Drixet Chainsaw Sharpening & Filing Kit

Drixet Chainsaw Sharpener Tool Kit – Includes: 5/32″, 3/16″ & 7/32 Inch Round Files, Flat File, Depth Gauge, Filing Guide, Handle, Tool Pouch, Combo 8-Piece Pack with Instructions
  • The Drixet Chainsaw Sharpening Kit contains 3 Round Files, Racer File, Depth Gauge, Handle, Filing Field Guide and a Travel Case which is all the tools a professional would need to maintain and fine-tooth a chainsaw in the working field.
  • SPECS: 3 Round Files Sizes: 5/32”-4.0mm with a 3/8” LP Pitch 3/16”-4.8mm with a .325” Pitch 7/32”-5.5mm with a 3/8” Pitch – 3/8” Hardwood handle – 6” Flat File – Durable Pouch 10.5” x 7”.
  • QUALITY: All the tools are constructed from high-quality steel for great strength and longevity and also includes a strong hardwood handle – The file holder shows the angles on the back of it when you are filling to adjust the angle and is very simple to use.
  • DESIGN: The Filing Holder has 2 clips to support the file while filing – The Filing Holder and The Depth Gauge have numbers engraved for precise angle purposes – High Quality Wood Handle with a nice stained finish – all stored in a sturdy practical pouch for good organization, portability.
  • USES: landscapers are saving hundreds of dollars and hours of down time while they are using it to fine tune and sharpen their new/old chainsaws that they are using constantly which gets sluggish.

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