The 5 Best Safe Box For Home Of 2021

To protect your precious possessions, getting a safe is a good solution. This item is not only used to protect jewelry or secrets. It is also useful for keeping documents, memories or some computer data. Different models are therefore offered on the market.

Paragon 7775 Deluxe Safe, for example, is large and massive. It is sturdy and has a shelf inside. The SentrySafe HD4100 , on the other hand , effectively protects documents from the elements. This material is also certified waterproof.

Choosing one safe over another requires careful thought. Not all models are created equal. To know how to choose the Best Safe Box For Home of 2021, consider these few examples. They are part of the best in the field.

1. Paragon Lock and Safe 1.8 CF Large electronic weapon

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  • Big capacity : This safe offers plenty of space to store and secure your belongings. Its large capacity in addition to the shelf is very practical.
  • Solid steel : The box and door of this safe are made of thick, strong steel. This one is robust enough to withstand various mechanical assaults.
  • Good value for money : With its dimensions and its level of protection, this model is affordable. This can be seen when it can be compared to equipment in the same category.
  • Plastic parts : Some components, including the front, are plastic. It gives a feeling of fragility.

Paragon offers this 1.8 CF model with a classic style. This safe is 19 ¾ '' high, 13 ¾ '' wide and 13 '' deep. Inside, you have a volume of almost 50 l. If you have a lot of items to protect and are looking for which safe to choose, this should be the one for you.

It also has a built-in shelf so you can organize your belongings. In terms of locking, this model has 2 systems. The main one is digital electronic combination. You can choose a code ranging from 3 to 8 digits. This lock is powered by 4 AA batteries.

The second system is key. 2 copies are provided. Regarding the structure, it is made of sturdy steel. Holes are pre-drilled for you to attach the trunk. The door hinges are obviously hidden and the

2. SentrySafe HD4100 Fire and water resistant safe

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  • Resistant material : This safe is waterproof and fireproof. These features are not found on most models in this category.
  • Ideal for ordering : The lid and large compartment are designed for efficient storage of important documents. Passports, CDs or even files each find their place.
  • Multiple uses : This chest is a practical storage tool for both a home and an office. Being resistant, it provides great peace of mind as to the integrity of its content.
  • Free installation : This safe cannot be fixed to the ground or to a wall.

With this SentrySafe safe, you can store your things in peace. It benefits from 2 certifications recognized in Canada and internationally. This model is indeed a fire safe. It bears the UL Classified mark for its fire resistance. The temperature can easily rise to 1550 ° F for 1/2 hour without damaging the contents of the trunk.

ETL certification ensures that it is protected against flooding. This equipment can be submerged for 72 hours without risk. This safe can be locked for more security.

The lid contains a compartment for small items. Thus, they are easily accessible. The main compartment has a capacity of 0.65 cubic feet or approximately 18 liters. So, if you decide to buy this model, you will be able to hang up to 40 standard size files on it. Electronic equipment such as CDs and USB keys are also safe there.

3. AmazonBasics Safe

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  • Basic security : This safe is a great way to keep your belongings safe from children and strangers, like repairmen, who may occasionally enter your home.
  • Emergency keys : 2 emergency keys are supplied with this safe. They are used in case of forgotten code or low battery.
  • Easy to install : This model is not built-in. Just place it on the floor or on a shelf and secure it. The mounting accessories are also included.
  • Not waterproof : This safe cannot withstand a flood, let alone a fire.

Among its products, the AmazonBasics brand has this 0.7 cubic foot safe, i.e. 19.8 l. It is perfect for home use if you are wondering which is the Best Safe Box For Home on the market. It can be used to store all kinds of precious items such as jewelry or important documents.

The interior carpet prevents friction and therefore scratches. The steel of the trunk can indeed scratch your belongings. This model has an electronic number combination. A small screen displays above the keypad if the trunk is open, locked or if the batteries are low. 4 AA batteries are thus necessary for its operation.

The code reset button is concealed on the inside of the door, in the battery compartment. 2 bolts lock the door. You can see on a price comparison that this safe is affordable while still being secure.

4. SereneLife Electronic Digital Lock Safe

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  • Compact equipment : The dimensions of this trunk are reduced. It does, however, offer enough space to store some precious items as well as cash.
  • Easy to hide : This equipment is easy to conceal. It fits in any tight space. It is also delivered with the elements necessary for its fixing to the wall.
  • Price-quality ratio : This model has interesting features for the security of objects. It is also marketed at a very reasonable price.
  • Plastics : Several parts of this safe are made of plastic. It therefore cannot withstand high temperatures.

Compactness is essential on this SereneLife safe. So if you know where to buy the Best Safe Box For Home for your office or hotel room, consider this model. It is only 9.1 ″ wide by 6.7 ″ deep and tall. It fits in a locker or cupboard.

It can also be fixed to the wall thanks to the 2 pre-drilled holes. The bolts are supplied with the trunk. Despite its small size, this equipment is ideal for securing passports, jewelry and other items of high market or sentimental value. You can follow the manufacturer's advice and hide this material well.

2 devices are provided for opening this product. The first is a numeric keypad. The second is a key system. They are combined with an opening lever. The electronic system is powered by batteries. The steel of this safe is coated with an anti-corrosion powder coating.

5.Homcom Small Steel Digital Electronic Safe

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  • Good storage : The space offered by the interior of this safe is sufficient despite its small size. It can perfectly hold important papers and jewelry.
  • Supplied accessories : The essential accessories for the operation of this safe are delivered with it. These are the 4 batteries for the electronic locking and 2 fixing bolts.
  • Sustainable : The steel of this model is of good quality. It is resistant against picking, but also against corrosion. This material can therefore be used for a long time.
  • Numeric keypad : Sometimes there are some problems entering the trunk unlock code.

Made of anti-rust steel, this model from Homcom has minimalist dimensions. This brand is renowned for its equipment for the home. This gives you the best brand of home safes.

It is 22.9 x 17.8 x 17.8cm, so you can store it in any location. Anchor bolts are additionally supplied with this material. This little safe is strong enough to withstand manual forcing. The 4 mm thick door is also sturdy. It is equipped with a digital locking system.

The combination can be up to 6 digits. It can be changed at will. Power is always supplied by batteries. If you forget the code or if the keypad breaks down, you have 2 emergency keys. The interior of this inexpensive trunk is carpeted. So you can put your small, precious and fragile items there.

Buying Guide - How To Choose a Good Safe?

A good safe should meet your needs. Its capacity and resistance are key points in choosing a model. Among the existing ones, you must look carefully at the risk of making a bad investment. With this buying guide to the Best Safe Box For Home, you have some great avenues to explore.


Before choosing one safe model or another, first assess your needs. The safest way to do this is to collect all the things you want to include in it. Documents, jewelry and cash, all of these items must be in front of you for you to accurately assess the volume needed.

When it's done, you have 2 methods to calculate the space you need. The easiest way is to put all the items in a box. For the safe to perform at its best, it must be at least as large as this container. Indeed, you must provide additional space for later additions. The 2 nd method is to collect all the items and then measure the width, height and depth of the space required. As with the box, there must be a margin for future objects that will enter it.

To make sure you know how to buy a safe that is better value for money, choose the correct size. The manufacturers offer models of small size, but also very imposing chests. You therefore have the choice between boxes of 3 l and others that can go beyond 100 l. Also consider the space you have at your home or office.

The type

There are 2 main types of safes, especially when considering set-up. The first concerns built-in models. As the name suggests, these types of chests are sunk into the wall or the floor. Equipment like this is easy to conceal. When you have found where to buy a new safe, then you can hide it behind a painting or under a carpet, like in the movies.

However, before choosing a built-in safe, there are a few characteristics you should take into account. The wall, if it is to be fixed to it, must be solid. If, on the other hand, it fits into the ground, it is obvious that a simple floor will not do the trick. This type of safe has the advantage of being hidden then it has additional protection thanks to the wall or the floor. However, the capacity of this material is generally limited. In addition, there is significant work to be done during installation.

Freestanding safes are relatively easier to install. They are either fixed to the wall, or to the floor, or both. This is done by means of screws and large plugs. These types of equipment are more difficult to hide than built-in models. Also, if they are small in size, they need to be securely fastened, as burglars can tear them from their mount.

Their advantage, if you consult a comparison for example, is that their volume is almost unlimited. On the other hand, the floor and / or the wall must be solid in the case of a large model. Indeed, a safe to put down can weigh several hundred kilos.

The locking system

The type of lock affects the security of the safe. There are 4 main ones. The key lock is the simplest. It is easy to use, the model is generally cheaper, and there is no risk of failure. The downside is the risk of losing the key.

The combination lock is divided into 2 categories. There are mechanical and electronic combinations. The former are quite common. With this type of lock, you are no longer afraid of losing the keys. However, you have to memorize the code. Electronic suits have the same advantages and disadvantages. The possibilities of different codes can be very extensive.

Their defect is that there is a risk of failure since a power supply is required for their operation. To overcome this problem, the Best Safe Box For Home will offer 2 types of opening systems on the same equipment. Often this is an electronic combination and an emergency key.

The biometric system is fitted to the more upscale models. It offers more security. This locking has the advantage of requiring neither a key nor a code. Safes with such technology are therefore more expensive than others.

frequently asked Questions

Q1: How does a safe work?

A safe is a kind of metal box equipped with a door, and sometimes with armored walls. This door has one or more bolts, often of large diameter. They are used to securely lock the contents of the safe. They open using either a key, combination or biometric system. Once the correct code or key is entered, a handle must be turned to retract the bolt (s).

Q2: How to hide a safe?

The best way to properly hide a safe is to choose a built-in model first. It can thus be housed in a wall or in the ground. It is best to choose an unusual room like the children's room or the garage. Once the equipment is installed, cover it with a false piece of furniture or place a real piece of furniture in front of it. The table or the mirror are not recommended. If it is installed under the floor, it is preferable to put the parquet on top then to cover with a carpet for example.

Q3: How to open a safe?

Depending on the safe locking system, the way to open it differs. The oldest is the key lock. So just insert the right key and open. For combination models, entering the code is sufficient. If you forget, for a mechanical combination, it is possible to enter several codes until opening. For an electronic combination, it is better to use the emergency key if this system is provided by the manufacturer. Otherwise, you must call a professional and provide a replacement safe.

Q4: How to reset the code of a safe?

To reset the code of a safe, you must first carefully read the instructions supplied with the equipment. Then open the trunk. The next step depends on the models. For some, it is enough to remove the batteries. After giving them back, enter the new code. For still others, you must press the Enter key until the word Code appears. Then enter the new code. Inside the battery compartment, there is sometimes a button dedicated to reset the code.

Q5: How to remove moisture in a safe?

There are many ways to remove moisture from a safe. Silica gel is effective for this. There is also sodium bicarbonate known for its many properties. It is also possible to place an open pot filled with dry rice in the trunk. One of the solutions is also to put a moisture absorber with calcium chloride. The alternative is white chalk.

Q6: How to remove the bad smell in a safe?

To remove an unpleasant odor from a safe, sometimes it is enough to place a bowl of vinegar in it. Baking soda is also effective. Alone or with a few drops of essential oil, it absorbs bad odors and perfumes the inside of the trunk. Placing a bag of dried flowers there can also have a nice effect. Otherwise, sprinkling the inside with talc is also effective especially in combination with vinegar.

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