The 10 Best Cheap Dining Table Sets Under $200 Of 2020 – Reviews & Buying Guide

On the one hand, the best Cheap Dining Table Sets Under $200, is furniture allowing to serve, share, and taste convivial meals in family. On the other hand, it is the ideal work plan for preparing the ingredients for a dish. Also, this type of table is used to personalize and give aesthetics to a kitchen or a dining room. 

If you want to get a good invoice, know that the Zinus brand currently offers two exceptional models. You have in particular Zinus Farmhouse Dining table 2 benches 3 pies . Then there is it's variant Zinus Modern wooden dining table with a natural and neutral colour. These two tables are distinguished by their robustness and their construction in pine wood.

How to buy a Cheap Dining Table Sets Under $200 with better value for money?Aside from relying on a price comparison or a buying guide, you can also refer to a ranking of the best models of the moment. Our selection lists those from 2020 that deserve your attention.

cheap dining table sets under 200
  • Robust: This wooden table is rewarded with a quality design which guarantees good solidity. It has been cut to last over time.
  • Country design: On a two-tone note, this model transcends your dining room in a country atmosphere. He adds a sparkling touch of friendliness and rusticity.
  • Easy to assemble: A few minutes are enough to set up this Zinus table. The assembly instructions are very clear.
  • Some defects to sand: This product may require some polishing work.
  • Small size: Not very imposing, this small kitchen table of reduced size is specially made for tight spaces, especially apartments.

According to our ranking, the best brand of kitchen tables goes to Zinus. It offers models that are practical, beautiful and easy to assemble. It is therefore natural that in our selection you have Zinus Farmhouse.

It's 100% refined style distinguishes this table. She comes with clean, clean and simple features. It is a piece of furniture that easily matches any decorative style. It brings a touch of country freshness to the room. This Zinus table is made of pine wood. It is two-tone: natural and neutral wood for its top, white for its frame and feet.

Not very impressive, it measures 45 x 28 x 29 '' and weighs 14.5 kg. Like all the brand's products, it is easy to assemble. It comes with a 1-year warranty upon purchase and benches.

dining table set under 200
  • Beautiful finishes: With its rounded corners and its smooth top, it has been beautifully finished. This gives it a very nice appearance.
  • Easy to assemble: A few minutes are enough to nest the constituent parts of this piece of furniture. It is very easy to assemble and is supplied with the tools necessary for its assembly.
  • Light, but robust: This wooden table is quite light, but turns out to be very solid. It promises long use.
  • Small: This variation comes with limited dimensions. It is mainly suitable for small committees. It takes up little space but is not made for large families.

How to choose the best Cheap Dining Table Sets Under 200 of 2020? Should we consider the look? The brand? If you know Zinus, know that this manufacturer plays with the theme “simple and modern” with this all-wood model.

This wooden kitchen table is distinguished by its natural colour and above all, its modern and straightforward mid-century style. Its rounded corners give it a beautiful look and are safe for young children. It is easy to assemble and install. You can quickly move it because it is lighter compared to some models. It weighs only 12.4 kg.

It will easily find its place in your kitchen or dining room because it measures 47.2 ”x 29.5” x 29 ”. Its woody style, but with modern lines blends with any style of interior decoration: vintage, contemporary, country, etc. Also, it is a solid and stable piece of furniture delivered with a 1-year warranty.

best outdoor dining table
  • Versatile design: With its simple, clean and minimalist style, this modern-looking Versanora dining table goes with any decoration theme and with most models of chairs.
  • Good durability: With a solid anti-scratch tray and sturdy metal feet, it promises excellent longevity with a few precautions.
  • Difficult to maintain: Because of its glass top, it can be difficult to keep this table constantly clean. She is very sensitive to fingerprints.
  • For small committees: It is more suited to a set of 2 chairs, nothing more. It is not made for large gatherings and large festive meals.

Where to buy the best Cheap Dining Table Sets Under 200 that is fashionable? How to recognize the models that stand out? If you are looking for a dining room table that throws it away and that brings you back to modernity, the minimalist concept of Versanora VNF-00026 will seduce you.

This model from the Minimalista collection of the Versanora brand is a safe bet for a kitchen in all simplicity. It sports a minimalist look of modern and industrial inspiration. Whatever the decoration of your kitchen or your dining room, it will blend in without a problem. Also, it pairs with any chairs: different colours and different styles.

That said, its attractions are all the more enhanced when you pair it with dining chairs from the same brand: VNF-00025DG, VNF-00018, VNF-00017, B07D8V6QRG, B072FNXHNH, B072PRG34S, B073ZC6QGD and B01K9TUHPO.

In addition to its sleek design, this variation is characterized by its translucent, smooth and scratch-resistant glass top. The latter is supported by metal imitation wood feet. It is a piece of furniture that is beautiful, durable and stable.

best table for small dining room
  • Durable and robust: Unlike most glass tables, this model is durable and solid. It is well made and is made of quality materials.
  • Elegant: This item magnifies any decorative style. It adds a delicate modern touch to your dining room. Also knows how to attract attention.
  • Easy to assemble: Simple in design, the top and legs of this Homegear dining table are easy to nest together.
  • Not for a small apartment: Due to its rounded shape, this table is more suitable for spacious rooms, despite its medium size.

What is the best Cheap Dining Table Sets Under 200 on the market: glass, wood, metal? In the home furniture trade, glass tables are often overlooked due to their fragility. However, there are still models that appeal because they are robust, aesthetic and durable. You have in particular Homegear Uptown Club Franz Collection.

This round kitchen table sports a very attractive modern style. It has a base formed by 4 crossed legs in stainless steel. These are topped with a tempered glass top. This piece of furniture comes from the Franz collection of the Homegear brand.

Medium in size, it measures 74 cm high, 104 cm long and 105 cm wide. To assemble, it can receive 4 place settings. Also, this is a durable and sturdy glass kitchen table that weighs 28.12 kg.

It is a quality model that aims to be solid, user-friendly and elegant. Experienced craftsmen designed it. To be placed in the kitchen or a dining room, it matches any decorative style.

best wood for dining table
  • Robust: Due to its constituent material, this kitchen table with integrated extension is solid and resistant. Also, it is made of solid wood, which suggests good durability.
  • Easy to assemble: This model is easy to assemble. Also, the assembly instructions provided are easy to understand.
  • Compact thanks to its extension: Its structure with flap makes this table a piece of furniture perfectly suited to tight spaces. Deployed, it is large enough to accommodate 4 to 6 people.
  • Relatively heavy: Since it is made of solid wood, this piece of furniture has its weight. This can hinder in a small space where it is sometimes necessary to move it.

Spending convivial moments with several and around a meal does not necessarily require a large table. It is quite possible even in a small apartment equipped with an inexpensive dining table like Lynden Drop Leaf.

Very elegant and natural, it is distinguished at first by its small size. Its main tray measures 29.92 square inches in area and has a square shape.

It has an extension of 17.95 inches in length and 29.92 inches in depth. To deploy it, simply slide the support leg of the folding extension.

When unfolded, this model is 47.87 inches long, 29.53 inches high and 29.92 inches deep. This makes it compact and functional furniture perfectly suited for small rooms and small kitchens. Robust, this solid wood table is made of antique walnut. Upon purchase, you will have to assemble it yourself.

Buying Guide - How to Choose a Good Kitchen Table?

Where to buy a new Cheap Dining Table Sets Under 200 in the USA and above all, how to sort among the countless models offered on the market? What should you know and take into account to have one at the best value for money? To answer these questions, consider the following purchasing criteria.

Also, if you are looking for dining and living room tables for your home, so, you can check this website.

best outdoor dining table


Which Cheap Dining Table Sets Under 200 to choose when your room is large and spacious or when it is barely 10 m²? It's simple, match the size of the table with that of the room and the number of users. This matching will allow you to make an investment that perfectly matches your needs and possibilities.

If your kitchen is narrow, you naturally need a small table. There is no need to buy one with disproportionate dimensions. For small kitchens, there are models rewarded with a clever design. You have in particular those with folding, extensions and flaps. These types of tables are practical, functional and compact because they are easy to set up and store. They allow more space for additional cutlery on request. Also, the tall vertiginous models save space in width.

Those with a large kitchen will have more varieties to choose from. They will be free to take a GM size table as they can opt for a small model. That said, it is better to favour round tables for large spaces. Square or rectangular ones are more suitable for medium-sized kitchens. And for tight spaces, think of practicality and saving space with modular models.

The manufacturing material

To compare the models of kitchen tables available on the market, take as a basis for evaluating the material with which they are made. This furniture is generally made of wood, metal, glass or plastic.

If you like natural, raw or worked wood, you can opt for varnished or lacquered wood models that are UV resistant. The latter usually have good protection against water and grease stains. Alternatively, you can also consider composite wooden tables (MDF, melamine laminate panels, etc.). Also, you can rely on metal variants (galvanized or non-galvanized steel, stainless steel, lacquered metal, brushed metal, etc.). These types of tables keep their original condition for a very long time due to their resistance to wear.

When it comes to plastic models, they please because they are easy to clean and maintain. That said, there are different grades of plastic quality for this kitchen furniture. Some are thicker, more flexible and more resistant to deformation. As for the glass table, it stands out for its beautiful appearance. But who says glass says fragile. As for the coating, there are nowadays models with ornamental layers in Ductal (light concrete) or BFUP (fluid concrete), marble, mineral concrete, ceramic, tempered glass or not.

Given the multiplicity of these materials, know how to make the right choice. Our advices? Determine the future use of the table and think sustainability to know the best and most suitable for your kitchen. If you need a model that serves as a dining table and worktop, you need a sturdy item made of metal, wood, or thick plastic.

With children around, wooden models (oak or beech) are recommended. If you often receive guests, marble should be avoided, as it is sensitive to coffee and wine chips. Glass is elegant and very aesthetic, but this material is to be avoided if you hate fingerprints. Weigh the pros and cons and make a little comparison before deciding.

A practical and aesthetic design

In addition to size and material, buying the best Cheap Dining Table Sets Under 200 should also be based on design. Taking this criterion into account is essential if you want to harmonize the decoration of your kitchen. Colours, shape, finish, structure, etc. differ one model from another.

For example, there are variants with utensil storage racks as there are variants with a minimalist look without drawers. Another point that differentiates kitchen tables: their style. Indeed, the market abounds in magnificent models cut under different themes: modern, minimalist, contemporary, vintage, Scandinavian, country, bistro, bare tray, etc.

In this buying guide for the best Cheap Dining Table Sets Under 200, we recommend that you choose yours by matching its design with the utensils and equipment around it. This allows for balanced kitchen decoration.

How to EASY Table Setting Guide

frequently asked Questions

  • Q1: How to dye a kitchen table?

Before dyeing a kitchen table, it must be prepared. If it is a wooden model, it must be cleaned and exposed. For this, it is first necessary to strip any layer of varnish, oil, wax or paint. After that, it must be sanded with sandpaper and dusted.

It is on a dry and clean surface that the dye must be passed. To do this, you must apply the appropriate one with a brush or a cloth. Be sure to do this in the direction of the wood grooves. If you want to stain the wooden table to age it, you can optionally use a suitable aging product and a solvent-based finish. There is a less restrictive table dyeing process. To do this, apply a tinted finish directly: varnish, wax or oil.

  • Q2: How to paint a kitchen table?

Painting a kitchen table aims to embellish it or match it with the decoration of the room. To perform this operation, proceed as follows:

- Choose the right paint and primer/undercoat suitable for melamine, PVC, Formica or wood etc. (acrylic paint with water-based primer and oil-based or oil-based paint with solvent-based primer)

- If necessary, strip the original paint on the table

- Describe if necessary with a dewaxing

- Sand and clean

- Dismantle the table if necessary

- Paint the table, the top and the legs: one coat of primer and two thin coats of paint

- On request, varnish or wax everything

  • Q3: How to restore a wooden kitchen table?

Victim of time, a wooden table can easily be aged, damaged and stained with stains. That said, you can restore it. Here's what to do:

- Sand the table piece of wood by piece with a sander, a planer and sandpaper (for angles and joints)

- Clean the table with a dusting cloth

- Fill holes and cracks with wood pulp in the same shade as the original colour

- Apply the coating of your choice: varnish, paint, wax (or oil) or stain

  • Q4: How to renovate a tiled kitchen table?

To add flavor to a tiled kitchen table, several alternatives are available to you. The cheapest and easiest way to apply is to apply a resin finish. Otherwise, use special tile paint.

If you have a sufficient budget for important works, you have the solution of the dye. Here it would help if you replaced the shade of the varnish after sanding. Then, there is also the application of a thin layer of waxed concrete on the tile. Finally, it is possible to fix an aluminium plate or a layer of decorative glass on the tray.

Note that it is always necessary that the original tiling of the table is thoroughly cleaned at the level of the tiles and the joints before applying one of these renovation solutions. It must also be sanded beforehand with fine sandpaper. If necessary, apply a special tile undercoat (also known as surface preparation for tiles).


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