The 10 Best USB Flash Drive For Music In Car Of 2020 – Reviews & Buying Guide

As with an external hard drive, using the best USB flash drive for music in the car will allow you to access your documents or digital data at any time. As you can certainly notice, the housing of a flash disk is relatively compact, so it will be easier to transport than an HDD. There are even models that come with a cord. Apart from the case, the choice of a USB key can also be made according to its storage capacity or its connector. For example, Patriot Supersonic Rage Elite USB 3.1 Type A flash drive is a fast model. Its data transfer speed reaches 400 MB / s. For its part, SanDisk Ultra Flair 128 GB USB 3.0 key is equipped with a resistant metal case.

The 5 best usb flash drive for music in car (Reviews & Tests) of 2020

Before asking for advice in discussion forums on where to buy the best USB flash drive for music in car, do your research. You may come across the right site if you stay methodical.

best usb flash drives
  • Robust: The rubber coating protects the housing from drops and spills. The brand logo and the mention Supersonic Rage Elite fit perfectly into the case.
  • Fast: To copy a 10 GB file, your computer will not take more than 30 seconds. This duration is explained by the transfer speed of this USB key, which is around 400 MB / s.
  • Easy to carry: The hole designed for the strap will allow its user to fix it on his key ring.
  • No strap: No strap will be delivered with the Supersonic Rage Elite.
  • A plastic case: Fortunately, Patriot has thought of a fall arrest system.

Over the years, the USB key has become the most widely used mobile storage medium. If you want everything to go fast, then you have to know which is the best usb flash drive for music in car on the market.

Measured at more than 400 MB / s, the Supersonic Rage Elite's transfer speed is relatively high. For its part, its write throughput is evaluated at 300 MB / s. Taking these values into account, this model is the most efficient in its segment.

Solid, its case has a rubber coating that absorbs shocks perfectly. The cap fitted to this key will protect the connector against humidity and dirt.

Well-designed, Patriot has made this model compatible with USB 1.3, 2.0, and 3.0 ports. Besides its backward compatibility, this key can also be used on computers running Windows, Linux 2.4, Mac OS9, osx, and their later versions.

best usb 3.0 flash drives
  • Compact: Measuring 0.7 x 4.2 x 1.3 cm, this key can accompany you on the go. It will find its place in your pocket or a storage case.
  • Excellent heat dissipation: Unlike the old model, the fact that its case is made of metal will prevent overheating. This material acts as a heat sink.
  • A USB 3.0 key: The transfer and write speed of the Ultra Flair is much higher than that of a USB 2.0 key.
  • A storage capacity of 114 GB: In reality, the storage capacity of this key is evaluated at 114 GB and not 128 GB as what was mentioned in the description.

It is not for nothing that SanDisk has become a benchmark in the field of storage media. In addition to being the best brand of USB keys, this American firm is also renowned for the reliability of the hard drives it produces.

Compatible with USB 3.0 ports, this key is 15 times faster than a standard model. To realize this, you only have to see its reading speed, which is around 150 MB / s. For example, a film will be copied in less than 30 seconds.

Equipped with a metal case, this 128 GB USB key will not fear drops or temperature variations. This material also offers a pleasant touch. Visually speaking, this key has no defect in the finish.

In terms of storage, the Ultra Flair offers a memory with a capacity of 128 GB. To protect your data, 128-bit AES encryption software has been implemented by SanDisk. You can also create a story password so that no one can access your data without your permission.

best micro usb flash drives
  • Easy to carry: Thanks to the presence of a ring, this key can be hung on a key ring without much difficulty.
  • Easy to use: Compared to a key with a detachable connector, the DTIG4 is easier to use. It's very practical side comes mainly from the cap.
  • An unusual design: Original, the shape of the case as well as the colour of the ring make the DTIG4 a unique model.
  • Reliable: Its lifespan is not limited to one year.
  • Slow: For a USB key fitted with a 3.0 connector, the DTIG4 is slower than what the competition offers.

Knowing how to buy the best usb flash drives for mac with better value for money will not be enough if you are looking for performance. In this case, only the transfer and read speed counts.

The 3.0 connector will guarantee the fast transfer of audio and video files. Remember that the DTIG4 has backward compatibility with 2.0 ports. Well thought out, the cap will protect the connector from water and dirt, which are the number one enemies of Flash disks.

Attractive, this model is available in green, purple, red, blue and yellow. Each colour corresponds to a very distinct storage capacity, which varies from 8, 16, 32, 64 and 128 GB. Space-saving, the DTIG4 measures 1.01 x 2.10 x 6.73 cm. Given the size of its ring, it will adapt with all the cords, regardless of its thickness. Sold at a very reasonable price, this model is the cheapest on the market.

best buy usb flash drives
  • Ultra-compact: All the components of this USB key are concentrated at the connector, which explains the size of its case. This will make it very difficult, if not almost impossible, to damage it.
  • Reliable: Although it is a USB 2.0 key, this model remains quite reliable.
  • Easy to install: From a desktop computer, portable through a tablet or printer, its installation presents no difficulty.
  • No cord: To avoid losing it, you should not delay investing in the purchase of a cord.
  • A 2.0 interface: Its transfer speed will not be as high as on a USB 3.0 key.

In case you do not know, a USB key consists of a memory chip, a microcontroller and a motherboard. All these elements are contained in the case, the dimensions of which vary depending on the model.

Discreet, the Cruzer Fit is considered a slim USB key. Adapting to all situations, its presence will not be noticed. In addition to this, this USB drive is recognized by computers and tablets. In its category, it remains the best usb flash drive for music in car of the moment.

Despite its size, note that the memory capacity is 32 GB. That said, this 32 GB USB key is also sold in 16 and 64 GB. To protect access to your files, the manufacturer has developed a program called SanDisk Secure Access. The fact that this model is a licensed product will not change the effectiveness of this software.

best deals on usb flash drives
  • Plug & Play: Its use will not require formatting. To transfer your data, plug it into a USB port and wait a short time for your computer to recognize it.
  • A capacity of 64 GB: The capacity of its memory will allow you to store your favourite movies and music as well as your vacation photos, and that, in complete safety.
  • No cap: The fact that the housing is swivel will prevent the connector from getting dirty. Also, the metal cover is fixed.
  • Slow: Despite the mention 3.0, its transfer speed is similar to that of a USB 2.0 key.

If you are looking for a cheap USB stick, know that you are on the right site. In addition to its very attractive price, this model also offers good performance. Its reading speed easily reaches 90 MB / s. As for its transfer rate, it is estimated at 30 MB / s.

Easy to install, this key is compatible with USB 3.0 and 2.0 ports. In addition, all operating systems, namely Windows 7, 8, 10, Vista, XP, Unix, 2000, ME, NT Linux and Mac OS automatically recognize it as a storage device.

Compliant with U-SAFE standards, Netac has set up a system protecting access to your data. Convenient, the connector can rotate 360 Β°.

The housing structure, which is made of ABS plastic and stainless steel, can withstand temperatures from -20 to 60 Β° C. Its use will offer a comparative advantage to all those who live in the USA.

πŸ”Œ Buying Guide - How to Choose a Good USB Flash Drive?

Buying a cheap USB key is not without risk. However, if you have taken the time to find out where to buy the best usb flash drive for music in car, you will not only come across defective or counterfeit models.

best usb-c flash drive

Storage capacity

A USB key whose storage space is between 4 and 16 GB will suffice to hold a large number of documents. To store images, audio and video files, use models with a capacity of 32 to 64 GB. For the storage of digital data and software, the use of a flash disk of 128 to 256 GB is recommended.

To deter hackers and malicious people, some manufacturers have implemented an encryption device. Access to your data will be protected by a password of your choice. There are also systems that are able to block transfers and modification of data.

The most sought after feature on a flash disk is still playing MP3 files. These peripherals will be equipped with a jack for earphones and headsets as well as keys: play, pause, fast forward and rewind. The answer to the question of how to choose the best usb flash drive for music in car of 2020 is now before your eyes.

Transfer speed

The time it takes to copy a file will depend on the transfer speed of your USB stick. The USB 1.1 standard, which guaranteed speed of 1.5 MB / s, gave way to USB 2.0. If we had to compare these two technologies, note that a USB 2.0 key offers write speed of 60 MB / s. Nowadays, models equipped with a 3.0 connector are invading the market. In short, the transfer speed of these devices will be around 640 MB / s.

Being a purely theoretical value, this bit rate will vary according to the performance of the medium, which makes the copy. In order to optimize the transfer time as much as possible, it will be necessary to ensure that the connection is compatible with the technology used by the key. In other words, a USB 3.0 port should only accommodate a 3.0 device and vice versa. That said, a USB 3.0 key can be plugged into a 2.0 or 1.1 port, hence the origin of the term backward compatibility.

Even if motherboards that accept the USB 3.1 standard are not yet widely used, this technology is the future of these storage devices. You should know which USB stick to choose now that you are familiar with the 1.1, 2.0, 3.0 and 3.1 standards.

The box

The average length of a case is around 3 to 4 cm, but more and more compact models have emerged over time. As its name suggests so well, a slim USB key will not take up much space. That said, it's easy to lose it, especially when it's not hanging on a key chain. That's why having a ring can make all the difference.

In terms of materials, some manufacturers use ABS plastic as raw material, while others prefer steel. As for the connector, the latter will be protected either by a cap or by a pivoting metal cover. This article aims to inform you about the operation of this storage device as a buying guide for the best USB sticks.

πŸ”Œ frequently asked Questions

  • Q1: How to format a USB key? How to format it on Mac?

πŸ‘‰ On Mac, formatting in FAT is done via the disk utility. After opening it, you should see an icon representing a USB key or flash drive. The latter is located on the left side of the window. Select it, then enter the partition tab. Instead of the mention Current, choose 1 partition.

Once done, go to the options and select the main boot record or MBR. To confirm your choice, press the OK button. You will then be redirected to the main window. Choose the MS-DOS format, commonly known as FAT. To confirm your choice, click on apply.

Besides the FAT format, exFAT is also an excellent alternative. This system will not limit the size of the files to be transferred to 4 GB. Be aware that this format will only be available on Mac OS 10.6.5 and later.

  • Q2: How to remove the write protection of a USB key?

πŸ‘‰ To remove write protection from a USB key, enter the workstation. Under the removable storage devices tab, select your USB key then right-click. Go to properties and look for the mention remove write protection.

If the latter does not appear on your screen, remove your USB key, click on start, run. Type HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SYSTEM \ CurrentControlSet \ Control \ StorageDevicePolicies. Double click on WriteProtect and replace the data value with zero. Validate everything by clicking OK, close the Registry editor. Then reinsert your USB drive, and everything should be in order. These methods apply to any device, especially when you are in the presence of a 1to USB stick.

  • Q3: How to proceed in the case of an undetected USB key?

πŸ‘‰ If your USB key has been subjected to a more or less violent shock, it is very likely that it is not recognized by your computer. A connector damaged due to contact with water or a heat source such as fire can also be the source of the problem.

If this is the case, data recovery will require the intervention of a professional. Your drivers or operating system may also be out of date. Downloading the latest update will be enough to resolve the issue. This will save you from buying a new USB key.

Viruses may also prevent the connection and subsequently make it unreadable. To overcome this problem, click on start, then control panel. Look for the administration tools tab and select the computer management and storage item. Right-click on the icon corresponding to your USB key then format it.

  • Q4: How to save Windows 10 on a USB key?

πŸ‘‰ Windows 10 has a tool that is provided for this purpose. To access it, click on parameters, then update, security and finally backup. However, there is also free software like AOMEI Backupper, which does the job perfectly.

  • Q5: What if the file is too large for my USB stick?

πŸ‘‰ The best solution is to format your device in NTFS or exFAT. You can also compress your files using a program like WinRar. By using a price comparison, you will come across a license sold at a lower price.


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