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SmarketBuy Drain Cleaning Machine 100Ft 3/8 Inch Cable, 370W Auto Feed Portable Electric Sewer Snake, Drain Auger Cleaner with 8 Cutter, Foot Switch Drain Cleaner Machine
  • 【Auto-feed Cable】The auto-feed cable is free to pass through all kinds of pipe 1 to 4 inches in diameter and 100 ft in length, even handles 90 degree bends with ease, no damaging the pipe and cleaning the interior more thoroughly of foreign objects.In addition, you can change the direction of the cable movement by turning the control handle to stretch it out or shrink it back.
  • 【Easy to move and store】Drain cleaner with foldable handle&wheels, compact & easy to move and store, solid steel frame protects the machine and allows it to stand up for better operation, while the protective graphic layer is applied for greater corrosion resistance and durability, with padded feet on the bottom to prevent wear and tear on the floor.
  • Motor speed up to 1700 RPM for efficient cleaning, pneumatic foot switch for independent operation, suitable for homes and large public areas such as restaurants, supermarkets and offices. Once you have this machine, you can clean your own ducts without having to spend hundreds of dollars on a plumber.
  • 【More Efficiently for Different Needs】Equipped with 8 different cutters(P-Trap cutter, spade cutter, 3” double cutter, saw tooth cutter), this drain cleaning machine can be switched head quickly, quick-change design makes it easy to connect or disconnect the cutter. Multiple attachments help to clear various blockages, allowing you to clean more efficiently for different needs. The foot switch has a built-in GFCI to protect the operator, avoid electrocution and ensure your safety.
  • Note: If you have put all the cables out during use, when you are finished and recover the cables, please be sure to pay attention by first turning off the automatic recovery and then manually recovering the cables towards the drum for 6-7ft properly, then turn on the automatic feed for recovery, making sure that the cables are coiled on the drum wall and not on the shaft in the middle.

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