Top 5 Best TV For PS4 Under 300 Of 2021

Since its release, the PlayStation 4 has continued to attract gamers of all types. New games are constantly being developed. They are increasingly sophisticated in terms of graphics and complexity. As the public is varied and numerous, the games are also varied to meet demand.

Gearbox Publishing Subnautica offers, among other things, a very gripping adventure. The concept of this game is both fun and surprising. Sony Computer Entertainment 3001879 offers high-level action and discovery. Evolution in this open world has been greatly improved.

Selecting a particular game can be difficult. Among all the possible choices, making the right one is not always easy. So here's a rundown so you can find which are the best PS4 games on the market. Most of them are fairly well-known titles. Otherwise, discover new ones.

1. Gearbox Publishing Subnautica PlayStation 4

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  • Taking  : Whatever the comparison, the opinions of the players agree. It is a game that you can play for hours without getting bored. From start to finish it is exciting.
  • Quality development : No detail of the game has been overlooked. The sets, the music and the evolution of the character were created with care. All this with excellent graphics.
  • For all : This game is suitable for all players who are at least 10 years old. It is entertaining while stimulating the imagination.
  • Some bugs : There are recurring lag issues in some scenes in this game.

With this game, dive into the depths of a planet-ocean. You must survive while exploring this aquatic universe created by Gearbox Publishing. This is a game where adventure and strategy, survival and engineering come together. If you decide to buy Subnautica, be aware that it has a first person view. You guide your character through an open world, discovering an environment that can be ruthless.

Creatures can be as impressive as they are dangerous. You have to manage this universe while controlling the water pressure and collecting essential material. Those with a phobia of the underwater environment will surely not approach this game.

On the other hand, those who are looking for thrills and want to have fun at the same time know where to buy the best PS4 games. This title guarantees long moments of pleasure and discovery. It offers different game modes with excellent graphics.

2.Sony Computer Entertainment Spider-Man PlayStation 4 Standard Edition

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  •  Excellent actions : The developers have taken Spider-Man's actions to a whole new level. The aerial fights are notably worthy of the biggest Hollywood studios.
  • Captivating story : Sometimes hero, sometimes simple character, the player does not have time to get bored through the story of the game. The scenario is fascinating.
  • Open world : Exploring New York City with its canvas is an adventure. Players enjoy the various quests and discoveries.
  • Repetitions : Some dialogues are quite repetitive in this version.
  • Game time : This game ends a bit too quickly for some players' taste.

This superhero from the Marvel universe is back in force with this edition designed by Insomniac Games. In this version, you still play the character of Peter Parker, but in his complex life as a young adult.

You have to juggle between the hero in costume and the normal everyday person. Relationships between different characters must also be managed. This game takes place in open world. If you have the opportunity to compare with the previous versions, you will see the graphic evolutions, but also of the game itself.

Here you have access to new actions, but also to new costumes. Each has its specificities and associated powers. The fights are epic with movements that are sharper and actions more spectacular. Indeed, Spider-Man has now come to full mastery of his abilities. Swinging on its canvas across New York becomes an adventure in itself.

3. Namco Bandai Ace Combat 7 Skies Unknown PS4

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  • Faithful to old versions : Fans of the previous sections appreciate the continuity of this version. It keeps the original soul of the game unlike AC Assault Horizon.
  • Improved features : From decor to weapons and planes, this whole game has seen real innovations. The graphics and quality of combat actions benefit from these improvements.
  • Virtual reality : This game offers total immersion with the console's own VR headset. Thus, the experience of air warfare is lived more intensely.
  • Story : The story of this game does not completely convince all users.

The Ace Combat series continues with this 7 th component. Called Skies Unknown, it is one of the 2019 PS4 games whose fame has not tarnished. Air combat is more spectacular and carried out with excellent realism.

Each action takes you into a whirlwind of sensations. The soul of the game remains unchanged since the first game. The franchise additionally uses highly detailed aircraft imagery as well as well-defined sets. All this is done for visual comfort, but also for you to be the most efficient pilot.

In this game, you have at your disposal conventional weapons. You also have access to more futuristic weaponry. Regarding its ESRB classification, this game is suitable from 13 years old. It incorporates a mode where the use of the PSVR is essential. In these missions, you immerse yourself deeper into the world of fighter plane piloting.

4.Warner Home Video Games Lego Marvel Collection PlayStation 4

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  • Game time : Players have over a hundred hours of playtime with this LEGO Marvel Collection. The countryside and terrain are extremely varied.
  • Completeness : Almost all the characters of the Marvel universe are found in these games. Their mini LEGO version delights fans and neophytes alike, children and adults alike.
  • Fun : With these games, we can help each other and have fun. While they can be played on their own, expert advice suggests sharing these moments of fun.
  • Season Pass : Several gamers did not receive a Season Pass DLC in their pack.

This box does not contain 1 but 3 sets. So you pay less to access dozens of hours of fun. Warner Bros offers here the complete saga of the Marvel universe in a LEGO version. All the protagonists are represented there, heroes as well as villains.

The first title is LEGO Marvel Super Heroes. You will meet here a hundred characters. The second title, LEGO Marvel's Avengers, features this legendary group of superheroes. You will complete missions in environments drawn from the blockbuster films of the franchise.

For the last game, LEGO Marvel Super heroes 2, the number of characters climbs to several hundred. The campaigns, they are spread over many periods of history. The developers have placed great emphasis on cooperation in these games. The characters are thus complementary with their respective capacities. You can help each other and share fun moments with your family or friends.

5. Activision Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare PlayStation 4

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  • Futuristic shutter : Fans of the franchise appreciate the continuity of this opus. Basically, it is part of the series. This version with a sci-fi touch brings more.
  • Excellent modes : The 3 game modes are of high quality. Each of them is suitable for particular types of players. Some people like the multi-player mode more while others prefer the zombie mode.
  • Several improvements : Graphics and cinematics are clearly improved in this version.
  • History : Some gamers regret that the story of this component is a little empty. They do not find the sensations of the old versions.

If you're looking for the best brand of PS4 games, look over at Activision. This 13 th installment of the Call of Duty series has been named Infinite Warfare. War is always the central theme of this game. This time around, the action takes place mostly in space.

This component was developed by the studio Infinity Ward. It is intended for a mature audience of at least 17 years old. 3 game modes are available. There is the Campaign mode, Multiplayer and finally Zombies.

Therefore, you can play solo or with other players. This version returns to the beginning of the franchise. These are breathtaking action scenes combined with blockbuster cutscenes.

The story is a particularly sought-after scenario. New features are obviously included. The weaponry and abilities of the characters in addition to realistic graphics benefit among other improvements. All of this in a cheap package.

Buying Guide - How To Choose Good PS4 Games?

New games are continually being developed and released to the market. The PS4 is a prolific console in terms of new features. Choosing from all the titles available can become a real headache. This buying guide for the best PS4 games then offers some avenues to explore before making your choice.

The type of game

PS4 games come in a huge variety of genres. There is something for every taste. Developers make it a point of honor to match their products to the demands of gamers. Every area, from the most harmless to the most terrifying and everything in between, is represented.

If you are more athletic or adventurous, you have a title that suits you. If you prefer a good fight or on the contrary are more peaceful, there is also a game for you. The important thing is to first identify your preferences. The best PS4 games will be the ones where you recognize yourself the best. First try out a genre you're used to. It would be a shame to invest in a product that you are not comfortable with.

It is also possible to explore new horizons. Indeed, instead of sticking to one genre, trying others can be stimulating. A racing driver can thus enjoy an action-adventure game. The only watchword is to have fun. If picking up your controllers becomes a chore, it's best to give up and look for where to buy new PS4 games. Don't forget that there are fighting, simulation, adventure and even horror games available to you. There are necessarily 1 or 2 or even several genres that really suit you.

Play time

The time you spend on a title is an important criterion. It must indeed be up to the amount you spend. The duration depends on the type of game, but also on the scenario decided by its creators.

If you want to know how to buy better value PS4 games, seriously consider sports. They have an almost infinite duration. Indeed, it is here to face friends or the computer. This is done in parts that can be repeated over and over again.

To verify that a game offers a sufficient number of hours, it may be necessary to consult the opinions of experts and those of other gamers on various forums. An enticing title and an attractive cover do not necessarily mean absolute quality. You actually have the possibility to finish the game in more than 60 hours. However, there is the risk of completing some titles in as little as 20 hours or much less. The time invested in playing therefore does not correspond to the budget spent.

The length of time you spend on a game also depends on its difficulty. Even if the main adventure is finished, if necessary, there are sometimes side missions which extend the duration of the game. You can find out about a price comparison to have this type of information. In any case, it is once again a question of having fun with the choice you have made.

Minimum age

Not all games are suitable for everyone. Some have content that may offend the sensibilities of the youngest, for example. Thus, the ESRB or Entertainment Software Rating Board standard has been set up to inform parents about the minimum age required to be able to play certain games.

This is the entity responsible for classifying games according to their appropriate age category. It is the authority which deals with America including Canada. There are 6 age groups. Violence, profanity and sexual references are among the classification criteria. The information is indicated on the front of the box, but also on the back with a short description justifying the evaluation.

To know which PS4 games to choose, then make sure that it is appropriate in terms of content. The rating begins with products suitable for children from 3 years old. Then there are the games rated E which are suitable for everyone. Class E 10+ corresponds to games for all ages, but with a minimum age of 10 years. Titles classified T are intended for adolescents from 13 years old.

The last 2 categories are reserved for adults aged at least 17 and 18. Violence is more present there as well as sex or coarse language. The age of the player really matters in determining how to choose the best PS4 games of 2020.

frequently asked Questions

Q1: How to connect the PS4 controller to the PC?

There are several methods available to connect the PS4 controller to the PC. The first and easiest is the wired connection. Just connect the controller to the computer with a micro-USB cable. This is easier with the installed and updated Steam app.

The second way is wireless connection via Bluetooth. To do this, turn on the controller and simultaneously press the PS and Share buttons until the indicator flashes. Then go to the computer settings and add the controller as a Bluetooth device. It should be connected.

The DS4Windows application is also a good way. Just download it, install it, then plug in the controller. There is also the USB wireless adapter, but it is no longer in production.

Q2: How to play PS4 games on PC?

To play PS4 games on PC, one of the 2 ways is to download and then install PlayStation Now on the PC. Once done, you must connect the controller to the PC with a USB cable. Then, open the software and launch the chosen title. The other way is to download and install Remote Play PS4. This app is compatible with PS4 version 7.0 or later. These 2 methods require a PSN account.

Q3: How do I delete a game on PS4?

To delete a game on PS4, go to the Library, highlight the game you want to delete and then press the Option button on the controller. In the menu that appears, select Delete. Then confirm the deletion by selecting OK. These steps can also be done in the Storage menu of Settings. Enter in the appropriate reader then in Application.

Q4: How do I get my PS3 games back on PS4?

A priori, it is no longer possible to recover your PS3 games on PS4. Previously, it was possible to find some PS3 games on the PS Store from the PS4. This was done for a fee for physical or dematerialized games. However, this option is currently no longer available.

Q5: How to change the language of PS4 games?

To change the language of the PS4 games, you must change the system language. To do this, enter Parameter from the main menu. Then scroll to the Language menu and select it. Then, enter System language. A list appears. Then select the desired language. Please note that some languages are not available in some games. They will therefore remain in English by default.

Q6: How do I share games on PS4?

The sharing of games on PS4 is through the sharing of the PlayStation Network account. This is done by logging into their account on the console where the games will be shared. You must then pass this new user as principal. To do this, select Activate as primary PS4 for this account. That of the first console that will share its games will go into secondary. The same goes for the second PS4.

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