The 5 Best Wine Coolers Of 2021

The wine cooler is a device that, as the name suggests, is used to cool wine. Very practical, it is more and more essential in our daily life. In addition, you can set it to the temperature you want, with the promise of not altering the taste. On the contrary, it can only improve. There are even models that cool other types of drinks like champagne. This is the case of Cooper Cooler Cooler , which not only works cold, but also hot for winter drinks. As for the Vacu Vin Rapid Ice wine cooler , it guarantees superior performance with its unique concept of ice-free cooling.

Where to buy a new wine cooler? To compare the offers on the market, we can consult the internet which will redirect us to the best proposals. In general, the safest are available at large commercial sites. Then just click on the desired product to order it.

1. Cooper Cooler Cooler

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  • Fast cooling : This device refreshes in minutes. Ideal for helping us out on a daily basis and especially during the holidays.
  • Optimal storage : It constitutes a storage space, a reinforcement of the freezer, being able to keep the bottles for a very long time.
  • Robust : In general, it works without problem after years of heavy use.
  • Convenient : It takes up little space (36.8 x 15.2 x 22.9 cm) and weighs only 2.31 kg. Thanks to it, we can store our drinks in a cabinet and cool them on demand.
  • Leak after a few months : It leaks after a while and the controls only work on contact with water according to some reviews.
  • Faulty rotation : The extra spin option works alternately only to end up ceasing altogether after just one mishandling according to some users.

The best wine cooler can cool drinks quickly. This is the case with this cooler that Cooper Cooler presents to us. It chills PM bottles in just 4 minutes and GM bottles in 6 minutes, at room temperature (77 ° F) in a cold refrigerator (43 ° F).

Easy to use thanks to the instructions, it is ready to use after adding water and ice cubes, without forgetting to plug it in. Once the wine has cooled, there is no need to stop the electronic timer, it stops automatically by being tactile.

For hot use, if we want to heat up our winter drinks or a bottle for example, all you have to do is pour hot water into it to transmit heat to whatever you put in it.

No matter what the temperature is, the machine works by turning the bottle while spraying it. It is the ideal solution to free the overloaded refrigerator.

2. Vacu Vin Rapid Ice

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  • Pleasant to use : This cooler comes with a container that makes it easy to use, in addition to a manual with very clear instructions.
  • Unique concept : It does not require ice cubes to operate, but keeps the cold thanks to a bag previously placed in the freezer. No waste.
  • Superior performance : Both of high quality and very well designed, it is world class.
  • Bag incompatibility : It doesn't fit some wine bottles, sometimes you have to cut it for it to work.
  • Not suitable for champagnes : Unlike typical coolers, this one is only suitable for wines, more precisely white.

What's the best wine cooler on the market? Noting that a lot of products are circulating, it is not easy to answer them categorically. But probably this model from the Vacu Vin brand is an excellent solution.

It manages to keep a bottle of wine cool for a long time (4 hours), even in the middle of a heatwave day. It can be adjusted to the desired temperature thanks to its thermostat, which is easy to use.

It works without ice or water, yet it can cool drinks in less than 5 minutes using its cooling element. Its stainless steel construction gives it all the necessary resistance.

It takes up very little space and promotes transport. It does not weigh more than 816 g. On the design side, its elegance complements its practicality.

3. Huski Premium Wine Cooler

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  • Ideal for giving as a gift : This product is elegantly packaged in an eco-friendly kraft paper box, which is 100% recyclable. Perfect for all special occasions (engagement, wedding, anniversary).
  • Stretch design : Its adjustable height Flexi-lock allows it to accommodate most bottled drinks and cans.
  • Optimal quality : In addition to cooling drinks quickly, it keeps them cool for a long time, even during a picnic on a hot summer day.
  • Fragile packaging : The box containing the product crashes quite easily at the corner. Which can be a problem if you want to offer it to another person.

What is the best brand of wine coolers? Huski is at the top of the list. It offers a good experience to all consumers with its efficient insulation. He manages to keep the raw at the desired temperature for 6 hours.

It is suitable for all circumstances: consumption at home, during a barbecue or at the beach, reinforced by ease of transport thanks to its lightness (848 g) and its 21 x 13.8 x 13.2 cm.

Its compact stainless steel construction helps keep the cold in. It is less complicated to handle than the typical cooler which requires a lot of ice to be efficient.

It is suitable for all types of wines: white, red, rosé and even champagne, prosecco and also cava. The item features double wall and vacuum insulation as well as an internal copper coating for better thermal performance.

4. Allcamp Outdoor Gear Wine Cooler Bag with insulated compartment

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  • Dresser : In addition to being easy to carry, this wine holder comes with a multitude of objects (2 glasses, 1 corkscrew, 1 bottle stopper, 2 napkins).
  • Multifunctional bag : It has a large capacity and can be used for personal travel.
  • Resistant material : Well built, its durability exceeds expectations, especially thanks to its interior leather upholstery.
  • Not suitable for large bottles : Although this bag can hold two bottles of 12 inches each (30.48 cm), beyond this size the zipper does not close while some users want to carry larger models.

How to buy a better value wine cooler when big brands have so many products on the market. As for this Allcamp Outdoor Gear cooler bag, it is inexpensive while still being highly efficient.

It can contain a pair of raw glasses and two bottles preserved at the desired temperature (hot or cold) thanks to its very thick thermal walls. These provide isolation for perfect conservation for 5 to 7 hours.

Unlike the other products on the list, this is not a bucket or cooler, but an easy to carry cooler bag (weight: 658g). It is equipped with a compartment with zipper.

The two drinks are not likely to collide thanks to the padded separator that protects them on the move. Adjustable elastic straps secure the bottle opener and cap to the front of the compartment for ultimate portability.

5. Vacu Vin Active Standard wine cooler

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  • Simple to use : It is a very practical product that does not require any configuration. It perfectly matches the shape of the bottle for the fastest cooling.
  • Durable : Solidly built, it can last up to twenty years without diminishing performance. Its plastic body allows it to resist any form of aggression.
  • Excellent value : This affordable item is just as effective as the more expensive ones. Some models do not even equalize its capacity when doing a comparison.
  • Limited use : It has been specially designed to cool a standard bottle, rosé, champagne or any other large model are not suitable.

According to the buying guide for the best wine coolers, the ones from the Vacu Vin brand are top-notch, including this one in particular. It cools wine bottles in just 5 minutes and keeps them cool for at least 4 hours, without having to use ice.

It can be adjusted to the desired temperature, without any variation during this long period . If you have a drink in it after it has been refrigerated, the storage will last even longer.

This active cooler features extremely cold flexible ice jackets that approximate those of the freezer. It is made entirely of plastic, which makes it easy to carry, space-saving and very sturdy.

Especially since its weight does not exceed 249 g. In terms of design, apart from its great lightness, its silver color gives it a highly appreciated modern air.

Buying Guide - How To Choose A Good Wine Cooler?

Where to buy the best wine cooler? To find out, you can do some research on the Web by simply asking the question. Normally, several results appear, including those of a price comparison. This tool tells us about the right proposals, including those on promotion.


PS4 games come in a huge variety of genres. There is something for every taste. DevBefore proceeding with the purchase of a wine cooler, we have certain elements for an optimal selection. While the cheapest is still very popular, this does not always indicate quality. So to be sure, we can prefer models with the following characteristics:

 - Glass doors keep the wine cool by insulating it, excellent protection against sunlight.

 - The thermostat allows to control the temperature according to our needs.

 - The lock deters the curious and keeps a collection intact.

 - The bulb integrated in the cooler emphasizes the decorative aspect of the latter. An LED light will not change the content of the wine unlike other sources.

This criterion helps a lot of people to get a first idea of how to choose the best wine coolers of 2020.elopers make it a point of honor to match their products to the demands of gamers. Every area, from the most harmless to the most terrifying and everything in between, is represented.


There are three main types of wine coolers, whether for those destined for Canada or elsewhere:

- Compressor: These are specialized refrigerators that stabilize the temperature of the wine, regardless of the climate.

- Thermoelectric: If you intend to install the cooler in a confined space, this model is ideal. Inexpensive, but of good quality, its motor makes no noise when running.

- Refrigerant: This appliance has a freezer which rapidly and continuously cools the sleeves. They are taken out as needed so that they in turn wrap and cool the bottles of wine.

The options

Wine cooler options may vary depending on type. They should be taken into consideration before purchasing.

The single zone model: Ideal for beginners, it takes up little space and does not require a lot of maintenance. In fact, its cooler has only one temperature zone, making it easier to store wine at the desired degree. Which is impeccable when you want to store the bottles for a certain time before consumption.

Double or multizone article: Suitable for professionals, it offers many storage options by having two or even more compartments where the temperatures are individually regulated. Also, red wines are separated from whites.

Protection against the ravages of the sun: Wines that are exposed to UV for a long time can be damaged, which reinforces the usefulness of an opaque door that has already been mentioned above. It is better if it is tinted, because in addition to its anti-ray function, the collection can be admired.

The integrated wine cooler: It is put in the kitchen for renewal or it is specially mounted. Either way, it goes perfectly with the wardrobes in the room and its ventilation system.

In the end, which wine cooler to choose? These few elements should help to opt for a device that is both efficient and inexpensive. But in case of doubt, we can always refer to user reviews. In general, they give excellent advice, especially on brands that have a good price / quality ratio.

frequently asked Questions

Q1: My wine cooler is no longer cooling, how can I fix it?

Even the most efficient wine cooler can break down. Several reasons can be the source of this dysfunction. It is only by knowing them that we can remedy them.

The door seal is no longer waterproof, which prevents the device from regulating the internal temperature relative to the external one. In fact, an indoor sensor captures the change in outdoor climate thanks to a second sensor. They work in harmony until you have the right freshness. This will no longer be possible in the event of damage to the door seal (damaged, torn, deformed, etc.). It may even be that the device can no longer cool the bottles in addition to the fact that it will not be able to close properly. To solve the problem, the gasket can be cleaned or replaced.

The thermostat is incorrectly adjusted: For a multi-temperature wine cooler, you can set it to whatever you want. The analog model follows clockwise direction. As for digital, it requires a code to be able to control the keyboard. In both cases, avoid touching the thermostat too much by frequently changing the temperature, this can damage it and alter the quality of the wine.

The compressor heats up: If the wine cooler no longer manages to produce cold even if the compressor does not stop running, or worse, if it becomes hot, it is necessary to proceed urgently to a replacement. In this case, call an authorized technician. However, if it is an empty gas circuit, the appliance cannot be repaired.

Q2: At what temperature should I set a wine cooler?

The storage climate actually depends on the wine. But in general, the temperature is set between 5 and 18 ° C. Be aware of the variations that unripened stored vintages can undergo. Buying a wine cellar is more appropriate in this case (do not exceed one year of storage).

Two-zone coolers have their own thermostat. Therefore, we can choose an area to store our bottles and another for serving. In the latter case, it is ideal to set the temperature between 10 and 12 ° C for white wines and 16 and 18 ° C for red wines.

xQ3: How to cool a wine very quickly without a wine cooler?

If you are looking to refresh a bottle at the last minute, there are a few tips available without having to use a wine cooler:

Take a bucket filled with water, ice cubes and fine salt then immerse the bottle in it. The salt will quickly melt the ice cubes which will cool the water. The resulting solution dissipates heat. This will allow the wine to cool down quickly.

Plunge a decanter into a bucket of ice and pour in the wine while remaining on it. This is more efficient than the previous trick, because the liquid cools down gradually and not all at once. It absorbs the freshness of the container wall.

Place the bottle in the freezer, surrounding it with damp paper towels for at least a quarter of an hour. In the event that it is impossible to have recourse to the first two methods, this efficient method can exceptionally be used. However, it forces the wine to cool too quickly, which risks changing its taste.

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