How to choose an inflatable boat? experienced fishermen recommendations

The manufacturers of machinery and equipment for the recreation production of many products are able to provide their owners with unforgettable impressions. For memories of the weekend were positive, you should think carefully about what type of equipment is best suited for applications in which you plan for vacations. How to choose an Best inflatable boat, you should understand before making a visit to a specialized store. The rules for their selection, maintenance and operation will help organize a trip to the lagoon as well.

๐Ÿšฃโ€โ™€๏ธ The 12 Best Inflatable Boats 2020 โ€“ Reviews & Buying Guide

Types of boats

Depending on what type of vacation is planned, it is necessary to choose the right type of boat. They are intended for fishing, underwater fishing, hunting, as well as families.

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Choose the right inflatable fishing boat will help a number of recommendations. For fishermen and camouflage machinery suitable color or undetectable length of 2 m. If an inflatable double-length cannot exceed 2.8 m. If longer cases are selected for more people. How to choose an inflatable boat for fishing, answer the organizing principle of catching fish. In order to overcome long distances, attention should be paid to the variety of motor. For short distances suitable rowing boats.

๐Ÿšฃโ€โ™€๏ธ The 12 Best Inflatable Boats 2020 โ€“ Reviews & Buying Guide

For submarine hunters approach the boat with a balloon that does not allow it to roll over the landing with water in the presence of a full suit.

The hunters approach the camouflage coloring boat half the length. You must have a tank for sustainability, as well as pressurized modules 5-6.

For the whole family to pick up the boat at least triple, wide and long enough. Its color should be light, so the material is not heated by the sun. This keel cases the presence of engine power at 15 l / s.

Ship Manufacturing

Manufacture of inflatable boats involves the use of different materials and technologies in the process of creating equipment.

The most commonly used material, such as PVC. It can be reinforced and not reinforced. The more layers of PVC it โ€‹โ€‹has, the stronger it becomes the material itself. But at the same time, it will increase and the weight of the boat. Of non-reinforced species produce mattresses, toys. Boats of the same fragile material and can easily break even rods. The repair of such an inflatable boat will be virtually useless.

PVC with reinforcement is suitable for the production of inflatable boats are not afraid of storage in wet condition, harder and more resistant. Inflatable boats operate exclusively from this material.

Products made of reinforced PVC are created by joining or welding their elements. According to the critics, inflatable boats, manufactured by welding, more resistant. However, the joint space is the most vulnerable point. The thinning of material during fusion. Union allows you to avoid this phenomenon.

Ship Parameters

Before making a purchase of the boat it is necessary to determine the number of people who are going to take it. The application of inflatable not walking, you should opt for a product of 2.8-3.3 m in length, with such use is only for them. This would leave a place for them, and the remaining space for the team.

Ship Manufacturing

Inflatable boat 2 terrain must be at least 3.6 meters in length and even all 4.5 m. In this case, passengers are comfortably accommodated with luggage. For three people using the 4.2 m boat and more.

Some models use the stern mirror. He can be fixed or articulated. Suspended crossbar used for inflatable motorboat engine with a power of up to 3.5 l / s. This rule cannot be neglected.

For the application of powerful motors necessary to choose a product with a fixed crossbar. Better if the boat is glued with a rubber edge and the special gasket. When pieces of material are used for this purpose, inflatable boats are less durable. Vibrations produced by the PVC motor will wear out quickly. Rubber dampens oscillations, but pieces of material such functions do not provide.

Floor Type

Bottom inflatable boats of one, two or three variations are foldable or inflatable. The first embodiment is a base composed of a meeting of the parties. For a lower part such a special water-repellent substance is used, sheets of plywood or impregnated aluminum. This bottom has good rigidity, but it is quite heavy.

Bottom inflator significantly reduces the weight of the boat. Apply a boat with a similar base to be for individual varieties. His easiest bude was alone. The rigidity of the underside of the inflatable enough is able to fish even standing on the boat. However, in order to avoid drilling or burning, it is better to put the piece in a boat with a linoleum bottom or other dense material. This will avoid unpleasant surprises, as well as facilitate the cleaning products process.

2 seater inflatable often involves the use of a folding bed. It is easier to put together with a friend.

Additional elements of the boat

In the operation of the boat, you will have to use a variety of additional devices. These include a pressure relief valve, water drain, the union for motor insurance, anchor and anchor ring inflatable boats ring, and more.

Automatic valve depressurization in practical on a hot and sunny day, when the sun heats the boat will experience a critical state in the cylinders. Automation calculates the same amount of air that is required to purge from the tank.

Anchor for inflatable boats must weigh 4 kg. The rope should be selected 2 times longer than the intended depth of catch fish place. Very suitable for this purpose climbing rope, which has a thickness of 6 mm. It will be convenient to take it from hand to hand, and the force will not allow the product to come off at the wrong time. inflatable boats Water drain valve located in the stern mirror.

It allows you to free the boat from the water trapped in its waves or rain. Use this valve maybe only in shallow water.

Belay ring will help you not to lose the engine in case of accidental detachment of the stern mirror equipment. Such an additional element will not allow the engine to drown.

Anchor for inflatable boats to be lowered with a plastic ring bolt mounted on the nose of the product. This device will calculate the depth of the rope descent and fix it in position.

In service and storage

In order to make the boat, not scratch or out of order, it must be presented in an elevated position, the product is not dragging on the ground. It is better for this purpose to use a cart with wheels.

In the material, it can harden in cold, so in cold weather, you should pay special attention to the elimination of factors that can damage the ship. Keep the product should be suspended, so it did not spoil the rat or mouse.

If suddenly, an emergency situation occurred, inflatable boat repair is allowed to be done on-site, following clear manufacturer’s recommendations. If the situation is more serious, it must be applied to the workshop in order to repair it was carried out with the highest quality.

Dirt and sand, which was hammered down between the ball and lead to premature ship failure. Therefore, after each use of the boat, its elements must be thoroughly cleaned with water. Better to assemble and disassemble elements of the product in a dense piece of polyethylene.

The price of the boat

The price of inflatable boats affected by a number of factors. For foreign products, this figure depends on customs duties, transport costs and others. For domestic manufacturers, everything is much more complicated.

Rubber inflatable boats, which are low prices, and have a very small size. However, in addition to the value, the cost of two ships of similar size will influence the type of modification.

The cheapest inflatable will not have an inflatable bed. It is possible to buy only about 5 thousand. Rub. The seats are made of inflatable cushions. Price increases by replacing one or both hard seats.

best inflatable boats on the market

It is the most expensive boat, which has included an inflatable bottom. The cost is 8 thousand. Rubles Your equipment also affects the price.

For boats of PVC cost, it is directly dependent on the density of the material, as well as the manufacturer. cheap PVC inflatable boats from Korea. Its price is not more than 5 per thousand. Rub. European materials increase the cost of the final product.

Rowing boats are the lowest cost due to the use of their low cost and low PVC production. They are followed by a variety of remote-motor. Then the price starts at 10 thousand. Rub. Its increases the cost of the high density of the material, as well as the use of stern mirror with hinges for the engine. The most expensive boats have a rigid bottom and a stationary engine. Its value is in the region of 20-25 thousand. Rub. and above.

The additional cost of the product to give additional elements in the form of oars, securing ring, anchor ring bolt and so on. D.
Pumps with the purchase must accompany inflatables. In a similar product, prices depending on the manufacturer, as well as the volume of the output air at the same time.

What to look for in the store

To date, the inflatable boat market there are more manufacturers of all sizes. The cost of their products varies. In the search for their customer, many manufacturers forget about quality and pay attention to the launch of additional products, sometimes not quite the right equipment.

Under current conditions, the high cost is not yet a guarantee of quality inflatable boats. Therefore, you should pay attention to the visual characteristics of the product.

To understand how to choose an inflatable boat, you should familiarize yourself with the recommendations of professionals and experienced users. They argue that the appearance of the product can say a lot about its quality.

The first thing to look for when choosing a ship, this is the appearance of the material. If it looks like paper, it looks messy and unreliable, a clear boat that is not necessary to take in order to avoid unpleasant situations in the water. Repair of inflatable boats of this type would have to be done in the first approach.

The appearance of seams is also very important. Curves with a plurality of wrinkles and irregularities are sign compounds of poor products, which will then pass air.

National Or Foreign

There are lots of beautiful high-quality products to domestic producers. Inflatable boat companies “Fregat” “Flagman”, “Our boats”, “Mnev and K”, flagship and many others are the most diverse production cost. For example, among opinion users, inflatable “Fregat” is characterized by ambiguous. Some anoint his incomprehensible, does not calculate the design. And there are absolutely opposite answers.

category of costs ranging from efficient domestic products to very expensive. There is a measure many made in accordance with the latest technology articles.

Among the foreign inflatable boat manufacturers, Seahawk assigned, SunMarine, Honwave, Bombard and many others. They are used for the production of their special PVC products, which has a high quality. The cost of these products is somewhat higher than the domestic. Therefore, many users prefer the inflatable “Fregat”, “Mnev and K”, “flagship” and other similar products.

Customer Reviews

Among the users of inflatable boats that leave the reviews of the various resources, there is a perception that the national manufacturer is a cheaper option, which has at the same time is quite good quality.

As for the small producers among fishing and hunting enthusiasts, they formed the opinion that they were looking for profits, not paying attention to quality. Inflatable boats, opinions of which are negative, are also among the leading manufacturers that produce popular models for a long time. Some anoint the fact that over time the quality of these products is reduced due to the cheaper production process. However, there are positive reviews about domestic manufacturers.

Foreign manufacturers have complaints about disproportionate costs. However, inflatable Intex Seahawk of societies by many of our compatriots to taste.

To become familiar with the production and varieties of inflatable boat technology, understanding the basic principles in choosing them will be quite easy. Each type of product is selected under certain conditions for use. The observance of the operating rules and the storage of these products can significantly extend their useful life.

Knowing what aspects to pay attention to the store to answer the question of how to choose an inflatable boat will be easy.

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