How Does Pizza Hut Make Their Pizza

Pizza Hut’s pizza dough is made fresh daily and then left to rise for 24 hours. Once it has risen, it is hand-tossed and rolled out before being placed on a screen that goes into a 500-degree F oven. The pizza cooks for about 10 minutes before it is ready to be served.

Pizza Hut makes their pizza with a variety of fresh ingredients. The dough is made from scratch and is allowed to rise for 24 hours. Once it’s time to bake the pizza, the sauce is made from a blend of tomatoes and spices, and the cheese is a mix of mozzarella and cheddar.

The pizza is then baked in a stone oven until the crust is golden brown and bubbly.

How Does Pizza Hut Do Their Dough?

Pizza Hut does their dough a few different ways. The most common way is by using a food processor to create a dough ball. This method is used for both thin and thick crusts.

Another way they do their dough is by hand-stretching it, which is how they get their famous “Original Pan” pizzas. Lastly, they also have a pre-made frozen option that’s brought in and cooked fresh when ordered. No matter which method Pizza Hut uses to make their dough, the result is always a delicious pizza!

Does Pizza Hut Use Real Dough?

Pizza Hut’s dough is made fresh in-house daily and it is real! We use a high-protein flour for our dough, which gives it a great taste and a firm texture. Our pizza sauce is also made from scratch using only the finest tomatoes.

What is Pizza Hut Dough Made Of?

Pizza Hut dough is made with a combination of flour, water, yeast, and sugar. The dough is then left to rise for several hours before it is used to make pizza crusts. The type of flour that is used in the dough can vary depending on the Pizza Hut location, but most use a combination of all-purpose and bread flour.

What Does Pizza Hut Grease the Pans With?

Pizza Hut grease the pans with a food-grade silicone lubricant. This helps to prevent sticking and makes cleanup easier.

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Pizza Hut Dough Ingredients

If you’re a fan of Pizza Hut pizza, you might be curious about the ingredients in their dough. Here’s a breakdown of what’s in it: Water, sugar, salt, yeast, vegetable oil and flour.

That’s it! Pretty simple, right? Now, let’s take a closer look at each ingredient.

Water is the main ingredient in dough and helps to hydrate the flour so that the dough is pliable and easy to work with. Sugar provides food for the yeast which helps the dough to rise. Salt adds flavor and also helps to control the activity of the yeast.

Yeast is what makes bread dough rise and gives it a slightly yeasty flavor. Vegetable oil adds tenderness and prevents the dough from drying out or becoming tough. Flour is what gives bread its structure – without it, you’d just have a goopy mess!

So there you have it – those are the ingredients in Pizza Hut’s delicious pizza dough!


Pizza Hut makes their pizza by starting with a fresh dough that is made in-house daily. They then add a sauce that is made from a secret recipe, and top it with 100% real cheese. The pizza is then cooked to perfection in their brick ovens.

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