The Best Sony Camera For Filmmaking 2020 – Reviews & Buying Guide

Camera functionality is defined by its ability to capture and display a scene as closely as possible to the real environment. In this regard, Sony cameras are market leaders, but their catalogue has a large number of models, which is why we list some of the most prominent ones.

The Sony A6000 camera has a 24.3 MP sensor that provides a high level of sharpness and has a compact design so you can take it everywhere. On the other hand, the Sony DSC-W810 is capable of carrying 360 ° panoramic photos and can automatically illuminate images so as not to lose details even at night.

The 9 Best Sony Camera For Filmmaking - 2020 Reviews

There are many Sony cameras with different functions that can be more easily adapted to the needs of each person, whether they be exclusively for photos, video, digital equipment, sports, with compact designs, for professional or home use. Due to the great variety of models, we have prepared a list with 9 of the Best Sony Camera For Filmmaking of 2020, intending to facilitate your choice.

Sony a6000 Interchangeable Lens Digital Camera
  • Sensor: It has a 24.3 MP APS-C sensor that provides higher light sensitivity and sharpness in the image.
  • Practicality: You can use the Smart Remote Control application to connect the camera to your mobile phone and capture images remotely.
  • Speed: You can shoot up to 11 fps for still photo, allowing you to capture precise actions. Plus, you can record at 24 and 60 fps for added versatility.
  • Objective: It is a model that brings only the body, so it does not include goals to start using it immediately.

The first thing to take into account is that this Sony Alpha camera is only a body kit, that is, without a lens, but you can get it in its presentation with one or two glasses, as well as with a black, white, graphite case. And silver. On the other hand, it integrates a 24.3 MP APS-C sensor, which can capture greater detail in each image and improves its sharpness.

On the front, it has a 3-inch LCD screen that allows you to select among all the PlayMemories applications pre-installed on the camera, to improve your photographic skills, which is why many people consider it to be the Best Sony Camera For Filmmaking.

It has an ISO 25600 range, making it possible to capture good images in natural low light environments. As for quality, you can record 1080p Full HD videos at speed from 24 to 60 fps, this way, you can make videos with a slow-motion effect.

If you are looking for the Best Sony Camera For Filmmaking of the moment, it recommended that before deciding you take into account some of the positive and negative characteristics of this model:

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-W810 Digital Camera
  • Beautifier: Features a smart beautifying effect that instantly improves image imperfections.
  • 360: Allows you to easily make 360 ° images, whether of landscapes or special moments during meetings.
  • Design: It has a compact and lightweight design, suitable to carry the camera in your pocket or bag.
  • Video: It has a video quality of the only 720p, so it is at a disadvantage compared to other models that offer 1080p resolution.

It is a compact Sony camera with a weight of only 111 grams and a length of approximately 10 cm, so you can carry it in your pocket or bag without taking up much space. Despite its size, it has a 2.7-inch screen, enough to display captured images.

For added entertainment and functionality, the camera makes it easy to take 360-degree panoramic shots, press the shutter button and rotate the camera, which will kick off a flurry of images that will stitch together at the end of the movement.

As for its image quality, it has a resolution of 20.1 MP, enough to capture the details and emotions of any scene. Also, it has Super HAD technology with millions of pixels in the sensor, to provide greater clarity to the images.

If you are looking for a laptop that you can have on hand and take everywhere, then what you need is a compact Sony camera, so it is worth checking the pros and cons of this model before deciding:

Sony HD Video Recording HDRPJ440 PJ Handycam Camcorder
  • Video: It is capable of recording in XAVC S format, which is commonly used by professional videographers and filmmakers.
  • Projector: The viewer incorporates a projector that allows you to present your videos to family and friends during meetings.
  • Overlay: Provides the possibility to record a video of overlapping images, which trace the action to analyze the movement later.
  • Charging: The battery can only be charged if it is connected to the camera, eliminating the possibility of using the camera while charging other batteries.

This is a Sony Handycam type video camera, which you can hold with one hand for convenience and security. As for its design, it incorporates a 26.8 mm wide-angle fixed lens, which in both video and photography allows you to capture full and clear images, in this sense, its aspect ratio is 16: 9.

Among its technologies, it has Optical SteadyShot that stabilizes the image to avoid blurring, as well as Motion Shot Video, which creates a sequence of overlapping images so you can analyze movements or make attractive videos that you can share on your social networks.

For greater practicality, it has an innovative projector built into the front of the viewfinder so that you can play your videos in meetings with family and friends. In the same way, it is compatible with WiFi to carry out live broadcasts on Ustream, be it shows, concerts, parties or sporting events.

A good quality video camera must be versatile enough to be able to use it professionally or at home, just like this Sony model. Let's see its pros and cons:

📷 Sony DSCHX80/B : Sony compact camera

Sony DSCHX80/B High Zoom Point & Shoot Camera
  • Technology: It has BIONZ X technology that reduces the amount of noise and maximizes details.
  • Objective: It incorporates a 24-720 mm lens, suitable for taking close-ups and more general frames.
  • Sensor: It has an 18.2 MP Exmor R CMOS sensor, capable of increasing the light input to obtain correctly illuminated images even at night.
  • Capture: Does not allow capturing photos while recording video, which may be a disadvantage compared to other models on the list.

It is a Sony Cyber-shot camera that has a 24-720mm lens to take both portraits and capture landscapes from any perspective. In this sense, it offers a high level of sharpness and contrast, thanks to its Exmor R CMOS sensor, which increases sensitivity up to 4 times more than other models to obtain brighter and more luminous results.

Also, keep in mind that its sensor offers 18.2 megapixels, so it is capable of capturing a large amount of detail. Also, it integrates BIONZ X technology, indicated to maximize realism, reduce distortion and eliminate noise in specific areas of the image.

For added convenience, it has an LCD screen that can be tilted up to 180 ° to see what the monitor is showing even when you are in front of the lens. On the other hand, its Tru-Finder OLED viewfinder is compact and provides a high level of contrast for greater precision when taking pictures.

The answer which is the Best Sony Camera For Filmmaking, it is necessary to review the characteristics of the most outstanding models carefully. Hence, we invite you to learn about the positive and negative aspects of this model:

Sony a7 Full-Frame Mirrorless Digital Camera
  • Protection: It has an ultrasonic mechanism that emits vibrations when turning off the camera to remove any dust particles.
  • Sensor: It has a 24.3 MP sensor for a full 35mm frame, making it capable of professional-quality photography.
  • Video: Allows you to record 1080p videos at 24 and 60 fps speed, which provides greater functionality.
  • Stabilization: It does not have an automatic stabilization system, so the stability depends on the objective you use and its technology.

It is an Evil Sony camera that has a 24.3 MP sensor, capable of taking professional and cinematographic photographs, in the same way, it offers a full-frame of 35 mm. It allows the exchange of lenses for greater versatility. Also, it has the BIONZ X image processor that increases the level of detail and reduces noise.

On the other hand, it is capable of removing any particles attached to the sensor, thanks to its antistatic coating and anti-dust system, which emits ultrasonic vibrations to remove dirt particles. Although its structure is compact, it incorporates front and rear dials to configure both the different levels of exposure and the speed of the camera.

You can synchronize the camera with your tablet or smartphone to use them as a viewfinder and remote control, in the same way, this system allows you to transfer photos and videos instantly for greater convenience.

The best Sony price-quality camera must have a cost according to its functionality, so it is worth taking into account the pros and cons of this semi-professional device:

📷 Sony HDR-CX440/B : Sony compact camera

Sony HDR-CX440/B Full HD Video Handycam Camcorder
  • Lens: Integrates a 26.8mm ZEISS wide-angle lens, suitable for capturing full 16: 9 aspect ratio images, whether landscapes or indoor scenes.
  • Editing: Provides access to the Highlight Movie Maker editing program, which streamlines video editing and lets you express your creativity.
  • Stability: Offers Optical SteadyShot to prevent blur and ensure a stable image.
  • Lighting: Not recommended for recording at night or in low light spaces, as it may produce more noise than expected.

It is a Sony Handycam video camera, which has a ZEISS lens to improve image quality. On the other hand, it has a USB cable integrated into the hand strap, which is practical for downloading recorded material to the computer, whether you want to share with family and friends or need to free up memory space.

Its processor is BIONZ X, and its sensor is CMOS Exmor R, which improves the performance of the camera and makes possible a softer blur in the background. Likewise, these components help to achieve higher image realism for professional finishes.

Among its innovative functions is the possibility of recording in Motion Shot Video mode, capable of tracing the action of a sequence in superimposed images that provide an attractive finish.

If you are looking for one of the cheapest cameras, that works optimally to record special moments with your family and friends, then you should consider the pros and cons of this Handycam type model:

📷 Sony HDR-CX440/B : Sony compact camera

Sony RX100 20.2 MP Premium Compact Digital Camera
  • Aperture: Its F1.8 opening lets enough light into the sensor so you can capture images at night.
  • Design: It has a compact and elegant design in black colour, which you can easily carry everywhere.
  • Video: It is capable of recording with a resolution of 1080p, so it provides an optimal quality image.
  • Menu: The menu could be a little difficult to understand, for which you need some knowledge.

One of the highlights of this Sony digital camera is its minimalist and elegant design with a black surface; it also has a compact structure so you can put it in a pocket and take it out quickly.

As for its image, it has an ISO between 125 and 6400 to illuminate the scene according to your needs, whether it is dawn or a night image. Similarly, you should know that its Exmor 1.0 CMOS sensor has 20.2 MP to capture images in great detail. Also, its integrated ZEISS lens has an aperture of F1.8 to let enough light enter the picture.

It has an LCD screen with WhiteMagic technology to provide a good level of contrast and reproduce images faithful to the real environment. As if that were not enough, it includes a micro USB cable to transfer the material to a computer, as well as a hand strap and shoulder adapter, which gives you greater convenience.

The best brand of cameras must offer from the simplest to the most advanced devices. If you are looking for a compact camera that you can take anywhere, then it is recommended that you take into account the pros and cons of this model.


It can be challenging to choose a Sony camera over another, so you must be very clear about your needs and the use that you will give to the equipment. Also, you must know some highlights, such as design, sensor capacity, functions, versatility, among others. For this reason, we have put together this guide to buy the Best Sony Camera For Filmmaking.


Among the variety of Sony brand cameras, you can find Handycam type models, which have a traditional design such as the popular camcorders that allowed us to record home videos. In general, this type of camera maintains this form of use, since they have fixed lenses and their functions are usually automatic, which facilitates their use and allows them to adapt to any environment and situation.

Now, if you are looking for a more professional team, then you should opt for a reflex camera, called this way because it is capable of reflecting the real scene with higher fidelity than other types of cameras. Additionally, the reflex technology allows you to modify the image manually according to the lighting of the place and the speed of the action, so they are mainly used by professionals, in this sense, they may be complicated for beginners or people looking for more ease when recording videos or taking pictures.

For their part, sports cameras tend to be more compact, resistant and easy to use, they are mainly indicated for recording or taking pictures in action sports that require greater practicality and agility to capture the precise moment of the scene. Their design makes them suitable also to capture special moments in events and family gatherings.

Another remarkable aspect is the possibility that some models offer to exchange lenses. These kits are generally for professional environments, where different lenses used to obtain specific angles and textures in images. However, cameras with a fixed lens are usually versatile enough to adapt to all environments automatically; in this case, wide-angle lenses are the most popular for making more full frames.


The sensor is the one that defines the sensitivity of the camera to process the light of the place, which provides an image more or less faithful to the original scene, depending on the type of camera and its capabilities. This is probably the essential element of these devices regardless of whether they are photographic or video, since the sharpness of the image depends on their effectiveness.

In this sense, the photosensitive components of the sensor are called pixels, and it is these that indicate the possibility of the camera to view the frames in larger or smaller sizes without losing quality, which is why it is also related to image resolution.

Therefore, if you still wonder how much a camera costs and you are looking for one that is good and economical, it is necessary to know its megapixels (MP) indicated in its specifications and the ISO sensitivity, which is the one that establishes the relationship between the light input to the camera and image quality. In this sense, you can find models from 12 to 24 MP and with an ISO range that goes from 6400 to 25600.


When making a comparison of Sony cameras, we can see that although the models maintain a traditional structure, their designs can be more or less complicated and robust depending on the type of camera. In this sense, we can find very resistant products that are generally indicated for professional use, where the camera is usually kept fixed in one place or on some external platform.

On the other hand, compact design cameras are usually the ones for amateur use, since they are easy to take everywhere and you can quickly take them out to capture moments with your family and friends. However, nowadays, we can find professional use SLR cameras with designs almost as compact as those of a digital camera, which gives them greater practicality.

Also, there are models with different numbers of buttons, which are not necessarily related to their number of functions, but rather to their practicality of use. Therefore, the models that incorporate a rotary dial on the top are those that allow you to switch between operating modes, such as photography, video and an automatic way. Also, there are cameras with only a couple of buttons, which are usually multifunctional, and they allow you to move between the menu options in a more direct and simple way.


The functions of Sony cameras are very varied. It is possible to find models that facilitate image stabilization to avoid distortions, which is especially practical at sporting events or other high-action activities, but this can also affect the price.

For greater versatility, the most modern equipment offers the possibility of synchronizing the camera with another device, such as a smartphone, where you can use the mobile screen to activate and modify the camera options from a distance, in this way You do not have to be on the scene to use it. In general, these types of cameras also have a WiFi connection to download applications and transfer information directly to the computer.

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