How to Pick the Best Sewing Machine for You!

So what is the best sewing machine beginners can buy?

I think the way to find your perfect sewing machine is to first decide what you want from your sewing machine, what you might want from it in the future, and what you can afford. But no matter what, the best sewing machine beginners need are ones that have an easy to thread bobbin, an easy to thread needle, a few zigzag stitches, and an automatic buttonhole function.

If you are brand new to sewing and you are not sure it is something you will really love and want to pursue, or if you know you won’t probably do too much sewing but want to be able to do basic mending more easily, then an entry level beginner sewing machine will be fine for you. You can always sell it and upgrade to a better sewing machine later. If price is a factor, there are adequate ones for less than $40 including shipping! So the best inexpensive sewing machine for beginners will depend on how much sewing you plan to do.

If this sewing machine is for a child, you might think getting them just a chain stitch one will be best. They are cheap for sure. But I think if my little granddaughter expresses interest in sewing, I will get her a regular beginner one that will do 8-10 stitches, and that will be less than $40. There are many cheap sewing machines beginners will find easy to use that are perfect for children. If on the other hand you have a keen interest in sewing and know you will use one for many years, you might want to get one with some advanced features that make it faster and easier to complete all your sewing projects. So for you the best sewing machine (beginners) will be a little more fancy. That way your sewing machine will last you through the beginner stage to the advanced stage.

But unless you are a die hard seamstress or have lots of money to spend on this engaging hobby, there isn’t a need to get every feature known to man, is there? Get one that is more advanced if you would like to learn more decorative effects. But be realistic and you will save yourself some money. How likely are you to use those advanced features? If you aren’t likely to use them, maybe just get a basic sewing machine with a few extra stitches and maybe some features that make sewing easier, like easily loaded bobbins. But the main thing is not to buy way more sewing machine than you really need. You can always sell yours and buy a new one, right?

Then there is the brand factor. I personally love Singer sewing machines, but it’s partly nostalgia. My whole family uses Singer. So I was intrigued by the Brother line, as I see them sitting in the sewing center at the local fabric store, at least 15 of them arranged in 3 rows, and lots of people happily sewing away. I like them too, very user friendly, and lots of bang for the buck, so to speak.

But I will probably be a die-hard Singer fan forever. I love that they are always fixable. My aunt has a very old one, and can still get it worked on. Singer brand image is very strong for a reason! So I admit it, I think Singer sewing machines are the best sewing machine beginners can buy even if you are on a budget. (You can get them used since they last so long.)

But maybe you don’t care about any of that and just want to get the most value. Many people say Brother sewing machines give the most value, so if that is your most important factor, maybe look at those first. They do have plastic parts though, and plastic breaks faster than steel. Just something to keep in mind. All of the sewing machines on this site are ones I feel are best beginning sewing machines and will give you many years of sewing pleasure. As you read my reviews, you will notice I put an asterisk by machines that I think are truly the very best sewing machine beginners can buy.

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