The Best Travel Tripods Under 100 – Reviews & Buying Guide

The tripod is an accessory that provides comprehensive support for taking photos outdoors since it offers a stable platform that allows you to position the camera so that the movement does not affect the photography. In this article we will propose some models such as the K&F Concept S210 78 inch Camera, locking and quick release or the Velbon EX Macro 3, which has a height adjustment buckle and is very light, so you can choose between them and buy the model that best fits your budget and needs.

The 10 Best Travel Tripods Under 100 - 2020 Reviews

Next, we offer you a list of the nine best travel tripods under 100 that will allow you to go out and take photographs in the country, in the city, or your studio. Among these tripods, you will find models of all sizes and qualities, so you can choose the one that best suits what you are looking for.

🟢 K&F Concept S210 78 inch Camera : Reflex camera tripod

K&F Concept S210 78 inch Camera
  • Versatility: Includes a quick-release plate with a standard ¼-inch mounting screw for faster camera connection.
  • Column: The central column, with the 23 mm ball head that allows 360º rotation and with inversion capacity, allows satisfying the needs of low height and macro recording.
  • Head: The clamping head may be somewhat loose, so it is advisable to tighten the screw firmly to avoid this problem.

The K&F Concept S210 78 inch reflex camera tripod has legs with 4 separate sections with a quick-release lock. The tripod can be reversed in 180º, which achieves a compact size of 48 cm, this together with its weight of 1.44 kg and the adjustable and padded shoulder bag, makes it one of the best travel tripods under 100 of the chamber of 2020.

This photo camera tripod is made of a high-quality aluminum alloy, light, compact, rigid, and very difficult to deform. All legs have metal spikes for better seating as well as non-slip rubber sleeves. It supports up to 8 kg of weight and has a hook to hang the bag and other items.

The 23 mm ball joint is made of metal and allows 360º rotation; it also includes a spirit level to balance the chassis.

🟢 NEEWER 56 INCHES/142 CAMERA TRIPOD : Reflex camera tripod

Neewer Portable 56 inches/142 Centimeters Aluminum Camera Tripod
  • Legs: The four-section legs, with security keys, offer more excellent stability and balance. Also, they are very resistant, allowing you to balance each shot.
  • Design: This tripod has a beautiful design, with colored aluminum and high-quality rubbers, which improve its performance.
  • Screws: If not handled carefully, the tripod screws can be threaded, forcing them to be changed, and all equipment checked.

This Canon camera tripod is very flexible. The legs are built in 4 adjustable sections with buckles to adjust the height setting. It can be mounted between 47 and 142 cm, to adapt the tripod to each of our shooting needs.

It is light equipment, made with aluminum alloy tubes that weigh only 1.24 kg. It is also very sturdy and practical, so, along with its storage bag, it could be the best camera tripod of the moment if you are looking for light equipment to take with you when you go out to take photos.

The head features a quick release with a three-way guide, allowing you to take photos at any angle, either horizontally or vertically. You'll also be able to take panoramic images, thanks to smooth 360-degree rotation. Includes a hook for hanging weight and an essential system for more excellent stability.

🟢 Velbon EX Macro 3-Section Tripod : Reflex camera tripod

Velbon EX Macro 3-Section Tripod
  • Stability: It is a very stable tripod, thanks to its short legs, making it much more durable and with more positions, perfect for going out on the mountain.
  • Size: Being a more compact tripod, it is ideal for taking with you everywhere. It fits inside any backpack and does not weigh much.
  • Level: It does not have a degree, nor is it completely balanced, which will force users to touch up their legs to find the perfect position.

This reflex camera tripod measures just 41.7 x 19 cm, making it one of the most compact. If you need a complement for your photography outings and you are thinking about which camera tripod to buy, this may be your best option. It is ideal to combine with a large model and take it everywhere.

It fits perfectly in a photographer's backpack and does not weigh. It correctly supports reflex cameras, and in case you want to secure the taking of photos further, the three legs can be open more. In this case, special care must be taken to balance the tripod well since it does not have a level.

It is a perfect tripod for the table, made of resistant materials and of very high quality, one of its strengths is precisely the size of its legs, which, being smaller, make it a more stable and reliable model. The grip is not automatic but must be done manually, so you ensure that the camera is held securely.

iGadgitz Lightweight Small Universal Flexible Foam Mini Tripod
  • Legs: The legs are rubber and allow you to balance the tripod, also being flexible entirely. They can be wrapped around posts and other objects to support them.
  • Materials: The materials, both rubber and interior metal, are of high quality, making the tripod very stable and robust.
  • Weight: Over time, if the legs move too much, they can become loose, which can cause them to open when placing the camera, especially if it is a cumbersome camera.

This Canon camera tripod is 26 cm tall, making it perfect for use as a base for video conferencing or for recording videos for YouTube and other social media. It is also ideal for taking with you in the backpack everywhere since it only weighs 158 grams.

Rubber feet provide more excellent stability and grip on uneven surfaces. The legs also have flexible joints that bend and rotate in all directions, allowing you to hold the tripod anywhere, even hang it, as you can wrap poles, sticks, railings, branches, rocks, and more.

This camera tripod is suitable for Canon Rebel XSi, 550D, 600D, 650D, 700D, 750D, 760D, 100D, 4000D, 1100D and 1200D models.

🟢Fotopro Camera Tripod : Reflex camera tripod

Fotopro Camera Tripod
  • Weight: The weight is 570 grams and has a load capacity of 2 kg, which makes it an excellent option to take it out and take pictures in the country or the city.
  • Compatibility: This is an essential tripod with a quick-release plate with a universal screw, ensuring fast separation and compatibility with cameras, phones, projectors, video cameras, and sports cameras.
  • Stand: There is no stand to include more weight, so you will not be able to add weight to the tripod to improve balance and stability.

This Nikon camera tripod is reliable and stable, made from the highest quality and environmentally friendly materials such as aluminum. This could be the best camera tripod for those who are looking for reliable and highly stable equipment that will withstand the wind as well as inclement weather.

It is also excellent support for mobile phones, thanks to its 3-way head that allows taking 360-degree images, both horizontally and vertically, at 90º. Includes a spirit level to find the perfect balance quickly, improving shooting accuracy.

The aluminum alloy legs are made in 4 sections, with safety locks and lock with plate gasket. The height can be adjusted from 39 to 120 cm. Also, the rubber feet are non-slip, providing stability in uneven areas.

🟢Flexzion DSLR Camera Tripod : Reflex camera tripod

Flexzion DSLR Camera Tripod
  • Compatibility: Includes one ⅛ inch ball head and one with ¼ inch screw quick release plate, suitable for most cameras.
  • Center axis: The axis features inverted function and 180-degree angle adjustment, ensuring macro close-up and super low angle photography.
  • Threads: The leg adjusting threads are susceptible, so if they are tightened too much, they may no longer be active.

This Canon camera tripod offers two ways of use. The first one as a compact tripod with extendable 4-section legs that unfold from their original 36 cm height to 156 cm. Each pin is 2.5 cm in diameter, giving it exceptional resistance for heavy work.

The second way of use is a monopod. For this, the central section can be disassembled and can be used in alpenstock mode, with an extendable length of between 40 to 158 cm, making it much more versatile than other cheaper options.

The head features a 36mm ball head, with 360º rotation and precise scale, allowing correct image alignment and facilitating panoramic photography. Oil-free cushioning makes it easy to move and take pictures at any angle.

AmazonBasics 67-Inch Video Camera Tripod with Bag
  • Mounting: With the push of a button, you can remove the camera from the tripod to improve mobility.
  • Tilt: Arms can be adjusted or removed as needed; the camera position can be locked or released to tilt the axis or rotate fully.
  • Panoramic: The head can jerk when panning since the original assembly is somewhat loose, so once received, it is advisable to check the screws and joints.​​​This video camera tripod has adjustable height legs and rubber feet, with metal tips to improve stability and balance, along with a carrying bag that makes it perfect for use outdoors, especially in places with soft earth. Also, it has the guarantee of AmazonBasics, which is considered by many users as the best brand of cheap camera tripods.

It is a much more robust tripod than other cheaper equipment, with a maximum recommended load of 6.8 kg, which makes it one of the most stable and healthy on the market. It has 360º rotation and inclination, with independent access for fluid shots, and it also has an integrated level and quick-release shoe that guarantees quick transitions between shots.

The central column is height adjustable and removable, allowing you to remove it and use it independently.

🟢Cayer BV30 Heavy Duty Video Tripod : Video camera tripod

Cayer BV30 Heavy Duty Video Tripod
  • Quality: The manufacturing materials of this tripod are of exceptionally high quality, designed for professional use with heavy-weight interchangeable lens cameras.
  • Head: The two-way head is fluid and has a lateral locking system, with an integrated spirit level.
  • Price: It is a professional product, so it has a reasonably high cost compared to other equipment on the list.

This video camera tripod is professional quality and supports up to 58kg, and designed for HDSLR equipment and cameras with interchangeable lenses. Its 2-way head features an excellent balance and fixed counterweight, with horizontal displacement and inclination with a separate fixed-length panoramic bar, which offers a 360-degree turn.

Two quick-release plates are included, one with a quarter-inch screw and one with a ⅜-inch screw, with a travel range of +20 to -25 mm, which improves turning capabilities, so it could be the best Price-quality camera tripod, especially if you need professional equipment.

Legs feature two-stage locking buckles with a built-in 75mm bowl. The mid-level spreader provides improved stability by holding the tripod legs in the locked position.

🟢Fotopro Flexible Tripod : Video camera tripod

Fotopro Flexible Tripod
  • Flexible legs: The adjustable legs allow you to hook the tripod to any object you want, be it a branch, a bar, or even the handlebar of a bicycle.
  • Size: It is a tripod with a tiny waist and very stable, with a weight of 215 grams, which makes it perfect for taking it anywhere in the backpack.
  • Position: It is tough to place the tripod horizontally since the support joint is missing, so it must do using the legs.

This small camera tripod weighs just 215 grams and is 28 cm in size, and capable of supporting up to 1200 grams, so if you're wondering which is the best tripod for your home, this might be one of the best options. The legs covered with high-density rubber, which makes it strong and durable equipment, in addition to taking up no space.

The legs are entirely flexible, allowing you to wrap any object to fix the tripod. It will enable you to connect devices such as cameras, cell phones, and offer a wide variety of different setting options.

The universal grip screw secures the camera or phone on the tripod. It ensures the phone does not fall within the normal oscillation range, so you don't have to worry about camera safety during shooting.

Best Travel Tripods Under 100 – Buying Guide

We continue with our guide to buying the best camera tripod explaining the main factors that you should look at when buying are. These details, such as the head or head, the size of the legs and the possibility of extending them, as well as the safety and fixing systems, can make the difference between a good tripod and a poor one, which could jeopardize the integrity of your camera, so, significantly, you know them before making the purchase.

best tripod for canon

Tripod weight

Weight is a fundamental factor when buying a camera tripod. At this point, it is convenient to take into account the use that you are going to give it since it will not be the same to work in a studio, where the tripod is mounted and does not move than to do it in the field, where you will have to transport the tripod with you.

If you are looking for a tripod for your outings or outdoor photography, you should look for models that weigh between 1.5 and 2 kg. Discard all those models that consider more, since they will be very annoying for transport.

Aluminum tripods will be slightly more cumbersome, although they usually do not exceed 2 kg. The equipment made of carbon is generally lighter and more suitable to carry on your outings. In return, carbon tripods may be less robust, which causes problems if you use heavy cameras.

It should not be forgotten that this factor will influence not only how much it costs, but also how much weight it can support. Consider the importance of the camera, the lens you mount, and any extra accessories like a flash. We recommend that, before buying, calculate the weight of your camera with the heaviest objective and multiply it by two; this way, you will have a margin.

Do not forget that when checking the maximum load, you must calculate both the tripod and the head. A tripod that supports a lot of pressure, but whose head is flimsy, will not do you any good.

Size and patella

In addition to the weight supported, in a comparison of camera tripods, it is necessary to review the size and its head—the ball joints classified by the form of clamping that allows adjusting the position of the camera.

In the market, there are two types of ball joints: the ball, which has a single control point to lock and unlock the movement. This type of ball joint allows you to regulate the position with individual control, being able to use only one hand with the ball joint and have the other free to operate the camera.

The other type of ball joint, called 3D, has 3 adjustment points that allow the three axes to configured separately. This type of ball head is very accurate, although it is slower than the ball head so that it may be better for studio photography.

Regarding size, you should choose a tripod that allows you to take pictures while standing, without forcing the position. To work comfortably, you must add the height of the tripod, plus the head and the camera installed so that the viewfinder reaches your eyes.

The central column and legs affect the size of the tripod. Some manufacturers mention the size with the column unfolded and others do not, look at this information, it is essential.

Quick Release

Quick Release is a quick-release mechanism. This function is not usually standard in an economic model, but it should have any tripod of a certain level.

The Quick Release is an accessory that screwed to the base of the camera, in the thread that the cameras have to attach them to the best travel tripods under 100, and that will allow you to put the camera on and take it off without having to screw and unscrew it, much faster and simple.

best tripod


Some tripods have certain accessories such as a spirit level, which allows you to balance the camera very quickly, so you can take better pictures. Other teams have hooks to hang weight, which, together with the spirit level, allows better stabilization. The catch is designed to attach a load on it, and that the tripod is fixed, this accessory is especially crucial if you are going to take photos in windy places.

Other useful accessories are the removable center column, which can be used independently and gives the tripod greater versatility. It is also exciting that it has a safety strap and neoprene handles. Of course, it will be recommended that the tripod has a bag to store it, since this way it will be straightforward to transport it.

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