The 10 BEST SMART WATCHES FOR PILOTS Of 2020 – Reviews & Buying Guide

Less bulky than a Smartphone and lighter, the best smart watches for pilots is a device that will suit all age groups. Adults, adolescents, and children, everyone will find what they are looking for. That said, note that not all watches are compatible with all smartphones, despite the performance of the phone and the presence of Bluetooth.

In addition to this, each model has its own characteristics, particularly in terms of design, functionality, and power. To guide you in your purchase, here are some examples of products that may interest you in USA. Given its finish, Apple Watch Series 5 GPS will be all the rage with the fairer sex. For its part, Fossil Watch Julianna Gen 5 connected is a very versatile watch.

Examples are better than a long speech. This list brings together all the best, especially in the category of smart watches. So that you can get an idea of the capabilities of each watch, you will find the best smart watches for pilots qualities and defects of each reference.

Apple Watch Series 5
  • Impeccable connection: This smart watch for men can connect to all Wi-Fi networks as long as you enter the correct password.
  • Versatile: In addition to providing data relating to the electrocardiography, you can also answer a call or write a text.
  • A successful design: The gold case and the pink strap are unique to this watch.
  • Low autonomy: The battery does not last more than 12 hours. This duration will be reduced if the screen is set to the constant display option.

With the number and variety of products on sale, even a techie will have trouble knowing which smart watch to choose. What is certain is that it will be very difficult not to fall for the models from Apple. Besides, it is not for nothing that it holds the title of the best brand of smart watches for pilots.

Providing information such as time, day, ECG, distance traveled, and duration of the training, the fifth-generation Apple Watch is certainly the most powerful of all smart watches. The ECG application developed by Apple will allow you to follow in real-time the evolution of your cardiac activity.

If you practice Yoga, swimming, or cycling, this Apple smart watch will be of great help to you. Being a source of motivation, you will be able to listen to music, and this thanks to the Apple music application. Also, note that the screen size is 30% larger than the previous version.

Fossil Gen 5 Julianna Connected watch
  • A quality watch: The design of this model is similar to a luxury watch without speaking of the quality of the screen and the bracelet.
  • A good microphone: Due to its calling capacity, this watch can replace your Smartphone. Also, note that the speaker and microphone are working as they should.
  • Heavy: Many people find the bracelet to be quite heavy.
  • An automatic update: Without activating the automatic update, you will be faced with sound bugs.

When it comes to how to choose the best smart watches for pilots of 2020, everyone is free to define their own criteria. Others take a cheap model, which is not a bad idea. Working with smartphones on Android and iOS, this watch runs on Wear OS. Remember that this is an operating system that was developed by Google.

Waterproof, this Fossil smart watch does not fear water. In addition to that, it is equipped with a GPS. The distances you have covered will, therefore, be calculated and displayed in real-time. With the help of the Google fit app, you will be able to track your heart rate. Equipped with a speaker and a microphone, this watch can receive telephone calls.

The notifications will be accompanied by an audible alert like what we are used to hearing. Powerful, this model has a RAM memory of 1GB and an internal memory of 8GB. Also, note that the charging cable is included in the purchase.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active
  • Easy to use: Samsung has made the interface easy to understand. Also, note that the applications do not present any bug.
  • Reactive: Given the capacity of its RAM, the reactivity of this watch is not surprising. It is also equipped with a high-resolution screen.
  • No fast charging: To recharge the battery, you will have to wait for more than 5 hours, which is a long time.
  • The galaxy store interface: The galaxy store is presented as a lambda e-Commerce site.

For those who are wondering which is the best smart watch on the market, know that there are several ranges. This model incorporates an internal memory of 4 GB as well as a 750 MB RAM. In addition to this, this Samsung smart watch has a GPS. In this configuration, it is very difficult to find a cheaper watch than the Galaxy Watch Active.

Solidly designed, the case is entirely made of aluminum. Aside from that, the watch benefits from IP68 protection which perfectly resists dirt and humidity.

Equipped with a 20 mm wide bracelet, the case is properly maintained, which is very practical when doing indoor sports. At the display, you will be entitled to an AMOLED screen which is in Gorilla glass and whose width is 40 mm. The latter will be powered by a 230mAh battery. All this makes this model the best smart watch.

Fitbit Versa 2 Health and Fitness Smartwatch
  • Specific: The content of the screen remains legible, even when it goes to sleep.
  • Easy to configure: Given the width of the screen and the layout of the interface, navigation between the various functions should not be a problem. In addition to that, the Fitbit app has no bugs.
  • Very good autonomy: The battery can last more than 5 days without recharging.
  • Slow: Its operating system is relatively slow and fairly basic.

Several tips that relate to the question of how to buy better value for money smart watch exist on the internet. It is for this reason that the web is an excellent communication network.

Integrating the virtual assistant from Amazon known as Alexa, this watch can give you all the information you need to know the weather or the news of the day. In addition, remote control of connected objects is also possible.

As with the majority of smartwatches of its generation, the screen will display information such as the heart rate or even the duration of your sleep. With this Fitbit smart watch, you will also have control over streaming platforms such as Spotify and Deezer.

Since the device is equipped with a large screen and a display system, all information will be continuously accessible. In terms of power, the maximum battery life is 5 days which is very rare for a smart watch.

Smartwatch GARMIN Vivoactive
  • Modular: All the dials are as pretty as each other. Cross country, running and cycling enthusiasts will also be spoiled since each activity will have its own application.
  • A quality battery: The battery recharges very quickly and has a range of up to 7 days.
  • Incompatible with Huawei smartphones: This watch is not recognized by Huawei brand smartphones.

The content of comparison must refer you to the site where to buy the best smart watch, without it, it does not have to exist. Customizable, thousands of dials and applications are compatible with this watch. In addition to this, apps related to yoga, swimming, running and indoor sports have been pre-downloaded.

Modern, the Garmin smart watch can calculate your VO2 max and assess your physical condition. All of this information can be viewed on a 1.6 inch LCD screen. Features like smart notifications, automatic updates, and Live track are also available.

Comfortable, the bracelet is made of silicone. Besides, note that the weight of this watch is estimated at 40.8 g. Since it is equipped with a touch screen, it is quite possible to access all the information without using the control button located on the right side of the watch.

Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro Fitness Smartwatch
  • Maximum autonomy of 3 days: With the right setting, holding more than 3 days without any recharging is quite possible. Also, note that the battery recharges in even an hour.
  • The Gear app: The latter will allow you to change the design of the dial, and that, in a snap of your fingers.
  • Regularly goes to sleep: The screen quickly goes to sleep, which is quite disturbing. In addition, the watch takes a little time to turn back on.

Without comparing the offers offered by merchant sites, it will be very difficult to know where to buy a new smart watch. Present on the shelves of specialist shops and on e-commerce sites, the Gear Fit2 Pro Fitness is a watch produced by Samsung. Equipped with a waterproof case, it can go up to 50 meters deep without letting in a single drop of water. In addition, you can shower with.

By connecting to a Wifi network, take full advantage of your favorite tracks by going to Spotify. Besides WiFi, this model also has Bluetooth connectivity in 4.2. Thanks to the GPS, this watch will accompany you in your training by counting the number of kilometers you have covered.

The MyFitnessPal app will calculate the number of calories burned and display your heart rate. Speaking of the display, know that this watch is equipped with an AMOLED screen which is slightly curved.

Huawei Watch 2 Classic Smartwatch
  • Classic design: At first glance, this watch looks like a luxury item. In addition, its user will have the choice between several styles of dials.
  • Android Pay: Being the replacement for Google Wallet, this system will allow you to send money to your loved ones, but also to make online purchases.
  • Automatic standby: The fact that the watch goes to sleep automatically will conserve the battery and provide better autonomy.
  • Lack of responsiveness: The system becomes less reactive when the night mode is activated.

Opinions differ when it comes to buying your first smartwatch. Others think that it is necessary to invest this or that sum before having a quality product while others consider that it is not necessary.

By putting on this watch, you will be able to monitor your cardiac activity and this during your training. Data such as recovery time and VO2 max will also be displayed on its screen. For information, know that this Huawei smart watch has a GPS.

Convenient, you can directly access your playlist and without the internet connection. Combining sportiness and pure elegance, this watch incorporates two 22mm wide straps and a classic stainless steel case.

Its carbon black finish will delight watchmaking enthusiasts. If necessary, know that the bracelets come off quite easily. This watch is one of the only ones to benefit from an NFC assistant, the latter will take care of any reimbursements.

GOKOO Smart Watch for Men Women
  • Very light: Not exceeding the 200 g mark, this watch has a featherweight. In addition, its port will not interfere with your daily activities and sports.
  • Functional: With this watch, you will be able to answer your calls and receive texts as if it were a Smartphone. As usual, notifications will appear on the screen.
  • A protective case: This watch will be accompanied by a protective case that also acts as a charger.
  • Not compatible with iPad: Against all odds, this watch is not compatible with iPads and mp3 players.

Each Smartwatch is intended for a specific audience and use and this is felt through the design and functionality of the watch. Equipped with a pink bracelet, this model is none other than a smart watch for women.

In addition to that, it is able to provide data such as the distance you have traveled, the number of calories burned, but also your heart activity. This makes this device a 2 in 1 device, namely a GPS smart watch and a sport smart watch.

Unlike some of its competitors, this watch is suitable for Ios and Android smartphones. Waterproof, its case benefits from an IP 67 protection index. Each call, message, and email will be accompanied by a vibration. This system will allow you to be reachable all the time, even during training sessions. With Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity, the connection is both fast and very stable.

VTech KidiZoom Smartwatch DX2, Blue
  • Entertaining: Given the features it has, your child will not be bored. In addition, it will delight little girls as well as little boys.
  • Customizable: The number of dials that are compatible with this watch may surprise more than one. To download them, simply go through the manufacturer's site.
  • Low autonomy: This watch deserves a more powerful battery.

Here is a smart watch for children developed by VTECH. With its two cameras, your toddler will be able to take photos, videos, and that without too much difficulty. To make it easier to read the time, the manufacturer has installed more than 55 analog and digital dials.

Modern, this watch is equipped with a motion sensor and a pedometer. This technology has been developed to provide a game experience closer to reality. In addition, the games are completely free.

Design side, you will have a choice between two colors, either blue or purple. To transfer the photos and videos captured by the watch, the watch has a micro USB socket. By doing so, you will not saturate its internal memory of 256 Mb. In addition to this, the cable is an integral part of the purchase. 

LG Electronics G Watch-Retail Packaging
  • A nice watch: Because of its elegance, this watch is nothing ordinary. It is for this reason that it was the favorite of many people.
  • A 400 mAh battery: Given the capacity of the battery, it will only discharge after 3 days.
  • An excellent display: The 1.65 "LCD screen offers a very good angle of view, which makes it pleasant to use.
  • Not compatible with an iPhone: If you have an iPhone, know that this watch is not recognized by Apple products.

Whether a smartphone is compatible with a smartwatch or not depends primarily on its operating system. Recognized by phones running Android 4.3 and later, the LG smart watch works thanks to Android Wear. In other words, it is an Android smart watch. In addition, it is equipped with a Qualcomm processor with a frequency of 1.2 GHz. Equipped with a microphone, this model is equipped with a voice activation system.

Easy to put on, the weight of the case is estimated at 63.5 g. Notifications from your Smartphone will be displayed on its 1.65 ″ LCD screen. This will avoid you from having to consult it all the time. Recall that the screen is touch.

As for synchronization, this will be done via Bluetooth which is in 4.0. Sober, the case and the bracelet are entirely black. In terms of accessories, LG has provided a charger and a 400 mAh battery.

⌚ Buying Guide - How to Choose the best smart watches for pilots?

For those who have no idea what a price comparison is, know that it is a site that brings together the best offers on the market. That said, the price of the watch does not make it a good or a bad product. Here are some criteria to consider.

best smart watch for athletes

The housing design

The size of the case varies according to each model and the screen format. As for its shape, there are squares, rectangles, and others that are round with a more or less elongated or curved line. Concretely, the design of the watch has no influence on its performance, but it's just a story of taste and color.

As on a classic watch, the case will be attached to a strap which can be made of leather, stainless steel, or plastic. Again, it will all depend on your preferences. Note however that the leather bracelets are much more comfortable than the other variants. If in the near future you want to change the bracelet, make sure that it is detachable.

As for the screen, you have two choices. Indeed, the latest models are equipped with an LCD or AMOLED screen. Whether it is one or the other, these technologies will allow you to view photos and videos with the right brightness, the right colors, and the best contrast. In addition, the lifespan and the autonomy of your battery will be increased.

The time is also on touch screens. From a practical point of view, using a touch screen is not always easy. To overcome this problem, some watches running Wear OS can be controlled by the movement of the wrist. For its part, those with physical buttons appeal to athletes and lovers of classic watches. Indeed, the grip is much better.

Unlike a classic watch, a smartwatch can change the dial, according to the user's wishes. To enjoy this functionality, go to the manufacturer's website. Like any sporting device, the case of smart watches benefits from protection against water and dirt. The protection index changes depending on the model.


Despite the fact that you can answer calls and send SMS, smart watches were not designed to replace smartphones. That said, these two devices have many things in common, citing only the applications, the integration of a GPS, WiFi, and Bluetooth connectivity. Ordering a product without going through a buying guide for the best smart watches for pilots is therefore not a good idea.

Since their commercialization, the number of applications developed especially for smart watches has been in the thousands. These are the modules that are related to fitness, outdoor sports such as cycling, brisk walking, running, and swimming that are in fashion. Combined with the pedometer and a heart rate sensor, these applications will give you the number of kilometers you have traveled, your energy expenditure up to your blood pressure.

Besides sports activities, the number of smart watches that integrate an NFC chip continues to increase. This technology was developed to make contactless payments. In other words, you can pay your bills only with your watch. At Apple, this service is known as Apple pay. Samsung also has its own payment system called Samsung Pay. For Wear OS Smartwatches, this feature is known as Android Pay.

As a reminder, note that there are three operating systems, namely, Android Wear or Wear OS, Tizen, and Ios. The first is multi-brand while the other two are used on watches made by Samsung and Apple. The more recent the system version, the more efficient the watch will be. Before making the purchase, check that your Smartphone is compatible with the watch you have chosen.

best smart watch for teens

Battery life

The average lifespan of the batteries used in smart watches is one to two days. That said, some models last more than six days. To obtain such a result, manufacturers rely on an automatic standby device.

As for recharging, the way it will operate depends on the configuration of the watch. If the latter is equipped with a micro USB port, a wired charger is therefore necessary. On the other hand, if it is delivered with a recharging base, it suffices to position it on top and to wait. The duration of recharging will essentially depend on the quality of the battery.

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final words

I hope that our knowledge and expertise will help you find the best smart watches for pilots. If you are still unsure of anything or you are interested in soaking up some more information on the subject of the smartwatches, please do comment below and we will use our combined experience of 6 years of using smart watches, to help you make the right decision. 😊


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