The 5 Best Trash Cans To Keep Dogs Out Of 2020 – Reviews & Buying Guide

The best trash cans to keep dogs out are an essential element in a house. It is the pledge in particular of the good behavior of the places, but also of the perfect protection of your house against the invasions of rodents of all kinds. Several models are notably offered by the major brands in the field, ensuring your comfort and ease of use.

We can advise you for example Rubbermaid Commercial Brute Rollout Container. With a capacity of 50 gallons, it is an accessory made for heavy consumers. Plastic, it can be placed outdoors. Simplehuman Recycling bin is also an option not to be minimized. It is a model under the sink and bearing that will not take up space in your kitchen and that will remain discreet at the same time.

Choosing your trash at random is not the best solution to ensure its efficiency and robustness. Based on a few criteria, it will be easier for you to choose the cheapest one, but also the one that best suits your needs. So what are the best trash cans to keep dogs out on the market? Here are some ideas. πŸ™‚

Rubbermaid Commercial Brute Rollout Container


  • Robustness: In addition to being inexpensive, this bin is robust and lasts several years. It is made of polyethylene. This allows it to resist both impact and cracks.
  • Lightness: Its plastic structure is lighter if you have to compare it to other trash can models. Which gives it certain maneuverability.
  • Convenience: With its two wheels, it remains practical for removing waste. It also adapts to automatic waste lifting systems.


  • Ideal for outdoors: However, given the size and fairly rustic style of this accessory, it is more suitable for outdoor use than indoors.
  • Manual opening: The lid, which closes with a hinge to ensure a hermetic seal, opens only manually. Which can complicate access?
  • One compartment: Here, we are far from a double bin. For sorting waste, it will, therefore, be necessary to invest in several bins.

Light, robust, and practical, this accessory is the star of the buying guide for the best trash cans to keep dogs out of the moment. It is a polyethylene container that will not only last a long time but will also allow perfect conditioning of your waste outdoors.

It contains a UV stabilizer that will help combat discoloration during maintenance. The bin has a hinged lid and wheels.

This not only guarantees comfort in use but also perfect protection against unpleasant odors. The accessory is notably delivered with regulatory recycling labels. It meets all standards.

As practical for you as for garbage collectors, this article is suitable for all automatic lifting systems for waste collection. It is molded in such a way as to protect walls and doors in its path while resisting impact and thus ensuring the safety of your waste.

Simplehuman Recycling bin


  • Discretion: Simple and discreet, this accessory ensures good hold and a certain design for your interior space.
  • The possibility of sorting waste: With its double bins, it allows you to simply sort waste and do recycling.


  • Without cover: However, the bin does not have a lid. Which can be problematic for odors. Despite its size, taking it out daily may be advisable.
  • Need sufficient space under sink: In addition, it is an alternative that only opens to those who have sufficient space under their sink for its installation.

With a capacity of 35 liters, this brand accessory is the recycling bin of the moment. Ideal for indoors, it can be placed simply under the sink and will be delivered with smooth bearings and an access handle.

With two black and blue compartments, each with a size of 15 and 20 liters, the accessory allows easy sorting of your waste. It is simple to use and accessible to everyone.

The most efficient kitchen bins are discreet while allowing the easy and quick collection of food, organic, and other waste. Light and compact, this model is practical and lasts a few years.

Made of plastic, it will also be simple to maintain. It is the ideal product for individuals, especially because it is extendable up to 45.7 cm. Waterproof, it will ensure the good performance of your space throughout the week.

Munchkin Diaper pail


  • An efficient system: This product has an automatic bag locking system and a lavender scent to prevent bad smells in the baby's room.
  • Ease of use: With a pedal opening system, this item is easy to use.
  • A one of a kind design: It is one of the rare accessories of its kind which combines beauty and performance.


  • Very distinct garbage bags: This accessory does not work with conventional trash bag refills. He needs a 68 * 30 cm bag and a system that locks the latter each time.
  • A fairly limited capacity: For parents who still have very young children, this bin will be far from practical. It has a capacity limited to 30 layers if you insist.

Obviously aimed at new parents or those with small children, this diaper bin is inexpensive and is design.

Easy to use, it will also allow you to empower your children and maintain your interior perfectly while avoiding the discomfort of the odors of dirty diapers. This modern bin has a self-sealing system that closes the bag every time you lower the lid.

With a modern shape and a neutral white color, this accessory is particularly popular in Canada and is starting to enter the European market. But thanks to its pedal opening system and its practicality, it can become essential in a while.

This will be all the more the case as the brand accompanies its offer with a reforestation program: for each bin purchased, you plant a tree.

Simplehuman built-in waste bin


  • Ease of use: Adapting to all brands of trash bags and being airtight, this model is easy to use.
  • An installation accessible to everyone: You don't have to be a do-it-yourselfer to install this bin under the sink. Just put the eighth notes in place.


  • Manual opening: To use it, you must have at least one free hand to lift the cover.
  • Limited capacity: With a capacity of only 10 liters, this accessory is certainly the cheapest, but not the most practical for large families.

To know which trash can choose, you must first assess the available space and the configuration of your home. In the kitchen in particular, we look more at the built-in trash cans as is the case here.

With a capacity of 10 liters or 2.6 gallons, this accessory is designed for the majority of kitchens. It measures 22 * 29 * 36 cm, which will help it to be easily installed in your space under the sink, in all discretion.

Simple to assemble, it simply hangs on the door. It also has a cover that will protect you from bad smells and which will ensure your comfort in your space.

It is also made of plastic for easy maintenance and use. Thanks to its linings, you can ensure total discretion of your trash bags inside and not worry that they will escape.

Simplehuman Round bathroom trash can


  • Anesthetic model: It is a small round, compact, and design trash can that will go perfectly with any style of decoration.
  • Optimal robustness: Made of stainless steel, this bathroom bin is extremely robust.
  • Easy to use: With a pedal opening system, it is known for its ease of use. In addition, its inner bucket is removable, allowing you to empty it easily.


  • Small capacity: This accessory only offers a capacity of 1.2 gallons maximum.
  • One bin: With this model, sorting waste will be complicated. There is only one collection bin.

On the platforms where to buy a new trash can, you have several ranges of colors available for this model. Made of metal, this is a high-end trash can that will invite itself perfectly into the wet areas of your home.

It has an airtight lid which will ensure maximum privacy for your waste and which will protect you from bad odors. It simply opens with a pedal system. Which is convenient and healthier.

Available in two different sizes 4.5 liters and 6 liters, this accessory is for individuals. To be placed on the ground, it is simple to use and design. It is a modern and compact metal tube bin.

It weighs 1 kg, which makes it easier to use and move around. It is able to collect all types of waste: organic, food, hygienic, etc.

πŸ—‘οΈ Buying Guide- How to Choose best trash cans to keep dogs out?

Going without a trash can is not an alternative. It is a question of the good behavior and the comfort of your interior and in particular of your kitchen. And to know how to choose the Best Trash Cans To Keep Dogs Out of 2020, you will have to stop on a few selection criteria. Here are our tips.

best trash cans to keep dogs out

The configuration of your space

The best brand of trash will depend among other things on the configuration of your space. If you have an XXL kitchen, an accessory to put on the floor will do the trick. Choose it in a modern and chic design so as not to affect the general style of your layout.

If you suffer from a lack of space in your kitchen, a sliding trash can or under-sink is more advisable. Very trendy for a few years, this equipment is invited in the majority of the Canadian residences and the small apartments. In addition to being practical, it is indeed more discreet and easy to install. This also allows you to highlight the space under the sink.

In this category, you have several styles, shapes, and sizes available depending on your desires and needs. Note that even if you look at this model, you can still get started in sorting waste and recycling. There are specific accessories to do this.

Its location and use

You will also need to take into account the location of your bin. A kitchen accessory or for any interior space will always have to be more design than an outdoor bin.

In addition, you could allow yourself a slightly larger size and shape for garden bins. Generally, these are the ones made of plastic, with rear wheels and a manual or non-manual flap cover. Robustness is an important detail for this type of equipment to ensure the safety of your waste and avoid invasions by rodents of all kinds. Plastic also has the advantage of being easy to install.

Round, square, rectangular, oval: major brands offer different styles of this product. Everything is a matter of taste. Be original, for the models that you will simply put on the floor in a corner of the room, is required so as not to tarnish the aesthetics of your decoration.

best trash can for nursery

The capacity

Some of the best advice we can give you is size. For ordinary individuals, a kitchen bin should average 30 liters. But it all depends on the amount of garbage you accumulate per week and the number of people living in your house.

Those who have newborns usually have more waste than single people. And due, it will be necessary to take into account the layers, the milk cans, the wipes, etc. in addition to food waste. In a policy to combat waste, opting for a trash can of more than 30 liters seems to be superfluous for households.

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We hope that our knowledge and expertise will help you find the best trash cans to keep dogs out.

If you are still unsure of anything or are interested in soaking up some more information about this subject, please do comment below. We will use our combined experience of six years of using trash cans to help you make the right decision. 😊


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