The 5 Best Wall Clocks For Kitchen Of 2021

The wall clock is a large pendulum originally created to indicate the time. Over the years, it has become a decorative object par excellence by elegantly dressing the wall of a room. Well chosen, it will bring the chic touch that is missing. It can be designed in several styles: modern, vintage or industrial.

As a result, it can be put in a house or office depending on its appearance and individual taste. For now, two items stand out in the market: Kit-Cat Clock Wall Clock is well constructed with an improved mechanism and a retro design that sparks nostalgia. As for La Crosse Technology Atomic Clock WT3143A , it is very precise and resolutely modern: the time is adjusted automatically.

Where to buy a new wall clock? News and promotional offers are available on major commercial platforms. They only offer first class items to ensure positive use for everyone.

1. Kit-Cat Clock Wall Clock

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  • Easy to assemble : Aside from its popular vintage style, this decorative wall clock is easy to install. Just insert the batteries and set the time for it to work.
  • Optimal quality : High performance and manufactured by a renowned brand, it promises great efficiency in every way.
  • Lightweight, but sturdy : It weighs only 268g, so the risk of it falling from the top of its binding is low. But even if it did, his plastic body hardly breaks.
  • Faulty gear : The tail and eyes would be quite a pain to keep going. We must systematically reset the magnet to make them swing.

What is the best brand of wall clocks that can be found on the market? Kit-Cat Clock is probably one of them. Manufacturer of wall clocks for more than 70 years, the brand presents here a product which is the fruit of its experience.

Shaped like a black cat with its tail swinging and eyes that follow that rhythm, it sparks nostalgia with its retro design. Its fully plastic body resists breakage and wear. This clock of American origin works with two C batteries, which must be purchased separately.

It takes up little space on the wall with its 39.4 x 10.2 x 7.6 cm. It can be installed very well in any room, although it is more suitable for bedrooms. Its parameters are adjustable according to needs. It also comes in its stylish packaging box.

2. La Crosse Technology Atomic Clock WT3143A

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  • Automatic adjustment : The time adjusts itself thanks to 6 daily updates, making it the most efficient of atomic items.
  • Sustainable food : As well as only running on one battery, this modern wall clock includes another compartment for longer lasting operation.
  • Quick setup : Even though it takes some time to connect to the WWV signal, the rest only takes a few minutes to set up.
  • Heavy design : Lightness is expected with a plastic design, but this product weighs 1.32 kg.
  • Incorrect update : Sometimes the time indicated after one update is not correct, corrected by another.

If we refer to the buying guide for the best wall clocks for kitchen, the analog model from La Crosse Technology perfectly meets all the criteria of an advanced watch. Its plastic frame protects it from the shocks it can undergo during transport and various manipulations.

Measuring only 14 inches in diameter (35.6 cm), it is not likely to give the impression of overloading a part. Moreover, it is suitable for both a home to live and an office. This radio-controlled clock is very famous for the precision of its timing. This is thanks to an integrated antenna system picking up signals from the WWVB radio transmitter in Colorado, regulated by the atomic clock.

Also, it automatically adjusts to summer or winter time without having to go back or forward at each change of season. Especially since we can choose from 4 time zones. On the practical side, it requires little maintenance and works with an AA battery.

3. Vangold Large Modern Frameless 3D Wall Clock

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  • Lightweight design : Apart from having an elegant and personalized style, this large wall clock weighs only 322g. This decreases the risk of it falling.
  • Simple to install : It doesn't cost much already, but in addition, it comes with all installation accessories and without the need for a battery to operate.
  • Little noisy : Its mechanism is very silent, unlike some watches which wake up at the slightest ticking.
  • Numbers and hands in plastic overlaid foam : Those made of metal are more resistant than this material. They must therefore be handled delicately during assembly. However, this does not prevent a robust construction overall.

How to buy a better value for money wall clock? Given the many offers on the market, one may fear making a non-optimal choice. For this article from Vangold, the quality is there without being expensive.

Its unique style combines vintage with modern, perfect for bedrooms. It also goes very well with a contemporary decor, reinforced by its Roman numeral hands.

The advanced mechanism of this giant wall clock keeps the time accurate all day long. It remains very discreet, thus emitting a barely audible and not very disturbing sound.

You can assemble it yourself thanks to the clear instructions that accompany it on delivery. In addition to an acrylic body, his hands and figures feature protective films on their surface, sparing him the hazards of transport. If we make a comparison, this device is one of the most efficient.

4.Giftgarden Wooden clock for wall decoration

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  • Versatile : Can be a kitchen wall clock as well as living room and office, it is suitable for any room.
  • Superior construction : Both durable, efficient and classy, it enhances the image of the analog watch. Also, it makes as little noise as possible, you can hardly hear its ticking during the night.
  • Transport protection : A plastic cover protects hands against impact. This guarantees a product delivered in good condition.
  • Weekly adjustment required : Every 7 days, there is a delay of 5 minutes. You have to adjust it manually each time.

What is the best wall clock on the market? The wooden ones have a chic look, like this model from Giftgarden. At constant texture, the material used is as solid as that of large furniture.

It stands out from the rest of the list with its specially polished finish, reflecting attention to detail. This represents the manufacturing signature of the brand, recognized as an expert in wood craftsmanship. This wooden analog wall clock only needs one AA battery to operate.

The time is set at the back. Its setup is quite secure, as it weighs only 450g, which minimizes the likelihood of it falling. With its 29.5 x 29.5 x 4.5 cm, it takes up very little space on the wall. Frameless and retro in style, it lacks a glass cover. Perfect for giving as a gift.

5. Westclox NYL32038 Coffee Time Wall Clock

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  • Improved operation : This very beautiful clock keeps the time fixed, it is powered by a single battery.
  • Easy to install : It starts immediately when you insert the latter. It only remains to adjust the time.
  • Excellent value : Usually, good quality models are rather expensive, but this one is not, without being less powerful, on the contrary.
  • Noisy : The sound of the ticking can be heard a lot, which can be disturbing during the night. This is why this clock is better suited to open places like the kitchen or cafes.

How to identify the best wall clock? It must hold certain characteristics such as performance and durability in addition to elegance. This is entirely the case with the Westclox clock. It maintains the correct time without delay even after a few months of use.

It takes the form of a cup of coffee, hence its name. It is the element that makes a room warm and inviting, ideal for the kitchen or public establishments like cafes and bakeries. This designer wall clock is equipped with a convex glass lens and quartz precision.

It is made of stainless steel, giving it high resistance in the event of a fall. However, this remains unlikely given its weight (204 g). It is also very compact (29.2 x 6.4 x 24.8 cm). Despite its great efficiency, it comes at an affordable price, even the cheapest item on the list.

Buying Guide - How To Choose A Good Wall Clock?

Where to buy the best wall clock considering the variety of offers on the market. A price comparison provides good information before venturing into stores. Indeed, this tool only offers the best models by highlighting promotions.

The material

A beautiful wall clock embellishes the place where it is installed. Apart from this asset, it tells us the time, which is, moreover, its primary function. Therefore, durability is a very important criterion. Which greatly depends on the material of manufacture. In principle, well-known brands ensure that they always offer robust products, especially those intended for Canada. In general, there are all types, but the most common are the following three.

The wooden or traditional wall clock is still very popular nowadays despite the strong arrival of digital. Solid, resistant and noble, those of good quality can last for generations without deteriorating.

When it comes to metal, clocks made from it are more suitable for factories or offices than a home to live in, unless you want to give it an industrial look.

As for acrylic, although less solid than the two previous materials, it is mainly used to create synthetic models, thus favoring tailor-made for users who want to have a unique watch.

Glass and crystal are also widely used, but they are fragile even if they are very elegant. In any case, quality must take precedence over style. Which will already have to help a lot with how to choose the best wall clocks for kitchen of 2021.


The purchase of the clock is also based on its design, which must harmonize perfectly with the destination room. Many styles exist, but only some have been able to last over time.

Traditional: These include wooden items which remain very fashionable even though they are among the first clocks to appear on the market. They bring a clean side to the home.

Personalized: If we are looking to stand out, some manufacturers offer to shape the shapes to the image of the buyer.

Industrial: Mainly metal or iron products, they are perfect if you want to emphasize the strong and imposing side of a spacious place.

Modern: Refined while creating an air of comfort, this design blends into the decor of a home with little furniture.

In reality, the style depends on the taste of the user and the decoration of his interior. However, carefully comparing the proposals is always strongly recommended before buying to ensure a wise choice.


This criterion is essential. In fact, the wall that will accommodate the watch is decisive. If we choose a large wall clock when the latter is very narrow, we will have the impression of an overload, which would deteriorate the elegance of the room.

There is even an indicator to be observed: the size of the clock must always be smaller than that of the wall divided by 3. Also, it must be surrounded by a lot of space, at least half of its size. So for those who measure 50 cm for example, nothing should be less than 25 cm around.

So which wall clock should you choose in the end? Taking into account preferences, it is advisable to opt for the one that fits with the place where it will be placed. It is also necessary to consider its size so as not to overload the space. Consulting user forums can help enormously in this case. They tell about their tests and give very useful advice on brands with the best quality / price ratio.

How to adjust your biological clock?

The biological clock contributes greatly to the proper functioning of our body. It constitutes a set of neurons regulating the rhythm of the latter. It primarily affects sleep, the immune system, body temperature and many other important body functions. It synchronizes them to ensure permanent well-being.

Definition of the biological clock

It is an internal clock that controls the alternation of sleeping and waking up over a full day. It is specific to each person according to their lifestyle. It is also called circadian rhythm, which means "about a day". Located in the hypothalamus of the brain, it is produced by our body.

Even if we stay in the dark for 24 hours, our biological cycle is still preserved. It loses a bit of north after this time. In other words, our anatomy must synchronize with the earth cycle. The latter serves as a benchmark. More clearly if one remains inactive, the body tends to confuse daytime and nighttime activities. That's why we need sunlight and to move. They sort things out and prevent us from sleeping.

As has been said, each has its distinctive biological rhythm. Certain factors can accentuate this difference, such as age or gender. Moreover, a woman's biological clock depends on her hormones. They can modify resting habits, which weakens it. Thus, for example, pregnant women sleep more because they secrete the sleep hormone called progesterone at a higher dose.

Good tips for adjusting your biological clock

Regulatory agents reset the body clock every day. These are, in particular, the alternation of light / dark. Despite this, we can adjust it according to our routines and our constraints. For example, if you work at night, you have to sleep during the day. Which reverses the natural cycle. However, daytime sleep does not provide the same benefits. This is likely to be very damaging to health. We recover more by putting our body on standby during the night.

We can also improve our biological clock by making physical efforts such as sports or household chores. Getting in motion allows him to better synchronize by separating the periods of awakening and rest.

Staring at a screen before sleeping seriously disturbs the latter. In fact, we delay bedtime by spending time in front of our phone, computer, tablet or television. It also delays putting our system to sleep. Sometimes, we can't even complete the recommended minimum 7 hours of sleep, so sleep has been disturbed by the use of screens. To remedy this, we must avoid watching one at least 30 minutes before going to sleep, it would save us 1h30 of rest.

Eating well also contributes to the improvement of the metabolism in general, including the biological clock. Also, taking a nap is always welcome. This helps reduce sleep debt.

In any case, you should avoid suddenly changing your habits. This greatly disturbs the circadian rhythm.

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