturers join forces with leading artificial technology companies to bring out new products, such as Sony, Harman Kardon or Bose. Smart speakers of these brands offer great sound quality.


The funny thing about this is how many other smart devices can interact with my smart speaker, right?

For us it is a number one priority to observe the compatibility with the different intelligent devices, currently, there are already in the market, countless compatible product categories, light bulbs, plugs, blind switches, thermostats, etc.

Correct configuration and installation.

This is the easiest thing, but whenever a smart speaker comes from naive freckles.

Smart speakers with the display are the easiest to set up thanks to the support of this one. However, those who lack it is not a big problem either its correct installation and configuration.

In particular, to properly install Google or Amazon speakers, you will only have to download the Alexa or Google Home app.

Be careful because many of the models of these smart speakers are not compatible with older iOS and Android versions.

The best brands of smart speakers

What is the best brand of smart speakers?

Before Google entered the USA market, Amazon Echo obtained the monopoly of the sector.

Right now the forces have been leveled and Google already has almost the same models and versions as its direct competitor Amazon, it is a reality, they compete in price, models, virtual voice assistant, and functionalities.

It is very difficult to guess which is the best since not all of us have the same needs, but we can make an approximation as far as technological advances are concerned.

Although the smart speaker market is in full maturation stage, integrations such as touch screens, front cameras, and light sensors are typical of the best smart speakers. We could say that Amazon Echo Show, Facebook portal and Google Hub Max, occupy the top positions.

Also, something to keep in mind is the ability to learn from voice assistants, both Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa are trained with the most advanced artificial intelligence. However, Siri, Hauwei, and Bixby are hitting hard with the intention to enter to compete massively.

Google Home vs Amazon Echo

Click on the header of this section to see the best comparison of Google Home vs Amazon Echo

Amazon Echo or Google Home? American companies that are now headed, already having 4 and up to 6 models of smart speakers.

  • Price: The fight is very even and although Google has somewhat higher prices, it is not so in some products where Amazon is also asserted.
  • Experience: Technologically very even companies, which develop super-advanced artificial intelligence systems, however, in this field the Google assistant has more experience than Alexa.
  • Innovation: Without a doubt, Google is a pioneer in innovation, however, Amazon has been plotting its immersion in artificial intelligence for a while when it acquired Alexa.

Obviously, your preferences decide the purchase, so here is our recommendation:

  • If you are looking for a consolidated brand and you don’t mind paying for it: Amazon.
  • If you are looking for value and the brand is not so important to you: Google.
  • If you want a simple smart speaker, both Google Home Mini, and Amazon Echo Dot have the cheapest prices, without a doubt, they are perfect for beginners.
  • If you need premium features and a certain “status,” Google home Hub Max and the Amazon Echo Show can fit you.

Final Word

Finally, getting any version or models of these brands of smart speakers is a safe investment, keep in mind that if you really want to turn your home into home automation, you must have at least a couple of them.

Therefore, decide on a specific brand, the best thing would be to bet on Google Home or Amazon Echo.

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