The Best Sound Settings For Samsung Tv – Reviews & Buying Guide

When looking for an extra for the Best Sound Settings For Samsung Tv of your home, many users consider Samsung as the best brand of soundbars at the moment. A manufacturer that offers a wide offer, among which it is easy to find the model that offers you the power, design and ease of control you need, among other elements.

If you need a rather simple bar, the Samsung HW-K450 2.1 model is an exciting proposal. This soundbar has a 2.1 output system with a global power of 130 watts. A model suitable for small rooms that you can easily install thanks to its wireless connectivity, also offering different improved control options. 

If you prefer a little more power, the Samsung 3.0 Sound+ Premium Soundbar increases it to 220 watts in total, despite being among the cheapest Samsung soundbars that we have valued. An adjusted price that does not prevent the model from having an LCD screen or that can be controlled directly from your mobile.

The soundbar is the perfect complement to give a boost to the audio of any television or to enjoy your favorite music easily if you prefer. Models that, within the Samsung range, offer a wide variety of proposals, as you will see in our selection of the Best Sound Settings For Samsung Tv of 2020.

A choice in which there is space for models of different power, price, and design, including the latest news such as curved soundbars or 5.1 output bars, among which it will surely be easy to decide which is the Best Sound Settings For Samsung Tv to meet the needs of your home.

πŸ”Š Samsung HW-K450 2.1 : Channel 300 Watt Wireless Audio Soundbar

Samsung HW-K450 2.1 Channel 300 Watt Wireless Audio Soundbar
What we liked
  • Wireless installation: The installation process dispenses with the censer cables to make it easier for you to locate both the bar and the subwoofer as it suits you.
  • Surround sound: Thanks to its 130 watts of output and its 2.1 system, this model offers you remarkable quality and a delightful surround sound.
  • Mobile connectivity: Thanks to the included Bluetooth function; this model allows you to connect and control the bar directly from your mobile.
What we didn't like
  • The vision of the remote control: The remote control has the drawback of having keys printed in black on a black remote control, so it does not look as good as it should.

When looking for the Best Sound Settings For Samsung Tv , the Samsung HW-K450 2.1 model is one of the strongest candidates. This bar has a total power of 130 watts of output, combined in a 2.1 system with which to obtain high quality audio and performance.

Something that helps the separate subwoofer design that, thanks to its wireless technology, you can install anywhere without the need for cables. This allows you to generate more pleasant surround sensations regardless of the sound source, which can be your TV or even your mobile device, if you wish. A model whose control has also been improved, thanks to the One Remote system with which to use the bar directly with the control of your television.

Located in a notable position among the best Samsung sound bars of 2020, we leave you some additional details about its characteristics.

πŸ”Š Samsung 3.0 Sound+ Premium Soundbar : HW-MS650/ZA with Built-In Subwoofer

Samsung 3.0 Sound+ Premium Soundbar HW-MS650/ZA with Built-In Subwoofer
What we liked
  • Power: Despite talking about a 2.1 bar, this model has an output power of 220 watts with a unique force in the bass area.
  • LCD screen: The central display of the bar allows you to better control the different options of the device, with a night mode that is not visually disturbing.
  • Installation: Installation is straightforward, both for the included wireless subwoofer and for adding all the necessary supports for it.
What we didn't like
  • Measurements of the room: Due to its power, it is necessary to take into account the measures of the room where it is placed, which, if reduced, can be excessively powerful.
  • Finishing and cleaning: The metallic and profiled finish that this product has the disadvantage of being a deposit for dust, so it is advisable to be careful in cleaning it.

The Samsung 3.0 Sound+ Premium Soundbar HW-MS650/ZA is another of the models most highly valued by users. This model has a basic design, with a 2.1 audio output, but that increases the output power up to 220 watts. Something that generates better enveloping sensations when it comes to enjoying any content, especially if you like robust and quality bass.

A complete kit located among the cheapest in the range of this manufacturer, but it does not lack any of the necessary elements in a soundbar, such as mounting brackets or wireless connectivity that simplifies the device installation process. It even has a flirty central LCD screen with which to control the bar and its functions better. A complete model at an adjusted price that could well be the Best Sound Settings For Samsung Tv for value for money of which we have analyzed.

Although there are no particularly cheap options within the bars of this manufacturer, let's see some more details about this price-adjusted product.

Samsung Electronics Sound+ Premium Curved Soundbar
What we liked
  • Curved design: The curved design of this bar generates different and never-before-seen sensations when it comes to enjoying quality surround sound.
  • Distortion correction: The bar incorporates the brand's technology with which to eliminate the distortion of the sound it generates.
  • Multiroom: Thanks to its WiFi connectivity, this equipment is compatible with the Multiroom system, with which you can better manage the audio in your home.
What we didn't like
  • Space: To cite a but, the space occupied by the product is somewhat more significant than that of a flat model, as corresponds to its curved format.
  • HDMI cable: The bar does not include the HDMI ARC cable that is necessary to connect it to your TV, so you will have to buy it separately.

The Samsung HW-MS6500 soundbar is one of the most outstanding innovations not only from this manufacturer but from the current market since this model has a curved design with which to offer enveloping sensations never before perceived. For this, this bar has 6 woofers and 3 tweeters with its amplifier, which generates a powerful sound of clear highs and powerful bass.

A quality sound that improves thanks to elements such as the distortion elimination system itself or the assistant that is in charge of adjusting the sound optimally, according to what you need and what you are listening to. A spectacular sound that makes the most of the capabilities of the 4K signal in terms of sound, applying the same system to when you play audio from your mobile or any other source.

If you are looking for the latest in Samsung soundbars, read on and find out what this curved bar has to offer.

β€‹πŸ”Š SAMSUNG HW-K450 2.1 : Channel 300 Watt Wireless Audio Soundbar

Samsung HW-K450 2.1 Channel 300 Watt Wireless Audio Soundbar
What we liked
  • Sound quality: The sound quality of this model allows you to reproduce sound in 4K or 3D format without loss of quality and with a careful sound output profile.
  • Connectivity: This bar includes WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity, so you can get the most out of it using the Multiroom system or listening to what you want.
  • Multimedia playback: The bar is compatible with all kinds of audio formats with which you can easily play your music on the bar.
What we didn't like
  • Measurements and dimensions: Due to the characteristics of the bar, it has a somewhat more full size than usual, which makes it somewhat challenging to find space.
  • Connection to the equipment: It is necessary to buy the HDMI ARC cable to get the most out of everything it offers since the material does not include it.

​If you want a soundbar to become the audio center of your home, the Samsung HW-MS650 is everything you need. This model has a 5.1 design with five different output channels and the usual subwoofer with which to give more strength to the bass. A complete model that also incorporates a system to eliminate sound distortion, thus generating higher quality.

A high definition sound capable of reproducing sound in 4K or 3D format that you can access from any source thanks to its WiFi or Bluetooth connectivity. Something that adds even more options so that you take advantage of the equipment as it suits you, also serving so that you have full control of your options. And so that installation is not a problem, the product is accompanied by the corresponding wall bracket, in case you need it.

Let's see some additional details about this soundbar, in case they can help you to make the final decision regarding your purchase.

Samsung - Soundbar Samsung HWK360 2.1 130W
What we liked
  • Power: Its 300 watts of power is one of the highest output levels within what are traditional models.
  • Wireless: Bluetooth connectivity saves your cables and facilitates the installation of the device as you like.
  • Surround Sound Expansion: This Samsung's technology is responsible for offering you even more powerful and pleasant bass in any broadcast you see.
What we didn't like
  • Compatibility: Some user comments on specific compatibility problems with Philips televisions, although they are instead particular cases.
  • Distortion: When the volume is raised to the maximum power levels, distortions begin to appear, which can be partially compensated by equalization.

The Samsung HW-K450 Soundbar is an excellent traditional cut option for those who want a high level of power when it comes to enjoying the sound. Users who will appreciate its 300 watts of power, with which it is possible to enjoy powerful music. 

Something that is mainly perceived in the bass area, thanks to the included subwoofer with which to see each sound more efficiently in its proper quality.
To make the connection more accessible, the model has Bluetooth connectivity, which makes the connection process even more comfortable, as well as managing it from your mobile, if you wish. In any case, the model also has a corresponding remote control so that you do not have problems when controlling its various functions.

If you do not know which Samsung soundbar to buy, this model combines power and quality, as you will see when you know it in more detail.

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