The Best Third-party ps4 Controller – Reviews & Buying Guide

After several hours of intensive research among fifteen models, we have made our selection of the 5 Best Third-party ps4 Controller currently available on the market.

We have a clear preference for the Sony DualShock 4 v2, not only because of its multiple features and efficiency but also for its attractive price/quality ratio.

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How did we choose?

The controller is the key element of a console. But the choice of this type of device depends not only on your budget but also and above all, on the gamer you are.

If some often take this factor lightly, you should know that several points are to be taken into account before purchasing this product:

  • Compatibility: there are several PlayStation 4 controllers that are also compatible with the PlayStation 3 or with a computer. However, these can be less efficient or be incompatible with certain games. It is therefore advisable to check its use with Windows, Linux, Raspberry Pi or even iOS.
  • Connectivity: some controllers offer triple connectivity (radio, wired, Bluetooth). The type of connection can influence the latency time and the responsiveness of the controller. For wireless use, remember to check the battery life so that you can last a whole day to play. In wired mode, the length of the cable is important and must correspond to the distance you want to put between you and the Playstation, without becoming bulky. 
  • Playing comfort: this criterion linked to ergonomics has an influence on the duration of use. The grip is favored by the presence of handles and the location of the keys. Joysticks, directional cross, triggers, and buttons should not be on top of each other to avoid handling errors. And the lighter the controller, the more it is bearable. 
  • Manufacturing components: these are important elements for the durability of the controller. So, depending on these components, you may or may not benefit from a pleasant touch. In the heat of the moment, it must be able to withstand possible shocks or falls. These can also influence the weight of the model. 
  • The brand: some manufacturers have proven their effectiveness over time, and improve in this continuity. Sony is a safe bet in this area, whether used with a console or a computer. 
  • Design: to a lesser extent but just as essential, the design can be improved by matt or smooth finishes as well as by the integration of bright or colored lighting. 

As Azdine ( ) points out, while esports enthusiasts will surely opt for a competition controller or a high-end model, casual players will often have a more limited budget.

Xavier Henry ( PXLBBQ ) agrees with his opinion, stating that he must define his priorities and his budget. If the official controller remains the preferred choice, players who are keen on personalization will more readily turn to more sophisticated proposals such as those found with the Nacon brand.

With these criteria, we were able to isolate ten models with interesting characteristics. These were the subject of a more in-depth study carried out through user feedback found on specialized French and English-speaking sites as well as blogs, YouTube channels or forums.

This is how we managed to determine the 5 Best Third-party ps4 Controller today.

The Best Third-party ps4 Controller

Intended for beginners, these controllers are rather oriented for games that are not too demanding in terms of ergonomics. 

If the experience is less immersive, Hori still managed to design models, pleasant to take in hand and which ensure the essential.

Hori Mini: the best cheap

PlayStation 4 Mini Wired Gamepad

Hori, the Japanese brand specializing in gaming peripherals, is hitting hard with its entry-level Playstation controllers. The Hori Mini is a typical example of a very affordable and functional product.

What distinguishes this gamepad is above all its size, of course, as well as its shape without handles, which is reminiscent of the joysticks of “old” consoles like the NES.

It has the four traditional buttons (triangle, round, cross, square), the Options and Share keys, a flexible directional cross, and two analog non-slip plastic sticks. A Home button also replaces the traditional touchpad.

As for the L1 and R1 keys, they are quite reduced while the triggers lack a little precision. The absence of vibration is to be deplored but the flexibility of the buttons somewhat catches up with the ergonomics.

Easy to take in hand, all its components are at your fingertips and there is no discomfort during the experience.

In terms of compatibility, a 3 m cable allows connection to both PlayStation 4 and PC. Connectivity side, there is a USB socket but we regret however that it does not have a mini-jack to connect a headset or lighting.


  • Long and strong cable
  • A little retro design
  • Ergonomic
  • compact


  • No lighting
  • No vibration

In short, it is a small basic controller but ideal for young players or simply for lovers of parties that do not want to put a price too high. Its compactness is also very suitable for small hands. If it is not suitable for any type of game, you will make good use of it for platform or combat games.

Hori Fighting Commander: the cheap alternative

HORI Fighting Commander

The Fighting Commander by Hori is a model specially designed for fighting games.

It appears in a symmetrical look with rounded edges and a lightness conducive to pleasant use.

In general, it provides good sensations since it holds well in hand. The positioning of the buttons makes them easy to access.

In terms of components, there is a classic structure with six buttons, four triggers, and a fairly small and rigid cross.

It incorporates several switches. The first provides access to the L3 and R3 keys. The second is useful to switch from the right stick to the left stick or to go from the D-Pad to the directional cross. Finally, the rear switch manages the pressure and the sensitivity of the buttons by adjusting the amplitude of these.

It is a wired product compatible with PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and computers that run Windows 10.

Some downsides are a bit deplorable, namely the lack of headphone jack and vibration that make the experience less immersive. Also, note that it is impossible to play in multiplayer mode.


  • Several switches
  • Pleasant in hand
  • Ergonomic
  • 013600013600 slight


  • Not versatile
  • No vibration

In the end, the Fighting Commander is not the most versatile (it is mainly dedicated to fans of fighting games. If its ergonomics have been carefully thought out, the absence of vibration and the fact that it is not conducive to mode multiplayer prevents us from placing it at the top of the range. Even if it remains an excellent controller!

The best Third-party mid-range PS4 controllers

When you climb in prices, you necessarily gain in functionality while preserving ergonomics.

No other controller in this range is worth the Sony DualShock 4 v2. During the previous years, it has established itself thanks to the integration of several elements and reliability more than ever proven, ultimately leaving no room for competitors.

Sony DualShock 4 v2: the best mid-range

DualShock 4 Wireless Controller for PlayStation 4

With this model, Sony follows the first version with few changes but always the desire to improve. It is undeniably the most popular on the market.

The weight is estimated at around 210 g, it is not only light but also compact.

Its performance is established around its eight action buttons, the touchpad and its two joysticks (which benefit from better material than the first version).

The directional cross is sufficiently precise and flexible for games of skill. On the other hand, the triggers are a little difficult to access because they are too fine. 

Its plastic design promises a soft touch and you get a good grip. The integration of a speaker as well as an audio input and output are fun despite the sound quality which leaves something to be desired.

Several options are available to you in terms of connectivity with a triple connection (radio, Bluetooth, wired). But for the latter, know that the cable is not supplied with. It displays Windows and Mac compatibility.

The big weak point is its autonomy in wireless mode. With only 6 to 8 hours of resistance, it is not placed in the most efficient controllers at this level. 

It is a versatile controller that generates almost no latency and is suitable for all types of games, including those that involve use in virtual reality. Among the motion detectors, you have a gyroscope and an accelerometer.


  • Ergonomic and light
  • Few latencies
  • Solidly built
  • versatile


  • Low autonomy

In summary, Sony sets the bar very high with the second version of the DualShock 4. Lightweight and built with good materials, it fits the shape of the hand and offers a soft touch for gaming sessions without latency and this, whatever the game.

The best high-end PS4 controllers

Here, the controllers are mainly intended for pro gamers who want to configure them to their gamer profile and thus improve their performance.

Nacon and Razer are close to perfection in this section. These manufacturers are constantly innovating in terms of ergonomics.

Nacon Revolution Unlimited Pro: the best high-end

NACON Controller Esports Revolution Unlimited Pro

Designed in collaboration with esports professionals, this controller is made for the competition. Its fairly massive look is similar to that of the GameCube, Nintendo or Xbox but it is more work.

Its 220 g ensure it the lightness necessary for its comfort and the arrangement of the elements of the controller has been designed so as to facilitate the task and access for players. Pleasant to take in hand and soft to the touch, it is constructed from plastic with a coating that alternates matt and shiny areas.

Regarding the keys, you have a stick at the bottom right, another at the top left for an asymmetrical design. These have a non-slip coating but are slightly slippery in use.

The round directional cross is opposite the right stick. There is also a Home button, a touchpad, and a jack. The keys are sensitive and precise while the analog triggers are adjustable. However, the size of the Share and Options buttons is a bit small, as is the touchpad.

And since we are on a “Pro” controller, we are entitled to four additional buttons (M1 to M4), which take the form of two bidirectional triggers.

This model only works in wired mode with a cable 3 m long. There is a locking system at the connection. It binds to the PS4 or a PC. But beware, the configuration software is only compatible with Windows (7,8 and 10).

This program allows the creation of four profiles usable via the Advanced mode. Otherwise, the controller is backlit but it is not equipped with a speaker.


  • 4 additional buttons
  • Profile configuration
  • Comfortable and ergonomic
  • Precise keys


  • Wired only
  • No built-in speaker
  • Windows compatible software only

The Nacon Revolution Pro is not only pleasant to use, precise and fully configurable. Its design is a real treat for gamers who compete. Despite some small faults, it has something to compete with Sony … except in terms of price!

Razer Raiju Ultimate: the high-end alternative

Razer Wolverine Ultimate

Razer is an American brand that designs peripherals specifically dedicated to gamers. The Pro Razer Raiju represents their little gem.

According to Eric Lemaitre ( I am a Gamer ), it is difficult to do better than this model which is specially designed for esports and which combines pretty finishes with efficiency.

Aesthetically, it has a design that is similar to that of the Xbox One, which is to say solid with a somewhat round shape, including the RGB backlight. It is imposing, therefore perfect for large hands and quite heavy (352 g).

One of its great qualities is the interchangeability of symmetrical and magnetized sticks which can be replaced by more concave sticks, and of the directional cross which can be replaced by a kind of disc.

Classic keys are well placed, precise, ergonomic, flexible and responsive while triggers can be locked, as is the touchpad and start button.

There are four additional multifunction buttons (two on the back and two triggers) which are customizable. However, these are deactivated only via the application.

As you can see, this is an interesting programmable controller for professional players. You can change your profile or connect the device to a smartphone to take advantage of its application available on Android and iOS.

The grip is pleasant and even more than that of the Revolution Nacon, the touch is comfortable and the grip of the handles is optimal. As for vibrations, they provide a certain degree of immersion.

Compatible with PS4 and PC, it works with (3 m cable) or wireless (11 hours autonomy). Note however that some latencies and a lack of responsiveness in Bluetooth are noted. Aside from that, there is an audio port and a microphone jack.


  • customizable
  • immersive
  • Ergonomic
  • Interchangeable buttons


  • Some latencies in Bluetooth
  • Heavy and imposing

In the end, this description allows us to affirm that it is certainly the most elaborate controller with many customization options that please professionals. However, because of its price, we felt that the price/quality ratio of the Nacon Revolution Unlimited pro was more interesting.

Honorable mentions

Hori Onyx: comfortable, this wireless controller has an autonomy of 20 hours. The asymmetrical placement of its keys earns points in terms of ergonomics while the buttons are flexible, precise, responsive and fairly quiet. However, its beautiful finishes do not make us forget the discreet vibrations and the lack of resistance of the L2 and R2 triggers. The absence of a light bar, gyroscopic functions, speaker and jack are also lacking.

Nacon Asymmetric Wireless: Solid, this asymmetrical model, comfortable in hand, benefits from a judicious positioning of the joystick and the cross, as well as a pleasant trackpad. It works in Bluetooth (7 hours of autonomy) or via an imposing and fairly short USB dongle. Its buttons are responsive and you can really feel the vibrations. However, it is quite heavy and takes a long time to charge. In addition, no software is provided to configure the object while the cross and the triggers are a bit stiff and imprecise. There is also no gyroscope.

In conclusion, which PS4 controller to choose?

If we were to recommend only one model, it would be the Sony DualShock 4 v2, which is best suited for the majority of players. Ergonomic and comfortable, it is reliable. Bluetooth shows no sign of recurring latencies and it will do the trick on all types of gaming.

Cheaper, the Hori Mini is a little less immersive but it provides ergonomics, comfort, and design. It is rather aimed at beginners players or even children.

Final Words

Finally, more sophisticated, the Nacon Revolution Unlimited Pro is intended for more demanding gamers, who compete. Its fully configurable structure improves your experience and performance. But its additional functionality comes at a cost.


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